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Big Daddy Kane lyrics - It's a Big Daddy Thing

On The Move

Original and similar lyrics
Chorus: (all together) Well, here we are, United just for you. Our flat-top cuts are new Because we're on the move. Verse 1 (Big Daddy Kane): Na-na-na now girls step up, the quick ones kept up. The slow ones need to pep up to keep Big Daddy's rep up, 'Cause I don't let up or get up or even set up. On a a speak freak, I know how to make you shut up. Gasp your breath as you huff and puff. The Big Daddy got more than enough good stuff, 'Cause I'm just like secret when it comes to trimin'. Strong enough for a man but made for women, So come one, come all, I'm not about bein' picky. It only takes a hickey to make you want a quickie gt;From the cameo haircut man that's dark and lovely, Smooth and suave, that's why girls dream of me, And not to flaunt, I love a flirt with a skirt And after a concert, a little neeeaaah don't hurt, Just to hear the girls screamin' out wild, G. You're not a Jungle Brother, but that's some Jimbrowski. I'm like a pimp, see, and iff you tempt me, I can fill up any girls that's empty, Give you somethin' that's mighy and strong, But ladies, don't get me wrong Because you say that I love 'em and leave 'em, but no, I please ya And then catch amnesia, But the party people can't be denied, So I remember those who's on my side. (Repeat chorus) Interlude 1: Mister Cee cuts and scratches Scoob Lover, my brother. Verse 2 (Scoob Lover): The mic goes around like a 40 ounce. Now, I'm-a take a sip, now it's time to bounce. I won't get tipsy, I don't drink and talk And, no, I'm not a hoddlum by the way I walk, 'Cause I'm one hype, one brown-skinned brother. For those who don't know me, I'm (who) Scoob Lover, A jolly good fellow, flowin' with the mellow. For all the choice cuties, I'd love to say Hello , So take away the 3, let's stick to 1, 2. Me and you, now here's a clue what we could do. It begins with an S and ends with an X. Hmmm, not the number 6, so guess what's next, So girls, don't barge, don't blink, be still 'Cause it's about time for Scoob to get ill. Remeber you dissed, now you wanna kiss, Write me fan letters, sayin' that you miss. There's only one rap dance, the cool romancer. If I had a million dollars, I'd try to cure cancer, But I'm only here to get illey, ha. Now, I'm drug free and I don't smoke Phillies, So come here, shorty, go buy me a 40. And make sure it's cold so the crew can get naughty. (Repeat chorus) Interlude 2: Mister Cee cuts and scratches Scrap Lover, my other. Verse 3 (Scrap Lover): You get jacked if you ever try to nap Ona a rap from Scrap because you know there's no haps. Now, right from where I left off, to all those who stepped off, You know you had it comin', the blame is what you slept off. Destruction played a part on roll, here's so to say. You can't mislead me. Why 'Cause I know the way. Always gave headahces, never known for heartaches. Time and effort, huh, that's what a star takes. Let me give you a true piece of mind 'Cause this rare species is so hard to find. I'm custom-made for all the ladies with guts, A tall box of hair or rather cameo cuts. Draggin' tattoes is what the girls found, Two on m chest, one draggin' on the ground. To all the young ladies that's clean and legit, As long as I got a face, you got a place o sit. No tokens for heart-broken turnstiles, No remarks or regrets, but I'll burn while Those that's destined to question for a new thing. Join us in harmony together as we sing. For all the ladies determined that once was So jealous, stop searchin' now 'cause.... (Repeat chorus) (Mister Cee cuts and scratches) Outro (Big Daddy Kane) You don't stop, you don't stop. You keep on to the break of dawn.


(Big Band:) Anybody blue, anybody needin' someone too Anyone feelin' cold, no one there, you can hold Don't wait to get old and gray, I'm gonna blow all the clouds away 'Cos there is nothing I would rather do Chorus (1): Forget about the blues tonight, sweet thing Forget about the rules tonight, sweet thing I wanna dance with you, until the sun comes creepin' through I wanna dance with you, I won't stop pleasin' you, ah... Honey for awhile, give a girl a chance to show some style If you got no love to spare, tell me lies, I don't care You better believe that I, I know some moves that we've got to try 'Cos there is nothing I would rather do chorus (1) (Rock:) Lover I want to let you know, I won't take a back seat Ain't willin' to let you go, I won't take a back seat Don't wanna hear what you want, it's gotta be all my way And I'm makin' sure you stay to see I'm really a selfish man, I've gotta get right to it And lover tonight I'm thinkin' of me Chorus (2): Lover I won't take a back seat tonight, oooh Lover gettin' on my two feet tonight, oooh Got some dancin' to do, got some dancin' to do Got some dancin' to do, got some dancin' to do Can't let anyone get to you, I won't take a back seat Let me show you what I can do, I won't take a back seat It ain't funny to fool with me, I'd be a sad loser You're gettin' me mad using me You tried puttin' a spell on me, 'cos I had a strange feelin' You'd better get down to healin' me chorus (2) chorus (1) (2) repeats 2x ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Silent Treatment

Intro/Chorus: repeat 2X Girl you know that you need to stop givin' me the silent.. treatment baby Can't you see what you mean to me? I wanna love you constantly, but you keep neglecting me And treating me silently Verse One: BlackThought Yo, I had a Queen named Amina, height 5'7' Caramel-complected, body like heaven Met her through the sister of my man Big Vince Like some shit from out the flicks we been in love ever since She called me her chocolate brotha, I call her my sugar sista Knew Shorty could work it since before I ever kissed her I never dissed her, painted my picture to hit But because sex she wasn't with, she started flippin an' shit Like, 'Listen man, I'm Queen Amina, Amina's not no freak and that game is weak and keep tryin to hit I could quit speakin Tariq in fact, you bein BlackThought don't get ya closer I dig ya but won't bone ya because I'm so-called supposed ta Most o' them would, but that couldn't be me, that's not my flava Go home and think about that, maybe later on I'll page ya...' I contemplated, and then concluded she was bluffin Steady pursuin screwin, gettin nothin but the silent treatment Chorus (+ 'Silently bay-bee' at end) Verse Two: BlackThought Crazy frustration, about my lovin situation When patience was a virtue, but I wasn't used to waitin I want some Marvin Gaye healin, feelin is real inside I slip and slide, my ride'll keep you occupied, I'd.. love to get wit it like that, but my baby's kitty cat's capped and locked, Love Boat is docked at the shore And what for? Later for groupies on tour Why won't my sugar call me no more? I mean, my Queen gets upset, rejectin and sexually neglect Then sayin I'm more sewer than Das EFX, and closed-minded It's like I'm blinded by the skinnin I'm into women; because of that, this one's into communication Temptation played the vandal, freakin my brain, my mind Rippin the handle on physically scandalous acts Yo! She knew what I wanted, but she fronted ... bust it Chorus Verse Three: BlackThought Well umm Movin right along with the song, plus the strong feelings on my mind, desire to intertwine Combine and blend, baby bust a message that I send Ain't no need to pretend, cause shit is real til the end I provide a place to hide from crime, hard times and livin trife, while I open ya mind, you're in my life like love, it ain't no way no one can rise above what's real That's why I'm feelin like you're makin me bugged I puff an El on fifty deuce while I walk in the rain Heart feelin killa pain while I hop the train Dial her number to the rest, and ain't no messages left Regardless, my chest thumps from stress, yo it's a mess I don't know what I got to do to make you understand I'm for real and that's no question, no frontin or no guessin Undressin, carressin, in the span, that I contain in my hand could touch and make you say that I'm such a man and call my name, so let me set your body aflame I'll never treat you like a dame or run game Now who's to blame? I know you're not a hoe for niggaz with a lot of dough But I just wanted you to know Chorus (+ 'silently' at end) Chorus 1/2 (+ 'silently, si-lent-ly' at end) *whistling of music fades away*


Magic "Thuggin'"
Chorus: Magic Bitch i'm a soldier (until the day that i die) A No limit soldier (yes i am, yes i am) I thought that I told ya (and nothing or no one could ever change that) Ain't no need to ask me why I'm a soldier til i die. [Magic] I'm a soldier see the tank on my neck? Mr. Magic is my name y'all better give me respect You might remember me from seein' me postin' up on the block With a .45 Glock and a mouth full of rocks Hustlin' like I didn't even care Wakin' up my neighbors poppin' pistols in the air Tryin' make a million pullin' all night flights I'm praying cuz I'm knowin that my life ain't right Forgive cuz I'm wrong but I'm begging or forgiveness And now I'm hustlin' in a whole other business Tryin' to do right for the people that I hurt in the process of growin up I've change my ways i guess thats why I'm blowin up I'm comin' back for all my peeps Just try to stay alive and keep your ass off the streets For the ones that gotta hustle just to eat Lord, I say a prayer for you before i fall asleep Chorus [Magic] How man heard Sky's the Limit? Shit i ain't finished this is only the beginning I'm with no limit Just think I'm in my prime If I'm not the best just give me some time and I'll change your mind Niggas like me hard to find Genuine I'm the only of my kind young black and full of pride With a mind to teach the whole world If you just listen to my words Y'all can feel my pain A lot of years wasted, buku friends died a lot of wet faces The other half caught a bunch of fuckin' cases So still a lot of tender spaces Wish I could erase the hate Who said money makes you happy? It can never bring back my daddy So fuck the Navi and Caddie I'm hopin' y'all could hear me Cuz I'm speakin' this from the heart Me and my fans never torn apart Chorus [Magic] And to the haters that be hatin' on my click Find a spot in line or suck a nigga's dick I'm gettin a lot of call now Bunch of fake bustas I couldn't ever trust ya, fuckin blood suckers Want me for the gift that you never thought I had I saw your other side, but fuck it I'm mad You say a lot of shit but you never ponit the finger I'm guessin' that Mr. Magic gon' remember Surprisin' a lot of so called superstars Passive comments but really don't want go to war Not with me my reputation stands for itself Just pull the disc out can't keep it on the shelf go and get it like it's the last one left I work the piss out the people who press 'em I thank the lord for such a wonderful blessin' Every word that I speak is a lesson hard to believe that this nigga is from the projects Chorus

Eve Of Destruction

Eve Of Destruction Eve of destruction rocks the nation Eve of destruction rocks the nation (scratches and beat comes in) You niggaz capitalize on lies, surprise open your eyes Baby girl from Illadel hear to enhance your lives Doubted my skills, bet you mad now, shoulda snatched me up I'm in L.A. now with Dre now Ain't comin' back cuz I'm stuck Had enough of all the bullshit and sellin' me dreams Had enough of fake cats tryin' to shine off these schemes But I'm laughin' last, down to get this cash with the Aftermath You happy being local superstar showin' ya ass I'm talkin' mo shit, but how you politickin' moves an' I crept to the top, shouldn't-a let me catch you snoozin' Me and my management team, laughin' at you while we cruisin' Cuz we ain't got nuttin' to do none of the choices you be choosin' CHORUS It's the eve of destruction, tracks I be fuckin' Cats be fascinated by the styles I be bustin' Got you niggaz open, got you niggaz lustin' Knockin' emcees on they backs causin' lyrical concussions (2x) (Reggae melody) I wonder who, which one a dem a carry news An' a gwan like set, they wan dis-dis ya crew But the lie, other emcees dem ready die When we grab the microphone and praise his like Selassie Me say me walk like walk like a champion Talk like a champion Emcees try fi test but dem no ready fi di outcome Guard your windows, close your doors Fuck that, hide your pens and lock your jaws Dig that? My verbal skills should be against the law You wit' that? Now light a spliff for the hip-hop cause Lemme hit that, smell the fear, you made me attack You caused your own extermination not knowing how to act I thought I warned you not to make me mad You just wouldn't listen Now you hidin' and duckin', prolongin' your hip-hop lenchin' Talkin' shit got in too deep and huh... Caught you niggaz sleepin' huh? Feelin' real fucked up cuz you couldn't catch me creepin' huh? CHORUS (2x) You little bustas make me sick wit' the dumb shit Spreadin' rumors like business Can't turn my back on none a ya'll Probably wind up in stitches Jealous itches ya'll can't scratch, irritate your existence Tryin' to teach your way in this race Knowin' you can't go the distance Runnin' up against the thoroughbred outlastin' you all No matter how you train gon' set your self up to fall Cuz I got stamina, I go as long as you need Coulda seen a million bitches rhyme but you'll remember me I be choice of the rap generation You know my name nigga, basically you my creation Not greater than the average man but I'm top choice Kill competition when they listen just by the sound of my voice CHORUS (2x) to fade out

The Walking Dead

JOHN HIATT "All Of A Sudden"
It's that mechanical motion Skin -tight when the nights are bloodless Lip-sync the latest notion From zombie drill instructors Throw out of all the parties Maybe it's time for me to bed Now his eyeball's runnin' Just like a razor down her leg CHORUS: Baby's joined the walking dead Up from her grave Another white slave Nothin' goes in or out of her head Never you mind Tryin' to find A real live girl in your bed She's joined the walking dead She likes this frenzy feeding She cuts across the dance floor Thinks she's the only one bleeding He cuts his teeth on girls like her Just a little more makeup 'Til she makes up for being used He hardly knows what he's saying She hardly knows how to refuse CHORUS She's walking With his eyes in your head With his tongue in your bed And your lips are swollen red From the kiss of the walking dead CHORUS

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