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Big Daddy Kane lyrics - It's a Big Daddy Thing

It's A Big Daddy Thing

Original and similar lyrics
Ahh yeah We gon' pump this up one time As we set it off a little like this, kick it! Pump it up now (it's a Big Daddy thing) As we send this out to New York City Can't forget the posse down in Philly Also in Detroit (it's a Big Daddy thing) Chicago, Atlanta GA Sendin this out to Miami (it's a Big Daddy thing) Tampa, can't forget Virginia and North Carolina L.A. and Oakland (it's a Big Daddy thing) And the rest of the world as we go a little somethin like this (it's a Big Daddy thing) Let it rain let it rain to be put it pain with nothin to gain under the wrath of Kane Cause you can't maintain, I drained every brain to leave a stain plain to remain in my lane or path or road, until the next one be sewed That the B-I-G, D-A-double-D-Y explode Just like a bomb in Vietnam, so hit the alarm or be funky like a underarm And allow, me to show how, the microphone should flow Now, competition bow, to me like a Buddha The teacher, the tutor They come a dime a dozen but the Kane look cuter And I ain't about that slouchin or crabbin so save it -- cause that's one thing I ain't havin Because the purpose I serve is to please ya Rhymes will ease ya, like Milk of Magnesia So bust a pimp without a limp And I crush any wimp that would try to attempt to umm get loose I put a boost and used to chill the comp to Kane, I picked Beetlejuice Big Daddy thing (2X) I'm just that ruthless, to leave ya toothless Cause you're useless, makin up excuses excuses So never touch tap tangle or tamper A fearless fly foe'll get slapped with a Pamper Cause I can dig in your face like root canal But I'ma chill, won't even dispute you now Actin wild just ain't my style Cause only the live will be movin the crowd but see quiet as kept, not like a starter you but I can roast an MC like a barbecue In the Dead Zone, you shouldn't have left home Steppin to the man, now get the head flown I bring the terror, horror, there's no tomorrow Child you shouldn't even bother to press up, and get broken like a Lee nail So let me school ya plus scoop your female Just like a jiggalo but I'm much bigger though I'm like a hitman, pullin the trigger slow and smooth to the groove with lyrics that sooth and improve with every move, that's why you've been enhanced by the mentally divine So play football, and let's go the nine Shorts I take none, cause I ain't the one In eighty-nine there's damage bein done And for you to diss me, will be very risky Cause I make this be, as strong as whiskey To break and make my foes dispose in force So y'all can see how me the Kane will just reign superior, cause I ain't even hearin ya Save the yang, cause it's a Big Daddy thang Big Daddy thing (4X, then cut and scratched to end) And this one here goes out to my man Mad Money Murph Can't forget Big Sha, Big Therm And also I got to say whassup to my man Horace Got Nice and Smooth in the place to be Mack Daddy Nick, know what I'm sayin Can't forget my man Ant Live And of course the one and only Prince Paul, peace!

Distant Wilderness

GOODIE MOB "Still Standing"
[T-Mo] Why is it you fail, to see a man in the same hour, that his kin come grinnin In another code, fell asleep, party mode, tryin to come up from the ashes that defy your lift, listen up Ladies seem sweet, the ocean meets the mountain peaks Stone-walker, the side-walker, watches loose lips, Wall Street Numbers set by stock movers, buy my tip so I can touch Not for no print size, plate saint, white wasted H20 Four coats'll make it glaze Beams rooted like dogwood, between the Pine, wind Twenty-fo' stores with malt for sale, still fetchin water out the well, help em size, find the grind, find the times where the times weighed as hard as find me shoes, baby daddy Rico Daddy, he didn't break the TV So why should I weep, man gon' bye, see you when my light blow Got more good than dirt to throw, and I won't pull between the halo, and a fork-pitch Suffocated by my rhymes... [Chorus: Debra Killings] Rest your mind in distant wilderness Take your time and concentrate on it Take a stand and make your hand a fist We got a reason to resist [Gipp] The mortal orbit your nadir, don't cross the fader chillin in Decatur, where it's greater, secure streets In the hood late at nights, dippin fine Hard not to be slippin, if they come, I won't run When it's time, I ain't trippin, I got my date and you got yours too, I see, the record sales soar after the death, of this creator, genocidal, tendencies when they mention he, who listens to Unseen Hand Cappin the faces of the young black man, when they sing Knowin that we Godly, got to keep it right with my people cause I'm equal no matter, how much I make I can't escape fate, the date as I await As I await, I can't fake Can't fake, I can't fake, I'm true with it [Khujo] A duffel for the cash, platinum within myself from another earth Spill, nina, tea leaf, your very, existance is considered a privelege, buck up, and they can't, be revoked Pay your taxes, uhh, snake eyes Strapped with flaws, still iterant to a lot of laws Man-made, but that's a dot Everybody from the East coast done went back home, to think Gettin they thoughts mixed negative, after reoccurances I say a prayer, plus if I, entertained them It's easy to commit, hard to resist And once we cross that line segment, not even our producers can bring us back, eyeballs peeled eardrums opened, egos stripped stroked Another low blow delivered to the hip-hop culture, uhh Industry consists of thieveries, prostitutes and Folgers if somethin bigger than us, past the blue Told us that it wasn't a heaven for G's Then we do this, continue your devilish deeds I mean activities, that just show, that it's a Hell for Jacks, independent, but you distributed by your masters Labels still a slave, but you just get to eat at the white man's table, lookin like Gable Gunther on the Guinness Book of World Records, God didn't like ugly and he wasn't too fond of cute either A climate of caution, a climate of caution in effect Hard acts to follow [Chorus] [Cee-Lo] Where I am, you can feel God is present In the midst of darkness if you spark up bet somebody gonna see it It is necessary for me to speak these words now Another day here hasn't been promised to me, don't you agree that you never fail when you try, I'm willing to die but first I am willing to live, and I overstand that this will be a lifelong sacrifice, in order to reveal you gon' have to destroy, and if you ain't thinkin right you damn sure can't act right, somebody raise your fist and let me know I'm not alone, revolution, doesn't mean fightin in these streets, and it ain't gonna be no revolution without the women, and, it ain't gonna be no future without the children, and, it ain't gonna be no children without the men, and, you can't have no love without the trust And no, trust can come without communication And you can't communicate if you ain't got shit to say You can't teach about what you, been deceived about too Any book you read is still limited education You gon' have to talk to God personally and time is short And, he's on his way, and I will receive a great reward for what I've done And this is all that really matters to me In time you will see what I told you is true And I ain't have to rhyme to say that to you I ain't got to rhyme to say it to you, it's true [Chorus]


'You're all doomed! You're all doomed!' A drowning Evil Prevails A small boy Hell's got a plan to sell For more then 20 years he's locked in horror Until one faithful night, the onslaught begins Mommy's brought to the boiling point Nerves gone awry They killed my baby Now they're gonna die Too much sex, too much thrills Not enough attention, he was killed They should have kept this place closed down I'm gonna bring them down (tonight!) Rain and thunder, the perfect background For the knife welding mentally unsound 13...Only in my dreams 13...More real then it seems! Mommy's dead, baby saw Now it's time to roll the ball Annihilate, decapitate All the intruders into his world With a knife or an axe He will attack One foot into his domain You're never coming back Breaking the silence Across the lake filled with decay Another summer camp Jason paves his way A sack to hide his face A childhood of disgrace Lead to his percission Which will lead to your incision 13...Only in my dreams 13...Will make you scream! A return, former victim Forced to face, forced to task He dons his hockey mask And wavers a sharp machette blade An Act of violence to match the pounding rain Against the barn door where he loses his life Or does he? He's never gonna die A time to cool, a time to reflect In the hospital, he detects A loophole in a unsqueeky hinge He restarts his killing binge Back home to the killing grounds To the lake, to protect his bounds More invaders they must be learned To come to his home, you will be burned! The key, a master of FX Too young for the knowledge but still driven by sex Tommy Jarvis in a rage to defend Brings old Jason to his mortal end 'DIE...DIE...DIE...' A new beginning for the slayer who doused Sharp illusions at a half way house By law, the state does it's part Now he watches Jason's bloodbath restart Rubs his eyes, thinks he is in a dream Until he hears the blood curdling screams A pseudo-Psycho using Jason's old M-O But this fake wasn't a very strong foe Beset my nightmares and of the time he had to defend Tommy plans of killing him again Dig him up and burn him to ash Doesn't realize this plan is too rash His buddy pukes, he see the maggots and worms Tommy starts the redemise in a thunder storm But Mother Nature resurrects this beast So he can continue his feast Kill...Kill...Kill... Crystal Lake is now Forest Green Pure ignorance to an utmost extreme Slicing and dicing, this human quesenart Grabs Forest Green and rips it apart Lured back to his watery grave He clips a few more in a pissed off rage A noose a rock and the sheriffs daughter Bring an end to this bloody slaughter! 13..... Adrenaline driven careen 13..... Makes me......SCREAM!!!!!! All is quiet in the dead of night Until a doctor caves to affixtions of revenge and spite Invokes the demons of a girl's special powers Who reinstates the Killing Hours 'There goes the Neighborhood!' Preppy Bastards massacred in the woods But she who laughs last gets to live and tell How she returned the 'legend' to Hell Kill...Kill...Kill... Die...Die...Die... Kill...Kill..Kill... MOMMY!!!!!!! Crystal Lake jumps with animal intensity Jason's jolted to life with electricity Class Trip to celebrate their demise As a storm brews in the skies Jason's wrath equals the swells of the sea Cripples the cruise ship to it's knees Pathetic victims flee to the city that doesn't sleep Reflects a hungry wolf hunting wounded sheep! 13... Element of fear 13... End is drawing near Beneath the streets of the rotting apple Lies toxic waste, will he get trampled? Midnight flooding rips the boy from his sins Is this the ending or just the beginning? Die...Die...Die... FBI risking limb for limb Suddenly the legend is killing again No explanation of this regenerated thirst As soon as it starts, he's ripped apart! Coroner tagging left over remains Gets a hunger that is inhumane Ingest the heart of the destroyed villain Leads to his own brand of Killing Jason's soul traveling in a foreign shell Stealing bodies, sends their owners to hell Back in Crystal Lake the approach is secure Last Vorhees relatives manipulized by a Ratings Whore! An ancient dagger stealing life with a fiery glow Sends Jason to his resting place with the demons below! The last image of 5 razors and hockey mask Another sequel? As if we had to ask! 'Ma'am we didn't find any'

I'll Be

That's right, that's right How we do, yeah, I'll nana uh huh, uh, come on... What up pop, brace yourself as I ride on top Close your eyes as you ride,right out your socks Double, lose his mind as he grind in the tunnel Wanna gimme the cash he made off his last bundle Nasty-girl don't pass me the world, I push to be Not the back-seat girl don't deep throat ??? She floats, murder she wrote, and keeps the heat close Firm nigga, we 'posed to be the illest on 3 coasts Familie, bigga than Icos Yeah, Danny DeVito, small nigga, ?????? that's all niggas No shark in this year raise it bigger 15 percent make the whole world sit up and take notice Nana take over, ya'll take hold, it's through papa 1-Uh, straight out the gate ya'll, we drop hits Tell me, how nasty can you get all the way From the hood to your neck of the woods It's ripped one thing's for sure I'll Be There (rpt 1) I'm too live, nasty as I wanna be Don't shake your sassy ass in front of me Before i take you there and tear your back out That shit aint happened since the mack was out I'm rollin' for Lana, dripped in Gabbana, 90's style Your finest style right away it's the fit Wanna taste the shit put me on a basin Throw ya face in it, f...-a nana, ya'll can't touch-a My sex drive all night like a trucker Let alone the skills I posess, and ya'll gone See by these mil's I posess never settle for less I'm in excess, not inexpensive DVS to the 2 Thats just the way I'm built, nasty...what, classy still (rpt 1) Well you can ho what I got, roll wit the rock Fella cap-o in the candy apple drop Will tears fall to your ears if i dont stop, Can ya throw it like a quarter-back,third in the lot? Dig me,now get your lot like Biggie, like Irv in the spot Word middie the cop 'n biddie...I'm the bomdigi Punana, sexy brown thing,uh, maddonya Make 'em turn over from the full-court pressure to undress Ya and shit all over your asses I ain't playin' knockin' Out at the ?? I'm seein', so what's the sense in delayin' I'm tryin to run G from the p.m to the a.m I saw your little thing now im swayin', OK in (rpt 1)

The 'torchum' Never Stops

FRANK ZAPPA "Thing-Fish"
Frank Zappa (guitar, synclavier) Steve Vai (guitar) Ray White (guitar, vocals) Tommy Mars (keyboards) Chuck Wild (piano) Arthur Barrow (bass) Scott Thunes (bass) Jay Anderson (string bass) Ed Mann (percussion) Chad Wackerman (drums) Ike Willis (vocals) Terry Bozzio (vocals) Dale Bozzio (vocals) Napoleon Murphy Brock (vocals) Bob Harris (vocals) Johnny Guitar Watson (vocals) THING-FISH: Now, dis nasty sucker is de respondable party fo de en-whiffment o' de origumal potium. Through de magik o' stage-kraff, we be able to see him at woik! He now be preparin' some ugly shit to make yo' life even mo' mizzable den it awready are, since dis batch be resigned to render him IMMORTAL! We does not know if it gwine woik yet, but we kin always hope fo' de best! THING-FISH: (singing) Flies all green 'n buzznin' In his dunjing of despair Prisoners grummle an' piss dey' clothes 'N scratch dey' matted hair A tiny light fum a window-hole A hunnit yards away Is all dey ever gets t'know 'Bouts de reg'luh life in de day An' it stink so bad, de stones been chokin' 'N weepin' greenish drops In de room where de giant fowah-puffer woikin', 'N de torchum never stops De torchum never stops De torchum, De torchum, De torchum never stops (Go on, 'DEWLLA! Play dat lil' guitar one mo'gin!) (spoken) Uh-oh! I smells trubba! He be messin' wit pigmeat heahhh! Muthafucker be rejectin' some CO-LOG- NUH directly into de DUO-DEENUM of de unsuspecting victim! Now he gone see if he immune to it by eatin' a dab hisseff! (singing) Flies all green an' buzznin' In his dunjing of despair An EVIL PRINCE eats a steamin' pig In a chamber, right near dere He eat de snouts an' de trotters foist! De loins an' de groins id soon re-spersed His carvin' style id well re-hoist He stan' 'n shout: All main be coist! All main be coist! All main be coist! All main be coist! An' dis-ergree? Well, no one durst... He de best, of cose, of all de woist Some wrong been done, he done it foist... An' he stink so bad, his bones been chokin' And weepin' greenish drops, In de vat of GALOOT CO-LOG-NUH, Where de Re-zease be berlin' up Berlin' an' uh boilin' up CO-LOG-NUH! CO-LOG-NUH! GALOOT CO-LOG-UH-NUH! THING-FISH: (spoken) Oh! Do yoseff a favum 'n DON'T USE IT! Oooooooh! Look at THESE ugly suckers! Boy, when white folks come back fum bein' dead, they sho' gets scary-lookin'! But don't take their appearance too seriously, people, 'cause dey say dis de sort o' folks dat belongs on BROADWAY! The BROADWAY ZOMBIES collect around the EVIL PRINCE, who suddenly suspects the presence of an intruder. After taking a large bite from an onion he sings... EVIL PRINCE: (singing) Somewhere, over there, I can tell, There's a voice of A potato-headed whatchamacallit Who does not wish me well! His clothes are quite stupid, And also his shoes! He's got a big ol' duck-mouth! (Who knows how he chews!) He thinks he knows something About THE GREAT PLAN! How ULTIMATE BLANDNESS Must RULE and COMMAND He knows not a drop, Not a crumb, Not a whit, Of the reason for doing This criminal shit And then, if he did, Would it matter a bit? Not at all! Because IT IS WRIT: Our BEIGE-BLANDISH GOD Tends to CERTIFY IT: Only the boring and bland shall survive! Only the lamest of lameness will thrive! Take it or leave it, you won't be alive, If you are overtly CREATIVE! Fairies and faggots and queers are 'CREATIVE' All the best music on Broadway is 'NATIVE' Who will step forward And end all this trouble? For beige-blandish citizens, Clutching the rubble Of vanishing dreams Of wimpish amusement, Replaced by a rash Of 'CREATIVE' confusement! Soon, my brave Zombies, You'll make your return! Broadway will glow! Broadway will burn! (Along with the remnants of EVERYTHING NEW) My HOLY DISEASE will do Wonders for you! Those lovely producers Who paid for you 'then' Will do it again, and again, and again! EVIL PRINCE: (singing to the Zombies) The spying potato With horrible diction Will rot in the garbage When this show's eviction Takes place shortly after My alternate skill Of THEATRICAL SABOTAGE Triumphs YOUR will! I've a special review I've been saving for years For a show just like this, With POTATOES and QUEERS I'll say it's disgusting, atrocious, and dull I'll say it makes boils inside of your skull I'll say it's the worst-of-the-worst of the year, No wind down the plain, and it's hard on your ear I'll say it's the work of an infantile mind I'll say that it's tasteless, and that you will find A better excuse to spend money or time At a Tupper-Ware Party, So, do be a smarty! Hold on to that dollar A little while longer For spending it here, Why, it couldn't be wronger! WHAT'S HAPPENED TO BROADWAY? WHERE'S IT GONE, ALL THE GLITTER? THE 'HEART' AND THE 'SOUL' THE PATTER? THE PITTER? And after this deadly review hits the paper, In will come ROPER, BENDER RAPER, To legally execute all that remains Of this tragic amusement for drug-addled brains THING-FISH: (singing) Flies all green an' buzznin' In his dunjing of despair Who are all o' dem ZOMBIES Dat he fuckin' wit down dere? Are dey crazy? Are dey sainted? Are dey STAGE-KRAFF someone painted? It have never been explained, Since at first it were created, But, a MUSICAL, like we's in, Require a WHOLE BUNCH O' EVERYTHIN'! We talkin' EVERYTHIN' DAT EVER BEEN! Look at her! Look at him! Dat what de deal we dealin' in Dat what de deal we dealin' in Dat what de deal we dealin' in Dat what de deal we dealin' in

Take A Rest

GANG STARR "Step In The Arena"
Now what you hear is not a test Sugarhill Gang (cut up 4X by DJ Premier) [Guru] Well goodness gracious let me just take this time out to pull a rhyme out and update this For you and yours simply because Some MC's have luck but suck So I pluck em like feathers on the back of a chicken Cause I'm mad like a pit when my man says sick 'em Positive is the mindstate but it could still mean that I will kick a ill, malicious like mean rap Suckers they forced me, to knock em all out and They think they know things, like what I'm about and They try to analyze criticize scandalize The outcome is death, don't ask me to sympathize Realize, that I'm not to be played with I'll flip so fast, you won't know I'm the same kid I'm tired and fed, with all the weak stuff said All the phony-baloney, that went out like Pro-Keds You've got no leads, so you shoot blanks It's me the crowd thanks as I step to the top ranks Bankin my money, and investin it wisely Snatchin up chumps when they try to sneak by me I'm the dominant one, call me the prominant one And as I'm speakin I'll be bombin the dumb deaf and blind cause I was born with a sharp mind Eatin MC's with ease like it's lunchtime or crunchtime, when they get done without warning I'll bust that butt from nighttime til morning Your song's boring, and so I'm scoring much points cause when it's time to throw joints I cause havoc, the mic I grab is like savage I invade the stage, and make you get off The force is like a three-eight, blowin your head off And that's just in case you might be wearin a vest Cause you're simply a pest in this mess I suggest you Take a rest If this meaning doesn't manifest, put it to rest -- KRS-One (DJ Premier cuts 2X) [Guru] Don't ever sleep son, peep one or two of these lines here Arranged by a great brain, delivering rhymes clear and concise with a nice dope voice and killin the fakes like a taste of some poison Punks are thinkin they're alla that, their voices are all flat They're findin their names, in a Wack Rapper's Almanac Me follow that hollow crap, no way Jose I'll seek out a better sound, to somethin Premier plays Days will go by, and soon you'll know why MC's like me will rise like the Enterprise Starship, headin straight for the target Destination, a place where no perpetration is permitted, the Guru is with it to explain How some MC's are scared to ride on a Four train Or any other train in the city, for that matter Playin a role that they stole like a batter But I know they ain't so I'll paint the real picture My vocals go solo and like a bolo I'll hitcha square in your face I'll crack your ribs and your chest Cause you thought your off-brand jam was the best You fessed cause you guessed people would be impressed I'm gonna bust that bubble on the double take a rest (DJ Premier cuts take a rest for the chorus) [Guru] Sit back and reflect, ponder and chill out Rhymes like daggers make blood spill out But you can't blame me, for bringin disaster With all these ducks, claimin that they're the masters Only thing they mastered, is how to get wacker As I roll uphill, they roll downhill faster Now they're wondering how they lost their touch Wanna buy my rhymes but mine cost too much I'm the innovative one, call me the creative one and I won't stop til the job is done All the slobs just run when I come to get some Cause they know better, than to challenge this go-getter They get bust you can trust cause I won't let a booty-ass rapper get wins against me? I guarantee that I won't act friendly Cause crabs have a nerve and deserve to get whipped on Their girls get kissed on, while they get flipped on I slaughter and slay, or slap em up quick Cause the lyrics they kick make me seriously sick No substance, no value, but nevertheless They're gettin daytime play but I still say they should take a rest (DJ Premier cuts take a rest for four bars, then song fades)

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