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Big Daddy Kane lyrics - It's a Big Daddy Thing

Calling Mr. Welfare

Original and similar lyrics
[Red] Yo, whassup Big Daddy [Kane] Aiyyo whassup Red Alert I'm chillin Duke [Red] Yo do me a favor man -- pleeeeeease tell me about these big ol bubblehead girls out here [Big Daddy Kane] Well hey, you know that lady on the top floor of my buildin The heavyset one with about ten children You may remember her as a slim honey when her man name was Pimp Daddy Hustler Stack Money A big time drug dealer from around the way Slingin rocks, makin G's everyday He drove a big fat Mercedes Benz and even bought her a car to perpetrate for her friends It was a brand new Jag, with the spoiler and rag And the girl was a nag, cause all she did was just brag I mean baaaaaaaaaaad -- we know your coat cost a lot You didn't have to leave on the price tag And count the times her stomach got plump Havin baby after baby by the same old chump And then the day came, he left the dame shamed But who's to blame Y'all know the name of the game Pimp Daddy's wanted as he maxes and relaxes She can't even sue for money, pushers don't pay taxes So what's to do Oh yeah To feed ten mouths, she had to call on Mr. Welfare [Red] What Mr. Welfare Man they playin high-post with low income Check this out -- when y'all go around to the corner y'all gonna check out another episode Go like somethin like this.. [Big Daddy Kane] Hey, if you think that suck, bust this Another little story as I reminisce about an old friend of mine that was livin out of order Makin money like water (illlllll-egal) Yeah, sorta He sold drugs and robbed a lot of people But in these days and times, who lives illegal It's all about who knows the trade and who am I to knock him Homeboy was gettin paid He chose his own lifestyle to live - it was negative but his own prerogative Makin cash to flash and stash in half the trash The cops made the dash (sufferin succotash!) Because he had to do ten in the pen and then begin again to apprehend, huh But what's lost is lost, the reign is over (Huhhh, see ya!) Nice to know ya Money, no longer can he collect it Can't even get a job cause he got a jail record So what's left No hopes of a career So yeahhh, he's callin Mr. Welfare! [Red] Mr. Big Daddy Kane They don't know what time it is about Mr. Welfare Do me a favor -- open up your book to page fifteen at the top and read it off like thisssssssss [Big Daddy Kane] Here's a story of a guy who had to cop out his life for bein a high school dropout In the ninth grade he wanted to get paid but now the young brother needs government aid Because in his past he decided to cut class and run in the streets to make ends meet No shame in the game of his but silly rabbit, Trix are for kids! So when you sat on the corner with a 40 ounce talkin bout whattup Can't even pronounce your words correct, now in retrospect that's a shame - but in '89, who gives a heck There's no type of path to follow It's all about a dollar, fuck bein a scholar That's why your report card's through Like a BizMark beat, it reads eww-eww-eww-eww-eww! So now you wanna wake up and smell the coffee Lookin for a helpin hand, but get off me! I tried to tell you the deal last summer Stay in school, and get yourself a diploma Now you're on your own, tryin to make it alone No food or home, chewin on a meaty bone So what's to do since the cupboard is bare Brrring brrring! Call on Mr. Welfare [Red] Yo Kane, that's the story about my man Mr. Welfare huh [Kane] Yo like Chuck D said, how low can you go [Red] If she go any lower, she gonna have a personal problem Yo my man Mister Cee, cut it up money! * Mister Cee cuts welll-fare * [Kool DJ Red Alert] We-eh-el-el-el, el-el-elllllllfare, c'mon! Yeah Mr. Welfare He on some new stuff, what what is it He all new and improved Right Yeah, like that old Bug-Out stuff This guy, is he alright or what I think he on a mission with no kind of learnin You know what Big Daddy Kane We gonna have to take care of this matter Mister Cee, go ahead, cut it up My man Big Daddy Kane gonna see about my man Mr. Welfare alright Places to go, people to see, things to do, and you know what else to get.. see ya! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhsss!

Karma Remix

[Chorus] I am the one you denied Pushed me off everytime I tried But I'm alright I'm able to swallow my pride And put all the bullshit to the side If you ready to ride Im down for a one night stand I'll accept it any way that I can Cuz I aint yo man I'll try for whatever its worth Just remember who played who first [Lloyd Banks] I cant keep my eyes off ya I can tell why them other guys lost ya The kinds red an a flying saucer Thats what I can offer Similarities and characters Havnt ya heard the word around town How I get down? They all whistle Everybody part official An that ass was you Got my dick hard as a missle Dont hop on top Cuz I ride around with a pistle N if they pull us over ill be out of town wit an issue If you was mine id introduce you to momma girl You're stylin' your moves and Gabana Im so used to ur prada Taking trips to houston its hotta Throwing that Al Green n using that impala Lay my jewels on my collar Ya had me feeling like a fool when I holla'd Trying to squeeze in but you wouldnt bother But I aint either Soon as I realize that I aint either She in a rush to get close to me but I aint eager [Chorus] [Lloyd Banks] Like I dont mean to bother you But your sex appeal is remarkable U make a G wanna walk around in a park with you There aint no telling what kinda things that I'm'a start to do If I get wrapped up on your ass to fast I can tell you feel the same cuz when I ask you laugh So I'm'a leave it at that n hint n put it in my math I imagine your prolly twice as good in a bath But I'm buggin Cuz I can see you right in the hood when I pass Im never stapled cuz business is on my ass But you can be the one I visit before I dash An I admit I been the type to hit n split But you can blame me for the females that I been getting with Cuz Most of these broads have there eyes on my grits Till they're in deeper shit n they learn how to be satisfied with the dick an' N if you aint worth it then thats all you get I aint gonna blame you I'm gonna blame all you tricks Cuz [Chorus] [Lloyd Banks] U seem like your attitude Only appears when I'm mad at you In several situations n that includes When I'm gone to long ridin' thru them avenues As soon as I get home this room is a scattered boos U know my fantasies and my feeling things at camera speed N ur girlfriends trying to sandwich me My hearts colder then ya sandwich meat Cuz I come from the hood where the hammers be I move fast but at a switch pace N I pop in a listerine strip before you get all up on a bitch face Moving your body like this Gonna make me blow like a bottle of cris I dont know noone hotter then twis You got my temperature risin' from your hips to ur thighs an That glare in your eyes that brighten up her horizon It comes naturally I dont bribe em Its easy as... 1,2,3 n I slide em chorus

Brainstorm (No Gimmicks Remix)

Lord Finesse "Awakening"
f/ KRS-One, O.C. Now we found out, some time ago that if you take a whole group of really superbad dudes, and hang em in together they'll make some music whether or not somebody else thought it was hip or not. You know, they be OK. You dig? Somebody's got to start it. Verse One: O.C. It's like me against anyone First full verse is spontaneous, combustion thrusts me No rapper can dust me Bounced upon the scene with a theme, Word...Life I cut fantasy out cause I differ from a dream Wisdom lies deep in my molecules, you assumed I fell victim to, hip-hop blues You way off I stay on tour often rockin spots on the California coast, range you know back to Boston Enforcin my theory, leavin rappers teary-eyed Fly most who came and thought they had stride You accustomed to cussin and bluffin fussin for nothin Half of y'all crumbs are just soft like muffins I bake, masterpieces, sharper thesis Y'all candy coated motherfuckers stink like feces Needless to say, are these running shoes yours? You retreated when I gave out head for wars My microphone set is immensely brick wall Solid in and out you slept so now snore Who got my back, you ask Lord and BlastMaster Unorthodox, combinations from the masters Mics I menace, when it's finished You get an understanding of what we bringin, no gimmicks Verse Two: Lord Finesse My decision is precision, I'm ill in ways you can't vision I got niggaz worshippin Lord Finesse like religion You can't fuck around, you're kiddin You don't want no collision, you better fly South like a pigeon Good riddance, I flip flows you can't imagine I break down your Flintstone style, into fragments So pay attention to the man rappin Don't think that it can't, I'm livin proof, it can happen I reign supreme logical, verbally, I drop it in ways that you never dreamed possible So lyrically, I personally figure That my Harvard style, is too deep for you nursery niggaz When I clutch the mic, I'm comin rough and right I build more than them workers on construction sights I'm skilled at it, I'm Illmatic So yes answers your question if you ask me do I still have it I'm the realest, the illest Comin out the woodwork, like them homos in the Village But seriously, I'm got the remedy If I's at the bottom of the toilet you niggaz still couldn't shit on me Originally, it's the same the vet I'm on that get rich list, but they didn't call my name yet I make it special like a prom night I bomb mics while other brothers are old news like Walter Kronkite It's critical, you got these Xerox individuals But word life, it ain't nothin like the original I wreck kids, that's my theory and perspective When it comes to hip-hop, I'm on the case like detectives You better step to the next man Cause the greatest soccer player couldn't kick it like Finesse can Verse Three: KRS-One This is the scientific extra-prolific terrific mystic simplistic metaphysic, no gimmick type lyric When you hear it or hear me, runnin through the scrimmages You see images, affecting your sight to make you go (Yo there he is! No there he is!) No here he is Rockin your superiors, in your hardest area Your lyrical skills are inferior It's because your video that they cheer for ya I'll take care of ya, quickly, cause I cannot take it Your weak head needs to be decapitated Cause you fake it If your heart was caffeine, well you're now decaffeinated You scream battle but it's the end of your career you anticipate it, I hate itCareer ended, how splendid For wack MC's I come doctor recommended Haha! You know whassup when Lord Finesse up in the piece All you wack ass rappers better go rewrite your album O.C. in the house, KRS in the house, yeah New York style in the house, yeah BDP crew in the house, YEAH...

Sureno Thugs

Califa Thugs "Califa Thugs"
Feat. Mr. Sancho *** Chorus 1 and 2 said same time *** [Chours 1: OFI] Steady steppin like full sureno thug Grey and blue [4x] [Chorus 2: Sancho and Maniac] Califa Thugs [4x] [Silencer] Thugged out blad head We the baddest mothafuckas And we stay ahead Ain't nobody never ever gonna take my name Cause if you do then you die, that's the way Enemies will never last put your glocks away I'm the baddest mothafucka from around the way I get a little dizzy when I smoke a J Fuck a bitch and a hoe like every day The magical thug, Califa Thug Silencer is smokin the bud I put the nine to the eye Just to show there is no love And to any mothafucka tryin to take me Makin money all day That's what I'm all about Silencer on a mission Amunition no competition Drop a verse to the song with a gangsta rhyme Mothafucka talk shit like every time Pull to the side on the gangsta rhymes Time for me to go to a little homicide Enemies are gonna get paralyzed Everyone is gonna be hypnotized Silencer is the one that terrorized When you see come around you better step a side S-A-N-D-I-E-G-O Fuckin bitches every day I'm at the studio I carry my dagger Somebody's becomin a cadver I got the money to travel Nobody's ready to battle Silencer comin at you Silencer's gonna snatch you And pass the marijuana let me take another hit Cause here I come to blast [OFI] Flippin like a mothafucka puttin down Blazin like a mothafucka smokin a pound If only mothafuckas could see me now Laced up in the cut with thugs bumpin loud [Califa Thugs] I see other fools we know That kinda shit don't make me none OG from the hood South of Southern Bay cliq for the playas and thugs [Califa Thugs] You want to rumble with us Life ain't nothin but a jungle to us Survival in the streets is a strugle to us Pass the bud That's on the real don't be fuckin with us [Califa Thugs] Alot of mothafucka say my beats are too slow Smoke too much indo, sound like a negro Spit the shit the best west See fit eat dick all don't know shit Watchin me as I make a beat Best leave cause I'm off the heat Espescialy with scripts like these Nobody's comin with this much heat Southside for those who don't know South Bay Palm Avenue for sure SD 1-3's for my G's on the streets Sureno Thug flippin on the beat Like that don't you kinda sound good Makin you wanna bounce homie that would Don't hate go ahead speak on it Bumpin that cut that's me on it [Mr. Sancho] Poppin that timmy Trip with this puto We headin out through the door Pop Pop to the glock Watch all of them putos drop to the floor We headin to the club lookin for some love Cause we smokin the bud above the law Mothafucka never trip when I rack up the clip Cause I'm spittin my lyrics rough and raw Livin in the middle of a sin Mothafucka never grin When I'm comin with the mack 10 Praw Praw til your body drop Holes on both sides bustin on a cup a gin Nobody never wins when you're little rappin Seein how I've sin could of locked me in the pen Or imagine I'm dead cause I took one in the head With the infered to my forhead now we flead Bodies now lifeless never felt like this Flash backs of my life Showin how I acted childish [Chorus 1 and 2]

Y Not

Def Squad "Def Squad Presents Erick Onasi"
* Erick Sermon (of EPMD) [E] Uh, and you dont stop yeah yeah Uh Huh yeah yeah ha ha [Slick Rick] You know what I'm sayin so I said (rick D) Uh huh, yeah Big Brown uh huh, yeah You ready? [Erick Sermon] Yo, in the Y2K, my chips be micro, unlimited Me and Rick D reap the benefit Cars, girls, jewels, innocent Next year it'll be old, we get rid of it Yeah like that, yeah we knock 'em out the box yo Money's deep like the gold at fort Knox yo Rhyme killer, kill an iller rhyme with no effort At you trick a hole your crew (blao!) You're mad now huh? You can't stand me Now watch when I'm recieving a grammy A Soul Train when I'm getting a Sammy Davis Junior award, fans applaud For me, Erick Onasis, top dog The money folder, I'm like Don King's promoter Ya'll can't see me I'm ariborne type tuskeegee Wicked like the board of Ouija When I step in the door things change Everything stops like ya freeze frame It's mad hot now, Gettin ready to boil (Rick the Ruler!) Me, the MC Grand Royal Chorus: [Erick Sermon] We are, ravishing I, impress C, courageous or careless K, for the Kani's that I got That I rock everyday, and why, why not? [Slick Rick] R, ravishing I, impress C, courageous or careless K, for the Kangol's which I've got That I wear everyday, and why, why not? [Slick Rick] Emotion and hope in the scope When the paw print on the button on my brand new garage door opener Ungh , as the double R rips through the gutter Even 7 Day Advents scream that shit's butter! You best remember who's the skipper Remember who made girl's joint drop so hard it popped the zipper Illusion on no boozin confusion Even ghosts like Ruler I'm scared of you son As I lean and dip, dream might seem a bit odd Light's just turned red turn green for Rick (ya know) On a deagon(?) with the stuff in there blastin Till the signs on the highway start to wop when I pass them (ohhh) Mad boigee funk bed(?) perhaps I fend chrome Almost made another rose have an accident (The Ruler wildin) Ladidadi -?- stylin On his way to see green eyed buddy on the island (Chorus)

Last Days

AZ "Pieces Of A Man"
AZ: It's on for now, niggas ballin' now (uh huh) It's The Firm baby, ain't no fallin' down Thorugh your eyes see your snakeness (Uh huh) No lie, Doe Or Die, try to take this Stay swift, you can follow if you tailgate (C'mon) Reminiscin' when a nigga used to sell weight Well laced, G.A. in the summertime, Freaknick (C'mon) Back and forth to the ball game, Hen in the cup (Ah) Through the years niggas all changed, livin' it up Takin's steps to the next level, seen the light What it be like, now, puttin' weed in the pipe CHORUS: [AZ] Berakin' day, off this shit here This year, snatched loot everywhere Next year, takin' what we left here A fear, for thugs Hoes get dug, foes get slugs Just because {Repeat Chorus Twice} AZ: Cancun at the Jazzfest First time we ever met you was half dressed Easy access (Ah) You and you whole crew, ya alright When you beep use Code 2, call tonight Got a villa full of young Dons Champagne and a grill on my front lawn What's song? We can dance to some more jams Finally meet Nas and the whole fam Roseland, love is love when it's all good, clutch ya name (yeah.. yeah) Through my eyes, I'm all hood, fuck the fame Play a script like Larenz Tate, bench weights (Yeah) Worked out stay in shape Benz plates Cruise around wit the hot sounds Pumped loud, I Be by Fox Brown It's locked down Overall tryin' to make moves stay in the mix Motivated by the ace, deuce, tre and the six {Repeat Chorus 2 Times} AZ: Wanna bring it to me right way Face to face, (yeah) when you see me get ya lie straight It's high stakes, (uh huh) goin' up against a street playa, true type (uh huh) Get the paper handle beef later, never too hype Analyze from the next man, wants war Still alive, on the next plan, wantin' more Outta town tryin' to get mine stay in the cut (Uh huh) Cubans control the prices, keep raisin' 'em up! Peace and love to my allies (Uh, uh) play on Stayin' up, high late at nights, stay strong Sittin' up lettin' all y'all know the deal This Firm shit is on for real (For real) {Repeat Chorus 5 Times}

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