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Big Daddy Kane lyrics - It's a Big Daddy Thing

Another Victory

Original and similar lyrics
Verse 1: Here comes the conquering brother that fathoms and never ceases. Violators pick up the pieces (uh) That are left behind as you're left to find The fury of the five fingers of death are mine, Rippin' on the microphone, receitin' poem, Givin' competition a Big Daddy syndrome. Some step up, (mmm) none kept up (mmm). They rap a brief moment and then shut up. Lips are sealed because all of this is real. I'm not about frontin', I tell the real deal of society (what); So how we livin, Like a turkey on Thanksgiving or like Robin Gibbons? Not to offend, I just want you to comprehend every message I send (tell 'em), 'Cause I don't understand, I have to wonder, damn, How could this lifestyle be fun to man, To see a brother gettin' paid undercover, Sellin' drugs to one another, 'Cause all the glamour you get is miscillaneous And all the product you sell is real dangerous Like um, um, let's say, un, poison, Destruction to all your own boys and girls who like to buy and give it a try, Admire and can't deny the high, that's why they soon die. These are the games that a fool would play today For our own kind to decay. No sign of brotherly love, Just scavengers in search of..... Chorus: Another victory (cut and scratched) Verse 2: When I'm ridin' in my Volvo, cops harass me. They never ride past me, they hound me like Lassie, Wantin' to give me a summons or a ticket. Huh, I got a place for them to stick it (kick it). They can't understand to see a black man Drivin' a car that costs 25 grand. The first thing they say is Where'd you steal her? And then they assume that I'm a drug dealer. Huh, that just makes me wanna laugh, 'Cause now I'm a star and your son got my autograph, So all the cops on the highway gettin' me, My name ain't Kieth, so could you please stop Sweatin' me So I can flow and go on, so on and so on To all the jams Cee throw on. Reachin' a summit as you learn from it, A lesson taught from yours truly, so here cometh The royal majesty, others have to be Fully prepared, though they still won't last with me, So when you hope to hang or even handle, I'll show the meaning of power and just cancel (period). Out of order, conquer and slaughter, You're comin' up shorter, boy, you'll need more to Compete 'cause the heat is deep in concrete, Defeat, bring up the fleet, flee 'fore we meet Or stay away, puttin' new rhymes on layaway. Then come get this when you're ready for business 'Cause aaaaah yeah, I'm with this (I'm ready). Yo, Mister Cee, what is this? (Repeat chorus) Verse 3: MC's and enemies I freeze at 32 degrees Because they can't drop rhymes like these. Competition never saw none done, So pay attention as I mention the 411. Just the other day, I heard a brother say, Taxi cabs don't even come my way. They all be afraid they won't get paid So they zoom right past and pick up a lighter shade, And if they stop, the first thing they want, No more than two people and the money up-front, Treatin' me like I'm some type of thug. It might sound bugged but they don't wanna get mugged. Who's in the right or wrong? It's time to unite along The righteous with a walk in success and be strong. Instead of lookin' for someone to beef with, A brother like the Big Daddy Kane is peace with Rappers of today like (Kid'N'Play), Hey, even my man L.L. Cool J, (Stetsasonic) and EPMD, Public Enemy and (BDP), Salt 'N' Pepa 'cause we can't sever never, Wheihter, whatever, we better stand together. That means unite, not fightin' or fussin' or cussin'. Save all the base for the pipe and start lovin' One another 'cause separation is a flaw, So endure for more and stop lookin'; for.... (Repeat chorus 'till end)

Murder One

BONE THUGS-N-HARMONY "Bone, Thugs N-Harmony The Collection: VOL. 1"
Verse 1: Flesh N Bone We in the last five days of these trials and tribulations And I'm waiting for the Lord oh please don't leave me forsaken Caught up in the doom prepare for Satan We facing a situation while I'm drunk and scared Heavily sedated wonder will I make it to the pearly gates Or will I burn off in that lake now, Could you feel the earthquake shaking the dead awake How many wait it's too late it's over now Niggas had a lack of faith so life ain't straight, if you incapable, Having a little trouble a day wid ah fiend or somethin' Betta plead to bloody Jesus Watch how the majesty control it Don't let it go slow down hold on Now can I get a witness shout Hallelujah,Amen I'm feeling the Holy Ghost makin' moves through ya Smooth, I made it to free your mind to the rhythm I got designed when the world drop dimes This world you'll fine there's no other like my kind Hook: Bizzy Bone Code Murder One, Code Murder One, Code Murder One, Code Murder One Murder them mo (4x) Verse 2: Bizzy Bone If the world should end today! Fully automatic gunning through it Gunning thangs, red rummed when strumming pain Mo murda, I heard 'em holla holla, clock dollas Swallow me baby cause we balling hollow point tips to the CI Enemies keep rolling, get 'em off that flaunted fluid Making me nauseous cautious these niggas is flossing My Nina Ross tossed out I'm slaucing It's for the auction rapper bop the copper got gospel on 'em Who wanna magnum? Who wanna tag 'em? Bag 'em up ain't no problem, baby(bitch) Smoked out in high school Sleeping the fifth grade selling chicken Gotta get paid we in the kitchen Cooking up grade and baby go on go grym Hold on, motherfucking gun Another fifth took one hood shot she split up Talking bout the get up for everyone ya lit up and hit up So huff and make it settle Hook (2x) Verse 3: Layzie Bone Make me push this panic button nigga We moving like the Panthers in the sixties Khaki suited booted my thugs recruited You wit me nigga you wit me Millitant minded perfect timing it Always on the incline ah shit Nigga that's down for the grind ah shit Keeping real niggas rewinding this, Deep in the ghetto in the streets ah Cleveland We call it thieving mind deceiving Hear the reasons for hustling season Bottom line money is power And the power mean muscle Money and guns stacked up to the ceiling Nigga get down for his hustle his hustle hustle Now nigga now what ya gon' do when they come for you Well I'ma tell ya right now what we gon' do Scream M-O-G and start blasting Nigga never did like them boyz in blue No regards for authorities, Wanna dump ah nigga up wid the ferozine Oh you invited to the bloody ass whore scene Know what I mean you betta get wid the team Cause this is the soldiers ready for war nigga, We from way down under nigga been waiting for the day To let off these rounds it's thunder, it's thunder Got my mind made up, and if niggas str8 balling up outta control Just as those hoes nigga rose On ah mission tryin' ta get that dough Separated mine through prose, Open and close just like a case Place to place ya feeling ya safe HB all up in my face, And it just ain't safe it just ain't safe safe I'm knowing they want me to catch it in war Boy boy I seek and destroy any nigga that throw the decoy See me I'm stacked and ripping shit Taking off my shirt and breaking them sweats Tattoos all over my body 7 on the stomach, Skull on my chest, Nine millimetre in my pocket Ready to buck on the crowd, As long as that one little nigga Sagging and bragging and talking loud Talking about he bout it bout it Nigga I got yo whole clik Real niggas don't run they mouth Real niggas make moves and get rich Verse 4: Flesh N Bone Mobbing in ah Expedition Thinking of ah proposition Settle my composition Feeling relentless fucking up gun condition Mo murda competition, How many niggas on the frontline Ready for whateva my nigga wid yo tech nine Nigga disrespect mine, How will you lose the chalk For marrow rip through thine spine If you wanna listen to what I say Hey gotta pay intuition, This ain't no free exploit of an exhibit Cause, my niggas, to exquisite I'm so armageddon, just as my Smith Wesson Here's a nice slug for you And my nitrogen glyc bomb Can land on them newly morgue I watch when they all come stormin' So when my one hit 'em up they fall Let off wid ah little frustration bust my gun Bullets haul Hook 4x

Luck Of Lucien

Verse 1: Q-Tip Brother, brother, brother, Lucien, you're like no other. Listen very close 'cause I don't like to boast. Instead, I'll tell the tale of a French who prevailed Through the Mr. Crazy Rabbits who were always on his tail. ? on sale, your rumour starts to wail. Get caught with stolen goods and you will go to jail. If you go to jail, then who will pay the bail? They'll put you back to France on a ship with a sail. Escargot, Lucien, you eat snails. (Hey yo Tip, what's wrong with snails?) From the Zulu nation, from a town called Paris, Came to America to find liberty. Instead of finding pleasure, all you found was misery, But listen, Lucien, you have a friend in me. Oh, luck luck will drive you butt baddy. Next time you get some wheels, make it a Caddy. In terms of doing good, I know you wish you really could, But listen, brother man, I really think you can. Succeed with the breed of the brothers on your back. It's the creme de la creme, and you can bounce with that. It'll take a minute, ?rice?, so take my advice. Trust in us, and thus you trust in your life. Lucine, Lucien, Lucien, Lucien. You should know! Verse 2: Q-Tip Are you ready, Lu? This one is for you, Comin' from a true-blue, fits like a shoe. ? or Commenet-allez-vous ? Lucien, I'll leave it up to you. Voulez vous (vous). Endez vous (vous). Coo-coo (coo). Les poo-poo (poo) Watch that lass, gonna backlash fast. Can you get a grip on the crackhead dip? Sold you a paper bag, guess he saw you comin', VCR from a neck-bone bummin', $10 brother, he was hummin' and strummin', Only had 20, he was livin' like ya slummin', Gave him the money, well, I thought that was somethin', Lookin' like a kid who was lost in crumbin'. Don't worry about a thing, I won't get specific. This is a song that is long and prolific. Think of the stuff that I said if you can. Figure it out, compute, understnad. No problemo, I'll help you with your demo If you go to the store for me. Lucien, I'm just kiddin'. You should know! Verse 3: Q-Tip You gotta get a grip on the missions you'll be takin', Not so much the mission, but you got crazy ignition. Sure, the sugar-babies wanna give you a chance With the French savoir faire and the sexy dance, But is she really fly, or is she a guy? I won't ask why, 'cause I know that you try. You try too hard, is that the answer to the riddle? Instead of doin' so much, why don't you do just a little? Boy, what a cad, I guess we shouldn't treat him bad. In fact, it would be nice if we understood him like A case of positionin' the feet in the shoes, Sympathetic reason in the case of the blues. Lucien is blue, even though he's really brown. I had to make the sound, his life is too profound. On the up-and-up, he's somethin' like a little pup, Young and naive, it's hard to believe. As long as you're strong, you can quest with the questers, Jolly like a jumping bean or a jester. Lucien, Lucien, Lucien, Lucien. You should know!

Funny Style

Tha Alkaholiks "Likwidation"
J-Ro: Yo, I'm from Killa Cali I wrote this rhyme in an alley The tall can MC stepping fresh out the valley I'm hella fresh comin straight through your chest I blow a hole in you soul, I'm constantly on a roll Cuz in order to survive, you gots to have drive Like a rental, but I'ma call you Ben cuz you gentle My crew's blowin up like a Pinto Hip hop's gettin rotten but we stay fresh like a Mento So put it in your mouth We gonna show you what this rap shit is really all about We gonna turn this bitch out like Goldie This cut will still bump when it's an oldie And if we still ain't sold platinum or gold That'll be the bigges lie you ever told me, hold me...back Black, I snack on the wack and wash it down with a fifth of Yak It's like that and that's the way it is You can ask his to stay out my biz Girl, I'm off the hook, plug me into your adaptor I'm sending wack rhymes to the rafters Turn up your skill factor, you bitin rhymes like a Raptor You thought we was through but this is still the first chapter Before I go, can I get an Ooh Ooh! It's J-Ro, baby, from the Likwit Crew Chorus: repeat 8X Funny style King Tee: Now watch me run amuck And gun em up with the shit Rebel rhymin from Tha Liks Alkaholistics all true with no tricks The infrared pointed at they lips And man they don't speak, they keep the conversation petite They shit is weak, I'm concrete like the beat Bust that ass, super nigga jeep class Me last in the game, no problem Sit and drink a fifth with my nigga James Robinson Check your alcoholic pulse while its throbbing The Likwit Squad, the entourage Get exquisite, get addicted, get Xzibit Fellas wanna test King Tipsy but its risky He probably slap a nigga in his mouth like a bitch. G So kick rocks and step back by the mile Them sober niggaz act funny style Chorus: repeat to fade

1nce Again

A TRIBE CALLED QUEST "Beats Rhymes Life"
Intro: You on point Phife? 1nce Again Tip You on point Phife? 1nce Again Tip You on point Phife? 1nce Again Tip Word Watch me bust they shit OK Chorus: [Tammy Lucas] Ohhhh, you did it to me 1nce Again my friend I swear you do it to me everytime Cause you stay crazy on my mind Yo you got it goin on (say word), on and on and on On and on and on Verse One: Phife Dawg, Q-Tip This is the year that I come in and just devestate My style is great ask your peoples can I dominate? My rhymes are harder than last night's erection Don't play me close, I'll have this mic up in your rear section My shit is lovely simply meaning that my joint is tight Amping up the mic making sure production's tight Sometimes I might catch a severe case of writer's block But by the end of the day you'll be on my jock My name's Malik my hobby's putting MC's to the test And if you front I'll put my foot up in your friggin chest Freestyle fanatic, and never will it ever stop You crew is loose, you might just want to call the cops Aiyyo I gotta put some action on paper Make sure my verse jump up and spread out like the raper The only tip I got for a waiter Is watch the doorknob hit me where the dirty dog shoulda bit me That was my train of thought, but for so long I fought Now I'm at a level supreme to the devil So turn up the bass and lay low on the treble We be the real MC's and you dead, bring a shovel Revitalize, the vital Tribe nigga, WHAT? The ladies sweat the style like the squirrel sweat the nuts You know a fellas good for the moola Don't smoke no woolas, read the name call me Slick Tip the Ruler Chorus Verse Two: Q-Tip, Phife Yo I've been treading on this globe man for twenty-five joints Sometimes Shaitan got me by the pressure points But I can break a fella down like sex You eat Wheat Chex but still light in the ass and can't flex If one nigga front I'ma make more pay Cause toniiiiight, we gettin off like O.J. And yo I got a Dawg that bites, fuck the barking Yo I got a crew with the beats and the smarts and I fought my shit up on Linden in the one-nine-two Forever writing never biting ain't shit else to do Hoping to battle, but most MC's ain't ready yet But if they huddle, and word, then this is good as set You have MC's dropping bombs that's incredible Some of the brothers, their styles are just despicable As for me see I just do how I love to do Try to deny me of my props then I'll be seeing you Most of you suckers wanna be down for the tag along The friggin fame, someone tell em that this shit ain't games You gots to do this from your heart meaning your inner soul And if it's real only then will you be on a roll I try to stay on top my game there ain't no time to lose Four albums deep as a Quester but still we payin dues So hear me out one time, you gots ta be yourself Cuz if you ain't yourself you end up by your friggin self I'm coming rugged with the Linden Boule type of slang And yo we'll see who can hang yo You on point Tip? Yo 1nce Again Phife You on point Tip? Yo 1nce Again Phife You on point Tip? Yo 1nce again Phife Aiyyo that kid is hard! Chorus

Now I Can Breathe

3RD STOREE "Get With Me"
Now I Can Breathe (J. Moss) Verse I: Walking inside of a dream Where love is highly esteemed Taking a chance with my heart Praying it travels far Then she says to me - why do you fear Why would you dream if you could not live Open your eyes see what is real I'll take it from there now breathe if you will Chorus: You've ignited the flame in my life Now I can see again I celebrate that you are in my life Now I can breathe again Verse 2: Roses are smiling at me As if to say they share my glee Violets then sigh as they gaze As if they know that my day has been made There she goes again tear in her eye Whispering songs that make us cry She says three words that make me feel That I'm not in a dream and she's all so real Chorus Bridge: Thinking of love you is fantasy Knowing I love you is destiny Finding that someone creates harmony Keeping the same is matrimony Chorus repeat 3x's

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