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Big Daddy Kane lyrics - Daddy's Home

Somebody's Been Sleeping In My Bed

Original and similar lyrics
Now I'm a family man that works hard for the money with the sweetest wife ever *smak* I love you honey I buy her everything, if it takes my last dollar Even her nails and her hair to be done at the beauty parlor We spend ample time together, doin dinner and a movie and whatever else sounds groovy And when we want real excitement and drama, word to momma we walk around in our pajamas in the Bahamas I love her and I need her and I never ever cheat her I'm far too carin to be considered a woman beater My style is gentle, romantic and friendly Nothin like the husband from _Sleeping With the Enemy_ I thought that she was in love with me I used to think that she couldn't get enough of me But lately things been seemin strange and.. baby you changed Somebody's... been sleeping in MY bed.. Somebody's... been sleeping in MY bed.. Now I've heard of traffic but I've never heard of when you get off at five and don't make it home til ten Another thing that I can't comprehend: matchbox and pens from the Holiday Inn And every night that I had to work late I come home to see that the bathroom ain't straight I look at the toilet bowl and wonder whassup because I know damn well that she don't piss with the seat up And lookin at the underwear in the room Now I wear silk drawers; whose Fruit of the Looms Another thing that's quite bizarre - my bathrobe smelled like Brut, but I use Dakar Now I'm seein that she's treatin me crummy Also, she must take me for some dummy Because she'll lay in bed and say, Come on in but them ain't the same bedsheets from this morning Now yeah my dear have you been busted but I still feel like P.E., +Can't Truss It+ You need another lover like you need a hole in your head and you might get that, you cheesy rat Cause thinkin about the cost of a divorce I feel like Johnny Taylor, it's cheaper to keep her Cheatin on me, what's the reason why I hope you die Somebody's... been sleeping in MY bed.. Somebody's... been sleeping in MY bed.. You done hurt me, broke my heart and played me for your fool Now here's my chance to get back at you and I'm gonna blow my cool All day long, I'm just singin a somebody done somebody wrong song I'm tryin to see how far can this kid go before our relationship ends up on skid row Why should I try to stay attached to her when I'm probably better anywhere as a bachelor So go 'head girl with that game you're talkin And since you look like CeCe Peniston, +Keep On Walkin+ Your your your cheatin heart, you're tryin to rip mine apart Uhh, I wish I'd seen it from the start Cause now you're caught in what you thought was a fort Took a short, so I'll see you in court Somebody's... been sleeping in MY bed.. Somebody's... been sleeping in MY bed.. [Robin Harris] I hate my wife I wear my wedding ring on the finger cause I married the WRONG GOD DAMN woman [Richard Pryor] I leave homegirl and come back home, college feet be on

Never Alone

1 - Never alone Use your heart as a telephone Never alone You know Montell won't do you wrong I asked your woman why she's crying She told me she was lonely She thought you were the perfect guy But you could never love her only Don't get me wrong, I'm not the one Breaking up a happy home It's the loney man who understands She don't wanna be alone Repeat 1 So I ask her if you treat her right She don't deny that your love is tight But sometimes she only needs a friend When she calls on me quarter after three Holding pillows to the phone It's her lonely heart that you're tearing apart You don't even have a clue 2 - You don't have to be alone, baby Anytime you cry, day or night You'll never be alone Use your heart as a telephone, baby It's not too late, cuz this must die Before you run to me Repeat 1 Repeat 2 Repeat 1 while: Whoa, world don't need Another broken heart If you leave her all alone I'll do what I gotta do And when we're together we'll be saying Here's a toast to that fool The woman's lonely She's reaching out (Pick up the phone baby, honey) Needs to talk to (Where are you, pick it up baby, baby) Someone who's willing to listen Is it you? Will you be there?

The Realest Niggas (Remix)

[Intro] (50 Cent) I love niggas! I love niggas! Cause niggas are me! And I should only love that which is me I love to see niggas go through changes (Whoooo!!) I love to see niggas shoot through shit (Did it again) And to all niggas that do it I love [B.I.G.] To all my Brooklyn (Niggas!) To all my Uptown (You niggas understand?!) To all my Bronx (It's war nigga) To all my Queensbridge (I'll blow you away) [Verse: B.I.G.] Back up chump, you know Biggie Smalls grips it quick And kicks it quick, you know how black niggas get With the hoods fatigues with the boots with trees Smokin weed, flippin ki's, makin crazy G's Hittin' buckshots at niggas that open spots On the avenue, take my loot, and I'm baggin you Pimpin hoes that drive Volvo's and Rodeos Flash the Roll, make her wet, in her pantyhose Damn, a nigga style is unorthodox Grip the glock, when I walk down the crowded blocks Just in case a nigga wanna act out I just black out, and blow they motherfuckin back out That's a real nigga for ya [Chorus: 50 Cent] (2x) We the realest nigga 50 Cent and B.I.G. my nigga Don't try to act like you don't feel a nigga Biggie yo nigga, 50 yo nigga Squeeze the trigga' leave a nigga fa' sho! [Verse: B.I.G.] When we smoke spliffs, we pack four-fifths Just in case dread wanna riff He get a free lift to the cemetary, rough very Not your ordinary, we watch you get buried That's a real nigga for ya Get mad do a quarter flip the script, and rip your lawyer Spit at the D.A. cause fuck what she say She don't give a fuck about your ass anyway Up North found first stop for the town of fist-skill, where the hand skills are real ill You'll be a super Hoover doo-doo stain remover Ha hahhh, yo G, pass the ruler [Chorus] [Verse: 50 Cent] When I was young my M.O. was to go hail the Henny And even my P.O. she called me the Ginger Bread Man I cut ya new case, and tell her ass 'catch me if you can' Don't let your people feel your awkward I tame I'm not lame Get gassed up to get blast up Real B.I.G. style watch the kid break it down Check it, thou shalt not fuck wit North Seed Papa 50 Cent, I'll break yo ass off propa' Theres no place like home, New York, New York I run this city, and now I dance around like Diddy Niggas is giddy, till they act smack silly Or spray wit the Mack Milly, they don't want drama really Pushy niggas get hard lip syncing my lyrics like Milly Vanilly Even the hood they feel me {*gun cocked*} hah! I'm on fire! Niggas out in Philly they feel me, they bump my shit Even bootlegged you know, bump my shit, bitch! [Chorus] I got 50 Cent I got G-Unit D-Twizzy's in this bitch With Obie Triiiiice So watch what you say Before you call our name If you say one more thing It won't be nice [Verse: Eminem] Here we go I shoulda known I was bound to get pulled into some bullshit sooner or later You little haters are too jellous of us to love us You ain't it G-Unit made it And Obie's comin D-Twizzy's comin You sick to your stomach 50% is 50-Cent The other 50% is who's color skin it is Well if you're even considering takin our label down You better find our building and fly a fucking plane into it But I ain't tryin to get too intriqette into it I'm just tryin to give you a little hint for your own benefit Cuz then it's gunna get to the point where it escalates into some other shit Then Im a flip Then Im a get to stompin in my Air Force One's Won't be able to tell if it's two pairs or it's one It's gunna feel like there's so many feet kickin you You think that Nike just made these into cleat tennis shoes I don't know what it is or what it could be But I get a woody when these pussy's try to push me Thinkin they gon' put me in the position to pickle me Ya'll tickle me pink I think I'd just rather have pink tiggle me Hickory dickory dock tickoty tock tickety a little bit of the diggity dock diggity Mixed with a little bit of the jiga jig jiga With a small pinch of Biggie Look at me, I'm just the bomb diggity We the realest label Don't try to act like you don't feel our label Cuz we gon' fuck around and kill your label Obie, D-Twizzy, G-Unit, 50, Shady Records, we the label fa sho We the realest label Don't try to act like you don't feel our label We gon' fuck around and steal your people Obie, D-Twizzy, G-Unit, 50, Shady Records, we the label fa sho Shady in the place to be seen And I got what it takes to rock the mic RIGHT! Still watch what you say to me punk cuz I'm off probation in less then 6 MONTHS!

Still Got Love For You

(feat. Jay-Z and Rell) For the record y'all.. uh-huh.. I know you hear me.. for the record y'all.. [Beanie Sigel] _Dynasty_ album, track 16, listeners fret I can't take back that sixteen Shit the truth spoke, I gotta give the world true quotes Can you feel it I know the truth hurts They say, 'How can he disrespect his pop with harsh curses' Simple - harsh life, harsh verses 'I can't believe the mouth of this prick He said put his mouth on his dick,' I know we gotta talk bout that, I know you salt bout that You on the tip like I don't like you I got four kids, three baby mothers, I'm just like you Sometimes I wanted to just fight you, shit Swing on you - think I'm playin man, I'm just like you I was a kid with a puzzle with missing pieces tryin to put it together dawg, you put it together You made me have to foot through the weather in the storm with no raincoat I don't only speak on me, I speak upon the kids in the same boat Ridin the same water, same situation Same fatherless daughter - I hate you, that's in your mind Don't get caught up in the rhyme You think I dissed you now, that I don't miss you now Don't be a hater now, be glad I made it now I know I probably rubbed you the wrong way But fuck what the song say, for the record, check it [Chorus: Rell] Still got love for you, though you left me in the cold To face this world alone, and make it on my own I still got love for you, but I just can't fight the pain It's so hard not to hate, but you grow up in a way [Jay-Z] I think you misunderstood me the first time.. Listen - that was my hurt in my heart talkin, along with the truth I would thirst often as a youth cause of you the person Moms nursin self-esteem issues Round the house it's hard to find a clean tissue, minus her tears To rewind this time I promise I minused my years to the day to take the pain away Seemed sunny outside, always rained on Jay Pop you my umbrella, come help your son with the weather Soon we come together like man and man and build Play space, cards face up, I've come to deal In order to get right we gotta deal with this wrong And the pain I felt all my life you feel in the song Your lack of warmth left a chill in the morn' Your lack of love, left me loveless, and I'm of your breath I'm your mind body and soul, your heart, your flesh Your alcohol, your smoke, in results I'm a mess And dad, still I love you no less dad Hope you didn't think success would make me less mad But not mad, just dissapointed - we wasted years I swear to God, may you take me away from here If you taught me anything The one thing you taught me is to face my fears, coward How could you let me grow without you Grind in this rap game, take dough without you Wear my Pro Keds close to the sole/soul without you Family pictures pose without you - WHY! .. Why shouldn't I be mad Monster's parents seperated, Monster had his dad These parents had they problems, he still came to the pad He bought 'em new bikes, imagine what that felt like Used to have to butt my head to go to sleep at night Nigga you did me wrong but the love is strong, let's move on [Chorus - 2X]

Turn Me On

FAT JOE "Loyalty"
(feat. Ronda Blackwell) [Fat Joe] Yeah, unh, Irv Gotti.. Joe Crack the Don, ya heard me [Irv Gotti] We back, my nigga Chink Santana Murder Inc., Terror Squad [Chorus: Ronda Blackwell + (Fat Joe)] Boy you keep on turning me.. Love the way you turn me on Got me feeling all alone (Love it when you turn me on) Boy you keep on turning me.. Love the way you turn me on When you got me singing this song Love the way you turn me on [Fat Joe] Yo, push your seat back, ma feel who you rolling wit Relax, and let Crack take control of this Have some 'Gnac, Hennessy and Coka Cola mix To stop at 1-6-5 for that potent shit So now we rolling this, it's nine fifteen I'm sure you know where we going but time is the key Let's smoke a lil, climb high in tha trees Choke a lil while my hand rub your thigh and your knees You know that silly shit, and now it's ten on six We in the village jus a lil ripped Pumping Jodeci while a nigga whip And watch you marinate, feel free to sing along while I navigate This is your song ma, crackalate So when it's time to get it on she gon know that it's wrong to procrastinate Steady saying that I'm turning her on, I'm like 'I know' Didn't your friends tell you that you fucking wit Joe Oh boy [Chorus] [Fat Joe] Yo, smooth cuz I don't get upset If she ain't wit it then cool, I can go without sex I ain't gotta spend big for a girl at Mya We could, go to Papayas and, talk the night up Tell me bout yourself, your hopes, your dreams, your struggles I'm tryna ta front but I'm feelin ta touch you I got the heat on blast, I bet you thinkin like 'He want ass' But still you thinkin that you might Playin the rules, pretendin to be a fool When you ask silly questions like 'What we gon do' I'ma leave it your hands, let you make your move Now you want me to stay over, games over [Chorus] [Fat Joe] Oooh, you sex it baby, ahhh, jus shake it mama [Ronda B] Yeah [Fat Joe] Bag it up, sing this song [Ronda B] Love it when you turn me on [Fat Joe] Yo, now it's on, shorty's strippin in the living room My heart racing cuz I know I'm gon hit it soon Pop that ass, sit it on my lap Don't stop like that, put it on Crack Let me beat it from the back, now I'm pounding it right Wearing a thong on my head cuz you know I'm wild for tonight When we done talk a lil bit to keep her in the groove Try ta make it last so my exit is smooth, ya know [Chorus 2x w/ Fat Joe ad libs]


Genius "Beneath the Surface"
[GZA] Bobby said, Fuck spendin 50 on a whip, buy a clip Mental flip, got a thousand tracks thought on a chip Said he had mad toys to make noise You split and separate drums like asteroids The concerned producer sampled this question Hit him with the beat for the answer, with extra compression When sound travel, it quickly grab you and equalizes the pitch up, until it have you Bugged out, tryin to think you can match this The portrait's too graphic Panaramic view for you, stamp Wu The feature gothic, the outcome will be catastrophic We wrote block-tic checkpoints on your next joint and who the nigga you annoint? 700 volts on the track to slay Murderous wordplay displayed, for killin cascades Throwin bullets in the air to test wind and which way the cyclone spins Counter on clockwise, still civilized Kill spies on the wall, that still flies all dies [Masta Killa] Give no extension on the lynchin It's tension if the name of the Clan is mentioned It's the aura that's felt, that causes one to flash his gun and reveal how he really feel, confirmed He'll never live after the show, see the promoted for the dough I'm takin, breakin his wax Throw my shit on to perform my selection from the Swarm Day 2 breaks, it's a stormy Monday My ninjas lay in revines and ditches Underneath shrubs and leaves They breathed thru underwater reeds The enemy walks above, Clan remain subterranean mud Off shore banks, tanks approach the location Bombarded by the circle of death formation Telecom lines are sniped from these low altitude strikes Shatterin bulletproof helmets with scrap nail fragments of cell, inhale these venomous thoughs that I propel thru the north facility, the city must suffer at the hand of the Chief's command, volts is in At 3 minute intervals the heat intenses deadenin the power from electrical fences Defences are down, shake a nigga up, bounce him off the sound [Interlude: Killah Priest of Sunz Of Man] You know what I'm sayin? The God ca-diver, in the streets of Iris. We talk about sex, money and drugs. (Ruled by power.) And y'all cats don't know what it's about. (Love and power.) It goes deeper than what you see on TV. Killah Priest, come on. [Killah Priest of Sunz Of Man] Burnin desire, ebony eyes Painted toe nails, legacys die Drivin by the well, egyption queens, arabian shieks are paid to knock off rich kings, for the joy some sing Graveyards filled with scarlet widows, who stabbed they husbands Sleepin on silk pillows, blood on they robes Disguised as beggar in cheap wool clothes Lambs and wolfs in black hoods, pull out they gats like magic wands, castin spells, sendin niggaz to Hell Trappin they souls in realms, baptize em with holy water Springin on the heads of plenty witches' daughters Interviews with the richest reporters Silent nights over the dividers, a 1000 muslim bibles for the cobler, hebrews flee to the hills of Masada for the love of God, guns make a loud sound I'ma show you how thugs get down Shoot outs, bullets turn into bloodhounds and hunt you down Cursed nation, lost generation X-Files, describe them in the future as cosmic rulers Fallen angels from space intruders Dyin saints, blood spilled on the floor like wet paint See it in the pictures, read it like the lost scriptures Dissolve it with your 100 proof liqour [Njeri] Ha, I shot the sheriff and the deputy secondly Threatenin the lives of those who threaten me Lessenin my chances of defeat by predeterminin the victory As taught by Sun Tzu in the chapter, after the third one I heard my words shall be bombed, regardless to anything or anyone I die by the gun, my life has just begun Thought I was livin all along, but I was wrong This long road I have to travel in countless battles These filthy snakes with poison fangs and rattles Kings, queens and pharoahs change to cattle I'm able to subtract the devil's arrow Singin at his eyes on the sparrow, mind narrow 2 positions, horoscopes and tarots Hark harolds, angels and Christmas carols Raven images hang from the mantels Man made slaves and modern day babbles Raw from Africa and golden ropes and sandles by wicked thieves and vandals who man-handled us with leather whips and burnin candles and rambled thru our castle, leavin niggaz shambles Stole our golden sodas like some arab camels We gazed, amazed and baffled as he loaded his ammo with to the barrel and blasted out our bone marrow We went to Gretal and the Hansel, tricked by this wicked jackel Children of my grand old daddy, have me In mind were they lost in this wilderness blind?

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