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Big Daddy Kane lyrics - Daddy's Home

Show And Prove

Original and similar lyrics
Verse One: Scoob Hah hah, hey hey, laugh now nigga My man's right behind you, Kane pull the trigger I don't play, I'm from the hill where shit is real And I'll be on your ass like bugs on a windshield So bring your grip or you can think twice Cause I got more rhymes than a five pound bag of rice I'm hitting hard, oh word, I'm gon rock it Once the shit drops, that's dough to the pocket I cut hand, you still can't get no cards You couldn't deal with Scoob if we was playin cards But if I got beef and it's time for code red My drill is like a hoe, and be takin mad niggaz to bed So hurry up and skedaddle Even if you join a army, you still couldn't battle So where you from England, you somebody great You burnin Scoob, I don't think so mate I got the style that gets you open like a bag of smoke I have your friends Ah-hah man, that shit ain't dope Leave me alone when I'm rocking on the microphone and play like E.T. and phone your black ass ho-wome Yo Sauce, if you're down with the groo-hoove Get on the mic and won't ya show and prove Verse Two: Sauce Hey, here I come with a slick rap, tic tac toe When I flip tracks, so gimme my dick, back I flow to it and through it, if you ever need to wonder how you got dope like Sauce, money you didn't do it I write my own with bigger hope, drink of Scope Wrote what I figured, nope, damn you dig a nigga doe Rhymes too drastic, bastard, pull hookers like elastic N-B-A style, fann-tastic No time to bite, but I just might, tonight I write left-handed cuz I like, to grab my dick with my right Who could ever say that I don't get plenty play Win Lose or Draw, I'm bookin whores, anyway As I get ready I'm steady if I go crazy I'd take Eddie if I was Fred, I think I'd have to bone Betty Suckin and luckin, hey, niggaz I'm duckin, nay Nada no never meaning ain't no motherfuckin way Rappers get gassed come on and get fast Try to get past when I blast, and you can HAND over your ass One line and that's fear Rappers get so damn pussy they gotta go for a pap smear So Shyheim, if your down with the groove Get on the mic it's time to show and prove Verse Three: Shyheim Yo, yo I spark the mic like weed that's in a cipher And I get girls open like a reggae song by Tiger So check me out, as I flip this here track kid And make mad noise like a Metallica record I'm psycho, a villain to the styles I be killin when I'm thrusted, and all competition gets dusted Cause I rock the world from U.S.A. to Asia to Russia If your shit stinks I'ma flush ya, then bust ya Like a crazy man from Cali son My jams be packed like a Farrakhan rally, what You know my style, I put the F in effin foul The Rugged Child locks you down like Rikers Isle And got more girls than a Trailerload with Shabba More Super than Cat, I'm the punani Don Dada So Big Daddy, if you're down with the groove my man Get on the mic and won't ya show and prove Verse Four: Big Daddy Kane Now tell me whoooo is the mannnn With the high-potent lyrics no rapper can ever stand And steppin to me, thinkin I can be touched Huh Not even Michael Jordan'll gamble that much, yo I get down on it and give it to rappers that even act like they want it I come for your title kid, run it! Or else get hit with the ultimate, too legit skit Ahh yeah, that's that shit Drop lyrics on ya, strong as ammonia That is I thrown ya, scold ya, Jones ya, I tried to warn ya You was wack since I known ya, fake as a cubic zirconia What did I just show ya, real lyrics doggone ya Look inside my rap book at every text my man and see that I got, more essays than the Mexican The Messiah that's feared great, leavin rappers in a weird state Scared straight, for their prepared fate Strong as an elephant, intelligent, compelling and elegant So well in it with every single element And competition gets none! Huh If I was wearing pantyhose you still couldn't give me no run I see the way you're trying to get to me, but with with speech impedi-ment, man you gotta come better G You're hitting all the wrong switches troop begin again Mumble mouth rappers couldn't last a minute with The non-resistable, non-competible No-No-I'm-Not-Sayin-I'm-The-Best, I'm just sayin I'm fuckin incredible! And let's just make one more thing understood That if I FART on a record, TRUST me nigga it'll sound good So Jay-Z, if you're down with the groove, my mellow Get on the mic it's time to show and prove Verse Five: Jay-Z Uh, one checkin it two, checkin it three Check out the J, check out the A, check out the Y, check out the Z Hey G! I'm breaking MC's up like EPMD And these nuts if you rappers tryin ta see me I'm buckwild with styles, ta-dow I've been in it runnin a hundred miles I'm well endowed, baby gal Uhh, the greatest nigga to touch it, you niggaz can't fuck with The, incredible skills of the G from Brooklyn, big up kid And ain't no eatin me up, you fast fuckin with jigga I'm like Prince jeans, I bring the ass out a nigga When I rock it it's in the pocket, baby mop it don't knock it till you try it, once you start, you can't stop it I'm the cocky breed, I'm dope like poppy seed I live one rent from besides that be between get off my dick and stop jockin me When I bust a rhyme you're diggin the sound I know you lovin the way it's, goin down baby So Ason huh, if you're down with the groove, why don't ya Get on the mic and show and prove Verse Six: Ol Dirty Bastard Come on Wu-Tang killa bees on a swarm Rain on your college ass, disco dorm Slippery when wet and don't you ever forget You couldn't get a FLICK, of the hype outfit Because the way that I dress this style mad wild Enough to make a crowd of women scream OW! Whether at a party or just in bed All thoughts on Ason, keep that in your head Yuh, my beats are funky and my rhymes are spunky Sometimes I'll be like Well god damn what's the recipe I don't know, I ask my momma she don't know she says GO ASK YOUR GOD DAMNED FATHER! It's all about me in the place to be Niggas thing they all that, yo, that shit is G Mad game and it's a motherfucking shame How many enemies wanna claim the name Of Ason, who carries on like a manager YO!, SOUNDS FLY RIGHT DANGER!!!

Dreams Of The Funky Towel

[Featuring Teenage Fanclub] Intro Travellinnnnnnnnnnnnnn' at the speeeeeeeed...of thought... Verse 1 Hey yo kids! (What's up!) Remember when I used to be dope? (Yeah...) I owned a pocketful of fame... (But look what you're doin' now!) I know well I know I lost touch with reality now my personality Is an unwanted commodity (believe it!) Can't believe I used to be Mr Steve Austin on the mic Six million ways I used to run it I guess Oscar Goldman got mad Cos I got loose circuits (so loose, sigga-sigga so loose...) I be the Mother Goose with the eggs That seem to be... [Fallin'...] Chorus You played yourself x4 Verse 2 A-yo, pack my bags cos I'm outta here Mama don't love me and my mama don't care Read the papers the headlines say Washed up Rapper Got Some [Buck-kawk!] Lingo's busted while the guitar sways B-side copy for the radio plays for somethin' I knew I blew the whole fandango When the drum programmer wore a Kangol Never could be light, great fish won't bite Fake, realise that I'm over like clover No good luckin' so Mase beep the f(Hey!)ckin' beat While the Teenage fan the heat I bring it to the glues, paid all my dues So what's gone's dead, let me use my forehead Easy, pack it up, man, let me stop stallin' Cos everything I do is like Fallin' [Fallin'...] Repeat chorus (many times)

Set It Off

ERICK SERMON "Double Or Nothing"
Intro: This goes out to my peoples in Queens. Representing, Brooklyn, Uptown. Yeah, yeah Boogie Down Bronx, Staten Island, all the way to New Jersy. Tri State Area. Long Island Verse 1: Ha ha, welcome radio land and others, my underground brothers is mad deep like gutters I bring it no matter what the situation, underwater, through fire Across barded wire, what? I'm quick to Change Faces without R. Kelly When you step on me you best be ready. I heats it up like house kitchen When I'm bitchin' with this redition, chill or you might catch an ass whippin' There's something wrong ha, I can't go on, and commence Tear the frame out an MC's ass with the quickness, no forgiveness This is the way E does buisness, one touch and I'll weaken the average came to be rap star By far by far, my entourage is Sugar Hill like Wesly Snipes Def Squad is the main attraction for y'all everynight Hook: I came through the door - Rakim And I set it off (X4) Verse 2: Dun da da, the E Double brings it full steam Eyes are green, yeah, taken sucker niggas for they cream I rock the mic, alright, with intentions to please and decapitate all gimmick MC's Yeah, I come action packed like a flick, and dismantle those duck MC's that can't handle My sound goes through my musical speakers, beeotch, and flash a symbol like the Grym Reaper To signify, gamma ray I display on wax is ridiculous, way out likt the crew on Star Trek Yeah, I keep my style Black like Panthers, with women more fat than Samathas Damn, this don't make no F in' sense, for me to be on top bigger than monuments A star ghost super nova turns into a black hole That got put into your soul Hook (x4) Verse 3: For those that envy me and say I ain't about nothing and everthing you see my names on something Flawless, outlandish, unique complete, off the wall technique I develop without speech (woah) On bended knee I could damage an MC, thourgholy Yeah, yeah take him for his currency, remarkable, the black Superman in the sky Flying through the air with green eyes Hook (x4) Keith Murray talking outro: Yeah, yeah yeah, watch your back black. Don't even step up, word is born. L.O.D. is in here too you know what I'm sayin'? Def Squad for life, PPP taking it everywhere, midwest, mideast, southwest, southwest, north, south, east, west, northwest, northwest, south, north, south, everywhere I sets it off. You know what I'm saying? Paintin the boards, rippin' the mic, rippin' niggas anything you like word up set it of E D. Keith Murray in this piece.

What You Want This Time?

GANG STARR "Step In The Arena"
Verse 1 [Scratch: Telephone ringing] Who's this? Juanita? Fatima? Solika? Oh, it's Freda? Look, I have a question, just what is it that you need A man, a lover, maybe someone to talk to? Or could it be you're schemin'? Oh, not you! Well listen, I got this phone installed for business And who gave you our number? Seriously, what is this? The new fad? Now you wanna kick it to a rapper, DJ or dancer? Well I don't have the Time for no stunts, no hookers and no games Our name and our fame is for the long way we came The struggle, the hassle, the hustle, the fight And you're asking me if you can see me tonight? Don't you know the Guru's not the type to be out skeezin' The reason is because I do believe in Havin' the right to choose the one I want And, if I had a girl, why would I front? You're only gonna get your feelings hurt, miss And truthfully I really don't wanna have to diss My music means everything to me, it's my life So make like a camper, and go take a hike You can't mess with my mind, and don't tie up my line You called yesterday, so what you want this time? Verse 2 A-yo Premier (Yeah?) Who's that knockin' at the door? (Yo man, it's Vicky) Vicky? Are you sure? The one from down the block who was actin' all hot She stops me all the time and says she likes me a lot? How does she know where we live, I didn't tell her And word is bond, duke, I'm not the fella No matter what I say this young lady's persistent For instance, she watches me from a distance And if I walk by and I forget to say hi She pushes up on me and rubs me with her thigh I told her I was taken, but she doesn't care A-yo, do me a favour, tell her I'm not here Forget it, I think she heard my voice already You can let her in, but I'm tryna cook spaghetti Oh, hello, how you doin'? Who me? I'm fine I don't mean to be rude, but...what you want this time?

King Pin Dream

MACK 10 "Bang Or Ball"
[Talking] Gangsta? (haha!, what?) Mikkey Finest (fa sho') Ah King Pin's Dream Mack 10, Inglewood I'm nigga Mikkey Chi-Town, Birdman [*Laughs*] Listen, Whatcha got nigga?... [Mikkey] I got a trouble find bitches in the kitchen and they cooking it row Realisting feams like stitches with the hooker in they chow Fuck the law, man - I'm known for cooking it row Til the cops just chill - I got something for y'all I got a Bentley and the Hummer and they sittin on 'em daters I got a hot power lawyer with the million retater Douth-South, Westside - man, I own my city Got judges on my pay roll like they own the nigga It's a professional with my game, I ball with the best Birdman, Down-South - Mack 10 out West Fuck with my money, put to put the mack to yo' chest Want war? I take it there - or rather tattooed to there See them Cash Money niggas - how can I iced like 'em Cooking coke from the pill-up, it's got a prices like 'em You know a nigga Whoopise - I got a wife like him You heard a Micheal Jordan right! - I got a life like him I'ma mothafuckin hustla - y'all know the game Chi-Town Mikkey Flow - y'all know my name Game is risky but a nigga rather died the fame and live life - broken hungry out here, cracking for bread [Mikkey (Chorus)] 2x It's a King Pin's Dream - coke and feminines Belley's on triple beams, got scuffles with triple feams So, busting out the scene - guns, scopes and beems But the thing about it dream - it ain't all watta seem [Mack 10] (yo, yo, yo) When it comes to drugs - these reppers ain't get none but fo' Ohhh square ass nigga and full of brains are sold I Know 'em Feds is on heat but I don't give a fuck I'm so deep in the game it's like my name is stuck From crack, more then likey is a suggestion of sell I gives a fuck - who ya breaking and disso skell I live life like a King Pin weed but raw I'm the richest gang living them niggas ever saw I with ya belly from Toyota with the biggest and baking soda Pirates po's full of peppers and crack folders I'ma dope dealer - and I got coke scrilla My whole crew can sit to at x-cons and killas and my bitches is falls who bomb, head and coochie Rockin props, the fades - the letto pump boochie First statis, rock rolo - when I came to the door? and now it's Bentleys, Mansions and meats to the floor Kickin gears on Parley's, while the straight pipe screen and I had a block on lock - since I was fifteen Mack Sapranos - the most of unforgiven and fuck a job, cause dope money is how I'm living [Mikkey (Chorus)] 2x It's a King Pin's Dream - coke and feminines Belley's on triple beams, got scuffles with triple feams So, busting out the scene - guns, scopes and beems But the thing about it dream - it ain't all watta seem [Baby] (Fa sho', fucked up, look) My homey got marries - so, you know we aint slipping Two hoes, two Bentleys - you know we ain't dipping Lifestyle, drug dealing - you know we ain't trippin Got killas on the row - you know we ain't slipping Tote trucks full of bricks - you know we ain't chickens New cars, pretty broads - you know we been pimpin Bitch stars, body bars - we hitting and missing Big cars, superstars - cause wheels gon' spinning Pretty honeys, bug stunt - cause the money we spending Planty bitchs and warehouse - tinning piece for chicken Riot guns shoot 'em up - for this life that I'm living PO partners doin time - cause my homeboy miss me The Feds, big trippin - cause they failed me to get me Mack 10 re-shout - til ya homey my nigga King Pin, Big Tymin - drug dealing my nigga Transport and cocaine - and statelines my nigga [Mikkey (Chorus)] 2x It's a King Pin's Dream - coke and feminines Belley's on triple beams, got scuffles with triple feams So, busting out the scene - guns, scopes and beems But the thing about it dream - it ain't all watta seem [over chorus talking] Hmm, hmm, hmm...uh-huh, uh-huh, fa sho' nigga oh yeah... uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh Uh-uh, uh-uh, fa sho', look here [Baby {talking}] This is y'all Ol' Tymers niggas, y'all know H-dash play, right! The liquor is a lifestyle of a drug dealing nigga, y'understand It ain't Twenty-two's is more it's twenty-five's nigga, what? Even chicken from the hood - to the mothafuckin living ride Y'knowwhatI'msayin, getcha nigga, come in my project see my crib nigga We got loadin .14, for sashie, all the best up and the best nigga It ain't none gon' stop my nigga.. We cooking bricks in the kitchen my nigga, y'understand Don't come outside stunt boy.. unless you got it right boy y'knowwhatI'msayin', Cash Money Hot Boy... and we doin' this nigga Life, life, hot, hot, we got this (hot, hot) we got this (hot, hot) WE got this (hot, hot) we on fire, don't fuck...

Annakin's Prayer

Look at this bitch smilin in a nigga face I hate her I can drill a hole at the earths equator Fill it with dynamite and make another moon a craters See ya later She ain't know, that innocent shit with obi-wan behind the jedi back Can turn anakin to vader Shit your lack of faith in the force is disturbing And if it wasn't jack daniels and parliament lights it woulda been murder My eyes is red like ketchup Tired of playin catch up Laying on the floor starin at the dresser Got on my knees and prayed til they bleed Dear god, I'm a sick motherfucker I even fool myself, I'm a slick motherfucker I'm sick of the scandalous livin I don't think even I'm equipped for a higher standard of livin But if you give him one more chance and forgive him Hell push that negative gene into oblivion Heres what I'll do Put you in this basket And float you down to mississippi Twenty miles from the bayou Heres grace heres sty-le Have faith cause I'm a try you My mama introduced me to the scripture The channel four news introduced me to the shit that produced hitler I was a young lad, three stooges superman batman and riddler Moonwalk, windmill, freeze for the picture My grandma taught me courage She told me never let the grizzly bears eat your porridge Or you'll just be a carcuss dying slowly in the forest I could never thank her for it But I can slay a devil when I see one Steady practice mastery of self so not to be one Life is like a rerun Season after season Bums on the train bums (bombs) from the plane Of disgruntled citizen being trialed for treason... Whatever

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