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Big Daddy Kane lyrics - Daddy's Home

Lyrical Gymnastics

Original and similar lyrics
[Kane *singing*] Do you know, what you're goin through Do you like this style of rap that I'm showin you The way I flow for you.. do you know [Kane *rapping*] Yeah baby c'mon Ah baby baby c'mon, check the rhyme to the song Uhh, aw yeah baby c'mon Ah baby baby c'mon, and check the rhyme to the song One double nine to the four, gotta keep em on the floor and put some real lyrics back in the hardcore What I'm used to hearin, I can't believe it's gone But now just like a grill inside Burger King, the beef is on When I come, rappers begin to speak in degrees I even make Sisters With Voices _Weak in the Knees_ So run for your lives, Kane with the pen is like Freddy with the glove full of knives Who wanna test these skills, come see how it feels I pull you one verse, if that don't kill I got refills You can't do me none, kid you gets nothin If my rhymes was in braille, you still couldn't touch em Man, I'm a bad cat, my style of rap is mad fat And you know, sometimes it's so sad that Rappers today be comin as the gangster rhyme type And be so soft, they wouldn't even kill time right Here's the news, you lettin the word hardcore be misused You ain't never paid dues Be for real, you ain't tough yet The razor bumps on your throat is the only thing makin you a ruffneck Your whole image is a dammmmmmmmn sham I'm glad in this business I didn't forget who I am I always remain the Kane inside a battle *singing* Never to walk in anyone's shadow I do my own thing, I do a thing of my own And with my competition I let it be known that battles I don't lose none, boy you get bruised son Six million ways to die -- choose one! My rap style is like a poisonous vemon We might as well be havin sex, the way that I put it in em And do I crush MC's - are you kiddin me If rappers were grapes, I'd have a whole wine distillery So, I bring it to your face, with the bass, then I BLOW a rapper off the map, with the rap, when I FLOW then hit you with the skill that is ill, and I KNOW that all of this is good to go, cause yo that's the way the flavor always come The rhymes they flow accordin to the drum The Brooklyn style caue that is where I'm from You want the funk so let me give you some I flip on the flow on the track, just like that Amazin the people the style of the rapppin, is quite fat I'm lickin the lyrics and shootin the gat, on the mic black And this is for all of the rappers that like, and they bite that The Smooth Operator is mellow with the saxophone Settin the tone that make the girls relax and moan Cause all the ladies I'm givin em lots of love Hittin more skins than a boxing glove, good God The girls treat me like the drummer and give me some From tall to short to thick, even the slimmie ones Watch out Goldie! Gimme a forty ounce of Olde E and none of you players can control me You get the chance to see a true mack man with skills to pay the bills, to make more stacks than taller than anybody else's stacks it seem Cause the Kane get more paper than a fax machine The unforgettable, rhymes are too poetical Keep rappers in order more than letters put alphabetical And I hope the record consumers don't believe the magazine rumors Cause Kane is makin a comeback, like Puma's! I get rough G, and set it on your whole damn company and Bogart, like my name was Humphrey When I get through, there'll be no more of them As many rappers I burnt, I should open a crematorium I make mad MC's give me my P's If you try to disrespect, kid you can get these N-U-T's, like the U-N-V's I leave you down on your knees, down on your knee-heeees! Razor sharp, many ways of art Source rings the chart, people praise the God for kickin the flows so fantasitic and this one here We're callin it Lyrical Gymnastics Uhh, so baby baby c'mon Aw yeah baby c'mon, and check the rhymes to the song Uhh, ah baby baby c'mon Suki suki c'mon, and I'm gone!

One Brick

AESOP ROCK "Labor Days"
[Aesop Rock] I start my city with a brick (one brick) Then add another brick (two bricks) Brick by brick, I manufacture homes for fallen angels I ain't no great Samaritan, that's just the way the game goes Respect the polars but acknowlege middle-value rainbows My snout turned up from dream factory eyelids Slingin bottled prosperity for the kamikaze colonels Yeah rocks the match that burned the Nazi journals And plottin verticals amidst blatantlly horizontal Models then swallowed by famished potholes And I'm tired Tied up on these functions Killer cottoncandy clouds and huckleberry justice league Another knuckle-dragger dungeon breed Run, breathe, sit, bellow Wild Aes scream through your style to hear the echo Aight then, flinch for the great granddaddy payback When Little Billy bought a Tugboat Now he thinks he's Captain Ahab Facist takes for the pegleg's birds and eyepatches Learn that lesson, you'll be swashbuckling with the best of them Wonder why you wept over spilled milk And got your crayons wet, the room reaks of a thousand bayonettes I'll fision vision with a lie longer than your most walked meridian Connecting life with that little species of midians We've now officially scraped barrel bottom Aesop Rock an Apple to the core but ya'll ignored him I know a planet made of porcelain And once I get tired of holding this gavel up Ya'll prayer circles met him up born again I ain't too good for tap water Play Taps out of order For a ballad, corpse a dead man walkin You can lead a man to a city but that don't assure civility You can beat a man to death with Aesop Rock bootleg cd's (That's more fun anyway) Some cats Float, some cats don't I speak in Farenheit and burn off colon lyric Diss blatant harassment, spit honor, whistle fearless Don't dismiss the billygoat appearance for that common sheep Chorus*Aesop overlapping Illogic, fading in and out of each other* [Aesop Rock] Platforms have been erected Effigies built Slogans coined, songs have been written Rumors have been circulated Autographs faked The hourglass smashed and didn't leave me an escape Moving boxes have been worn out Mantlepieces dusted Idols idolized, the sands have been shifted Curtains have been closed Sleepers all waked The hourglass smashed and didn't leave me an escape [Illogic] *overlapping Aesop, fading in and out* Now with my trusty paperclip I picked locks of thoughts vault Finding the God in barren The harvest fruitless Only the Tree of Life flourishing Wanting to take a bite but I'm toothless Is that, predestination or is it by design? That I'm trapped in time sand Show radio mission control but for my rhymes Man cuz I can like aluminum And I recycle my consciousness This is just a note For any action or lack thereof as a consequence [Illogic] Wingless angels Stroll a top shapeless cottonballs With halos in your syringe Celestial ground is found broken Exposing a bottomless depth Where heartless spines awake to devour The small piece of your soul that's left You're immersed in sound floating Aimless destination Drop anchor to gain stability Stare out potions, restrain fertility Pedestal talk is a token Soaked in pockets with lives, topics, lack conceptual, ridicule The night breathes but light's choking Darkness occupies the throne Where poems are persecuted The purity at times dilluted Rhymes are executed For genre I'm told when has-beens attempt To cause heat to rise and wonder why they're trapped in cold Life's an oragmi box and I'm hidden within the fold So when the yarn unravels, I won't be caught by surprise And as society's fabric of orthodoxes dismantle I'll see you embracing the pentagram within this crucifix disguise See when the canvas stands before me I'm compelled to spill a vision For the sinners that listen, I got three spikes and a thorned crowns It seems I need a new soul cuz mine is worn down But from the pregance of my hardship was born style Still my pen bleeds and stains the paper with thought Finding me lost among statues and mainstream idols Browning in melted ice to reinforce that breath is vital If your father and his father were fish out of water You must break the cycle How many times must a plant be uprooted for it to die? When it's smothered with lies that abolish the potency of the sky So when the stars burn out and God replaces the bulbs With a million watts And throws the switch, sparks filament Hurting new giants and flocks I stand my own two aura illuminated in red Showcasing the agony held within this welded spirit Sacrificing itself for the health of a masocistic culture Yearning for the truth that we speak but refuse to hear it Chorus

Dirty Jer-z

E-Town Concrete "The Second Coming"
you that slick ass kid, that politic and dash kid. turn a small investment into quick cash kid. hide your stash, mad, don't hardly laugh kid. hard cause' the world done put you on your ass kid. run fast. the type the cops can't catch kid. numb, when you was young your mom and dad passed, then your world stopped ... like whiplash kid. you seen who was down when they turned they backs kid. pay them no mind cats is bastards. fuck em. do your thing baby. continue to shine. let it all hang. let it all hang baby. come and get it. you. the best. #1. that's why they hate. they want your spot in the sun. make you vacate. come and get it, bring it on.step to the plate. i'm the king. make room for me. it's a god damn shame how those kids were adoring you, even though they knew you flushed crack down the urinal. role model, you was, it came as a shock to you. they don't wanna be like mike, they wanna sling rocks like you: a real nigga from the hood, come and see, shake they hand. making them feel good putting cash in their little hands. was it a mistake you screwed their minds or was it your plan? how could you ever throw this away? step aside. if you could see their eyes when you walk by ...hypnoitized. they want into your life and you promised them the sky. they bought into your lie. your lie. your lie.


JIM JONES "Pray IV Reign"
[Chorus - Rell] We to close can't stop praying now Though there seems theres no one to this pain Everytime I close my eyes I pray for rain I pray for rain to wash away the strain [Verse 1 - Jim Jones] You couldnt understand how much the pain weight So in the hood we love the rainy days Cause subconstantly we know the suns coming We love the winter cause we know the summers coming Remeber I got locked the same nite my son was coming All I could do is pray that they dont take me away And lord knows I have the angel's on my side They search the car I had the hammer in my ride A mirical on flatbush avenue I still made it back To say push when she was having you A newer version a younger me I want him to go to school And raise him motherfucka free I swear some places I dont want him to be I swear some things I dont want him to see but new booty daddy Loves you truley and the nights you dont see me you know daddy's on his duty [Chorus] [Verse 2 - NOE] Whats a poor mans pickle survive threw the poor pull a truck upfront And drive threw the store had to be a felon hated being proper Read the book of life and satin was the author still I was the colperate Rather be in rikers the bugger had my baby momma running threw them Diapers all fo that shiting and all them pampers Grandma layed up with all of that cancer lid paint flaking constanly chipping Mama with that dark rum constanly sipping I vowe to my name a bad transmission for getting in the game thats a bad transittion One flick one night I'm ally ally outsin free for getting you a place with a g A couple heavy shots ima newer man ready go and get paper the hustler With the confetti [Chorus] [Verse 3 - Starr] I can turley understand how life can drain all the passion from a man With just one chance it can change his circumstance And get the money baby lets get the money baby [Chorus till fade]

1, 2, 3

NAUGHTY BY NATURE "Naughty By Nature"
Intro/Chorus: (x6) 1 motherfuckin 2 motherfuckin 3 1 and here comes the 2 to the 3, and Verse 1: Lakim Shabazz rappers are full of this, since I'm a Don I'm pullin out a hit cos I'm fired up, I'm tired of all the bullshit Flavor Unit, it's time to attack the prey So make way for hip-hop's green beret Bring on the refills, you see we feel the name of the brain game is kill or be killed I'm an expert, who will be the next jerk to try Let me explain you got 8 million ways to die We torch and scorch ya, make ya feel real sore Have that ass lookin just like *this boo-boo* slipped the door Known to kill, dunk skills, e-rupt You ask why My reply is 'I don't give a fuck!' I'm a Panther, I love fresh meat After I kill ya, I'ma leave ya body across 110th Street My tactics are drastic and real fast I tie one to a truck and go drag ya ass I'm more than a threat, I'm a problem To hell with cotton, watch out when I come to Harlem So don't whisper or make a sound or croak Shit ya prop, go straight back down ya throat Everyday all day this be the hard way Puttin rappers outta commission even on an off-day Flavor Unit rules G, we're takin rappers out 1 motherfuckin 2 motherfuckin 3 Chorus (x3) Verse 2: Apache Here comes trouble and it's all that, in fact contact You're next of kin, friend, follow the flow format While you slip, I grips so expect to get bruised Ask me if I give a fuck cos I ain't got shit to lose Fuck around, lay around and get stuck up You beatnit, wait a minute, hold the fuck up If I was deaf, dumb, blind, stupid, blame handicapped, crippled and pussy was my middle name you couldn't beat me slick, snap that neck like a Chico stick I know who beat'cha quick (who), my grip *Failin this* to some type of tournament I cut ya fuckin head off and use it as a Christmas tree ornament Come and give me a test whoever claims to be the best He's with the 40-below footprint on his chest Fucked up, got stuck, go press your luck Both of his legs were found in back of a garbage truck Head found in the bar of a limosuine The rest of his body at a dove site in Queens Damn man, Mr. Handman, you like braggin Ya fucked up, made a wrong turn and entered the dragon I told you I'm out to stalk, Last nigga tried me, died G, felt my tomahawk Apache, that's me, I'm gettin rappers' ass 1 motherfuckin 2 motherfuckin 3 Chorus (x4) Verse 3: Treach You coulda been my main shit but you scrap and will wack, black The only thing I smoke witta pipe is an ass crack You challenge Treach, I'll seal you quick, you can't touch that I thought you did a triple cos you said Aw, fuck that! Diamond Hill how ya feel, *hey Ben Hef* Give me a hearin aid or two then I'm thru cos I'm that def That's how we all be, tighter than small leaves Club rappin all be, I'm wreckin on all 3 This drill means chill, Guard Ya Grill, trouble Is that your head or is your neck blowin a fuckin bubble A-B-C, skip to the S-T U-V-W-X, fuck the Y-Z Brand new, Brand Nubian, Grand Puba-in Tape dem and cruise me then, if I'm wrong, sue me then Wait let me hear another tune, tune me in so I'm straight, if I hear drop the bomb I have to go Break this nig' for anytime or any day, as many rhymes are played Erase, forgive me not cos shit I'm hot, if I can get then you'll get got Au contraire mon frere this is all my hair I wouldn't cut it for the biggest butt-ocks out there Put on a tip or hittin hips, I'm more than quick I Grease my Lightnin', it's frightening how I get, a slick schooled, dark, cool Sagittarian Two types of marryin: very thick or very thin Naughty By Nature and the Flavor U-N-I-T 1 motherfuckin 2 motherfuckin 3 Chorus (x4)

Playboy (Don't Hate Me)

BIG TYMERS "How U Luv That?"
[Lil' Wayne] What, what what, what, huh Huh, huh, Big Tymers, huh Better act like you know it I be comin wit' it And you saw Wayne from a distance in the Expedition I'm on chrome, 20 inches you know who I be Oh yes, you know me 4 feet, millionaire, that's H-O-T Whoa-ty, slow down, you might be a hater Slippin' 'tal in your drawers, Hot Boy Get up, Cardion, lobster regular And you can call me on my cell-ular, what Celebrate and pop the Don P Beep, that's me that drop the funk beat, uh uh Me and Lil' Travis stun'n hard off 'less my daddy grab it I got a Roley on my wrist with 10 karats And I'ma shine but I'm still bout blastin', huh Nigga rollin' short about paper Bedroom, 2nd floor, in the 'vator I'm a superstar (star), money makin' pimp Up in the double R (R), just me and Slim I'm getting cheesed by the milk stackin' cake, boy Cash Money, how you luv that, playboy (playboy) Don't hate me, baby cause I'm beautiful [3x] How you luv that, playboy [Verse 2] We go lights, action, camera We here to hammer ya Go ask Pamela or your baby momma Lil' Tamera Feel like a samurai or Zorro Rich niggas don't borrow Cut a check or wait til the bank open tomorrow Look at ya sorrow, ends gotta meet, kids gotta eat While we make a meal, rhymin' in and out of beat Am I to see shit Don't even look for it, it's way off Concerts sellin' out like Chicago Bulls playoffs So stay off the ground cause it's dangerous, whoa-ty Too many riches, these bitches don't, won't hang with us, whoa-ty It's a gang of us, whoa-ty You see one everywhere you go, ain't no thang with us, whoa-ty You get it either it show We go to the bank so much, bitch, we got a bedroom With hoes countin' money and giving niggas head, room So when you hear the leg boom, bitch you better get somewhere Somebody gettin' hit somewhere, butt on the run, startin' shit somewhere, playboy [Chorus] Don't hate me, baby cause I'm beautiful These flashy cars ain't new to y'all Don't hate me, baby cause I'm beauiful These flasy cars ain't new to y'all, playboy [Verse 3] I got these niggas takling about this black-on-black Hummer I scored that last summer But this year playboy, I'm gonna stretch that motherfucker I bought a Yukon for my main bitch with my newborn Pictures of other ol' ladies suckin' on my dick While you be loving the stupid bitch Now I guess I been playing with about 10 million and something These hoes been giving me they pussy like it ain't nothing Going to the club with 10 G's and a bar tab that's all on Baby Lettin' these hoes and niggas drank for free Playgirl but you gotta understand one thang, that shit all on Cash Money Well here's another case, where this hoe sprayed Mace in my face Cause I wouldnt give this hoe no plate Tellin' me I think my shit dont stank cause I got a Benz, a Hummer, a Lexus And a penthouse that say 'Hoe Hater' With tatoos with number one stunner With billionaire on my left arm, and millionaire on my right arm Bitches be lovin' this gold grill, homey I spent 20 G's on my earrings, homey Nigga, I aiin't met a nigga who could drop a beat like Fresh And I ain't met a nigga that could out shine me See I gotta clip that called pussy-go getters Now playboy, these hoes be lovin' these Cash Money niggas [Chorus then talk til the end]

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