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Big Daddy Kane lyrics - Daddy's Home

Let Yourself Go

Original and similar lyrics
Somebody tell me who's that, what's that It's the man with the silk drawers stuck up his buttcrack Don't even front and try to ask who is this cause my name rings more bells than a Jehovah Witness Stronger than Listerine, moppin up rappers like Mr. Clean Oh Lord, the Kane just hit the scene Booyaka bo buck, rappers have no luck Cause when I come through, I'm catchin wreck, like a tow truck Cause ain't no way in the world the Kane could ever, fade I'm stayin on top of this thing, in order for me to get, paid And anyone comin to me for a battle is gettin, slayed Whenever it comes to the lyrics I'm rappin I got it, made So back up off me, cause yo' rap have no hap' so slow dat and act like you know dat Cause you can dream about bein this up to par But not even Johnny Mathis can tell you what your chances are Competition I'll drill em, and definitely outskill em To make the long story short, I kill em Cause I face em like Jason, bizarre And when I come through, it's like tchk tchk ahh Come on, heidi heidi heidi hoe And yo I got the funky flow So let yourself go! Heidi heidi heidi hoe And yo I got the funky flow So let yourself go! Come on, heidi heidi heidi hoe And yo I got the funky flow So let yourself go! Come on, heidi heidi heidi hoe And yo I got the funky flow So let yourself go! Givin you mo', ready to go, kickin the flow, rippin the show Comin to blow, check out a pro, look at the glow, act like you know Left the lonely lonely through lyrics loose in me Leave the lowlife left lingerin lost like Anything you can imagine done to a microphone I did it Ripped it, flipped it, hit it, split it, let it so dig it But don't make me get ill, or chill, cause if I exercise my skill rappers'll hit the floor like Johnny Gill The smoothest soloist, with this to exist to bliss and diss who risk to test this Cause this ain't no game, I treat you like a picture of my ex-girl, and rip that ass out the frame I come pursuant, pursuant, pursuant, pursuant and step it to him, to him, to him, to him, to him I leave a rapper's career ruined, ruined, ruined, ruined And watch him fade like my voice is doin, doin, doin Ease back when I attack Your poetry is wack so don't ask for no slack Cause I'm tell you straight up, I'ma bring it son You want +Poetic Justice+ go see John Singleton Because a battle ain't no thing to me And I don't look nothin like Tarzan so don't think you can swing with me Just let the Kane take control, I'd like to know if you really ready for some super dynamite soul! Then come on, heidi heidi heidi hoe And yo I got the funky flow So let yourself go! Uh-huh, heidi heidi heidi hoe And yo I got the funky flow So let yourself go! Uh-huh, heidi heidi heidi hoe And yo I got the funky flow So let yourself go! Come on, heidi heidi heidi hoe And yo I got the funky flow So let yourself go! So what's this A new attitude, you're tryin to act rude You saw _Menace_ and now you in a gangsta mood What are you kiddin me That's the heart of stupidity If you wanna be a gangsta, join the mafia in Italy Fakin and frontin on stage like you're hard I hope when you get to Detroit, the real thugs gon' pull your card Flashin guns like you got somethin to prove G What, you wanna be in the next John Singleton movie You're sayin that you're buckwhylin But don't convince me, convince the brothers on the Island Otherwise just forget it, unless niggaz that did ten years say you a gangsta, I ain't wit it Yo, I raped his mother, yo, I shot and killed him Is that what you wanna get across to the children I guess you're not gonna be happy til it's for real Four year old kids, doin drivebys on Big Wheels Or maybe you wanna see it be more fatal like Kindergarten kids, tryin to cook crack with Play-Doh Now I don't mean to take the fun out the jam I just want some to understand about the gun in the hand We gotta show our people how to live equal Peace out, I'm catchin folks on the sequel It go, heidi heidi heidi hoe And yo I got the funky flow So let yourself go! Uh-huh, heidi heidi heidi hoe And yo I got the funky flow So let yourself go! Come on, heidi heidi heidi hoe And yo I got the funky flow So let yourself go! Come on, heidi heidi heidi hoe And yo I got the funky flow So let yourself go!

Say What?

TWISTA "Runnin' Off At Da Mouth"
(Say what, say what, say what - what) [4x] [VERSE 1] I'm rockin a rhythm, and I'm never wick (what) wack I'm rockin a rhythm, and I'm never wick (what) wack I'm rockin a rhythm, and I'm never wick (what) wack I'm rockin a rhythm, and I'm never wick (what) wick wack It's the Mr. Twista comin to twist the (what) tongue I make the melody go dum diddy (what) dum I crush a rookie like a cocky cookie (what) crumb I twist the words to leave the nerds sayin (what) uhm - My lyrical flowin'll make em cry boo- (what) -hoo I tick a tock to make the clock coo- (what) -coo You think I'm wack, then black, I flow for you (what) too The crew was through as if I knew voo- (what -doo Never say hello, that makes hell (what) low I flex a funky tongue like it was jell- (what) -o Comin to flow against a funky fell- (what) -ow Are you afraid, or should I say yell- (what) -ow What I bring will swing like ping (what) pong Tryin to copy this, I bet you swing (what) wrong I ring the bells just to hear the ding (what) dong I'm throwin a style that be breakin em up in the flow of the song The Tung will twist and make the people say (what) [3x] (Say what, say what, say what - what) [4x] [VERSE 2] I know the time, I kick the funky tick (what) tocks I flow forever, never to quit, be non- (what) -stop To boost the juice I used to flow upon (what) blocks You couldn't manage if your name was Don (what) Knots I sliced a victim up like Han (what) Solo As sure as Dorothy's puppy's name was To- (what) -To Toe to toe I'm never to give a low (what) blow I'm kickin sorta funky like a ho- (what) -bo Sissy chickens, I call the fag a he- (what) -she Just scope the funky tongue, I flow in 3- (what) -d The phrase wick wick if you think it be (what) me My tip be glowin as if my name was E. (what) T. She sells seashells by the sea- (what) -shore Have you heard a flow like this be- (what) -fore Gettin deeper than the deepest sea- (what) -floor Check the style, that's only one, there'll be (what) more Oh Salem, went to hip (what) hop To see just what he could hip (what) hop And all that he could hip hip (what) hop Was the Mister Twista funky hip (what) hop The Tung will twist and make the people say (what) [3x] (Say what, say what, say what - what) [4x] [SHOUT OUTS] To moms and pops and my whole family (what) peace To Rashida B and Johnny I say (what) peace To my man Eric The Wiz I say (what) peace To DJ Rhythm and Lower Level I say (what) peace To the Ansaars and Chicagods (what) peace To Dr. York and Abdul Mallik I say (what) peace To Bobby Price and my man Bay Bay I say (what) peace I'm pumpin em up in a funky rhythm and I'ma say (what) peace The Tung will twist and make the people say (what) [3x] (Say what, say what, say what - what) [repeat and fade]

Funk Freakers

CYPRESS HILL "Cypress Hill III - Temples of Boom"
Verse One: B-Real Let me introduce my self I'm the one who rules the set So don't you forget Bad for ya health but ya still be tryin' ta push buttons But you ain't nothin', no frontin I bring the level up a little louder In the clubs, an' the jeeps an' the after hours Fools on the street wanna feel the funk Lookin for the 'skunk' that's what'cha want Ya betta, sit back and let the track flow Like smoke in ya lungs from puffin' on the indo Rythems upside'cha brain, can ya hang, can maintain Can ya feel the funk flowin' in ya veins Get'cha fix and ya bag of tricks In tha mix I got the stix and stones a few bricks I'm gonna hit 'em high He's gonna hit 'em low Open up ya mind so that'chu can feel the flow On, an' on till there all gone Fools be runnin' but they won't last long Chorus: I'm the freaka (8X) Verse Two: B-Real People always wanna get what you got, no matta what Can't take care of themselves in the big hunt In the quest for the crown An' the jewels, and the cheese Motherfucker please Enemies wanna plot against me with envy in they hearts But, I rip their sorry ass apart In a minute, I can take ya to the limit Temprature risen, nasal highzen Verse Three: Sen Dog Comin' back in with the lows, for the fows Fuckin' up egos, an' anybody, oppose The numba one skunk freaka, the Cypress Hill cliqua Blowin' a hole in tha speaker You don't wanna dis the Perro, the Real One, or the Werro Slangin' rythems through the ghetto Ya best keep ya ass in cheak Come on little mutha fuckas betta show respect An whats next, the big brown takin' ya down How ya feel (how ya feel punk) When your sorry ass can't hang with the Hill Chorus: 1/2 Outro: B-Real Can ya feel the effects of the chocolate tide Nobody even knows how I kick the flow Slow down, cause ya commin' up too fast Ya might get smacked down cause ya got no class [Fades out]

Brothers From Brentwood L.i.

[Erick Sermon] EPMD.. Def Jam.. blazin.. Check it uh huh YO It's E Dub on the microphone My style be Elektra I'm the male Syl Rhome Homes walk around with forty four chrome on safety spike the mic in the endzone This here ain't the average shit you used to Front and automatic rounds will shoot you So knock it off like Biggie Smalls said Duke you soft Why you wanna fuck with the boss? [Parrish Smith] Where should I start? Breakin MC's or shatterin charts? It's Diablo, PMD Mic Doc with the purple heart The go-getter, getter, get wit 'er, hit 'er-split 'er Front and back, and if she wit it, straight in the shitter So heidi heidi heidi hydro, pack gats and ammo +Funky Piano+, van like the fuckin ?tano? with more cheese than Lambeau, more heat than Rambo Break down dismantle when I scramble Chorus: Erick Sermon (Parrish Smith) *repeat 2X* I just get down, and I go for mines Say check 1, 2 -- and run down the line (Inclined to shine) with techs and (forty-four mags and nines) Don't get too close because you might get shot [Erick Sermon] Uhh, yo, ey, and yo EPMD, fuckin with us is bad news Me and you got different views What you might say is dope, I say's not What I might call wack, you'll call hot The best thing for you, is to think and hope or get choked, and hung with +The Velvet Rope+ Cause you too theatrical, mess around and end up smackin you, jackin you, attackin you [Parrish Smith] That's why it's crucial, so stay neutral to collect the cash double beaucoup, just rippin up mics, is what my crew do Whatever suits you, pull out the burner, fuck the shoot through roadblocks and smear campaigns, with the two-two or tech nine, that'll chew, through your waistline I'm accurate, don't waste mine, spit on bassline Run with the unseen potential to be on Dateline I don't fake mine, you blaze crazy, while I pace mine [Erick Sermon] Yeah, now why y'all wanna mess with the vets? We've been doin this shit, since _Dear Yvette_, check I make shit that make you wanna smack your producer and ice grill him, and make you wanna kill him dead and walk around leakin, in the bed for the weekend for playin with the last Mohican ?Madi gon? - that's fuck you in Puerto Rican Keep quiet when you hear grown men speakin [Parrish Smith] Or get smacked, this ain't no game, the shit is serious Delerious, that's how we leave cats and niggaz curious The true legend, got caught shit you better call Kevin Big like Dog 40 and the Dutch from the 7-11 I'm danger like Norris the Texas Ranger The mic strangler, PMD, the fuckin _Head Banger_ Mo' skills fo' real for them cats that kill Pump a nine on the reg behind penetentiary steel Chorus

Butta Few Co

Kwest Tha Madd Lad "This Is My First Album"
Ursula where you at? Aiyyo Dan where you at? Yo nobody in here but me and Taj July 23rd watch me do it Now.. I flips like a stack of flapjacks from IHOP when I rock If a foe tries to flow I cast the glow like I was Tim ex Ease through MC's like a breeze through the trees He who disagrees please hit the knees complain to deez Well you know the rest but might not know Kwest, pleased to meet you If I defeat you at least you been beaten by the best Yo.. dammmm SKIP I be riding my own dick Those with that fly shit up in they head, get domes swollen quick Competition best pray for repentance, can't mention my name without one of these words in a sentence: Fat, Live, Lovely, Butter -- Bad Nice Nasty Wicked Raw yeah there's a lot of others Don't really know where my flow comes from yo, I just think Open my mouth and mmmmmm there it goes On the real to get with this you must be fast If your rhyme don't shine like mine, I get some bread for your dusty ass You better exit cause boy it gets hectic and I start to flex kid And wipe a big fat booger on your best shit I mean, how can you be expected to step up and wreck shit when the track was fat, but your raps is anorexic? Word to my momma bring drama and get trauma I'm a heavy bomber when I get a little bit of hit of marijuana Quick to let the gun smoke, no joke so don't provoke Ask Gimmy how the slimmy be, cause Gimmy got his neck broke Takin props non stops is how I operate, Hobbes My words stick witcha and fuck witcha like some transit cops So I suggest you find God or somethin, cause like Whitney Houston said You have nothing, nothing, nothing for me! I kept it clean but it coulda got gory You bore me there's the door G period end of story Ooh, I like that.. now let's see what else we can get into Now umm, A is for Apple, J is for Jacks but I got more flavor than that shit so go get your money back The skinny nigga's on the lam, so hold your daughter ma'am I WHAM! I slice that ass so fast you'd think it was a Christmas ham Shit gets flam when I start to rip shop, too large to drip-drop So I pour, the more, hundred proof, type umm, hip-hop Cute like a baby monkey lyrics got to be funky Long and lanky kinky never stinky don't wanna get chunky Pump me when I get out, cause without a di-doubt You think I'm a maniac mobster the way I put hit after hit out My A R man tries to sham, he'll get his heart bit out The company must have been constipated.. ..cause it took em a long time to get my shit out! But now that my product's on the market, it's time for a new flame to spark it, and my target is your ear, I wanna bust lyrical nuts on your drum And I'll be comin on your brain cells when I come Word up, sometimes I swear to GOD I think I'm a nut The type to walk into a room full of diesel niggaz and scream WHAT??!! Smoke a L, drink a Stout, then flip the fuck out Runnin up on homeless people askin, Who's in the house? Slick like Olive Oyl so tell Popeye to go up on the pu-tay I can get peppy or sleepy but not wimpy like Bluto I get scrappy with a script flipped here, a script flipped there Here a script, there a script til you be like, That kid's the shit! I know where my hoes goes when the hoes clothes goes off Go to a show and show my flow off for dough but never flow a doze-off Oh, wanna hear some shit that's funny? I'm SO skinny that if I sent my picture to Somalia, they'd send me money Hula-hoop with a Cheerio and I can probably dodge raindrops If I had dreads I could be a mop, okay enough brain STOP Wear my jeans droopy cause I'm not lacking in the Snoopy Never had a hooptie already got a group of groupies Either catch me girl hawkin, shoppin party stalkin or on the phone talkin, or checkin the latest raps on my Walkman Slide up in the clubs with BUTTER shit on See how many hookers I can hit on If there's a mic I'm like, Can I get on? Finessin with no type of stressin, peeps be requestin Kwest in every session but I gotta ask a few questions before I get in, or I Jet-son, hey yo George How's the spot, is it hot, is it well done, is it raw? What's the four one one on hotties? Do they got bodies? Someone gettin bizem with ism or smoke is there Coke and Bacardi? Is security loose like a hoe or tighter than a virgin? Can I risk bringin a biscuit or can my shorty get hers in? Yo that's how it runs it's all about gettin loot, gun, hons and fun from down sun to up sun Can't forget the lyrics cause that's my bread and butter, I make bread when I'm butter and wicked like a muhhhhhhhhhfucka! The nucca's top choice, even though I got tight-drop voice Rhymes tasty like Duncan-Hines, I puts lots of funk in mines No real reason for this rhyme, but then again it is a rhyme without reason, big up to Southside and Riker's Isle, guess I'll be breezin That's how it goes, July 23rd I flip shit and remember alla that was off the top of the domepiece kid Big shout out to everybody from Southside, 105, 106, Liberty, Suston? Baisley? and all that, and I'm up out this piece Representin kid, representin

They Don't Know

SO SOLID CREW "They Don't Know Us"
So Solid Ladies and gentlemen I'm about to resort to violence Hey, yo No, no, no, no Begin the show See ma flow On the road You never know Like woah There I go, there I go Hey, yo Until I made oh no Now you know So Solid So On the road First I go First I go like There I go, there I go, there I go * Why you really want to imitate me Why you really want to imitate me Why you really want to imitate me Why are you takin' this, is it me [Repeat *] Ladies When I get down with my physical When I get down with my lyrical mythical ha Lyrical when I type up inside Hit it when I wasn't right Ladies When I get down with my physical When I get down with my lyrical mythical ha Lyrical when I type up inside Hit it when I wasn't right ** Be when I wanna be when I wanna be Do what I wanna do when I wanna do The So Solid Crew made me realise It's uncompromising match just to stay on the mat *** They don't know about my crew They don't know what I do They don't know about my flow They don't know where I go They don't know about my click (And) they don't know about my s**t (But) they wanna know about my dough But I don't spend it, I let it grow [Repeat ***] Played a part Daytime about my art I'm on my own In the basement in the dark I've got the t-shirt And I've got the scar This and in my style I never meant this Representing So Solid never meant this I'm mad and this is my way to vent this How many people do you know could invent this How many people do you know could invent this flow Gonna get up gonna go Ha, give me the cash, give me the dough, yo I'll play the bad guy and the hero And nothing's triggered to my sacred soul I'm makin' money up on the chimney 'cho I'm the chicken that choke like crows I'm the DJ at the start of the show You'll never end my wholesome blows An yo Supposition when I flow And yo Never gonna pick up my flow An yo Supposition when I flow And yo I'm the DJ at the start of the show [Repeat ** , ** , *** , ***] Live life I'm bringing the family Kickback I watch them spend money They feed at night what I might be Next day they watch the city beside me What would you do if you were me Follow the script waiting for the big D dough The demon gets rich but no Go with him with a little bit pricy Nicey, the lights are up you sitting with me Comin' to my crib-sheet Did you think I would bite the dust Because I did things so pinkshie Because in the days I had no luxury But I didn't stop Because of my bravery You get shook Because you were mad at me I should need to write my life story Pinkies been makin' money for centuries Had dough did nothin' but spend money Because I'm black they lookin' for So Solid freebies Get out of my face Watch me on TV Listen you don't really want to see me When it's dark outside And I'm angry I got wishes galore Like a genie I press on the TV I'm stacked, to see me Danger when you aim at me You may get me but you ain't me [Repeat * , *** , ***]

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