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Big Daddy Kane lyrics - Daddy's Home

In The PJ's

Original and similar lyrics
[Kane] Aiyyyyyyyyyyyyyyo! [Rick] For all of y'all.. [Kane] Check it out, check Aiyyo, we gonna send out to all the projects out there [Rick] For all of y'all.. [Kane] Yknahmsayin Like Roosevelt Projects, Marcy Projects We gon' send it to Fort Greene, L.G. [Rick] For all of y'all.. [Kane] Better yet, all the projects in Brook', no all the projects on the East Coast [Rick] For all of y'all.. [Kane] Now when we come to Church Street South Yknahmsayin Canal Street there in Durham, North Carolina [Rick] For all of y'all.. [Kane] Streets of Crooklyn, and all the great streets Everyone everywhere! Sounds like everywhere around the universe [Rick] For all of y'all.. [Kane] Yknahmsayin All the projects, yknahmsayin We sendin this out to everybody, this one here [Rick] For all of y'all.. [Kane] Now do you understand me We gonna set it off one time, dig the flavor y'all [Rick] For all of y'all.. [Kane] Ha hah hah! [Big Daddy Kane] Livin in the world of ghetto life Shot with the gun, get you cut with the knife That's the story yo, the way the peeps like to move No fakin the funk, it's all about how to show and prove Some get to make it through life livin legal The others gotta try to survive, doin the evil that men do, peace to every hood that I been through I even got love for my homies in South Central But to the East my brother, cause that's where I stay at Runnin through the streets like a stray cat Like that Good Times show it makes me go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, hmmmmmmmmmm, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Up in the projects, it gets no ILLER With true gue-RILLAS, and stone cold KILLERS It seems that every night, you get to hear the fireworks As much as I hate, to see my people die or hurt it's just a street mentality, a reality Neighborhood warfare, that brings home casualties And just because I moved out the residence It don't mean that I can't represent Chorus: Kane + Yeah! Yeah! - gt; chanted in back throughout So to my peeps in the PJ's, throw your hands in the air [Rick] For all of y'all.. Let me know you're out there To my peeps in the PJ's, throw your hands in the air [Rick] For all of y'all.. Let me know you're out there And to my peeps in the PJ's, throw your hands in the air [Rick] For all of y'all.. And let me know you're out there Ah to my peeps in the PJ's, throw your hands in the air [Rick] For all of y'all.. And let me know you're out there [Big Daddy Kane] I'm runnin mob deep around the way It's me and the crew, we're tryin to map out the day Yo what's the haps on how we gettin snaps Are we gonna shoot some cee-lo, or play a game of craps Matter fact, Shane, ring the intercom And see if you can get ten dollars from my moms Tell her to throw it out the window if she got it to spare Cause the elevator's broke, and I ain't checkin for the stairs And do me a solid, run to the store shorty And pick me up some Olde E, but not a 40 Just a two-two of brew will do, so I can knock it out fast to make the coldness last [Scoob] And while you at man see where'd your friend go (word) He shoulda been back a HOUR ago with the indo (yeah) [Big Daddy Kane] And meet us in the back park to get sparked So I can be toasted by time it gets dark Aiyyo Jay, I see that bulge in the back of your jeans Hope that's the God U Now, know what I mean Cause if somebody brings the noise, I'ma make it a silent movie So take the safety off the toolie Cause I don't want no beef, NAHHHHH BABY The only thing I wanna do is PARRRRRRLAY Peace and harmony is what I relate to But damn man, drama's just in the nature Chorus [Big Daddy Kane] I send this out to the homies in the hood That stood by my side, to help a brother do good Just like SWV you was Right Here Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah we in there From all thugs that flex with all the muscle down to the brothers, that got a swift hustle Like good golly Miss Three Card Molly, a neat trick where people get beat quick Wanna see a sweet vic [card shark] Jackety Jack, blackety black You get nuttin back, and that's a fact The sweetest game I ever seen All you gotta do is find the red queen Just point to it, can anybody point to it I play by the point of the finger of the hand The one in the middle! The one in the middle! That's black, you get no money back! (Kane: Aww man! See, I told you!)

Nothing Gets Crossed Out

Well the future's got me worried Such awful thoughts My head's a carousel of pictures The spinning never stops I just want someone to walk in front And I'll follow the leader Like when I fell under the weight of a schoolboy crush Started carrying her books and doing lots of drugs I almost forgot who I was But I came to my senses Now I'm trying to be assertive I'm making plans Gonna rise to the occasion yeah Meet all their demands But all I do is just lay in bed And hide under the covers Yeah I know I should be brave But i'm just too afraid of all this change And it's too hard to focus through all this doubt I keep making these to-do lists but nothing gets crossed out Working on the record seems pointless now When the world ends who's gonna hear it? But I'm trying to take some comfort in written words Yeah, Tim, I heard your album and it's better than good When we get off tour I think we should Hang and black out together 'Cause I been feeling sentimental for days gone by All the summers singing, drinking, laughin Wasting our time Remember all the songs and the way we smiled In those basements made of music But now I've got to crawl to get anywhere at all I'm not as strong as I thought So when I'm lost in a crowd I hope that you'll pick me out How I long to be found The grass grew high, I laid down Now I'm waiting for a hand To lift me up, help me stand I've been laying so low Don't wanna lay here no more Don't wanna lay here no more Everything that happens is supposed to be And it's all predetermined can't change your destiny Guess I'll just keep moving Someday maybe I'll get to where I'm going


BIG L "The Big Picture"
Yo, pay attention And listen real closely how I break this slang shit down Check it, my weed smoke is my lye A ki of coke is a pie When I'm lifted, I'm high With new clothes on, I'm fly Cars is whips and sneakers is kicks Money is chips, movies is flicks Also, cribs is homes, jacks is pay phones Cocaine is nose ,candy cigarettes is bones A radio is a box, a razor blade is a ox Fat diamonds is rocks and jakes is cop And if you got rubbed, you got stuck You got shot, you got bucked And if you got double-crossed, you got fucked Your bankroll is your poke, a choke hold is a yoke A kite is a note, a con is a okey doke And if you got punched that mean you got snuffed To clean is to buff, a bulls scare is a strong bluff I know you like the way I'm freakin' it I talk with slang and I'ma never stop speakin' it Chorus: repeat (2X) Speak with criminal slang -Nas That's just the way that I talk, yo Vocabulary spills, I'm ill -Nas Yo, yo A burglary is a jook, a woof's a crook Mobb Deep already explained the meanin' of shook If you caught a felony, you caught a F If you got killed, you got left If you got the dragon, you got bad breath If you 730, that mean you crazy Hit me on the hip means page me Angel dust is sherm, if you got AIDS, you got the germ If a chick gave you a disease, then you got burned Max mean to relax, guns and pistols is gats Condoms is hats, critters is cracks The food you eat is your grub A victim's a mark A sweat box is a small club, your tick is your heart Your apartment is your pad Your old man is your dad The studio is the lab and heated is mad I know you like the way I'm freakin' it I talk with slang and I'ma never stop speakin' it Chorus (2X) The iron horse is the train and champaign is bubbly A deuce is a honey that's ugly If your girl is fine, she's a dime A suit is a fine, jewelry is shine If you in love, that mean you blind Genuine is real, a face card is a hundred dollar bill A very hard, long stare is a grill If you sneakin' to go see a girl, that mean you creepin' Smilin' is cheesin', bleedin' is leakin' Beggin is bummin, if you nuttin you comin Takin' orders is sunnin', an ounce of coke is a onion A hotel's a telly, a cell phone's a celly Jealous is jelly, your food box is your belly To guerrilla mean to use physical force You took a L, you took a loss To show off mean floss, uh I know you like the way I'm freakin' it I talk with slang and I'ma never stop speakin' it Chorus (2X) Yeah, yeah One love to my big brother, Big Lee Holdin' it down Yeah, Flamboyant for life Yeah yeah, Flamboyant for life

Nothing's What It Seems

PROJECT WYZE "Misfits, Strangers, Liars, Friends"
Ladies and gentlemen Presenting the outrageous I'm music without limelight A guitarist without stages I'm a Hells Angel without the Harley Davidson You're a golden state warrior Without Antawn Jamison I'm your last laugh without a punch line I'm a fistfight in your high school halls at lunchtime I'm dangerous like car wrecks without the drunk driver I'm that island that traps you and votes you off like survivor I'm MacGyver without a red switchblade I'm man made I'm graffiti on the walls without the aerosol spray I'm a 30-second delay without the time limit I'm a shark-infested ocean, I dare you to dive in it I'm that gold chain ready to be snatched from your neck I'm that AIDS virus when you don't practice safe sex I'm that hole in your latex that made your whole world crash The most dangerous 3-letter word is YAS [Chorus] Somebody back-up There's no room to stand up Stop and throw your hands up Nobody can do it like this Somebody back-up There's no room to stand up Stop and throw your hands up Let's get it on like this I'm your last bit of oxygen I'm Waco Texas I'm a 13-year-old kid stealing your Lexus I'm a trilogy without the second and third sequels I'm a crash test dummy without the smashed up vehicle I'm everything you dream of I'm life without death I'm a respirator holding on to your last breath I'm Bill Gates' Microsoft without Silicon Valley I'm a natural born killer without Mickey or Mallory You're a chair being thrown around at a Bobby Knight practice I'm a cross between rival gangs and celebrity death matches I attack this like pythons, I'm a living icon You wanna see the apocalypse, then turn my mic on [Chorus (2X)] 1,2,1,2 I'm a shark-infested ocean, I dare you to dive in it [4X] [Chorus (4X)]

Steaks And Shrimp

Clap your hands to the beat, to the beat Just clap your hands to the beat, to the beat Come on clap your hands to the beat, to the beat I said clap your hands to the beat, to the beat Uh huh and you don't stop Uh huh and you don't stop Uh huh and you don't stop Uh huh and you don't stop We in this Great Lakes state Eatin steaks 'n shrimp It's kinda hard to miss the crew Because we all got limps We come equipped with new kicks and stetsons The super saggy rags and the white trash connection No flexin, huh, know what I mean You can feel us fool, we don't need to be seen It's all about the green, not the drugs we be takin That shits free with an LP in circulation And we be wastin time Got them all state, all county, all hood rhymes It's all good times, thank the lord For dumb fuckin people and credit card fraud We're tearin up your lawn, we got herds of Lincolns Step into your crib and have your whole house stinkin Don't blink and don't think we're soft Hide your money and your gold and don't express your thoughts We get mad props, wreck all shops Puttin stops on crews They get confused and lose, that's what we do Styles stem from pioneers Leavin suckers in awe And you get jawed for lookin queer Can you hear me or am I talkin to the wall That's Top Dog callin out each and every one of y'all You get balls, you come and talk that shit But Top Dogs camp ain't nothin to fuck with And don't say we didn't warn ya I got this Detroit thang with more love that California Drunk DJ smokin coiniac dips Call me the sidekick, thug boy, kid with the limp I rip through rhymes like a bullet in the breeze And I float through tracks like a shark in the sea A wee bit shy, but I comply by me And I'm a mean mother fucker when I have to be Got young g's with sleeves and thieves on hold Strategically placed in case somebody feels bold I ho's you can't fuck with these cause I make more papers then trees See we believe in brotherhood forever is criteria You fuckin with Top Dog Your fuckin with family No I ain't feelin ya, got all that I can do to hear Any time you see me you should stand clear You see me in my Lincoln I'm in the clubs drinkin Who you gonna check bitch, what the fuck you thinkin You can check me, but that shit don't slide You can get your life took tryin to take my pride You ride with who, man that shit ain't big I roll with dogs that'll rock your wig And got gigs all money Detroit to Portland Cellular receivers and beepers is what were sportin Your nothin of importance, I don't sweat you Yeah the drinks on me, but the jokes on you I'm all about the everyday nothin at all See I'm not doin very much, I'm just havin a ball I'm in bed by four, I'm up by noon I might sit around, I might write me a tune I might go fishi' and again I might not I might get me a fourty or pour me some scotch The watch on my wrist, that don't even exist A lot of pissed people from appointments that I've missed I dissed everybody and their mom for spite Cause everybody's barkin, but nobody ever bites Your talkin loud, sayin nothin Get you dad, get your cousin Go and get your boy cause he's as big as a house Now take your pussy ass click and get the fuck out I'm the estranged, deranged, I got domains like states I live in plush hotels with them hourly rates I do big plates eight times a day The crew be livin large at the seafood bay Got a way with the world and now I'm lookin' to scramble Ain't about to ass out on a no good gamble Could handle anything, but I ain't down for broke So before somebody slides, somebody's getting choked I'm a no good freak, tweak skin like rashes I lose a little love with everyday that passes Ain't a masotistic, rock statistics, vocabulary I'm a very shy simplistic And get this, some people say I changed I'm the same mother fucker with the same old name A little extra game and extra cash could see You could fuck me, but don't put it past me You wanna bash me and got no reason I can lay up in the Caymans for four straight seasons I ain't a punk, I refuse to be I live for what is, not what used to be Your all up in the past, that's ass Hear what I say I'm all about today and I'm a die that way Bitch

Where's Sean?

P. DIDDY "The Saga Continues"
(feat. Big Azz Ko, Black Rob, Kain & others) [P. Diddy] Eh yo what's up playboy Yeah, now I'm out here in Milan I need you to come get wit' me aight Yeah, I got something I need you to do Call up the rest of the crew I'll see you there [Big Azz Ko] Yo, I got the call from Sean he out in Milan Went to get the package, got there it was gone Hold on say word you got to be joking Don't worry about it dun I'm on the next thing smoking Hit Bristal up on the speed dial Yo these funny talking cats tryin' to do a nigga foul It's goin' down nigga round up the team Im'll head over here just to map out the scene Ship them things in route to climb walls Infrared vision ear plugs and all Digital surveillance linked with laptops Express mail it to me can't [Bristal] I'm splurtin' for certain Bris-pro working Searchin' dippin' curvin' breakin' clean outta virgin From servin' here Rob certain I'm burnin' On my way from Mt. Vernon Swervin' a stretch bourbon Identity of this man I look persian Hey yo we gotta get him I wanna know where they came from Or who sent them First nigga to find them better bend'em Cuz I just spoke to Polly Fontaine Shit ain't a game, and Sean feel the same So y'all niggas betta get on point [P. Diddy] Well it seems like our bad boys have theirselves in a bit of a jam Seems like Bristal got his back up against the wall Well let's see how Rob B-O handles this one Bad boys watch ya backs Watch ya backs bad boys [Black Rob] Yo, who the fuck is this pagin' me at eight fourty six I'm hoppin' outta shorty whip I'm by the tel, across exxon by the shell Sense of urgency on the cell We gon' pick you up, when ya flight land We in a tight jam Me and Diddy fam sorta like his right hand I touch down like two-thirty If i was on you, your hoe's and them cowards Im'll do dirty Still a commssion and we all equal All lethal Caught'em doin' dirt to the wrong people It's the family affair, I'm here With all of me Im'll deal with this one accordingly Got the locations sittin' in the console pacin' Get bagged murder be the case and And I'm tired in jail Even though through the riots I prevailed Enjoyin' my freedom, got two kids as long as I feed'em I'm here for the fam thats there when I need'em [Mark Curry] Yo, uh uh uh, hello It gotta be the same cats I can tell by they strange acts When they mumble to each other Like Milan they run for cover New cuz this bitch that I fucked with One thought I loved her Seas debate the storm pull him the the surface That's a purpose One of these faces, make'em nervous Catch'em when they out for hamburgers Turn they whole lunch into a murder In a way all the rounds gon' be heard of This shits big, the first thing to catch to where PD is I'm on it, act like they want it Im'll bring the heat Just let me know the place we plan to meet And I'm in it sure as your heart beat [Loon] Yo I ain't really tryin' to duck no strays So watch what the fuck you say It's ya mouth that started the shit Now you actin' all retarted and shit Dog I came to play my part and that's it We had a fullproof plan, all we need was the fam Ammunition, a van, two chicks and one extra man Two lincoln LS Sedans Fifteen hundred yards of saran And after the scam, we be out in Amsterdam Yo, call Sean in Milan Call Sean tell Sean we gone We'll meet him in Hong Kong With two chicks both they thongs on Mabe Ling and Kim Long Both of them dead wrong Two rich bitches the feds on [P. Diddy] Yeah, well it seems like brother Loon is out in Hong Kong He's found his self in a sticky icky icky situation But you know somethin' I have faith in the bad boys Bad boys bring it on home, bring it on home bad boys [Kain] Heh, I'm bout to do Santa Dimengo On a horse named Bingo A fugitive lookin' for Puff switchin' my lingo Stayin' at a hotel called the pink flamingo Callin' up MC from a cuatro cinco The set up, tryin' on my way to uniform Room service bumpin' Kain on the newest song Holdin' gats knowin' everything I do is wrong 'Till I hi-jack the sky flyin' on a unicorn Downstairs with a bag of money and two clips Talkin' to Loons chicks wit' sombreros and toothpicks Sayin' they commit homicides for two bits And fuck for dough like I give two shits Wildfire call from Hong Kong Hello (Loon: Yo Kain I just spotted Sean Jean) Hold up, some information was missing I just got the same page from Bris He told me he saw Sean and two chicks followed by four whips Somewhere in the Florida sticks It's a set up Tell the crew to keep their heads high I'm gonna flip if any one of my mens die We've been fucked somebody told us a bent-lie/Bentley (what) Let's get back to the spot in NY Seven glocks P-S-P-O pops Hit both the hot locks Let'em read it that Diddy is on them hot blocks So we sent two teams to rush both spots Ha yeah! Suited up ready to dumbs out Thumbs out watch the motherfuckin' door with our guns out [P. Diddy] Hey yo yo hold up stop the music man heh heh Y'all niggas is crazy I was only joking man I just wanted to see if my family was on point

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