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Big Daddy Kane lyrics - Daddy's Home

Daddy's Home

Original and similar lyrics
Intro: Big Daddy Kane You know daddy's home.. Yeah baby! Get them sounds up Action Alright L.G. baby make the track move one time You know daddy's home.. Uh-huh, now dig this here right Now I can remember one time I said, It's eighty-eight, time to set em straight right (word up) What we gotta do is see what we got in store for ninety-four as I continue to give you more You know daddy's home.. This is how we gonna try to bring it to you one time Uhh, and I go, and I go You know daddy's home.. [Big Daddy Kane] Peace peace y'all, don't eat grease y'all, huh A Brooklyn nigga representin the East y'all, come follow me now I get down for my crown with new found wreck and bring the noise like I'm comin to soundcheck The stage is clear for me to rock it So I snatch the mic like a Brooklyn nigga does a pocket Clear the throat, to perform the art to treat the stage like a movie ticket and rip it apart Watch the crowd burst from lyrics that I say to make the brothers get ill, and by the way Dukes If that's your girl in the corner stay up on her cause I've been watchin the morgue, then the Korean store owner (Whoo!) Mack man number one, you know how I move You'd think that I'd be shavin my rhmes, cause they'd be so smooth Mr. Wonderful and all of that gun to pull shit that you be talkin nigga don't even run the bull Cause if I roll on you kid, I do the body rude like the cops did on ummmmmm.. that Rodney dude Peep it! Chorus: repeat 4X (except last line 4th time) welcome to a new Terrordome When I come to roam you know daddy's home.. Watch out now! [Big Daddy Kane] Just like Sylvester it's still on, get it still, on, fukkit, let's move along I rip shop, in hip-hop, to sew it like a ziplock to get props, in this spot, look at me at the tip-top The kid got, to get hot, you thought that I would flip-flop or drop-drop, but ummmmmmmmmmmm.. I did not! They say, Kane you're old school out here! I said, I guess I got left back, cause I ain't goin nowhere The Kane will remain in this domain to reign again when I entertain Cause when it comes to lyrics, I got plenty black I'm so god damn dope, I sell rhymes in a twenty sack The microphone pusher man but not drug related Hip-Hop orientated, keepin you captivated Mr. Cee cuts, I linger through em, Larry is singin to em And oh me, I just bring it to em Chorus *fades out*

Life Goes On

2PAC "All Eyez On Me"
[Chorus: repeat 2X] How many brothas fell victim to tha streetz Rest in peace young nigga, there's a Heaven for a 'G' be a lie, If I told ya that I never thought of death my niggas, we tha last ones left but life goes on..... [Verse One:] As I bail through tha empty halls breath stinkin' in my draws ring, ring, ring quiet y'all incoming call plus this my homie from high school he's getting bye It's time to bury another brotha nobody cry life as a baller alchol and booty calls we usta do them as adolecents do you recall? raised as G's loc'ed out and blazed the weed get on tha roof let's get smoked out and blaze with me 2 in tha morning and we still high assed out screamin' 'thug till I die' before I passed out but now that your gone i'm in tha zone thinkin' 'I don't wanna die all alone' but now ya gone and all I got left are stinkin' memories I love them niggas to death i'm drinkin' Hennessy while tryin' ta make it last I drank a 5th for that ass when you passed.... cause life goes on [Chorus] [Verse Two:] Yeah nigga I got tha word as hell ya blew trial and tha judge gave you 25 with an L time to prepare to do fed time won't see parole imagine life as a convict that's getten' old plus with tha drama we're lookin out for your babies mama taken risks, while keepin' cheap tricks from gettin on her... life in tha hood... is all good for nobody remember gamin' on dumb hoties at chill parties Me and you No true a two while scheming on hits and gettin tricks that maybe we can slide into but now you burried rest nigga cause I ain't worried eyes bluried sayin' goodbye at the cemetary tho' memories fade I got your name tated on my arm so we both ball till' my dying days before I say goodbye Kato and Mental rest in peace Thug till I die [Chorus] [Verse Three:] Bury me smilin' with G's in my pocket have a party at my funeral let every rapper rock it let tha hoes that I usta know from way before kiss me from my head to my toe give me a paper and a pen so I can write about my life of sin a couple bottles of Gin incase I don't get in tell all my people i'm a Ridah nobody cries when we die we outlaws let me ride until I get free I live my life in tha fast lane got police chasen me to my niggas from old blocks from old crews niggas that guided me through back in tha old school pour out some liquor have a toast for tha homies see we both gotta die but ya chose to go before me and brothas miss ya while your gone you left your nigga on his own how long we mourn life goes on... [Chorus repeats to end] [sung overtop repeating chorus] Life goes on homie gone on, cause they passed away Niggas doin' life Niggas doin' 50 and 60 years and shit I feel ya nigga, trust me I feel ya You know what I mean last year we poured out liquor for ya this year nigga, life goes on we're gonna clock now get money evade bitches evade tricks give players plenty space and basicaly just represent for you baby next time you see your niggas your gonna be on top nigga their gonna be like, 'Goddamn, them niggas came up' that's right baby life goes on.... and we up out this bitch hey Kato, Mental y'all niggas make sure it's popin' when we get up there don't front.

You Ain't Smart

Mase "Double Up"
[Intro] What, what What, what, what (H-World) What, what, what (All Out) What, what, what, what, what (Take it back to the streets, mutha fucka) What, what, what, what, what Yo, this for my niggas in the streets (What what what what) Foreign cars and the jeeps (What what what what) Make about a fuckin' million in a week (What what what what) When I can't forget that we all still street Yo, yo You know a nigga that's sniffin', that's always in the kitchen Bagin' shit up, there's always something missin' A nigga that's speeding, bound to have a collision Bound to be in prison, or bound to pop a mission So if you got dogs, nigga, let 'em go If a mob fuckin' truck right, let 'em know We got the same guns that you got, but better though And next time we in some shit nigga, you will know See I'm pushed to the point that I put something down And I stand over your head, like look at you now And the kids in the parks start lookin' around Like, 'Mommy come here, look, look, look what we found' Wit' me it's more intense, nigga So if you ain't goin' hard, stay on the bench, nigga And you know when I come, I leave no prints nigga And when you die, it won't be at my expense nigga Nigga, nigga [1] - Yo, you ain't as smart as you think And I know you ain't as smart as you think (Take it back to the streets) You talk crazy on the phone, bring niggas to your home Hey yo, you ain't as smart as you think (Take it back to the streets) Hey yo, you ain't as smart as you think And I know you ain't as smart as you think (Take it back to the streets) You leave a thug wit' a hoe and you think you on the low Hey yo, you ain't as smart as you think Yo, yo Not only do I know the rights, I know the wrongs Mo' money, mo' bitches, yeah, you know the song And if you claim you a nigga that know me long And you should know I'mma die with my Rolley on I ain't no punk, I ain't no chump, I ain't no whimp Ain't got no cane, ain't got no ming, ain't got no limp Money exempt, instead you niggas are blimp And every bitch in every state know Mase is the pimp See I'm unlike the ones who fail you, when I know where you Live, I'mma send my kid to take care of you I'll bring it to my man if he try to spare you I'd tie something up if I wanted to scare you Make it where your own shadow won't stand near you And they send the trauma unit to come repair you Now there you are nigga, in the fuckin' reservoir With your Bentley, we don't give a fuck about your car Who you are [Repeat 1] Yo, yo You can't never love a man so much you can't doubt him Let him know certain shit you gotta do without him And if ya got guns, don't leave home without it You gon' kill a man, there's ways to go about it See I never kill a man, and I do it vainly I won't ever let a mutha fucka know I'm angry Cuz when I get caught and they come arraign me It be a surprise witness that come to hang me I figure, if I'mma do it, I'mma do it my way Set 'em on Sunday, have 'em by Friday Then Sunday, I'mma meet 'em on the highway See where his exit is and keep it movin' Monday I'm off the exit All I wanna find out is where the complex is And by Tuesday I'm sittin' in the complexes All I wanna find out is where the address is And by Wednesday, it just so happen you get shot in the knee A nigga tried to run away and dropped the key Now you in the hospital, not critical Frontin', makin' a scene, bring the whole block wit' you Friday hit and you ain't got no clique wit' you Need somebody help you with your leg, got your bitch wit' chu Soon as you get home and put the key in the door Click, clack, now get on the floor, I told you nigga [Repeat 1 until fade]


E-40 "Charlie Hustle: The Blueprint Of A Self-Made Millionaire"
I'm in my Fubu drawers, she in her gown Is it some cats tryin'a have at me or is it the canine and the batteram Plannin' on splittin' my crown but it ain't gone be too simple See I'm a baller, I've got bars around the windows, Rottweilers, pits, Akitas Doberman Pinchers taped up in the yard With a sign on the fence that reads Warning – Beware of Dogs Leap like a frog if you feel froggish, nigga leap Like to neglect my dogs, starve ‘em, sometimes they don't eat Elroys questioning me about my triple beam – officer, I got proof! Po-Po! That's for weighing nuts and fruits! Run with a whole bunch of rugged-ass rowdy knuckleheads – know what I mean Big niggas – the size of a football team I wear these glasses so I can look like a square but if you ever see me in a fight with a bear, don't help me, nigga help the bear! Me and my whales, we be coonin' – but see you the type of nigga that go in the back room and Beep yo'self and act like yo' pager's boomin (B-LEGIT COMMENTARY) I'll have you know ever since I was ankle low to a centipede's toe I always wanted to flow play pro baseball Weepolization family, that's my favorite sport But instead I'm back and forth to jail and in and out of court Serious about my rock shrine I don't give a fuck how much courage juice you had, nigga yo' mug don't mean like mine - I bring the noise like a cymbal I fuck with 40 nem, make ya stick yo' pistol out the window Y'all otta see me at the state fair showin' off in front of my broad tryin'a win my little nieces One of the biggest stuffed animal prices there Nickname is Charlie but my street name is EARL! Ballaholic like Felix Mitchell newphew little Darryl I know the streets like the task force know dope I am the streets my ghetto pass can't be revoked Ten percent I pay my tithe forgive me for my sins Smoke a ounce a weed a day maybe that's why I ain't got no wind (B-LEGIT COMMENTARY) You can call me Lawry's cause I'm seasoned I eat crevey – but not when it's bleedin' Don't get me wrong I love sex but I don't play that part I love Virginia – but not when the Virginia's tart And if it's good then I might Dolce Gabbana it Gave yo' ass some bread and let you go buy up some shit Callin' yo'self takin' advantage of my riches I'm tryin'a be nice to yo' ass, I normally talk bad about you bitches Inducted into the hall of game back in the via Notorious for slappin' chicken heads upside they weava wit my nokia Mayday mayday I can't call it all patrol cars and units be on the lookout for the hillside finagler forty water the ballaholic I'd rather fly than ride Amtrak! When I'm in Dallas I fuck with C-Bo and Go Hard Black Maka opera singer want to write some raps I'm papered uuup! (like who?) Like a fax (B-LEGIT COMMENTARY) If you's a ballaholic…you's a baller.


Pussy nigga whatcha doin! Hook All day I dream about, all day I dream about sex It's the way you move your sexy groove That's got my mind all over you All day I dream about, all day I dream about Your sex feels so savoifare I'm tired of jercking off cause your not there Big Boi 65' Chevrolet Impala peachy cream Oozing down the street like toothpaste Cause the ivory is clean Talkin' bout mean at the inseam on the inside of the ship Not a honey dip to hunch on, testes more blue than a Crip Or the blue man group caught that on the Vegas strip Chillin' with good game, Ju Ju, Pimpin Ken and my nigga Don Magic Pimpin Ken and my nigga Diamond Jit Pimps (pimps), lips (lips), legs (legs), arms (arms), Necks (necks), hips (hips), head (head) monk test It's the camel toe and that's fo' sho' My brain is on one track Like Marion Berry thoughts for crack Or like a rock star does for smack. None of that but the female genitalia's where its at I'm a man and I demand a woman for that act Personal preference plus I use the law of nature as a reference Now I don't ever recall seeing a man turn up pregnant, but that's just me Feminine female fantasies frolic freely in my cockpit Every thirty something seconds I can't stop it Hook Killer Mike Killer Kill from Adamsville and in my Bonneville I chill Heifers call me Black & Decker, I don't screw them hoes I drill I've been cuttin' cute lil' coochies since before the record deal Catch me daydreaming about them, thick, medium or slim Doctors call that thing vagina, in the hood we call it trim White boys call it snatch, Puerto Ricans call it chocha Nathaniel likes his white, I like mines dark as cola It's the first thing on my mind in the morn when I roll over All men young and old in the end its what we're after Even my grandpappy's happy. He got prescribed Viagra. (Granddaddy, granddaddy, what's up? what's up? It's me. Hey, let me get about three of them blue diamonds. I promise I gotcha back tomorrow) Hook Killer Mike When I drill I don't spill even if she's on the pill Keep my weapon covered concealed and in a shield Cause I don't need that A.I.D.S. A 'D' and a 'A' missing out my A.D.I.D.A.S. (plus) We don't need no DNA mixing between us We just need to keep this thing friendly and hush, hush On the down low, like R. Kelly and youngsters But over eighteen only cause baby I'm no perv! From the tour bus to the lobby, elevator to the room We can jump each other's bones but there's no jumping brooms! Big Boi Buffoon you are to consumed in the womb It is too early for you to jump the broom (boom!) Hook 'Monster' Verse One I'm an ungodly figure When in the company of hard liquor Texas niggaz turned me on to water I smoked the river Apocalyptic creature, stay lacing reefer Stay serving geekers, stay holding heaters Murder fanatic, killer fantastic Swerving semi-conscious with a half a blunt and an automatic Bought it to snort it, just in case I meet with static What I deliver to your address is dead tragic Your mother scream in that limousine Followed by some slow traffic Here's the reason for my murder tactics I'm Killer Kill I ain't a fuckin rapper! I'm a crack sacker! I'm a strong-armed robbery and kidnapper! I'm a carjacker! I'm a if you owe dough then yo' ho snatcher! I'm a Slumlord for life not a fuckin actor! I'm the fear that haunts you! I'm the tool that's used to haunt you! Hook I'm the monster! I'm your sick and twisted monster! (Repeat) Verse Two I'm the hate in the dark heart of heartless men! Deprived of love, feed crack, nurtured in sin! I'm unwanted children doped up on Ritalin by age ten At sixteen a fiend! Nurturing a weed habit and a bottle of gin I'm the soul of women that's been betrayed by men That trifling nigga looking to deceive her again Earn her trust again, then I lust again When she turn her back, I'm diggin in her friend again! I motivate your hate and embody your sin I spit it for Bloods, Crips and Mexicans I spit for Disciples and El Rukns This sick soundtrack to robbing and looting Neighbor shootings, murder and boosting Its fear engaged, with a fury and rage For my lost generation in these last days The fear that haunts you! It's the tool that's used to hunt you!

Niggas Don't Understand

B.G. "Chopper City In The Ghetto"
Big Tymers: Fa sho...this for my homie K.C. That just did ten in tha pen Bout to spit this game for ya fool Chorus: [B.G. Big Tymers] These niggas don't understand that he tha man (And on the downlow I'm still sellin' birds they tell me that) These niggas don't understand that he tha man (And on the downlow I'm still sellin' birds they tell me that) First Verse [Baby] I need me a lick, to come up on a hundred G's (How B?) Movin' these fuckin' kees (Where B?) Run em' in that U.P.T. (And who gone run em?) Tha brotha and my B.G. [B.G.] You gotta beat em (That nigga is my lady) Four golds and I'm out there baby [Baby] I hit my safe for a hundred and fifty G's (Why nigga?) Orderin' for 20 kees (Street value?) Two hundred and fifty G's (And what's yo profit?) A lick for a hundred G's [B.G.] My people, Baby, bout to bring us some heavy Snow white Mama told me I'ma have to go on that all night flight Fuck breakin' two hundred I'm breakin' Q.B's Ziploc'em up and send em to that U.P.T. Never seen a triple beam and so much yay On his porch stairs, nothin' but mail One hundred G's with ease now that's no big drama I keep packin' shit to keep icin' lil' Mama Too many kees bringin' rats and gats and cadillacs But through thick and thin, V.L. got my back Chorus Second Verse: [Baby] Fuckin' break these kees down to quarter kees Let Vamp run em all in the Third Ward U.P.T. K.C. drop this load on my B.G. (Tear da kee) Bring me back nigga a hundred G's Nigga get yo shit (Nigga I got my shit) Ready to cock yo shit? (I'm ready to pop my shit) [B.G.] I'ma take yo breath, introduce you to death When you get to Hell, tell em I can follow your map Tired of flippin' these hustlas, I wanna flip some G's So what's up wit Baby? (Graduated from kees) We gone make this shit happen, we gone flood em out Uptown And we gone bring and sprinkle a bit downtown We ride Lexus with interos, MoMos or Cameros Slim got the coke in a wayside barrel for 22-5 (Got the kees for 11-5) Come to the B.G. I might do it for a even 5 Nigga I ball and people don't know it, Cuz I don't show it The only way to find out is if you come and score it Cuz I don't stop with no hoe or no show I wear my polo, and get a bucket and keep it on the downlow Chorus Third Verse [Manny]: Never out her, money and the powder Nigga move the shit from Uptown to Crowder Who got the sprinkle to make yo ass wrinkle? Dope fiends and O.G's bout to take a tango Chickens in a bucket supreme, young hoes dream Cash rules everything in town, know what I mean? Snowin' like Alaska, wanted in Nebraska Bitch tryed to testify I straight blast her K's and the ammo, modern-day Rambo Got a glock some woks and a gram hoe Got a Mazerati bumpin' like Jon Gotti Red beams on the scene leave a bloody body I got this shit locked up Manny Fresh the special man a.k.a. Big Nutts Chorus

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