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Big Daddy Kane lyrics - Daddy's Home

Brooklyn Style...Laid Out

Original and similar lyrics
Chorus: Big Daddy Kane Come on y'all and feel the groove Get on down and make your move Welcome to the funkiest Brooklyn style, laid out like this Chorus [Big Daddy Kane] I kicks the flavor good, to represent the neighborhood where I come from, and that's the place of Brooklyn where the grimies are born and bred And bullets are like eyeballs, two to the head [Scoob] Well is it Brownsville Time to represent for the map where the peeps smoke blunts and like to wear mad gold caps The party addict about to explode From the 1-1-2, the double-3 ill zip code [Big Daddy Kane] Parlayin on the corner, drinkin 40's shootin cee-lo It's a Brooklyn thing, aight You know our steelo And for those who just don't know how it go Play like a substitute teacher and ACT like you know [Scoob] So yo, who wanna set it You better kick your best G You and your whole entourage couldn't test me I represent for the fo' main And if you're not a booty bandit, then niggaz can't hang Chorus [Big Daddy Kane] Now, let's get straight down to the point I represent for this Brooklyn joint, baby pah, where we're takin it to Makin a few dollars don't mean you gotta forget where you come from and try to be someone, that you're really not and front with what you got You're gonna be looked at as a black man still so keep it real What type of mission can I say you on Because you musta done changed to some Grey Poupon, heh I'm really happy to see you blew up But always remember my man you grew up in the PJ's all your life, in a broken home (Scoob: Well alright now) Up in the PJ's all your life, keepin it strong, WHAT! I be the Louis Ave livin, live long lastin lover Bonafied black brother, word to the mother Skilled at trades at hand with those who made the man with support and always stayed a fan My dialectic style is perfected in ways you can't imagine rap bein accepted Funk'll slam like a doper jam, pops I'm takin mine like taxes with Uncle Sam So check out the asiatic type of flow like water in the Nile, but it's Brooklyn style Chorus [Scoob] Yo, this is Big Scoob, no practice I'm flippin on niggaz like little kids on that mattress You know my style, Baby Pah from the PJ's My lyrics so dope, they too fat for local DJ's So hear me out, no doubt, no need for screamin My boys in the back, clockin your jewels, and they scheamin Why did they step to me, I hit em, bow, bu-dow Knocked out his fronts cause the kid was mad fragile No need for beef chief I'm rollin mad deep So pick up your teeth, I got him shakin like a leaf Not tryin to scare you, I just wanna aware you I bet you won't even look at my face (WHAT WHAT WHAT) I dare you Yo nigga please, yo I'm nice with these while you're guardin your grill, I'll be beatin up your kidneys Me and my boys with the fat tec 9's with my joint cocked back, in case a punk tried to take mines Where I'm from there's no need for hesitation We cock and squeeze, now where's the doctor for this patient He's drippin blood and now he's down to his last breath But he won't make it, cause he knows that my joint is def The ill, type of Brooklyn artist who rocks the har-dest, regard-less who you know and where you're from I pull your file (How) Brooklyn style Chorus


Boogie Down Productions
[KRS-One] Easssssssssy mahn! It's impossible to take out Boogie Down Productions SEEN? Yes.. come mi say Intro/Chorus: KRS-One Come to the t'cha, come mi say come to the t'cha Come mi say come to the t'cha come to the t'cha come to the t'cha Come mi say come to the t'cha, come mi say come to the t'cha Come mi say come to the t'cha come to the t'cha come to the t'cha [KRS-One] Me bus' upon the scene around 1986 A few hit records got me started real quick I represent the Bronx, but I am a New Yorker All vegeterian, never eat pork or chicken in a battle yes my brain starts clickin Just like the gears of a watch, tock-tickin I never lose time cause the rhyme is all digital For suckers like you, I turn the power up to critical On every playlist, waxin that anus Suckers or professionals, BRING DOWN THE DECIMAL point every time you subtract an emcee People look at me, a P-O-E-T teachin suckers like you about the I.C.U. And the KRS-One, sounds like arithmetic Very psychological; why are you on the dick? Well, my evaluation is sudden Takin me out, is somethin closer to impossible You could try your best but frankly I don't think it's logical This is yes the DJ writer superproducer Kris God gave me a talent, so let me flaunt the gift Chorus [KRS-One] Push up ya han-ds, if you out here gettin PAID Push up ya han-ds, if you don't have AIDS, biddi-by-by Push up ya han-ds, if you out here gettin PA-AI-ID Push up ya han-ds, if you won't be delayed Boogie Down Productions at the head of the raid Always gettin brighter while the suckers will fade Life is very serious, it's not an arcade So everything you're hearing, KRS has made MC's grab the microphone but don't know what to say So DJ KRS has come to show dem the way I always call you females by your name, not Hey! Cause Hey will only make a real woman turn away, GWAN Unless the woman is the freak of the yearrrr Well then you know that KRS don't carrrre Unless the woman is the freak of the yearrrr, biddi-by-by And then you know that KRS don't carrrre You always call a freak, by the garment they wear Instead of call it clothes they always callin it gear Big derriere to make the next man stare Attracted to the man with jheri curls in him hair Always puffin cheeba with a forty of beer But to a re-al wo-man freaks-a can-not compare, GWAN Hold up ya han-ds if you a real wo-man, BO! Hold up ya han-ds, if you do underst-and The style that I'm sayin, without no delayin is Blastmaster KRS-One, just playin It's really kinda easy for me, to do a style like this It's kinda primitive, so please don't miss the way I do this on the microphone, cause I was never shown My mother wasn't into b-boyin at the Home No one out can compete And not another DJ rocks this type of beat Come mi say Chorus [KRS-One] Come mi say jump up when ya high, and jump up when ya low-ah Boogie Down Productions make the lyrics just flow with M-E-L-O-D-I-E and Manager Moe We'll wrap up any MC in a ribbon or a bow People takin pictures of me everywhere I go Take out three MC's and call it Tic-Tac-Toe YES! ZHOOM, dum, da-dum, da-da-dum, da-dum ZHOOM, dum, da-dum, da-da-dum, zhiggi-zi ZHOOM, dum, da-dum, da-da-dum, da-dum ZHOOM, dum, da-dum, da-da-dum, come mi say Chorus

Nag Champa (Afrodisiac For The World)

COMMON "Like Water For Chocolate"
[Common] Yeah baby boy In the place (for you and yours) to be Da uh da uh, we got the uh ya'll We bout to rock ya'll, we got the uh baby... Yo yo yo check it Excite-ting, enlight-ning, invite-ting I'm writin shit that I feel Raps are Black Steel In the Hour of commotion, the motion of Com Is like that of a ocean, devotion cuz I'm The Earth, Wind, and Fire of hip hop By Rakim and Short I been inspired My shit knocks environ---ments of cats wit seventeen's tint, time is money The mind is funny, how it's spent on gettin it It's sittin wit descendants of Abraham Who say the jam is Money, Cash, Hoes I went from bashful to asshole to international Lover-self, word to the mother on my last record cover it's felt Now deal wit it Chorus: Bilal I wanna get into it Let's do this I wanna see you move it So move it So let's just get into it Let's do this Can you feel the music The music oh ah, can you feel the music, the music [Common] Yo check it yo In this never-ending battle to please Niggas, magazine writers, MC's Who request hot shit, I freeze And tell em where I was rose, we always said cold Hold your Horses and ya Carriages, this never-went-gold nigga Rocks shows care-less You not gon' respect self, at least respect the heritage Affect the lives, the spread of wealth and the merit is I realize what I portray day to day, I gotta carry this And beats, rhymes and life is where the marriage is Had Dreams of Fuckin R amp;B broads, it came true Journalist I wreck, shared the same view Picked up a fallen angel on the path that I MC Familiar voice, come to find out the angel was me Some say You changin, Rashid Times are, we still close I rhyme far, away away away From what you accustomed to hearin everyday, uh-ah You know the dope-choppin, gun-poppin, homies dyin I'm amongst it, save the war stories for Private Ryan, INI Chorus [Common] Yo check it yo Women cry, children laugh, men dance I refuse to lose self and try to win fans over Weight on my shoulder fluctuates like Oprah's My refrigerator poetry's magnetic like ultra You couldn't hang if you was a poster Posin like a bitch for exposure It's rumors of gay MC's, just don't come around me wit it You still rockin hickies, don't let me find out he did it Got My Eyes on the Tiger, Eyes on the Prize Eyes on the thighs of Mary J. Blige, imagin on how good the cat must be Stop eatin meat, lost weight, but I still rap husky My verse depth is that of a baby's first step Or the old lady who died and the nurse wept I flow like cursive writing, invitin you and yours to my openess Shows allow me to cop Range/range like a vocalist But man does not live on bread alone What good is a Range/range when it's time to head home Chorus 2x [Common] *during chorus on the second time* We be that, we be that Afrodisiac, disiac We be that, we be that Afrodisiac, disiac We be that, we be that Afrodisiac, disiac We be that, we be that Afrodisiac, disiac We be that, we be that Afrodisiac, disiac We be that, we be that Afrodisiac, disiac yeah

Last Days

AZ "Pieces Of A Man"
AZ: It's on for now, niggas ballin' now (uh huh) It's The Firm baby, ain't no fallin' down Thorugh your eyes see your snakeness (Uh huh) No lie, Doe Or Die, try to take this Stay swift, you can follow if you tailgate (C'mon) Reminiscin' when a nigga used to sell weight Well laced, G.A. in the summertime, Freaknick (C'mon) Back and forth to the ball game, Hen in the cup (Ah) Through the years niggas all changed, livin' it up Takin's steps to the next level, seen the light What it be like, now, puttin' weed in the pipe CHORUS: [AZ] Berakin' day, off this shit here This year, snatched loot everywhere Next year, takin' what we left here A fear, for thugs Hoes get dug, foes get slugs Just because {Repeat Chorus Twice} AZ: Cancun at the Jazzfest First time we ever met you was half dressed Easy access (Ah) You and you whole crew, ya alright When you beep use Code 2, call tonight Got a villa full of young Dons Champagne and a grill on my front lawn What's song? We can dance to some more jams Finally meet Nas and the whole fam Roseland, love is love when it's all good, clutch ya name (yeah.. yeah) Through my eyes, I'm all hood, fuck the fame Play a script like Larenz Tate, bench weights (Yeah) Worked out stay in shape Benz plates Cruise around wit the hot sounds Pumped loud, I Be by Fox Brown It's locked down Overall tryin' to make moves stay in the mix Motivated by the ace, deuce, tre and the six {Repeat Chorus 2 Times} AZ: Wanna bring it to me right way Face to face, (yeah) when you see me get ya lie straight It's high stakes, (uh huh) goin' up against a street playa, true type (uh huh) Get the paper handle beef later, never too hype Analyze from the next man, wants war Still alive, on the next plan, wantin' more Outta town tryin' to get mine stay in the cut (Uh huh) Cubans control the prices, keep raisin' 'em up! Peace and love to my allies (Uh, uh) play on Stayin' up, high late at nights, stay strong Sittin' up lettin' all y'all know the deal This Firm shit is on for real (For real) {Repeat Chorus 5 Times}


(chorus) I wish I could fly away from here unto a place for You and me relax ya mind relax ya mind and I will fulfill your fantasy. (Belo) Well I want to be ya fantasy but I got to keep it real Im a pimp baby sure enough cause I got too many chicks on da side and I love to smoke and ride so you will recognize a true thug fill the game I go out like two slugs ya think ya ass is da bomb you too bugged anyway I can take you on a little cruise and we can do the things ya really really want a do cause im a man I believe in friends I can give a little if you let me in we can hit the city like alone we been we can fly to coon with the mexicans but ya gotta plan when the sex begins and I dont really mind if ya lesbien we can be a trio if ya bring ya friend call her then we could been strait to the crib and pop the chris pour loui you do me most be little over to me but I cant help it just to be me original po p-i-m-p dobb hats city sharp do you really want to be my fantasy my fantasy. (chorus) x2 (second verse) Thats yo friend and she goin say hes a pimp dont get caught up in any composition my name was brought up you need to check yo homie but not tonight you involved in something thats oh so right lay some pipe sip on some remy and stay the night glows of vertical blinds searching for line medical phisical burden of mine un button her blous how can I obtain this inner ambitous lust roll back yo gucci dress recieve the touch sexual thoughts that leave nuts is it me or you who tried to resist got you convinced lost in the mist grabbing the sheets and balling her fists close yo eyes go deeper than this ex-hale and curece the way it was ment I guess its another way that we vent but please no hickey leave me wishful whissper what you need im going to get the entire picture I wish you wish. (chorus) x2 (belo) I put the back to the front door in the c its down town mo mo one chick had the look of an nypho and my conversation just to a essintal make a ma took a puff like indo layed back in the drop while the wind blow little momma drink belve or hen oh pretty eyes thick thighs at the side door she benificial to a man like me oh walked in wit a pation kiss on her neck while we laughing she be giving up on ass then ask them do you want fly wit me belo wana take a trip wit me belo I can make you happy and this I know fly to Italy chris to the floor do you wanna man that can sound like me all day niggaz that be out like me here to make you look and bounce like me original po p-i-m-p dobb hats city sharp do you really want to be my fantasy my fantasy. (chorus) x2

No Awareness

Dr. Octagon "Dr. Octagonecologyst"
[Dr. Octagon] Your organic medical talk propels off my arms The atom bomb final Lionel Richie not couth for this battle I battle sing-sing-sing like bing-bing-bing ricochet rapid grab it like a poppa Watch you jam like a techer with old energy it's me lyrically bionically you're panicked B You end up in the ?, as I begat Fertilizin your chrome, dome boils sore medicated All flows rose and have a tweakin speakin Puerto Rican the powerful machine gun stun Ba-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum, ambulence, lights bright Paramedics fetish your legs with eggs chicken hatch Can't find too they dead ex, but the skin don't match Chorus: Dr. Octagon (repeat 3X) And you say, no awareness, swift as gold [Sir Menelik] Bio-production is greatly increased, magnetic fields Velocity of projectiles, electro-liquid experiments Theoretical observances and critical procedures, cool to seventy-seven Kelvins, by submerging, steel cylinders Secure capacitated it in the cyrogenic containin the crude samples One millimeter, in diameter Since the last explosion, December 3rd, 1992 Reinforce mixin copper nickel-beryllium oxide Concentric layers, proportional carbon density of the radius Indisturbed existance if it does produce contradictory statements or quantum, wave functions, mechanic mind out of matter This behaviour is accompanied by concious experience Remains astral, flexing as ever Ask Copernicus about pushing limits Chorus [Dr. Octagon] Like a twenty-five, pep-a-pep-pep, pellets beebee guns will stun buns, kickin up dirt dust, must you see me hittin like beepers, beep beep, vibrate Take swift shake swift with myth, while you smoke a spliff Change strange and detour thought more minds with signs of minds on 8 by 10 class when atomic lines You keep a deep thought, bop bought My planet court rehearsal is a must, lust my vital is a point to bust my inhabitants, past.. tense ever since Presidents.. Lyndon B. Jerry, John, George and Carter like Optimus deep silk reflects on a starter Megatron, REJUVENATE! Chorus 1.33X [Sir Menelik] Edge, dislocation specifically, opporunity to form and ultimately fail, under stress depends, on science immobile epoxy, or stock composites New conductors maximum amp use much finer, filaments Eighteen percent, of volume, minus . three six nine degrees Celsius, a record for resistive, electromagnets A hybrid design, seven-hundred thirty-thousand gauss for all types of DC residents, absorbed in flowin through fifteen=thousand one-hundred watt, lightbulbs Tremendous heat is generated, driven by direct but not oscillating, current Extremely, powerful, fascinating Engineering reflections, acoustic depth by analysis Vulnerable, to legal talents High exposure, requires, mental protection, replica Artificial dynamic Microsoft tech Heavy black cables Nova robot, demanding, battery power Acids found, in Josephalia, the master gene

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