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Big Daddy Kane lyrics - Daddy's Home

3 Forties And A Bottle Of Moet

Original and similar lyrics
Funkdafied one time for your mind This is how we gonna get it off baby Now dig the flavor, ohhhhhhh yeah I got the Mister Cee in the place to be Of course, I be the Big Daddy Kane, here to entertain I got Ax-el, ready to max well Yessir, we gon' get busy one time for ya dig it right We gonna call this 3 Forties and a Bottle of Moet Why Cause I drunk 3 Forties and a Bottle of Moet Plain and simple, but this is how it's gonna go for ya Mister Cee, yo It goes a-one, two, three.. Some people call me Kane some people call me Big Daddy My momma's name is Ruth and my pops is Clay Bradley I got a little brother, some of y'all may just know him I would say his name, but we ain't speakin at the moment I walk through the streets of New York everyday I hang with rappers like Doug E. Fresh and Cool J I hang with Tone Loc and Don Cheadle in L.A., plus +I Got a Man+ you know the Positive K I get blasted with the Ol' Dirty Bastard So peace to the RZA, the GZA and to the rest of the Wu-Tang niggaz My man Shyhiem with the gangsta lean, da cream to rise to the top, and you don't stop And Mister Cee, is in the place to be And Mister Cee, is in the place to be Oh Mister Cee is in the place to be And missjones in the house most definitely Ax-el, ready to max well Ax-el, ready to max well The B to the I to the like to the G Rockin on to the break of D As I keep it strong I won't steer you wrong I'm tired of this, let's go on to the next song


ATMOSPHERE "You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having"
[Slug] BAM!! We land at your table like dinnertime Asinine amount of women in the ticketline Hit it from behind the picket sign Switch the design and reposition the shine Subdue what they knew thrown askew Cut through with the focus of a "fuck you" Frozen moments grown up made work Open up the doorway, sewn up, pay dirt Everybody wants to party full belly still suckin on the parsley Star sleeps between the hard sheets You only parked on the street to hear the cars beep Pan left, pan right, damn right the econoline Weaves through the landmines Continues until I leave mankind Can't find control of the wheels on the van like BAM!! We land on your plate like a housefly Just another face from the southside The fall guy, all eyes on the tall small fry While I try not to make this doll cry What you call "fly"? what you call "fresh" Multi-bulls-eye-sex-and-checks-and-death I guess I'm best left for dead in a breath That was never impressed by what's possesed Girlfriend I need your help Cause the head on my shoulders won't fuck itself And homeboy, I need you as well, cause I gotta live And I got a little bridge to sell Gonna build a home out of syllables Gonna be alone when the whistle blows Cut the embyllical on the cymbols The break'll shake your silicone when you feel it go BAM!! (and when they started to scream, I thought of Mike G singin "Everything good aint as good as it seems" get ripped like flash) BAM!! WE land on tour tongue like words Didn't understand they were sung by birds The sunlight burnt to disturb the earth When the gun-fight burst occured BAM!! WE land in your gut like hungar Sunk your ship while you slept in the bunker The thunder don't stop the slumber, plug in the sub Turn it up, let the drummer go BAM!! We land on your head like rain drops With a chainsaw laced in napalm Weight loss, pill pop, chaos Thank god the best plays are made when the game stops BAM!! And if I gotta die, I got faith the decision was made That I was outta line BAM!! And if I gotta die, I'ma smile from the pile Cause I wasn't on the bottom, I'm a man With a child and a voice and a lovelife IF I get a choice then I hope I go just like BAM!!

Throwdown 2000

COOLIO "My Soul"
Chorus: Are you ready to throwdown? Yes we are! Well, get on down like your 'posed to and shake your ass on the carpet like the old school Are you ready to throwdown? Yes we are! Well, get on down like your 'posed to and give a loc a little dap when he walks through Verse 1: If there be a dope beat then all y'all see Get up out your seat and let me see yo technique Freak yo physique and you betta not compete Make it hot and sweaty like twenty deep in a jeep Never comin' cheap, forty creep And I hope you don't mind if I borrow a few things while you go to sleep I steal money from the rich And give it to the poor, it's Coolio loco and ghetto witch doctor super, you are Bring it from the back and bring it to the front Cause you gotta give the people what they want Now hump, do the stomp to the butt Big homie shake your gut As long as you get your ass up It's a party over here and let me make it clear 40 Thevz is the crew So you better come anew Ain't a damn thing change since the first one And if you didn't hear the album go get one (One) Chorus: Are you ready to throwdown? Yes we are! Well, get on down like your 'posed to and shake your ass on the carpet like the old school Are you ready to throwdown? Yes we are! Well, get on down like your 'posed to and give a loc a little dap when he walks through. Verse 2: Here come the thief on the old school beat And I never knew the meaning of the word defeat The master of disguise wanna see the people's eyes Yet, fools try to deny that the ?man? can fly Just cook 'em all up like gumbo And block their ass like Mutumbo Cause your album dropped off the charts like Dumbo We are new and improved to make you put on your boogie shoes Like K.C. and the Sunshine Band, or the Wu-Tang Clan I go way back like Vegas, Nixon, Noreaga It's the tennis shoe players fat box on the quiet station Now what if hip hop was like Humpty Dumpty sittin' on the wall And what if hip hop had to take a great fall And what if rhyme was a crime And each and every time That you spit a dope line You might have to do some time Most of these clowns will be tryin' to skip town But Coolio will be ready for the showdown Chorus: Are you ready to throwdown? Yes we are! Well, get on down like your 'posed to and shake your ass on the carpet like the old school Are you ready to throwdown? Yes we are! Well, get on down' like your 'posed to and pass a joint to the loc when he roll through Verse 3: If the shoe fit, put it on and stick And if your ass uncash don't let your mouth write no check Fools be in the bars unadvanced with a switch Uppercuts and fight kicks with Weird Al Yankovich From Tokyo to Sojo, rollin wit the 4-0 This hip hop that I'm holdin' I'll make it move your hoe It's the Vandino, everything but rhyme's broken Breakin' a nigga with first position at the open You can't understand how I do it I'm just true to it I let my pen flow across the paper like it was made affluent Uh, let it ring, let it rip Everybody holler like Marvin Gaye, but don't you let the record skip Synchronize the watch, cause the party don't stop Till the neighborhood watch call the cops It's the wild ass festival, coast line veteran Once again droppin' bombs on yo section (On yo section) Chorus: Are you ready to throwndown? Yes we are! Well, get on down like your 'posed to and shake your ass on the carpet like the old school Are you ready to throwdown? Yes we are! Well, get on down like your 'posed to and pass the brew to the loc when he roll through Are you ready to throwdown? Yes we are! Well, get on down like your 'posed to and shake your ass on the carpet like the old school Are you ready to throwdown? Yes we are! Well, get on down like your 'posed to and give a loc a little dap when he roll through. Fool!


Kool Keith "Matthew"
Man it's been quiet in the Bronx since Kate Rich got killed I heard some kid wearin a mink fakin like he live in Brooklyn squealed We gon' need Johnny Cochran man, I'm tellin you Gotta get everybody out.. [Kool Keith] Chill at home watchin the Mets I'ma tell Suge Knight to call Big Kap and Funkmaster Flex Tony Green is out of jail with a five billion dollar bail I'ma hire two men with machine guns to do retail Independent promotion, a couple of people got they legs broken Record exec found dead, body in Hoboken Autopsy explainin what parts remainin New York police department, the F.B.I. said this guy wasn't playin Tape around this punk's mouth, what is he sayin? Turned the radio up and cut his arms off and throw him off the top of the Waldorf Call Fat Kat in prison Tell him his right hand mand already did that Ten cars, meet me at the Lincoln Tunnel with stockin cops We're gonna count to the one-oh, put butter on the bun-oh Black killed the program director but first let him sniff some blow See the man with the suit? Light up the kid with the bomber jacket and Timberland boots Comin at you like Tupac in Juice , I'ma get loose Chorus: Kool Keith (repeat 3X) We work nine to nine, we never sleep full time.. Diamonds, we bring violence! [Kool Keith] Send a coffin up to Billboard with flowers in the lobby A picture of me with Gene Griffin holdin a hand-grenade I'ma fax you a copy - and let you know my job ain't sloppy Extort the industry cause Nicky Barnes is gonna be in charge of every label's distribution My street team is gonna be eight men with loaded tecs Ridin around with Chrysler PT cruisers from a mental institution Whip mob style, Tone Capone AZ in charge of publicity on the phone Crazy Joe outside to meet the mixtape DJ's with carbombs in the parkin zone - purple Cadillac lavender two-tone A box packed up with a chopped off human head with a murdered pitbull with a knife in his stomach Federal Express to your secret home Sonny D handle the Wherehouse and Tower Take Coconuts and Sam Goody and hire David Berkowitz as a receptionist for more power Extreme impact when Uniter Parcel bring bazookas and bombs in from Iraq Close the George Washington Bridge when we attack Carryin duffle bag sacks Larry Davis is workin with a thirty-eight magnum Big stations won't have any problem hearin the wax (I'll play it!) With Kingston, Jamaica Sendin the video to HBO and Cinemax Chorus [Kool Keith] Look at the bottom of your car, now start it Wire on your doorknob That's me across the street, wearin a pinstripe suit with a (???), with black glasses talkin to Grandmaster Flash Lookin at your black asses Chorus

I'm Going To Be A Teenage Idol

ELTON JOHN "Don't Shoot Me (I'm Only The Piano Player)"
Well there's slim times when my words won't rhyme And the hills I face are a long hard climb I just sit cross legged with my old guitar It kind of makes me feel like a rock and roll star Well it makes me laugh Lord it makes me cry And I think for once let me just get high Let me get electric put a silk suit on Turn my old guitar into a tommy gun And root-toot-shoot myself to fame Every kid alive gonna know my name An overnight phenomenon like there's never been A motivated supersonic king of the scene I'll be a teenage idol, just give me a break I'm gonna be a teenage idol no matter how long it takes You can't imagine what it means to me I'm gonna grab myself a place in history A teenage idol that's what I'm gonna be Well life is short and the world is rough And if you're gonna boogie boy you got to be tough Nobody knows if I'm dead or alive I just drink myself to sleep each night And so I pray to the teenage god of rock If I make it big let me stay on top You got to cut me loose from this one room dive Put me on the ladder keep this boy alive

A Walk

BAD RELIGION "The Gray Race"
I'm going for a walk not the after dinner kind I'm gonna use my hands and I'm gonna use my mind and who the hell are you to tell me what to do you can't even tie your own haggard shoes your closet is a mess, and your backyard's falling down and I have no grand ideas or intentions of sticking around I'm gonna build a world independant and exempt all alone I'll be an empire with no mortgage and no rent and I don't need to live in your stinking zoo you can't even feed the animals donated to you your storage sheds are ramshackled, flies decorate the walls and you expect me to die here in this shit-filled tiny stall and I know you're watching! everything I do call me threat to your children call me socially unglued call me master of insanity, unable to relate call me lazy, bane, and filthy call me monstrous reprobate I'm going for a walk and there's nothing you can do 'cuz I don't have to live like you so I'm going for a walk

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