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BIC RUNGA lyrics - Drive


Original and similar lyrics
Don't stray, don't ever go away I should be much too smart for this You know it gets the better of me Sometimes, when you and I collide I fall into an ocean of you, pull me out in time Don't let me drown, let me down I say it's all because of you And here I go, losing my control I'm practising your name so I can say it to your face It doesn't seem right, to look you in the eye Let all the things you mean to me Come tumbling out my mouth Indeed it's time to tell you why I say it's infinitely true CHORUS: Say you'll stay, don't come and go Like you do Sway my way, yeah I need to know All about you And there's no cure, and no way to be sure Why everything's turned inside out Instilling so much doubt It makes me so tired - I feel so uninspired My head is battling with my heart My logic has been torn apart And now it all turns sour Come sweeten every afternoon CHORUS TWICE It's all because of you It's all because of you Now it all turns sour, come sweeten every afternoon It's time to tell you why, I say it's infinitely true CHORUS TWICE It's all because of you It's all because of you It's all because of you

Until I Get Over You

Woke up today thinking of you another night that i made my way through so many dreams still left in my mind but they can never come true i press rewind and remember when i close my eyes and i'm with you again but in the end i can still feel the pain - every time i hear your name Chorus the sun won't shine since you went away seems like the rains falling every day there's just one heart, where there once was two but that's the way it's gotta be, 'til i get over you.... walked through the park, in the evening air i heard a voice and i thought you were there i run away but i just can't escape memories of you everywhere they say that time will dry the tears but true love burns for a thousand years give my tomorrows for one yesterday just to know i could have you here chorus when will this river of tears stop fallin' where can i run so i won't feel alone can't walk away when the pain keeps calling i just gotta take it from here on my own but it's so hard to let go chorus that's the way it's gotta be until i get over you 'til i get over you

It'z A Set Up

GANG STARR "Moment Of Truth"
We got news for ya -- gt; scratched by DJ Premier Chorus: Guru and Hannibal [Guru] While they devise our demise, we grow wise [Hann] Upset the set up, the element of surprise [both] IT'Z A SET UP [Guru] It's time to upset the set up Verse One: Guru Though they conspire, fake us to make us retire With the burning desire we make it out of the crossfire Thoughts are higher, elevating and focused while the path is narrow, for those like us Primo beats provoke us to meditate like Zen With the will and the strength, of a million men While they introspect, where nothing is met It's been that way for a while so much has come and then went But I'm confident, a few, are due to redeem their respective kingdoms, with an abundance of cream So if I were to scheme, it would be on a realer dream Like formin effective teams to filter the smokescreens You totin in jeans, don't even know the true envy The man I'm pickin apart, and plus they both were friends to me Past trivial pursuits like East and West coast feuds Come against me on the mic, many and most will lose Like most dudes, I love this hip-hop, and this rap stuff But I don't like the shows, where the ignorant act up While some'll be rippin it, they be in the crowd wildin Flippin on kids, for the chains and medallions Or the kid they don't like, from a beef from way back And decide that's the night, perfect time for payback It's wack for the group, plus the others who came to see a fat ass show, instead there's bullets aflame Chorus Verse Two: Hannibal Still waters run deep this is leagues in depth Quiet as kept they slept we crept Society puts the squeeze on MC's like iron grips of death From here on in peace and blessings long cherish your breath Gifted and Rhyme U now how we do, stay true Follow through lay down the law, cause it's probable and overdue All systems overdue, my guns know me I only hold a few my nigga for only a few hold me Never forget the ones before me, my momma told me sacrifice for the ones behind me leadin the seeds Blind leads, black on black, crime to me Inclined to refine my creed I eat thinkin lead Conceive to make the beast bleed, enhance thoughts like tossed trees 'cross the Earth three-fourths Let my offspring feed all three, corpus delectis cost me Lost and found on enemy ground, quoted although they don't know how we get down at sound speed we breed Mo more confined to blind greed and self destructive deeds Heed my freedom war cry, of course I'm N.Y. Hug my peeps that died, the loved ones alive Reinforce and fly high as I lie so shall I from New I to Cali next plateau U.N.I.versal Unleash the black rain Show em who in control, electro-magnetic pull on the hole, ill as toters bang out Til we sittin on swole the strongest way to grow The only way I know, Underground Railroad on track No physical or mental chain can shackle that [answering machine messages]

Everything Changes

Ammo Poetic
Chorus Watcha gonna do when it's too late (You go for fame but the streets speak my name) Oh Watcha gonna do when it's too late (Forgettin' your roots will bring you shame) Oh Watcha gonna do (Take it from the MC's) Tell me watcha gonna do (Cause we've been through the pain) Ah Watcha gonna do when it's too late (We will survive look into our eyes can you see the flame) *YOGI B* I remember the times in the days of way back *C.LOCO* Young mack Mr Point Blanc lay down the facts *POINT BLANC* Recollections memories unfold days of the old I hold precious like 24 carat gold Visions of my life back in a time of backpackin' Struggling empty pockets pipe water I be guzzlin' Thirst from burning sun blazin' down the earth Ipoh City the land where my hip hop gave birth *YOGI B* Let me tell you a true story my true story From the kampung to city unbelievable glory I sat down in solitude and wrote rhymes everyday I dreamed I would be a great rapper somehow someway So I journey on up and down every record label in town $ 1.20 for the mini bus but mostly I walked around Took all the rap competitions shared my skills wit so many Major labels won't sign me up but Hip Hop ain't about money Chorus *POINT BLANC* The present situation back in '97 Lifestyles hectic circumstances be critical Intense pressure drivin' my mental maniacal Craftin' an album on a level that be radical Still I remain the mack as I was way back True to the fact that hip hop's my greatest asset *C.LOCO* It's human nature we survive when all other fails Try to make a living when fools tellin' tall tales Undeniable rap skills made viable It's not impossible high standards are attainable Without doubt when we're two steps ahead Indirectly cause a revolution in the industry Totally incur phenomenal popularity With mad respect and hold street credibility The Ammo be Poetic give props to our name I still be the same Mad Wizard in tha game Chorus *LANDSLYDE* Now let me put into a line the story history of Landslyde Def Rhyme which started a long time Ago as an innocent young brat who loved Hip hop glad that I did now no one is gonna Stop me even though there are gonna be hard Times and good times I see as if I've never Gone through this pain and misery no matter What changes my devotion I will be the same And my emotion and my name The Black Chinaman seeking no fame no Temptation bootie calls nor Asian dolls Hey Siew Koon ! It's time I've learned my lesson No way no more of this stress of this foolishness Appreciate my kindness baby *YOGI B* Destiny comes in the sound of Positive Tone With three other MC's now Yogi B not alone You fear my talent although you I never dissed Now it's my turn superstar but just answer me this Don't try you know you'll miss Chorus * 2

Blue And Brown

JIMMY WAYNE "Jimmy Wayne"
We were like a pair of shoes, you never saw one of us Without the other, we were brothers but we weren't kin Those neighborhood football games was the only time You might ever see us on different teams back then Ah we'd cuss one another for all that the other was worth But in our hearts we were only cussing each other's shirt CHORUS: I wore blue and he wore brown But we both knew the colors didn't count At the end of the day we'd walk away There was no doubt that we were friends for life I wore blue and he wore brown We lost touch, I got a job working for the state He did a crime, got some time, oh I'd never thought That waitin' for the transfer bus to arrive at gate number one When it pulled up he'd step off in cuffs, oh how I fought Back the tears as I led him down to cell block three He said I know you're just doing your job, as I turned the key And just like those football games that we played in There we stood on different sides again CHORUS True friends are few and far between But nothing comes between true friends CHORUS

He Was In Heaven Before He Died

JOHN PRINE "Common Sense"
There's a rainbow of babies Draped over the graveyard Where all the dead sailors Wait for their brides And the cold bitter snow Has strangled each grassblade Where the salt from their tears Washed out with the tide Chorus And I smiled on the Wabash The last time I passed it Yes I gave her a wink From the passenger side And my foot fell asleep As I swallowed my candy Knowing he was in heaven Before he died Now the harbor's on fire With the dreams and desires Of a thousand young poets Who failed 'cause they tried For a rhyme without reason Floats down to the bottom Where the scavengers eat 'em And wash in with the tide Repeat Chorus: The sun can play tricks With your eyes on the highway The moon can lay sideways Till the ocean stands still But a person can't tell His best friend he loves him Till time has stopped breathing You're alone on the hill Repeat Chorus:

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