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BIC RUNGA lyrics - Beautiful Collision


Original and similar lyrics
If gravity let us go We would all go flying And I'll meet you somewhere in the milky night Away past the satellites The breeze is dressed so lightly And it breathes onto this fire escape Where all our secrets melt like ice Leaving only water Night will close us down And change the view And I'll promise you what I can I forget myself when I'm with you Please remind me who I am Dancing like a landslide Swinging round the living room We fall like sudden rain from sullen skies Singing to the radio's tune Say my name aloud And make it new And I'll promise you what I can I forget myself when I'm with you Please remind me who I am Day so soon, hear all the traffic move The sirens all fill this room till we both have to shout From the road, watching the stars explode You and I breathe so slow How strange the sound

Lick And A Promise

Johnny come lately on a Saturday night Singin' how de do Backstreet a boogie in the house of delight Where they steal the show The money come sour but the ladies are sweet It's a love affair Whole place rockin', people stompin' their feet A when the gang's all there He gets his woman every night for free He's out there rockin' like you wouldn't believe I sing na, na, na, na, na Na, na, na, na, na Johnny like to gamble with his lady Louise She was a black jack deuces are wild He got to thinking 'bout his nose in the breeze Put it there, Johnny looked and he smiled He started thinking 'bout the fortune and fame With the young girls down at his knees He dug the money but forgot all the names So he knew just how to appease [Chorus:] Lick and a promise Lick and a promise Lick and a promise He gave the ladies a Lick and a promise Lick and a promise He gave the ladies a Lick and a promise Loose change grubber in his early, early years Had his poor mama pacin' the floors He grabbed a guitar and a couple a beers Now the crowd keeps screamin' for more He gets his woman every night for free He's out there rockin' like you wouldn't believe I sing na, na, na, na, na Sing na, na, na, na, na Na, na, na, na

Don't Go

SILK "Love Session"
[Intro] Umm, promises, promises, promises Baby, promise that you'll never leave me Baby, promise that we'll always be Together, forever Please don't go 1 - Lady, promise that you'll never leave me Babe, promise that we'll always be Don't go, don't go I'm leaving you this message I'm sorry that I couldn't be home But one night while I was out on the road I didn't spend the night alone, no I let my weakness get the best of me She was just a one night stand I know I was wrong Just don't leave me alone Without you in my life I'm only half a man [Tamar] I got your message And I can't believe the things you said Now that the shoe is on the other foot It's messing with my head, oh Repeat 1 [Tamar] I'm writing you this letter Cuz I couldn't tell you face to face I let temptations get the best of me I know it was a big mistake. baby No I don't ever wanna loose your love Cuz my heart couldn't take the pain I know I was wrong Just don't leave me alone Cuz nothin in my life would ever be the same [Silk] I got your letter And I can't believe the things I read, no Now that the shoe is on the other foot It's messin' with my head, oh Repeat 1 with ad libs until fade

Last Night 10,000

M People "Fresco"
Don't let the rain wash my heart I've love in here but where do I start. No more life to my shoes. Don't look my way you know I'm bad news. Feel the tears on my cheek. Abuse me now 'cause I've got to eat. Where was last night I forget. This ain't no big issue just life and death. Last night 10,000 out in the rain bellowing silence maybe it's now or never again. Eyes are down looking in I'm sorry but I'm not on your screen. I hold a cup in my hand to help me reach my own promised land. Crown of thorns on my head wrapped up in my own cardboard bed. I got youth by my side a victim of your crime nothing to hide. Last night 10,000 out in the rain bellowing silence maybe it's now or never again. I'll do anything to forget after all what is there left. But in the black of night frosty stars and vice. I'm too old to learn too young to burn And as you walk by with ghosts in your eyes the World still turns.

To Dethrone The Witch Queen Of Mytos Kunn

Bal Sagoth
The Chronicles of War: The vast armies of Mytos K'unn, marshalled by a sorceress of great power known as Zyrashana the Witch-Queen, had been cutting a swath through the Eastern Kingdoms since high summer the preceding year. Empowering her troops with great sorceries, she had seen all opposition fall before the ravening swords of her forces since the first bloody campaign; the invasion of the ancient and noble realm of Delania. The aftermath of the final battle had seen the systematic slaughter of the Delanian royal family, and the torture and execution of all those who had been loyal to their banner. During the ensuing months, more kingdoms and satrapies toppled before the might of Zyrashana's legions, commanded by the fearsome and unswervingly loyal battle-lord Talus Ebonfyre, a man of sublime brutality whom many beleived to be possessed by a demon-spirit from the dark realms. Emboldened by their victories and the expansion of their queen's dark dominion, the hordes of Mytos K'unn began the incursion into the lands of the Northern Tribes, beginning with the grim and brooding territories south of the Snow Kingdoms... the rugged homelands of the warlike clans which had been recently united into a strong realm by the powerful warrior-king Caylen-Tor, a man known to his allies and enemies alike as the Wolf of the North. Thinking the barbaric tribesmen little threat, the Witch-Queen intends a largely unopposed march throught their lands to strike at the wealthy and fertile realms beyond the Mountain Kingdoms to the west... but Caylen-Tor has vowed that a searing torrent of blood and steel shall meet all those who deign to enter unwelcome or drive their standard unbidden into his land... As grim winter slowly yields to spring, the armies of Mytos K'unn begin their march northwards, and news of the advance of the Witch-Queen's forces into Blackhelm Vale, the valley known for centuries as the Gate to the Northlands, soon reaches the highland stronghold of Caylen-Tor. Grimly taking up his sword and spear and donning the woad of war, he vows that Zyrashana shall pay in blood for every league she has dared venture in his sacred lands. Scouts soon return with the information that the enemy is camped at the base of the valley, preparing to march with th dawn. The court shamans forsee rivers of blood and untold carnage, and great battlespells are woven as Caylen-Tor leads his vastly outnumbered Northlander warriors to the misty, moon-swathed expanse that is Blackhelm Vale. Legends say that the blood of many kings has been spilled on the dark earth of the valley over the generations, and Caylen-Tor promises to his grim gods that the earth will once again drink deep this night. With his army silent and brooding beneath the moon, he knows that whatever the outcome, this night shall see a legend of war written in blood and the deaths of men... a legend none shall soon forget... The War Testament of Caylen-Tor (On the Night of the Bloodying of Swords): O' grim gods of battle, empower us this night... Anoint us with the crimson rain, feed our steel with slaughter... Let every blow be a killing blow, grant us victory, or a warrior's death. Come, moon-fogs, Descend to cloak our numbers, the heady scent of battle beckons, My ash-hafted spear feels good in my hands, girt 'round with spells (our flesh gloriously) woad anointed, Ravens awaiting slaughter soar high above, blood-worms bloat on red carnage, I'll carve the moon-wheel in their flesh, as havoc churns the heather! A swirling mantle of mist-magic swathes us, powerful spells woven by the fen-witches of the great mere... Deep night and moon-mist shall be our allies as we surge into the fray! At my bidding, the fog clears for a brief moment, and I gaze down upon the valley to behold the army of the Witch-Queen... great tents arrayed upon the heather, powerful steeds tethered, the light from countless burning brands illumining the night, many warriors standing, weapons in hand... aye, all sword fodder. Entwined in war-fogs... Entwined by war-spells... Blessed in blood as raven-saters, slake the thirst of steel burning bright, Reap the harvest of spilled entrails, we'll return with many heads this night. The death-ravening black fury fills me, The spatter of hot blood seet on my lips, This yard of steel sings a deadly song in my grasp! Cleaving bodies left and right, a head falls with each swing of my blade, A storm of shafts screaming form yew-bows, (through their armoured ranks we shall) carve a path with steel, a blood-drenched swath! And the thirst of the earth shall be slaked with blood at the fields of carnage... A staggering sea of crimson, a towering mountain of ravaged flesh, All enraptured by the searing kiss of steel, All surfeit from supping deep of the grim chalice of battle... Brooding gods of the north, display to these outlander thralls thine ire, Envenom our blades with the death-kiss of a thousand serpents, Unfetter the dread war-wolves within us, That their claws may rend, and their jaws may be reddened. The bloodying is at hand! My spear hammers into the chest of a warrior, and bright blood erupts from his lips as he falls to the heather. I turn aside a vicious swordthrust and my own blade snakes out to cleave the neck of the attacker, shearing through his veins in a shower of dark red. An enemy blade opens my shoulder to the bone, but I sweep my axe out in a deadly arc, its iron head rending armour and biting deep into flesh. Talus Ebonfyre's abdomen yawns open and he staggers back as his intestines spew forth in a pulsing mass. I sunder his head with another blow as he falls and his skull yields to spill its steaming contents to the earth. As I watch, a writhing, shadowy form rises from the smitten corpse of the Witch- Queen's warlord and flees howling into the night... I vault to the saddle of a riderless black war-horse and seize the banner of Mytos-K'unn... for every one of us that has fallen, we have taken five of the enemy screaming with us... the battle is ours! Bright moon, gleam o'er moor and heather, wood and vale, deep fen and lake, Grim mountains crowned with snows, great rings of stones, black 'neath the stars, The storms extol our ancient glory, great mounds feed us, power from the sacred earth. With faith and steel we walk our shadowed paths, our blood runs as fire, swords blessed by sorcery. Wolves of the north, raise thine steel to the skies, revel in the pride of your wounds, Let our victory-song ride the winds of this blood-gorged eve, For on this night of red swords we have wrought a legend, Forged in the fires of our rage, and tempered with the spilled blood of the slain... O' grim gods of battle, empower us this night and always, Anoint us with the crimson rain, forever feed our steel with slaughter... Let every blow be a killing blow, grant us eternal victory, 'til we die a warrior's death. And so did Caylen-Tor turn the armies of Mytos K'unn back from the frontiers of his northern kingdom. Those enemy soldiers who fled the field as the mist lifted and their banner fell, are hunted down and brought to their knees before the king. Summoning a surviving warrior Mytos K'unn, Caylen-Tor gives unto him two gifts with which to return to his queen; one is the fallen, sundered banner of Mytos K'unn, the other is the cloven head of Talus Ebonfyre. The king's words ring out over the blood-drenched moor: Take this message back to your queen... if ever again she deigns to strike against my people, the slaughter this night will seem as naught compared to the havoc I shall visit upon her then. When news of the defeat and the fearsome message of Caylen-Tor reached Mytos K'unn, Zyrashana's spells of regal dominance waned, and her many courtiers and councillors, liberated from the imposition of subservience, plotted against their queen, 'til soon she was driven from the great royal palace by her own elite guard, her throne seized by an ambitious baron who had won the favour of the nobles and mages of the realm. Evading inprisonment and surviving only by her mastery of spellcraft, Zyrashana fled to the satrapies of the east, and nothing more was seen or heard of her for some considerable time... Lyrics: Byron Music: Jonny Maudling

Back And Forth

Dismemberment Plan "Emergency I"
There's a kind of music that reminds me of you It's all clear expensive drinks and shiny shirts And the click of heels as they descend from the taxi Like the first foot on the moon, oh, and it glows with ache And if it hits me right it's almost too much to take And it's got right angle razor thin lines That turn and swerve like perfect sines As we dress to the nines in an Attempt to leave it all behind In a search of the moment between the seconds where Everything is just fine That silver thread imbedded deep within our spines And I used to be kind of weird about this A fear of dependence on a guilty gilt-edged Hedged transcendence that makes us lairs And tense when we look down and realize That nothing really suspends us But it was never just another Saturday night Not with you in attendance So throw your hands in the air And wave them like you just don't care It's on a whim; it's on a dare To shrug away what we can't bear And we're going back and forth And back and forth and back and forth and back We're going back and forth And back and forth and back and forth and back And it's a deep blue see-through membrane that protects us It connects us, a pulsing cellophane Party-train skein that helps us and Envelopes and keeps us locked inside Forever and ever along for the ride And we're moving through a phosphorescent gel A semi-solid self-lit ocean and it's a funny notion, isn't it? Yeah, but I'm kinda digging it And it's rigged and isn't nearly so big And it speaks only of its own Perpetual near miss Like the uncertain memory Of a stranger's mistaken kiss And faces slide by in glowing shadows Like snowbound ghosts that go up and down In epileptic shivers and negative radioactive slivers In a landscape of endless dull glitter And a taste in my mouth so sweet, yet so bitter And we exhaust ourselves trying to get there Somebody screamâ€'all right We'll try to fill the echoless night So fasten up and hold tight We can't give up without a fight And we're going back and forth And back and forth and back and forth and back We're going back and forth And back and forth and back and forth and back So in the end, whatever, we die, we dissolve Equations unbalanced, riddles unsolved And we were never connected or involved Except for the intersections and crazy mathematics With no time and no space and no schedule and no place And we pass right through it without a trace And sometimes that music drifts through my car On a spring night when anything is possible And I close my eyes and I not my head And I wonder how you been and I count to a hundred and ten Because you'll always be my hero, even if I never see you again

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