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BEVERLEY KNIGHT lyrics - Affirmation

Keep This Fire Burning

Original and similar lyrics
Even when you dont know I'll be by your side Even when you think you're all alone I'll be by your side Chorus I'll be right behind you Keep on going In which ever way the wind is blowing I'll be there till the world stops turning Baby i will keep this fire burning When nobody else is I am on your side Baby when your not even yourself I am on your side Chorus Even when you've lost your faith in love Even when there is no light above Even when you want to run and hide I'll be on your side I dont even think you know How far I'm about to go If you put your trust in me I'll keep it coming Aint nobody stopping when When it comes to you and me When nothing like it used to be I'll keep it coming Chorus I'll be your sister I'll be your brother I'll be your friend I'll be your everything I'll be your lover Keep it coming Baby I will keep this fire burning

Say What's On Your Mind

CHER "Prisoner"
Baby ain't been coming around no As much as he used to If there's something going down That I better know Cause I don't wanna lose him Must have something to tell me I'm not sure I wanna know Sooner or later That it's one thing I'll have to know CHORUS: Say what's on your mind Tell me whatcha you got Baby do you want me or not Don't be so unkind By putting me on the spot Baby do you want me or not Now I'm coming on over Just to talk to you face to face I may not be sober But who in this case Don't you think I got the right to know If your loving is true I don't mean to spook or excite you What should I do Chorus What's come over you What in the world Are you trying to do to me baby Feel something, say something baby We're taking about Chorus x 2

Where Are You Tonight

Got my love Got my love lemme give it to ya Got my love Got my love lemme give it to ya Got my love, got my love Walkin' home, your kisses on my mind Feelin' like nothin' can harm me now CHORUS: Where are you tonite Where are you tonite, Baby Where are you tonite, (oh) won't you tell me baby Where are you tonite (Ooh where are you) Minutes move, oh, so slowly now And I can't groove, unless your answer's loud CHORUS Love is true, love is real Loving you is how I feel [repeat 4 times] CHORUS (Ooh where are you) (Ooh where are you) Our love is such a special thing It's what I feel inside And my reason for existing Is to keep you by my side Keep you by my side

Papa Don't Preach

MADONNA "True Blue"
Papa I know you're going to be upset 'Cause I was always your little girl But you should know by now I'm not a baby You always taught me right from wrong I need your help, daddy please be strong I may be young at heart But I know what I'm saying The one you warned me all about The one you said I could do without We're in an awful mess, and I don't mean maybe - please Chorus: Papa don't preach, I'm in trouble deep Papa don't preach, I've been losing sleep But I made up my mind, I'm keeping my baby, oh I'm gonna keep my baby, mmm... He says that he's going to marry me We can raise a little family Maybe we'll be all right It's a sacrifice But my friends keep telling me to give it up Saying I'm too young, I ought to live it up What I need right now is some good advice, please (chorus) Daddy, daddy if you could only see Just how good he's been treating me You'd give us your blessing right now 'Cause we are in love, we are in love, so please (chorus) Papa don't preach, I'm in trouble deep Papa don't preach, I've been losing sleep (repeat) Oh, I'm gonna keep my baby, ooh Don't you stop loving me daddy I know, I'm keeping my baby

Sweet Side

LUCINDA WILLIAMS "World Without Tears"
You run yourself ragged tryin' to be strong You feel bad when you done nothin' wrong Love got all confused with anger and pride So much abuse on such a little child Someone you trusted told you to shut up Now there's a pain in your gut that you can't get rid of No one heard your screams when you were nine When bad dreams filled your summertime So you don't always show your sweet side ... You're tough as steel and you keep your chin up You don't ever feel like you're good enough You've had the blues ever since you were six Your little tennis shoes and your pick-up sticks You were screamed at and kicked over and over Now you always feel sick and you can't keep a lover Every Christmas there were presents to unwrap But the things you witnessed when you were five and a half So you don't always show your sweet side ... Someone deserted you, the damage is done Now you don't deserve to be loved by no one Hands that would feed you when you were two Were the same hands that beat you black and blue You get defensive at every turn You're overly sensitive and overly concerned Few precious memories no lullabies Hollowed out centuries of lies So you don't always show your sweet side ... I've seen you in the kitchen cookin' me supper I listened to you bitchin' I watched you suffer I still love you baby 'cause I know you Don't mean to do the cruel things you do I've seen you sewin' buttons on your shirt I've seen you throwin' up when your stomach hurt I'll stick by you baby through thick and thin No matter what kind of shape you're in 'Cause I've seen your sweet side ...

Zoom Zooms And Wam Wam

Jayo Felony
[Jayo] Uh huh Get low baby! Come on! [Verse 1] It's the end of the world now yeah! Don't start runnin But could you possibly run when you know that God's comin? But we got a lot of hard heads that don't seem concerned what? So eternally you burn An eternity's a long long time so I wrote a strong rhyme For these Mc's that only talk about chrome nines Pay attention to each line I'm about to reach mine Be careful cuz they might heat you for just one dime Blaze up and won't think twice about ya, we dyin quicker He's dead so what the hell could he do with some liquor? No value for human life Can't understand how a woman could leave a baby in the trash can Damn, helpless and starvin, but that's how life goes Can't aford him? Then keep your legs closed Thinkin God won't punish you for what you put that child through Havin babies like it's the thing to do What is this world coming to? [Chorus] X 2 Don't lie, it's the end of the world baby Can't lie, it's the end of the world baby Don't lie, it's the end of the world baby We all know it's the end of the world, baby What is this world coming to?! [Verse 2] The end, and um there ain't no stoppin it I keep em legit, while others come counterfeit You can't stand being bankrupt, now ya overdosed Used to be colors, now they beggin over coats How you gon come with that nonsense like it's all good? Tryin to dis a whole coast, can't even go to your own hood I should get ya, but I'm a chill and let the rhyme hit ya Keep my name out your mouth, or watch me get wit ya Some of y'all gots to like hoes, you need to be on stroll Need to get up, get out, and get a bankroll Keep em movin like Tony soul, cuz the game's for sale You could offer me a million, but I'll never tell All the money in world could'nt make me sell out a homey What is a million dollars worth when you're lonely? You spill the beans me and his dirt (..?..) So now I gotta ask myself What is this world coming to? [Chorus] X 2 [Verse 3] Couldn't live without a check, please tell me Four on the floor, one in the belly You're kinda smelly Why can't this girl keep her self up, her health up? When the county stop payin, you gon be stuck like chuck With five mouths to feed, and you steadily smokin weed And buying expensive clothes that you don't even need Still tryin to club it, you can't do that no more So stretched out, the stretch marks can't even stretch no more Five different daddies, damn, ain't none of them around They need to take you off the streets like the (?) A bad example, how could you bring a kid to this world? How could you call yourself a woman when you still a girl? Wonder why they talk bad about ya, it ain't no respect Cuz see you don't respect yourself, you need to get in check Got evicted out your pad So now the only thing to do is sell yourself until you pass out What is this world coming too? [Chorus] X 2

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