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Bethzaida lyrics

Forever Night

Original and similar lyrics
Once so mighty I was aeons ago I would make thunder roar and lava flow Times do pass, moments do wither and fade Man do forget the memories of my glorious days Forever to live in purgatory's darkness Blend in with the low-life among this putrid mess Some praise my name, they do not know I changed it millennia ago Pestillence will spread across Earth Death to the first set to birth Snow-covered the ground shall remain As yet another life I do reclaim Fire from the ground to the sky No place to hide, nowhere in safety to lie Expelled again, myself to blame Now I am never to return from whence I came

Out Of Touch

Approach the image filled with fear As the image grows so clear Future now takes full control The one whose past you now behold Touch - the flesh it is so cold Turn away - you now have been told Never to return, memories will last In the future, you'll think about the past Never to forget, what you have seen People come to pay respect Taking pictures of the dead That is what life comes to be Once they lived, now they're deceased Death is oh so strange The past no one can change What you can't predict Is how long you'll exist Open casket - open casket Life will never be the same Death can never be explained It's their time to go beyond Empty feeling when they're gone Never to return, memories will last In the future, you'll think about the past Never to forget, what you have seen What can not be real you now believe

Wasted World

We've been chosen planet earth for us to live And what do we do, we tear the the place apart Whelmed in darkness our world begins to fade There's one conclusion, we have no second chance Another scandal, a large amount of poisoned ground Found in districts, where we live and stay No one noticed, 'till kids came home and showed their skin Wounds are gasping, and pus is running out No response - They won't take the blame Undissolved - Just more lies Unexplained - They don't answer you Breath the air - You'll slowly die We're so selfish think we've the only right to live It's our future so please don't mess around Just continue and there is nothing more to give Another lifetime, we don't stand a chance It's so much depressing Sitting up the hill And see our nature dies How our land was in the past Remains us in our thoughts And memories tell no lies

Beyond This World

Jungle Brothers "Done By Forces Of Nature"
Breakdown... Round and round, upside down Living my live underneath the ground Never heard of and hardly seen A whole lot of talk about the Red, Black and Green So dirty you didn't wanna deal with it So funky you didn't wanna got with it But that's alright, no problem, cool Sent to the Earth to educate the fool Waiting around for my shell to crack After that you can't hold me back Looking out for the danger signs Jungle Bros bringing forth a change in times Left, right, some ask from which angle Straight up the middle, reality's the riddle Sending a message to the old and young Confused about where I come from What planet? What channel? What station? AfriKa from the Zulu Nation... Confused, no landing, no understanding But I knew not to give what life was demanding Found a new tab, thought I'd take a grab Tired of brothers who feign to backstab Beating a bigger drum, better days will come And if they don't come, I'll get up and make some First you crawl before you walk First you think before you talk I found in life that you wear a hard hat Protect your mind and bad things will stay back Vultures flocking around on corners Snakes slide through our law and order Years slip away and I get older Leaves hit the ground and it gets colder My heart pumps faster so I get bolder That's when I ask my brother to...take over! My mellow, Uncle Sam! (Ladies and gentlemen, live from the Planet Rock we have the J.Beeeeees...) You see some listen but still don't hear Some seem far but are real near I climb a mountain to reach a kingdom And if they're willing, sure I'll bring them Think to the needy and then to the greedy Rely on the heaven and earth to feed me Move to the motions of the moon (Take out your shades!) Cause the sun comes soon To plan my day I look at the sky I see rain and I still ask why... Broke the airwaves, trying to make waves Finally came through but came in mono Frequencies I kept on fighting Satelliting what I was writing Three years, finally got through Came through in stereo... So hello everybody and how ya'll doing? We gonna say a few words and keep on stepping People watching to see what we would do Live on air you heard us say to you: The city's a jungle and we are the brothers This so-called King Of The Jungle will run for cover All of your minds have been set into a trance So instead of fighting out our problems... We order ya'll to dance!

Looking For Love

Out of all the girls I've loved before Out of all the stages I've performed on Out of all of the cities I've been to I bless the day that I found you I bless the day I found you and that's my word It's nothing for me out there in those streets You took my heart and you set it on fire And now my love forever burns You keep taking me higher [1] - I been looking for love In all the wrong places And now I finally found Someone who cares for me No matter the storm It was you who helped me face it And now it's safe to say That you really care for me Just like the wings You took me, flew me away, yeah And now my ground is underneath my feet This man had nowhere to go Then you gave me direction And now the rest of my days I can't help but give you the praise [Repeat 1] You saw my needs, forgave my faults You cleansed my heart, you changed my thoughts You brought the sun into my life When my world had seemed dark, yes you did And you're the only one Who was there when I needed a friend You're the only one who can place joy When there's pain in my heart [Repeat 1]


[Intro/Hook:] {Know you broke my heart woman} {When you said goodbye to me} You said goodbye to me bitch, you better break North Before you sick South and I'll be sitting in that big house Just let me sharpen my knives, thrown on the apron X's mark the steak and the salad crumbled with bacon And bleu cheese, caramel complexion's on two knees On two skis, carving up the ounces with his dookies I'm Vic D'Amato, martel to cartel Live fast and eat the big tuna like Billy Parcells No more childs play kid you with the big boys Fuck her in economy size, we want that big Royce My family's hating that I rhyme with fury Only focus on them hundred bill faces and suitcases That'll bribe a jury, grind the curry never shine the jewelry Pussy like an eighty-six style, you know it's fine and furry Spark the bark in the park, you know, lumberyard You ain't never in the limelight, undercard Bronsonelli in the sky, thunder rod Commandante of this rap shit, your facade, killer [Hook] The second stanza even deadly than the first From the birth, I've been enlisted to plant seeds in the earth That's soon road to a valley that feeds, civilization I'm walking the torrid land though I'm seeking my vindication from My bad, I'll keep it fifth grade, keep the switchblade He'll figure sailin' apparel and plus a crisp fade First day class, the Agassis are black and white My older cousin puffing clot bitch, pass the pipe Now I'm a certified user, more like abuser Slice and dice the music I'm fluid like the yakuza I'm Sanders whether Deion or Barry, find candy Though I smoke until my eyes are the shape of Tia Carrere My team we work as a unit, nobody hide the ball up Great intuition and vision, no time to hit the mall up Just a taste of the life like a September call up Johnnie Walker in our tour cup, getting torn up Listen - I'm steel fisted with the iron lung Heavy metal balance out the guitar with lion's run Praise the son that can stand on his own two Smoke on the big blunt, take a sip of this home-brew [Hook]

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