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BERES HAMMOND lyrics - Love From A Distance

Sweet Lies

Original and similar lyrics
Intro: Now Jack is the mack and he comes around every Monday, oh Tuesday and Wednesday, Every day of the week And even though I try to tell you that I love you from the bottom of my heart You had no place for me, It's all vanity now Chorus: You fell for one a them sweet lies The ones you don't want to believe in When your heart's not hearing What your brain is saying And you're weak in the knees Another sweet lie The kind you don't want to believe When the heart's in doubt you got to stay out Verse 1: Now the wine and the roses Stop coming around sometime ago But you won't admit that so, you pretend I know it's hard to look your best Wearing that same old shabby dress So you stay at home, waiting by the phone Repeat Chorus Verse 2: Now it gives me no pleasure to say I told you so, It's been hard to keep it low Knowing the things I know Maybe in another place and in another time Under different circumstances You will find happiness, so I suggest Don't take foolish chances no Repeat Verse 3: Repeat Chorus

Heart And Soul

VERSE 1: Baby you've got to believe in me like I believe in you Turn around, look what you've got When I've got you, I see in you, I know how deep you run, And I love every piece of your mind and heart. Friends turn when the wind blows, the wrong way, But I am here for you always. Chorus: You've got me heart and soul We will grow old together Don't care how the world turns I promised you forever. To have and to hold You've got me heart and soul. VERSE 2: Never met anyone who was perfect, and I never will. Disillusion, promises, I've had my fill, But much greater is the power to rise above Any obstacles we're given because we have lots of love CHORUS

My Own Sweet Bed Tonight

Eleanor McEvoy "What's Following Me?"
While I'd like a glass of whiskey, It will not change my mind. So if it's offered for that reason, Or if you're just being kind. Chorus I will go to my own sweet bed tonight, I won't try to explain. I will go to my own sweet bed tonight, It's much too hard, to explain. So take some comfort in that whiskey, It's often been my friend, And if it warms a lonely body, Well who's to say it's bad. Repeat Chorus If kindness takes a little longer It's worth the extra time, Some have lives so long in darkness, They don't even recognise the light. Understand, there's a child in everyone, We should watch what we say. Everyone has their battles and their pain, Hidden somewhere away. Repeat Chorus

Born To Bleed

DORO PESCH "Angels Never Die"
I just know it I can feel it there's something in the air tonight maybe the moon just gave up and fell something's not quite right my heart feels so empty my mind's so full of doubt I should just stay in, and go to bed but now I'm stepping out Sometimes I feel I was born to love you sometimes I feel I was born to die of need I ache at the thought of you - holding another I can't shake the feeling that I'm born to bleed I just knew it - you're not in here and this where you said you'd be talking with your friends, just being yourself well that's the part of you that worries me I should stay here, sort of hang out but I quit smoking and I hardly drink the only bad habit that I've got Is dealing with the thoughts I think REPEAT CHORUS : Home at last - well, there's your car in the driveway when I get in that house I'm gonna give you a piece of my mind you're sound asleep - I might have known it well what's this? You left me a note says you waited up for me, till the sun came up let's see what else you wrote REPEAT CHORUS :

Now And Forever

Lil Suzy
We were meant to be together Forever and a day The feelings we had The moments we shared Will never fade away Don't you know I'm living with memories And I know I won't forget All the tears you seen me crying I know I won't regret Chorus: Now and forever baby I give my heart and my soul Just to be with you Now and forever darling I give you all and I know When I give you my heart and my soul I just won't let you go Now and forever I could see when you were blinded And how you lost your way The magic is here I won't shed a tear Cause now you're here to stay Just for you I'm singing this melody And the words will never change If you see I'm never turning The sunshine into rain Chorus I never wanted to be without you You say you'll stay with me But your sweet love that won't end you know I need you Chorus

Isabella's Eyes

KENNY LOGGINS "Back To Avalon"
Somewhere out in space A moonlit face was watching Lookin' to find a time to become. Slowly two lovers lay hypnotized Holding the moment in their eyes. World in changes. Lightly one by one, We try to hide the mirrors. But baby they just keep turnin' up And I know you can't look away from you When you're lookin' in into CHORUS Isabella's eyes Shine your light and make your mama smile. All our angels come To welcome the awakening one Awakening wonder (Repeat Chorus after second verse, then go down to 3rd verse) (Repeat Chorus after third verse) Once I met a man who knew where he was goin' And let everybody tag along. But suddenly love had another plan. Shook him and took him by the hand. World in changes. 'N' there's a boy I know Believes that he's in danger He'll never give up without a fight. If you open your heart There's no way to lose So just surrender to BACK TO CHORUS Millions of dreams are part of the plan, But you are the one dream that's real. This changes everything Now that I am In the spell of Isabella's eyes. BACK TO CHORUS

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