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BERES HAMMOND lyrics - In Control

We've Found It

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They say money is the owner of the day for you to have good woman and not let her slip away. You come to me, in my arms I wrap you tight shower her with jewelry and fashions out of sight but all the talk they talk,(sha sha sha) I find it hard to believe cause in the book of love, we omit the word deceit, and our situation, has proven them wrong I'm so convinced with pen in hand, I decided to write this song... Chorus I think We've found it I see heaven in your eyes We've found it Passion in your smile I think we've found the answer baby... Must be heavean We've found it ooh all that love yal They say, what you put in is what you take out we sowed and what we're reaping is an endless amount. All that talk about true love has losed its ground, got myself a good woman, and I'm sure I'm safe and sound...I hear the talk they talk (sha sha sha) but I just don't believe... cause in the book of love we omit the word deceit, and our situation, has proven them wrong I'm so convined, with that in hand I decided to write this song... (chorus to fade)

Do Ya

In this life I've seen everything I can see woman, I've seen lovers flying through the air hand in hand I've seen babies dancing in the midnight sun, And I've seen dreams that came from the heavenly skies from above I've seen old men crying at their own grave sides And I've seen pigs all sitting watching, picture slides But I never seen nothin' like you. Chorus Do ya do ya want my love Do ya do ya want my face Do ya do ya want my mind Do ya do ya want my love Well I, heard the crowd singin' out of tune, As they, at and sang auld lang syne by the light of the moon I heard the preachers bangin' on the drums, And I heard the police playin' with their guns But I never heard nothing like you. In the country where the sky touches down On the field, she lay her down to rest In the morning sun, They come a'runnin' just to get a look, just to Feel to touch her long black hair they don't give a damn Repeat Chorus Well I think you know what I'm trying to say woman, That is I'd like to save you for a rainy day, I've seen enough of the world to know, That I've got to get it all to get it all to grow. Repeat Chorus

Needs His Woman

by Eric Clapton You left him standing in the pouring rain. There's every chance he'll go insane. And someone comes along and takes his hand. He must have love, can't you understand that He needs his woman, He needs his woman, And he needs his woman, He needs his woman to love. His hands are shaking and his head hangs down. No peace of mind for him is found. Break his heart and then you'll set him free. Someone must save him, just you wait and see, but Chorus What will it take till you believe his love is real? Nobody said he had to love you, now he always will. He'll walk that lonely road again today. The love he gave you, you threw away. When all he wanted was a hand to hold. His lonely world has grown so cold and Chorus Chorus

Sacred Cow

Geggy Tah "Sacred Cow"
What's wrong you're always crying lately What song this isn't a song really Shut up and stop your playing around The subject right now is what's wrong. . . Chorus: What's wrong with this immaculate What song is this immaculate song of love What's wrong with this immaculate What song is this sacred cow of love Love makes me want to melt down It can be really dangerous If I make love to you now I'll have a gigantic sacred cow Chorus What song reminds you of when Life was home on the dangerous Which side of the tracks are you on Both sides because the world is round Sacred cows are headed for the slaughter Sacred chickens pecking cement Making unknown nuggets for the miners So they can make cement excrement Building buildings taller than the mountains Digging tunnels deeper than the sea How I' d like to fly in an airplane So I can pump entertainment in me Chorus

Man With A Memory

JOE NICHOLS "Man With A Memory"
Ol' Johnny's got a heart of gold, ask anyone around here But some nights his eyes are far away and filled with tears Sweet Mary Lou's just as good as they come With a weakness for all the wrong men From the look on her face tonight she's been wrong again Bartender's thinkin' to himself As he rubs his towel around a glass Chorus: Now there's a man with a memory Here's a woman with a past Lost souls on life's highway forever looking back When you're living for the love and the love doesn't last You get a man with a memory, a woman with a past Bartender turns the tv down and cranks that old jukebox up Carefully selects which buttons to push For what each song does C-23 after J-19, it's a tonic for a broken heart A little Stardust in the mix, it's a fine, fine art Dim the lights a notch or two The next round is on the house Chorus Oh, we've all got something we've got to get around Now and then you get the chance to help the lost get found Stacking chairs and sweeping up He can't help a little smile

All The Wrong Reasons

The Magnets
Got this information I don't want to act upon Taking advantage of the situation would be wrong (All the wrong reasons!) I give myself away everytime you walk into the room Cannot help the way I feel for you Trip over my words end up feeling like a fool When you tell me he's the one for you You don't hear him talk You don't know his game His intentions and desires aren't the same CHORUS: Pride, Ego, Selfishness Trying to fill some emptiness Girl he's making love to you for all the wrong reasons I'd give him up so easily Move in with my sympathy I don't want you hear with me for all the wrong reasons (All the wrong reasons!) You trust me like a friend tell me all the little things he does Makes you feel like you're the lucky one But secrets...I can't tell the way he's playing you around It's killing me to watch it all go down If you could read his mind See behind his eyes You'd know for yourself his love is just a lie CHORUS Got this information I don't want to act upon Taking advantage of the situation would be wrong And I wish I never knew what he's doing to you CHORUS (repeat and fade)

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