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The Secret Life Of Morgan Davis

Original and similar lyrics
His wife is tired she wants to sleep but all that Morgan Davis wants is cream of wheat he wakes and then she turns out the light he tiptoes through the darkness and slips into the night the boring life that he leads of buying and selling stocks makes him feel he's growing old and tired there's no joy in life just the passing time in this boring life he wants the lights the jazz a piece of ass a toothless bitch to blow him for a vial of crack he cooks the junk in some Gatorade he scores a bag of chronic on the east mlk the secret life that he leads of buying and selling drugs keeps him up at night he's selling cash screwing trailer trash and he's making cash it's a whoring life my friends are all salesman my wife is a slut there must be something bigger I can stick in my butt the IRS is auditing my life's in a rut! And so he's fired his heat he's blowed his blow it's coming up on sunrise and it's time to go he smells like barf his hair's a mess he wipes the coke and lipstick off his fat hairy chest he stumbles home from a lezzie show he'll be at work in an hour or so he crawls in bed with his sleeping wife just a night to break up his boring life

The Ouija Board

Laurie Anderson "The Ugly One With The Jewels"
In 1978, I spent some time in California in the fall, looking for a quiet place to live. I finally found what seemed to be the perfect apartment. But the night after I moved in I heard a tremendous pounding sound. As it turned out, I had moved in right above a Hawaiian hallow log drum school. Every other night, it was converted into a hula school with a live band of six Hawaiian guitars. I decided to soundproof my place but I didn't hang the door very well and all the sounds kept drifting in. About this time, like a lot of New Yorkers who find themselves on the West Coast, I got interested in various aspects of California's versions of the occult. We would sit around at night when the Santa Anna winds howled outside, and ask questions to the ouija board. I found out a lot of information on my past 9,361 human lives on this planet. My first life was as a raccoon. â€' And then you were a cow. And then you were a bird. And then you were a hat, spelled the ouija. We said “a hat?” We couldn't figure it out. Finally we guessed that the feathers from the bird had been made into a hat. Is this true? â€' Yes, spelled the ouija. Hat counts as half life. And then? â€' Hundreds and hundreds of rave eyes. Now this is apparently my first life as a woman, which should explain quite a few things. Eventually though, the ouija's written words seemed to take a kind of personality, a kind of a voice. Finally we began to ask the board if the ouija would be willing to appear to us in some other form. â€' Forget it, forget it, forget it, forget it, forget it, forget it. The ouija seemed like it was about to crash. Please, please, what can we do ###060318 now so you will show yourself to us in some other manifestation? â€' You should lurk. You should L, U, R, K. Lurk. No, I never really figured out how to lurk in my own place, even though it was only a rented place, but I did find myself looking over my shoulder a lot. And every sound that drifted in seemed to be a version of this phantom voice whispering in a code that I could never crack.

Rain All Night

[Verse 1] Mr. Big, Mr. Big, Mr. Big Showtime You been gone since 'round fo’, did you forget your time? You acting like you didn’t know, did you forget your mind? And uh, uh… what’s the problem, you forget your line? It’s a shame, it’s a crime, it’s a motherfucking tragedy Pull up to the club like your motherfucking majesty Tipping on them strippers, and I bet them bitches raggedy Somebody had to tell you, so you should just be glad it’s me Spending money happily, but when you’re broke you’re frowning Every dollar that I spend, I gotta hear your mouth And still play it cool when you say you’re going out If you gotta make it rain, then I pray them bitches drowning Man I swear you’re clowning, stunting for these niggas As your pockets getting smaller, is your ego getting bigger? If that’s what it takes for you to stay home and off them strippers Then I hope it fucking rains until these streets turn into rivers and [Hook] Rain all night ‘Cause he be making it rain all night Tipping these strippers and impressing his niggas And when he get home, he done dumped all his figures And can you imagine, how bad that it feels to have to be his wife So here’s hoping it rains all night [Verse 2] ‘cause he got it, girl do he got it The bags is filled with fifties, but the hundreds in his wallet And I know that he’ll throw it at me if I go and pop it But how much do you think he’ll give me if I split and drop it low? Drop it, drop it, drop it low, back that ass up on the flo’ Look him in the eyes while I wrap my legs around the pole Break it down and make it roll, speed it up and take it slow Make him feel like he just fucked me, nah he never touched me though I know that he got a wife, sometimes he say he gotta go Just ‘cause I take your cash don’t mean she gotta know This could really be something, I mean you never know I’ll just give you dances and you just give me dough And even though a dance is something you can get at home I bet your wife can’t make her ass clap or make her booty roll And all your niggas watching so you best put on a show Fuck making it pour, you better make it thunderstorm and [Hook] Rain all night ‘Cause he be making it rain all night Tipping these strippers and impressing his niggas And when he get home, he done dumped all his figures And can you imagine, how bad that it feels to have to be his wife So here’s hoping it rains all night

Life On The Road

Kinks "Sleepwalker"
Ever since I was a child, I loved to wander wild Through the bright city lights, And find myself a life I could call my own. It was always my ambition To see Piccadilly, Ramble and roam around Soho And Pimlico and Savile Row, And walk down the Abbey Road. So I saved all my money And packed up my clothes, And I said good-bye to my friends And my folks back home. And I left for a life of my own. I left for a life on the road. I'm a real hungry tyke, And I know what I like. And I know where I'm goin': To those bright city lights. Oh yeah, oh yeah, This time I'm gonna get there. I'm bound for a life on the road. Give me life on the road. I said life on the road. When I arrived in Euston, I was little more than a child. And I didn't know then That the dives and the dens Would be so vulgar and wicked and wild. Mama always told me The city ladies were bawdy and bold. And so I searched night and day To catch a kissable lady, But all that I caught was a cold, 'Cause those stuck-up city ladies Didn't notice me walk by. Now I've got holes in my shoes 'Cause I've been walkin' the streets all night. And I'm livin' the life that I chose. Livin' my life on the road. I said life on the road. I want life on the road. Life on the road. I was standing with the punks in Praed Street, When a muscle man came my way. He said, Hey, are you gay? Can you come out and play? And like a fool, I went and said, O.K. Ever since I was knee high, I thought the city was paved with gold. But I've seen so many losers And down and out boozers Who were tired of bein' bought and sold. City women are a tease, But I'd really love to please. Now I've got blood shot eyes 'Cause I've been walkin' the streets all night. And it sure knocks you out on the road. And I'm livin' my life on the road. I said life on the road. Life on the road. I want life on the road. One of these days, I wanna go home, Visit my friends, And see all the places that I used to know, And say good-bye to a world that's too real; Good-bye to a world that's forgotten how to feel. And it's slowly usin' me, And there's no security. Sometimes I hate the road, But it's the only life I know. But I'm livin' the life that I chose, So I'll live out my life on the road. Give me life on the road. I said life on the road. (repeat)

John Finns Wife

Nick Cave
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (l,m) Nick Cave (p) Nick Cave The Bad Seeds ( Henry's Dream [Mute, 1992] ) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well the night was deep and the night was dark And I was at the old dance-hall on the edge of town Some big ceremony was going down Dancers writhed and squirmed and then, Came apart and then writhed again Like squirming flies on a pin In the heat and in the din Yes, in the heat and in the din I fell to thinking about brand new wife of mad John Finn Well, midnite came and clock did strike And in she came, did John Finn's wife With legs like scissors and butcher's knives A tattooed breast and flaming eyes And a crimson carnation in her teeth Carving her way through the dance floor And I'm standing over by the bandstand Every eye gaping on John Finn's wife Yeah, every eye gaping on John Finn's wife Now John Finn's wife was something of a mystery In a town where to share a sworn secret was a solemn duty I had brass knuckles and a bolo knife Over near the bandstand with John Finn's wife She got perfumed breasts and raven hair Sprinkled with wedding confettis And a gang of garrotters were all giving me stares Armed, as they were, with machetes And the night through the window was full of lights Winking and awatching at John Finns' wife Winking and awatching at John Finns' wife Next came the cops, all out on the town But it don't look like no trouble there As they had for the bar in their lumpy suits And I slip my hand between the things of John Finn's wife And they seemed to yawn awake, her things It was a warm and very ferocious night The moon full of blood and light And my eyes grew small and my eyes grew tight As I plotted in the ear of John Finns' wife Enter John Finn in his shrunken suit With his quick black eyes and black cheroot With his filled-down teeth and a hobnail boot And his fists full of pistols in his pockets Aiming at me and aiming at his wife The band fall silent fearing for their lives And with fear in my guts like tangled twine Cause all I got is brass knuckles and a bolo knife And mad John Finns' wife is all And the three of us walk out of the hall Now the night bore down upon us all You could hear the crickets in the thickets call And guns did flare and guns did bawl And I planted my bolo knife in the neck Of mad John Finn. I took his wretched life Now I'm over near the bandstand Every hand moving on John Finns' wife Every hand moving on John Finns' wife And John Finns' wife Took all the flowers down From her hair And threw them on the ground And the flies did hum And the flies did buzz around Poor John Finn Lying dead upon the ground Lying dead upon the ground --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Choir Of Immortal Queens

Ancient Ceremony
Why did you go ? Why ? As my Feet step down on this Place of Coffins Desperation is my Leader Surrounded by the Whispering of Immortal Souls Tears, in Black, falling down to the Ground like Flakes of Snow did in this Night, the Night you went away Melancholic Thirst for Cemetary Vision of my Love Oh Love, my Love Life, my Life became so worthless since you're gone So I call forth your Soul Screams in Necromantic Hallucinative Begging Now you rise ! Contoures start painting your Picture Dream or Reality ?! I see you smile As I aim for your Hand Emptiness fades me away My Decision is sealed Cemetary Vision of my Love We will find Peace when I'll paint the Picture of the rising Moon - in my own Blood Audite denuo vota mea, custodes animarum Devotio simul redemptio absolutioque erit Venite nomine Adonai, Zebaoth, Adonai, Amioram ! Accipite me, vitam meam, animan meam !

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