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Belle Sebastian lyrics - Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant

There's Too Much Love

Original and similar lyrics
I could hang about and burn my fingers I've been hanging out here waiting for something to start You think I'm faultless to a 'T' My manner set impeccably But underneath I am the same as you I could dance all night like I'm a soul boy But I know I'd rather drag myself across the dance floor I feel like dancing on my own Where no one knows me, and where I Can cause offence just by the way I look And when I come to blows When I am numbering my foes Just hope that you are on my side my dear But it's best to finish as it started With my face head down just staring at the brown formica It's safer not to look around I can't hide my feelings from you now There's too much love to go around these days You say I've got another face That's not a fault of mine these days I'm honest, brutal and afraid of you

Non-Stop Dancing

THE JAM "In The City"
Non-stop dancing, truly out on the floor Non-stop moving, baby, baby Still you scream out for more We don't care if it rains or shines Cause everything's fine inside, when we're dancing Non-stop dancing I said, non-stop loving, with my girl by my side Everything's just cool, now baby, baby She's the sweetest thing I know I don't even mind guys trying to compete I know our love's as strong as the beat, when we're dancing Non-stop dancing People say we're wasting our time They don't seem to understand Cause when you're dancing all night long It gives you the feeling that you belong Non-stop dancing, I'm truly out of my head But I ain't sleepy, baby, baby You see the dance is my bed Things are really getting wild The kids are screaming for that James Brown style, when we're dancing Non-stop dancing

Frontline Of Seduction

Earth Wind And Fire
Hot night and I'm ready Her game is rock steady A long time I've been waiting Hyped up, anticipating Fall weak by the hour Wanna climb her ivory tower Embrace and devour She's still in total power In the dark, feel my heart Racing when the ringing start Watch her breathe, such a tease Fantasy's what I need to melt her heart Then she'll say to me: Chorus: On the frontline of seduction I've been waiting at the junction You're the one man who can function On the frontline Baby what I want Baby what I need Is the love I feel When you aim at me I dial the phone she won't answer Can't sleep, I'm her prancer Lay here, watch her shadow Plan a move to win the battle Last night, at the party Cold sweat hugs my body Here eyes are up and down me Her scent all around me Start to move, cross the room And she drops out of view Just as I think that my Luck is dry I see her try to catch my eye And then she says to me: Chorus: Baby what I want Baby what I need Is the love I feel When you aim at me

It's Never Too Late To Be Alone

DEL AMITRI "Twisted"
Summer here is over in a million different ways You look like a dream sometimes, but I don't dream these days Yesterday the snow fell, by four o'clock it thawed And last night making love to you, well honey, it was such a fraud 'Cos you can find yourself a lover You can find yourself a home You can want no other ever But it's never too late to be alone So everything is settled or so we do pretend From a beautiful beginning babe to a muted kind of end And our separate possessions are shuffled up on shelves Like our fingers lock together when we talk about ourselves You can find yourself one day staring into space With a suitcase waiting by the door You can think you've got it made 'til it hits you in the face That these are not the people you want to be before Summer here is over, you can feel it in the air From the down-town shells to the upland hills The chill is everywhere

Piggy In The Mirror

THE CURE "The Top"
Shapes in the drink like christ Cracks in the pale blue wall I'm walking slowly and quickly but Always away Twisting twisting to the floor Flowers in your mouth and the same dry Song the routine from laughter land 16 white legs and a row of teeth I watch you in secrecy Your dying for the hope is gone >From here we go nowhere again I'm trapped in my face and I'm changing Too much I can't climb out the way I fell in Jump with me For that old forgotten dance The midnight sun will burn you up Your life is cold Your life is hot Your life's too much for words These occasions are such a relief Another point another view to send We start to talk And it's all so safe I feed you in my dreams Footsteps on a wire High above my head The stain reveals my real intention I'm the waiting beast I'm the twisted nerve As I dance dance Back to the body in my bed Look at the piggy Piggy in the mirror

Apocalyptic City

TESTAMENT "The Legacy"
[Music: Skolnick, Peterson] [Lyrics: Peterson, Skolnick] Born into a world of hatred Nothing to live for What started with a simple match Turned into something more The pain I felt inside my head Came on my day of birth Now the time has come for me To burn the planet Earth [CHORUS :] I can feel the fire Burning inside of me The powers at my fingers Waiting you shall see Burn,ignite the population Burn,causing mass cremation Burn,feel no shame or pity Burn,apocalyptic city Years have passed as I stood still To plan the final blow I'll make the town go up in flames A hellish death they'll know As I pour on the gasoline I listen deep inside I hear the cries of all my victims Nowhere to run or hide [CHORUS :] Now my great assault is over And my life is done Staring at my great infernos Was my only fun So I leave you with my tale Here my conscious falls Victim of myself So now I'll end it all [CHORUS :]

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