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Satans Sword

Original and similar lyrics
Fallen into oblivion... The last view inside my mind - Silver walls ofg the castle Risen proudly towards the sky The rebellion failed... Many brave ones went down- Hung on black trees they are Blown by the four winds I've been waiting for years, Growing stronger Blazing weapons,eyes burn bright In the dark - as a King I shall return... Horns sing in the woods, Hordes gather Ancient gods of war Ride on the sky Old kingdom will fall Like a moondust... Reflecting down the walleys- So pure, hungry for blood The hearts of the dark ones Thunders strike... Dancing on the black mirrors- The bards of war and venegeance Came from forgotten realms As a King I shell return... To proclaim my victory, Return of ancient pride, Laws of steel... Cold steel...

Fast To Madness

BLIND GUARDIAN "Follow The Blind"
White hair and red eyes he's holding the crown the king of the island Elric of Melniboné he's born for destruction he's ruled by the gods eternal hero the scale of the universe Blood on his hands he's born a thousand times why don't we feel the signs from the dragon king (Lead: André) Before the end of fire his journey starts the eagle's spreading his wings following his fate he's ruled from anywhere leads him to the truth it's deep inside Hail to the king they'll bless tonight he's the Saviour of our time In a dark land far behind no one knows it's name there's a dark sword cold as ice a blade created for him Stormbringer cries for the soul of everyone Stormbringer crues The ending has begun Ref.: Run fast to Madness Forever I Run fast to Madness Leave him alone (Solo: André) Ref.: Run... Destiny's calling him back to the island And time time is standing still time is not real time is not real Armed with weapons awaiting the fight he's leading the dragon the sun will never rise creatures are lurking in darkness they hide high in the sky the dragon king is flying (Lead: André) Hail to the king of Melniboné he's the Saviour of our time Mourning deserts rottingness blade of dark will rise gods devine are hiding in the dark needing Elric's hand Stormbringer cries: I'm forged in darkest time Stormbringer cries: The ending has begun Ref.: Run...

Orphan Of The Road

JOHNNY CASH "Man In Black"
From a carny show and a rodeo that shared a three-day stand, A cowboy met a fiery carny queen In new spring nights amid the lights of the painted carny van. They laughed and loved and shared short-lived dreams, But the carny show and the rodeo went their separate ways, And the carny season bloomed and soon moved on, And I was born on a winter morn to the dark-eyed carny queen, The too-late son of something that was gone, The black-sheep child that grew up wild from the seed the four winds sowed, Unwanted son of ice and fire, an orphan of the road. I was still a child when my mama died of a chill that closed her eyes, So I was left to grow up on my own, Without a name, too wild to tame. No one cared to try. So mostly I was mostly left alone. In dingy bars and cold boxcars, hobo jungle camps, I joined the men who drift from town to town. The surgin' flood of restless blood flowed inside my veins. I'd never find the time to settle down. The black-sheep child... In the misty rain, I caught the train that slowed down through the town, And I pulled myself into the boxcar door. In a passing light in the deep gray night, I saw the still dark form Of an old man lying sick upon the floor. And he said "I tried to find her, but they told me that she'd died, And that she'd left an only son behind, And I tried to find him, but I never did, but I know I could rest in peace If I could just see him once before I die." I found a match and I quickly scratched it into a flicker and flame, Then I held it close and I gently raised his head. "My mother, sir," I said of her, "I have her same dark eyes." He smiled a cowboy smile and then was dead. The black-sheep child...

The Return Of The Horned King

Spirit of the Unknown Domain, Father forgotten by your children, A long journey You endured, through stranger reigns now here As an ageless Soul upon Stormy Oceans You travelled to reach your lost sons. Master, here we are Waiting, for Your coming Lost, is our Source Mislaid, is our Goal Oh my King, You're here at last. I swear by Your Dark Throne my total obedience, I seal this Oath with my blood. Make whatever You want of our lives, they're yours, and so this world . Finally He arrives to the Place where His people live Rage when He sees another Lord on His jewelled throne For years the battle lasts leaving only corpses and dust at the end our King slays His enemy. NOW HE SITS ON HIS THRONE Master, here're our Souls Meaningless, as we born Slaves, to the Dark Domain Fighting, for our Black Faith Darkness fills the Air. Stench of putrid things in it. (Ancient) monuments to a forgotten christ are burning, his followers are hanged on every tree, their flesh is food for the birds, their Souls are the dish of our Lord .

Braggin' Writes

J Live "Apokalipse"
* this song also appears on Haze Presents DJ Premier's Reality Check For underground metaphors You can scrape an inch below the turf for what it's worth My style's been developed in the core of the Earth The exhale's volcanic the inhale is seismic So brothers just panic when he Live one arrives with The natural ability to run through your crew From 2 1 4 to 2 1 3 to 2 1 2 In other words from Dallas to L.A., to the place where J stay Everyday is mayday So you can talk your trash on how you're wettin MC's with mad blood stains but I'll bet you can't stand the rain I look upon your brain with disdain Go back and reflect on my endeavors black I can't complain It's like a raw deal, consistant with the way I make you feel The ends stay revealed while the means I conceal And those who try to steal get decapitated You wanna snatch my H2O type flow, but it evaporated I displays my credentials over instrumentals And my potential, increases at a rate that's exponential It's detremental questionin my thesis The penetration's exact, like amniocentesis I rip your rhyme to pieces after drainin out your fluid My vocab is fluent yours is evident of being truant I know you wanna make moves but son you best to take a second look Before my knight takes your rook Chorus: Cause everybody's rappin, and only few can flow So why the hell they tryin to deal with Live I don't know I handle true MC's on their block or at their show So if you come with bull kid, keep it on the low Cause yo, I got the hairsplittin, self-written unbitten style that leaves the competition running scared and shakin in their pants You best to set it off cause black it aint no second chance once I'm open, all you doin is hopin that the Live one will put the mic down, but son don't try to snatch it after The laughter won't cease from the comparison, how dare you son Step around the booth when I'm on The microphone magician says poof, you're gone with the wind There's no trace of your friends cause you don't know where the beginning ends or where the end begins But you see that's the difference, you get sold, I get paid Black I told you, get paid If you're broke I'll have to rain on your parade You belong in Special Ed if you think you Got It Made J-Live with the mic is like the chef with the blade Cause suckers get sliced and sauteed Yeah, you thought your joint was fly but the flight was delayed because Chorus: repeat 2X Cause yo, I take the grey matter of pretenders through my mental blender, and then return to sender My pen don't pretend to offend I intend to render MC's, hangin loose like a fender bender I recommend regardless of your gender That you strike messin with J-Live from your agenda And remember that whoever lends a helpin hand to defend ya Will get burned to a cinder As I end the, reign of wack MC's with their suicidal tendencies Renderin me sick, with the thoughts of killin enemies But then I return to reality Metaphorically murderin MC's when they battle me You can't rattle me I'm not your average snake slitherin through the grass I surpass the serpent as I head to class You consider me crass as I wax that ass; style's no joke but you best belive I gets the last laugh

9th Chamber

Inspectah Deck "Uncontrolled Substance"
{*evil laughter*} [La the Darkman] Yeah, INS, yo it's La the Darkman Hit 'em with the death blow Yo, I'm known to spit poems, throw dices and hold tones Show ice, puff bones, hit beats like Larry Holmes Through the Valley of Kings, you catch the Killa Bee sting Tryin to pick up, you fuckin with the Arch Bishop Defyin me is like startin Rap World War 3 You rather sell your key to NYPD My style's vicious, I rap in the lab and break dishes My words wear jet black hoods, lookin suspicious [Beretta 9] Behold the struggle fire ultra harmonizer, the track paralyzer Ought to see the real, blood spilled on the synthesizer Yo 4th, turn it up a peak, make the speaker tweet Iron Sheik camel clutch a beat, rappers take your seats In fact punch a clock, it's my time to rock, dock the known like a scott Engineered this thought that I present, strugglin to comprehend While I fill you in with a bar of tin And clear the God Sin, do em in kid [Killa Sin] I stay lurkin, circlin the premises Dart chemist on the search, my arch nemesis Concotin nuerotoxins out of synonyms Send your physical in triple shock Crippled in a detox, with no rememberance Well I rocks the shows with the minimum capacity to pack the front row and flow naturally Killin 'em, swing on the stage like jagged pendulums and blow like dirty schrapnel grenades with now pins in em [Street Life] Why risk it? Killah Hill District, we flip shit Egotistic, I hold grounds with twin biscuits Put it up, I lay it down, my streets sound surround Shaolin bound, flash flood watch you might drown Headliner, move through the city like a sidewinder Island drifter, black vagina finder Loungin by the sea seashore, switch like bloody raw And slap hardcore dick to your main wiz, bitch [Inspectah Deck] Toxi' on Bacardi Pina, low crawlin through Medina Slumped in the seven-seater, thumpin heaters The bite might cause seizures, weak MC's take me to your leader We the true source, movin off on uncharted course My thoughts come across with the blindin force Killa Bees plant seeds, slide North or get knocked of like a pawn if you dare lock on [Outro: Inspectah Deck] You are now in the 9th Chamber Where the falls of reality closin fast on the world of make-believe And your fantasy is nothin more than a memory Now bear witness to the realness Showin and provin, we live by the sword...

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