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Beatnuts lyrics - Stone Crazy

Off The Books

Original and similar lyrics
[Big Punisher] Hey yo it's all love, but love's got a thin line and Pun's got a big nine, respect crime but not when it reflect mine The shit I'm on is wrong but it lasts long Pull a fast one, then Pun'll wake up, with the stash gone I'm mad strong, and my cream is fast Smoke the greenest grass, my bitch got the meanest ass and the taste of gin, I don't have to waste a whole case of grin Cause all it takes is my pretty face and my gangsta win Lace the click, cause we all sherry So all fail like love and water, the law with long hair Big Pun, Pun the name that makes the kid run Like spelling murder reverse it deliver redrum Come one, come all, if you wanna brawl I'm the mighty Thor clotheslining motherfuckers like Steven Seagal Cause all you gonna get, is your ass kicked or up in a casket That's it (that's it?) That's it [Cuban Link] Punisher bash it, at last it's, rappers that really blast shit Cats getting Big Willie niggaz like Billy Bathgate Up in Jimmy's Cafe, havin caviar Crackin Cristal at the bar, smokin cigars, livin large We rob and steal, run with the mob, doin jobs for real I'm hard to kill for real nigga guard your grill I like to chill, spark an L and get high I'm one hell of a guy, fly pelican fly [JuJu] Whattup Duke-o, you know, politickin papi chuco I'm out here, watchin for Jake, and this loot though Shoot bro, I got a waterproof suit yo Swervin like a A.K.A. in Beirut yo squeezin, out of automatic M3's and please, you ain't seen no thugs like these I can tell you lots of things that'll make you believe In Corona yo it's better to take than to receive [Psycho Les] Your career's on life support, and I'ma pull the plug and have every thug shootin that Beatnut drug in they blood, no escapin this Niggaz is goin over their favorite shit (for what?) to be tapin this World premier, loud and clear Lye and beer, get the dough, blow up the show Dissapear, jump in the Cavalier Feelin marvelous, street pharmacist, twist arboles For pleasure, bring your territory sever Keep my workers under pressure got em sayin FUCK LESTER But that's aight Duke-o, my heart nowadays too cold Don't give a fuck where you been what you done where you go, you know, peep this favorite In black shades like a secret, agent We're night thieves, roll up on you sleeves We light trees, bust these and stack cheese

The Dancer

He came riding fast like a phoenix out of fire flames He came dressed in black with a cross bearing my name He came bathed in light and the splendor and glory I can't believe what the Lord has finally sent me He said, "Dance for me, fanciulla gentile" He said, "Laugh awhile, I can make your heart feel" He said, "Fly with me, touch the face of the true God And then cry with joy at the depth of my love" 'Cause I've prayed days, I've prayed nights For the Lord just to send me home some sign I've looked long, I've looked far To bring peace to my black and empty heart My love will stay 'til the river bed run dry And my love lasts long as the sunshine blue sky I love him longer as each damn day goes The man is gone and heaven only knows 'Cause I've cried days, I've cried nights For the Lord just to send me home some sign Is he near, is he far? Bring peace to my black and empty heart So long day, so long night Oh Lord, be near me tonight Is he near, is he far? Bring peace to my black and empty heart

Ten Toes Tall

Lil Wyte "Doubt Me Now"
[DJ Paul sample] *bustin with that 45 make them bitches back it up, back it up* (repeat 4X) [Verse 1] I'm 5 foot 8, from the Bay, white as fuck and do not play If you want me, come and get me, Fraiser Drive is where I stay Won't you come on down my way, I hope that you ain't afraid You won't even need the numbers cuz we posted every day On the corner or in my front yard where we smoke marijuana Sit back, wait on the police to ride by and stash so we can dog'em Know wha I'm sayin, they can't fade us, so what the fuck you think you gon do? We HCP, clicked up with the rest of the world and yes we deep foo You don't wanna end up an example of what we would to to haters mayne Victimz have said that we bring the pain and witnesses that we all the same I don't wanna stress on otha shit that y'all been constantly questionin Shit that I'm preachin come from people teachin The shit that I remember so deep within And when I get to where I'm gonna be in my successful life I'ma look down at y'all haters in disgrace cuz I done took my flight And when I get ? shine in that stage of my life I'ma make sure all y'all haters remember me and I'm gon allrigh [Chorus] So many haters in this world they wanna see us fall We have no love for none of you bustaz, I said none of y'all I know you see me everyday, I'm posted on the wall I'm gonna continue to mash and always standin ten toes tall So many haters in this world they wanna see us fall We have no love for none of you bustaz, I said none of y'all I know you see me everyday, I'm posted on the wall We gonna continue to mash and always standin ten toes tall BITCH! [Verse 2] Keep'em breathin, leave'em bleedin, boy this is not haters season This the reason for them beefin, all the rest is just not treason I got nina's, I got rifles, I got fully auto's too You get one I will get five and everyone will come for you This the truth, I got problems in my life and that'z a fact But that don't give you one right to jump in my shit and holla back With a different brain, simple thangs, keep me on a different plane Bizness mayne, with pleasure to settle by an open flame Plently change will be excepted, but plus I want the fame Know my name and disrespect it but it will stay the same Down the drain, knowin for me I have to be workin thangz Love the game, wanna retire but when I'm 80 mayne Mary Jane all in my system but yet I still maintain I'm insane, so hard to hide it but still I can't complain I got killaz takin good care of ya, leavin plenty stainz With the shovel I'm gonna bary yo mangled up remainz [Chorus] [Verse 3] Talk about these hatin lil boys, carryin they toys but they small dawg Put yo 22 under my 5-0 cal and I'ma get rawed dawg Ain't no need to stall dawg, I'ma blow up on all y'all Racin across the nation to yo crib, I ?? Now we about to stop, now the road about 2 blockz Reachin yo house wit two glockz, got in yo house wit 2 knockz Came to the door in Reebok's, joggin pants wit no sockz Run up them steps actin like you won't get caught but break them door lockz Situations gettin mixed, ? yo boy got in some shit Crossed the wrong one, he found out he didn't know who he was fuckin wit Wyte, backed up by Triple Six In the next year don't fuck wit this Fraiser, ?, and youngsta, *Hyptonized* is how I'll leave ya bitch Blastin back wit competition, stainin on y'all fuckin hoez Leavin ??? I'm pimpin righ up out the do' Hate me now, hate me later, it's all good I gots to go So many haters up in my world, couldn't count'em on my handz and toez [Chorus]

God Bless

LL COOL J "Mr Smith"
[Intro:] Uh Definitely gonna be butter, nahmean It's gone be butter, nahmean Uh, swerve on em, uh yeah Crack the Mo, here we go I'm in the mood to let the chickenheads flow Son, no doubt, god it's real Every member of my clique is equipped with steel Suga, let's (HEESHA!), uhh, god bless [Verse 1:] Just the type of man that can lace the crowd Which ya hands on ya [BLANK] or you could raise them proud I bust shots off Put my hands on my shorty and I make it hot-ter I got a lock ya, flavour to bring Got the championships so I'ma savour the ring Church boy, raised by my grandmomma Home-bred, I dead all the drama I'm like the mystical funk technician It's a sign of the times, guards on a mission [Chorus:] God bless ya lover, god bless you [x4] [Verse 2:] Have mercy! Nowadays I got them other niggas acting thirsty Bless the sky, energy created by my third child Swerve wit it, get it get it Feels good to bust shots at the critics You crave more taste of my funk When my track drop ain't enough space in ya trunk Soul for real, but not the group I'm solo goin for dolo in the drop Coupe I distribute melodies while ya gold trees Step a dip like a flip, '96 kis [Chorus x 2] Matter fact take it to the bridge [Bridge:] God bless God bless ya lover [repeat] [Verse 3:] Honey dippin off my Nautica sleeves With them Gortex boots, that compliment all the cheese Shouldn't hate me cos I'm raw (I thought you fell off kid!) You said that shit before But you see miracles when you're lyrical Off some LL shit, chickens get hysterical Cos I..... form like Voltron Let's get it on and take ya chime bomb [explosion] Knock it off I like your style but it's a slight bit soft Son, the LL rule, huh I pick it up and lay it down mad cool It'll cost you a fortune (What) For me to make it hot, heat it up and keep it scorchin [Chorus to fade] [Outro: (over chorus)] It's all built for '96 kid! No diggity, Rehaud lace me Nahmean Lil Chris in the house Ol Moms, Big E and the fam Yo son, who's next

Letter To My Ex's

ACE HOOD "Blood, Sweat & Tears"
[Intro] Uh, They may not like me for this one Fuck it, I got my pen and pad anyway Mister Hood Dear Mrs. Independent Hoes Lookin' for ya like my lifetime depended on You're a centerfold, every woman's inner goal To meet in a nigga and his money long Hey this a letter to my ex hoes Before I start kiss my ass, X O's Ahem, okay let's talk about a gold digger Met her at a video shoot, go figure Uh, well she was bad than a mothaflicker Seen her lookin' got her number seen what's up wit her Yeah, to make a long story short dawg Couple days I'm sleepin, beatin the inner walls Fell in love with it now we up in every mall Bought her first Louis bag, she was so appalled Not a scout but she love to watch a nigga ball Bought her everything she had if I could recall So couple months I got her moving in That show money got me out of town It got her trippin' when I'm not around She was movin, trying to play a nigga out of bounds Seen pictures of her and niggas I hate to found Sad part was the bitch was trickin' off out of town Uh, and I was too blind to see it sooner Knew this bitch was kinda fishy like some old tuna Took her clothes and threw em in to an old sewer Damn, you shoulda' really seen her face then Uh, she officially on my shit list Uh, She pulled up on some shock shit Uh, I'm talkin bags in the front trick And that words to my common sense See you ain't nothin' but a has been I'm talking ashes to ashes [Hook] Uh, hey here's a letter to my ex's You ain't nothin' but a has been Uh, was only heavy when the cash in, yeah You tried to play me like a band bitch But I ain't trippin' cause you're pussy kinda average Uh, her ego bigger than her ass is Man, I'm so glad you the past tense I used to love you with a passion Sincerely yours, bitches Uh, Dear Mrs. Independent hoes Still searching like my lifetime depended on You're a centerfold, every woman's inner goal To meet a nigga and his money long If you ain't got it then you can carry on I'm talking like a Louis bag homes No matter swagger, you're new cologne I swear my last was a bee like a honeycomb Uh, I thought we really woulda' last long Shit, we were the worst to put your money on Damn, in the beginning it was fairy tales I'm talking make believe love coated in make believe Uh, but that's until I started buying things It was cool, now she started wantin wedding rings Such a drama queen demanded all kinda things Corrupted buy the light, she could only see the green Wanted kids so I can be there by any means Let her tell it we were something like a perfect team Damn, had to cut it, she was out of order Tryin to put me on blast like a bill boarder Yeah, I called her momma tried to transport her "Did you throw out her out dawg" Yeah kinda sorta, she was mad so she filing a restraining order Just to come and get her bags in the trash house Swear the cops made me leave nearly passed out Hey but I end up moving back in Oh my momma, now she preggo with a set of twins Pause, "That's a whole lot to settle in" Uh, I guess the story really never ends Well here's a letter to my ex then I swear she used to be my best friend Now she's a memory from back then I know she prolly misses that fifth Big sprees, and them motherfuckin plane trips And she the last on my ex list Nearly had a nigga stressed Damn [Interlude] Somebody tell me what's love What's your definition of love? Is love buying one another different gifts "Depending on the price tag." Is that love? I mean a nigga just looking for somebody genuine To really ride for him I'm feelin' like "fuck love," They don't give a damn about me anyway Maybe relationships ain't for me I guess that's why I'm writing this Uh, hey here's a letter to my ex's You ain't nothin' but a has been Uh, was only heavy when the cash in, yeah You tried to play me like a band bitch But I ain't trippin' cause you're pussy kinda average Uh, her ego bigger than her ass is Man, I'm so glad you the past tense I used to love you with a passion Sincerely yours, bitches

After Thought

K'LA "The Coldest Winter Ever"
This K'La and this has been the coldest winter ever, the mixtape And I just wanna take time to thank everybody for listening And taking time out of your day to listen to my story And I really hope that you enjoyed it as much as I enjoy telling it to you I also wanna give a special thanks to Reggie, V103, the whole V103 family Music lines, [?] Roscoe, Jasmin, [?] Jay Holliday, big Jay, [?] the whole music line family And special thanks to Shaid and Shaquila, that's the team, couldn't do it without yo all And of course, everybody back home in Gary, Indiana Ah, my mom, dad, my daughters they're my inspiration Yeah, I think when you know what you're supposed to go do it, no matter what And that's what I do, I do what I was meant to do It's what I was meant for, apparently So anyway, I came to Atlanta in [?] what's the year 2010? In 2009, um, specifically for the purpose of music I didn't know how the fuck I was gonna do this, haha I had no clue, but, I came out here to try And it worked It worked but um, think as most [?] and I don't know why is like this Maybe it's cause my daddy was a bass player That's usually what I use my melodies off of bass [?] hehe, and she works Like the bass notes, it's like I guess that's where I get my melodies from but But it always keeps you on like a low key, like a nice vibe below But that's what I fuck with, cause I've always been a, been a fan of old music like Al Green, [?] yeah, Al Green, Donnie [?] Billy Holliday, like And Paco, I used to listen to a lot of Paco, Paco is the bass player, you guys don't know him My dad used to listen to a lot of that but You know, a lot of old shit, that's what I grew up listening to So that's what I make my music off The lyrics come from experience, so, if you enjoy that then I guess you enjoy the life to it Um, where's 2pac, somebody tell me, cause I need that music in my life right now Like this would be the perfect time for some music like that I need some 2pac, I need Laurent Hill, I need some fucking old school [?] I need some good shit right now to get me through this shit I need some good shit, I need some advice, I need some advice And I don't hear that shit, I don't hear that shit nowhere All I hear is shake your ass in the club bitch get money And [?] for real, the honest [?] I'm saying though Cause I'll be hurt, sometimes I'll be hurt, like emotionally Cause you know I am, I don't talk about my fucking feelings and shit You know I'm saying, that's not me, I wanna [?] I don't do that shit So I need that type of music to help me Cause otherwise I feel like I'ma go crazy, what the fuck is going on? Like there's nobody understand what the fuck I'm going through But then used to be able to listen to songs like then be ok But that's why motherfuckers going crazy out here, They don't know what the fuck to listen to Everybody telling you to shake your ass in the club bitch get money What the fuck you gonna do? What the fuck you gonna do? Like really what the fuck you gonna do? You can't even go out to the club and have a good time Cause somebody coming through the speakers like bitch shake your ass, get money Get money, bitch shake your ass, get money Like motherfucker I ain't come here for that I was on the work day to day, I just wanna come here and chill for a second I don't wanna shake my ass, I don't wanna get money, I just worked all day for money I just wanna come here and drink a little bit god damn it Do I have to shake my ass and get money? That shit ain't fair, I got kids at home, I gotta go home and take care of my kids I don't wanna shake my ass and get money right now But that's all they tell you to do, that's all they tell you to do Shake your ass and get money, I don't wanna hear that shit no more Never again [?] every time I shake my ass and get money But y'all understand what I'm talking about though? Y'all do? It's a fucked up world, it's a really fucked up world, out there You gotta find a way through it, no matter what level you coming in on You really gotta find your way, it's already written what's supposed to happen so I'm playing my part, well I hope, very well.

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