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Beatnuts lyrics

Watch Out Now

Original and similar lyrics
Yea, yea.. uh-uh ! Mmmmhh-mmmhhh ! Get money, get money! (Get, get money, get money) (Get, get money, get money) Uh-uh! (Get) GET MONEY, GET MONEY (get that money) (Get) GET MONEY, GET MONEY Yeah, GET MONEY, GET MONEY .. Listen to da first verse Watch out now! Aiyyo my song's on, I gotta get my grub on some to-to (I love dough-oh) Order three buckets of Mo'-Mo' We gettin more dough, off the books (you gettin gelly) Pullin more hoes off the looks (you gettin gelly) You wan' hate me? Cause your wifey, wants a autograph? From the look in her eyes, I can see she wants more than that When I see fat asses I make fat passes like quarterback Beatnuts is ALLA THAT, your shit, ALL THE WACK Open candela, if you foolin wit mah cheddah Hardrock, ever since, junior high suela Fly fella, takin my beats, to make your crowd get up I'm fed up, niggaz wanna bring it -- WHATEVER! I'ma storm your pa-rade (pa-rade) blow your legs off with a gre-nade, now you flappin, like a mermaid Yappin off, bitch you cough at the lips while I'm at the bar, baggin, the bartender tips Then I bag this chick, with a, Hi, and the eye She did the butterfly, rubbin her ass, against my buttonfly I could ALREADY imagine my shit stuck inside Everytime I strike, haters be like, Dat fucking guy! Chorus: Beatnuts featuring Yellaklaw How's that yo? It's hard for you to swallow It don't take much for us to let the metal holla Lead's bustin out of a old black Impala Thug nigga only fuck wit, muchacha mala Big Ju, dímelo coño, how we do?, how we do? (How we do) (How the girl don't only love me, they love you!) Whatchu gonna do? (What, what, what?) Nigga whatchu gonna do? (What, yo) Here's to my pollyin niggaz who campaign To the killers who be lovin the chicas and champagne Thugs who get wild in the club and snatch chains Players who be pimpin the hoes with no brains Front watch a nigga get shot from close range The most range, crazy motherfucker won't change Beatnuts, forever diehard, you want pain? Cause you walkin outta here breathin is insane (nigga) Flip a beat fast, you leave the club with a heat rash You got a weak stash, came in the club with a free pass I ain't even know they made a Roley for your cheap ass Makin me laugh, you was in jail wearin kneepads Now the beef has, gotten over your head It's over you dead, Range Rover, both of your legs til both of us said, platinum gettin took this year Cause for real, there ain't nothin but crooks in here, nigga Chorus - Beatnuts last line Whatcha gon' do when Beatnuts come through baby! (Get money, get money) Psycho Les (Get money, get money) Big Ju (Get money, get money) Beatnuts (Get money, get money) (Get money, get money) (Get money, get money) Throw your hands up, throw your hands up (Get money, get money) Throw your hands up, throw your hands up.


JARREN BENTON "Freebasing With Kevin Bacon"
[Hook: x2] You put the codeine in the sprite And then you mix it all up Then you sip it slow That's how them killas get fucked up We call it Lean, Lean We call it Lean, Lean [Verse 1:] Bada-boom, bada-bing White cup of lean Blunt full of green In the cut as I lean In a cutlass supreme Fuck with a team Got her tucked in a jean I'm a show you what I mean When I cut a nigga clean, scalpel please Throw a mufucker off the balcony She don't wanna (gulp) when she give a nigga head Cause she said that she's trynna watch her calories It's the weekend Let your hair down, swallow semen She just wanna be my girlfriend Bitch, wake up ho, are you dreamin'? I got wife and I got children I don't need you catchin' feelings What the fuck these bitches sniffing Cause you trippin' Listen Philippine, billie-jean, guillotine, ritalin Drizzling, Jiggling, Ringaling, Niggaling Chainsaw blade goes ring-ring Get a motherfucker for the bling-bling Bitch I'm on the lean-lean Girl you on the same thing Wayne ain't on it no more, let it go, I'm a bring-bring Chain Flame, get a beat, it's drink Gone off of mufuckin' sprite and promethazine [Hook] [Verse 2:] Lean, on it Half ounce, quarter pound, throw it in the bong Nigga we, on it You ain't gotta fuck it, you ain't even gotta suck it Just pull out my dick bitch, breath on it I often drift, where was I? Lean in my cup and I'm feelin' so high Dude get the keys to his automobile And if he can't walk straight then you know we can't drive! Lean it, swerve it, please don't let a nigga crash Cause I've got a cab Shoulda, coulda, woulda, never woulda been a coulda shoulda If a nigga had Throw up in a bag Eastside, throw it on a map Cut open a blunt, then I fill it up with hash If I get the pussy, I'm a put it in a hat I'm a pull it out her mouth, then I put it in her ass like Cocaine, lo mein, propane, rogaine Gold chain, no brain, Cobain, Don't mayne Profane, no shame, slow vein, no vein No lames, squares and no names No limit, hit 'em with a tech and a gold tank Ya'll niggas hate cause I'm doin' my own thing ATLien, finding my own lane Pop up and I soda pop the codeine [Hook]


City of death, homicide on every corner; Eight in the mornin' I'm at the mall tryna buy some Jordan's; Call me a hoarder, tennis shoes everywhere; But when you sellin' coke, you don't have a care. I'm talkin Peruvian, pure coke white as Cher; Got it in the trunk like a spare tire; Money on his head that's murder for hire; I seen a fiend sell his soul for a dime rock; Then he came right back and sold his son's X-Box; I pray to the Lord, this shit gotta stop. Everybody walk around with 2's on repo[?]; Speakin in codes, tryna get the line on the kilos; They tappin phones and tryna give us to Rico; I'm tryna get rich and give back to the people. CEO no nigga you ain't my equal; See before, I can see the fake in you; Cuz you never act like a real nigga do; Niggas talkin and knocks throwin surprise parties. But we ready for the beef, nigga Arbie's; Livewire MC, you see us on them Harley's; Yeah, it was me nord and bang bang[?] Nigga, tryna make a mil a day. [Hook:] Lyin on my side, in my hand there's a grenade; On the corner grindin since the tenth grade; Cuz I only like to dream about, gettin paid; Cuz I only like to dream about, gettin pain; 40 on my side in my hand there's a grenade; Still sellin dope, since the tenth grade; Cuz I only like to dream about, gettin paid; Cuz I only like to dream about, gettin paid. Money on my mind, landlord at the door; Tryna kick a nigga out cuz I'm sellin dope; Import export, money in the transaction; Bangers on me always, killas in my fuckin faction. You niggas savin bitches like Ansel[?] Jackson; These hoes settin niggas up and ask 'em what happened; He gotta have it my nigga and he just can't kick it; Therefore, his digits is limited. [Hook] Livin life wicked, tryna touch a mil ticket; Get it on the streets then send it to the niggas in prison; Cuz I can see you fake niggas through this tunnel vision; Disloyal see a nigga shot and then his blood boil; In the kitchen my mama cookin it to the oil; Get the birds cross state, to the Georgetown hoils[?]; Now I'm in the Porsche, it feel like 500 horses; Now I'm in the Porsche, it feel like 500 horses. [Hook]

Bout My Money

TRICK DADDY "Book Of Thugs: Chapter A.K., Verse 47"
[Trick Daddy] Let's see, what to do today Fuck that I'm goin to get my money This one in a.. Thuggin memory That thug nigga Hollywood nigga I did this one in that nigga name Hollywood nigga, yall remember that mutha fuckin name This bout that mutha fuckin money NIGGA!!!!!! To kill for cocaine and get a nigga killed And a banana peel will get his whole hide flipped He's bringin danger to the life of his home boy's You can see the moon, but don't let him go alone boy Bout my money, we goin to bump heads and it wont be long That's why I got two choppers, one for the car, and one for the home Got extra grip for when they hold on Nextel, instead of these dial tones and quarter game for these old tapped ass cell phones And new back bone for my new dread homes You aint been outta jail long, but nigga you dead wrong Bout my money, nigga you shouldn't a played wit it You're goin to remember the day when this A.K hit ya. [Chorus:] Bout my money That shit there aint nothin funny Don't start duckin and runnin when it go to gunnin bout my money And sonny, don't be stuntin and lookin funny When I ask about my mutha fuckin money That shit there aint nothin funny Don't start duckin and runnin when it go to gunnin bout my money And sonny, don't be stuntin and lookin funny Have my mutha fuckin money [Trick Daddy] I read in the Book of Thugs, Chapter A.K Verse 47 And it tells me all thugs niggas go to heaven But between the lines of verses 48 and 9 Is what ya thug nigga's, drug dealin and doin time But verse 100, talks bout my money Say's its full of blood so all memphis is funny But nigga I don't want to hold your gold I just want to free your soul And be found somewhere in public when all this shit unfolds I done gave ya two bricks, and you aint gave me back shit You runnin around in your new bubble lights When verse sit lookin sick I aint here to hold ur sing, I just want my cream and you can keep your little watch and ring that go bling bling [Chorus] [Trick Daddy] Now all this huffin and puffin aint goin to get you young fuck nigga's nothin But a shit bag and bullet holes through your bloody clothes Out of all the nigga's you mutha fuckin know I should have been the last nigga you want to muthafuckin know I'll meet ya at your front door, and im bringin my calico Nigga if u aint got my flow ur ass gotta go We'll get you mammy and all and layin em down on the front room floor Bout to do em all cuz I done have problems bout all this shit unfolden Bout my money, I came at it, and your son ain't have it Now this nigga I owe is goin to be the next nigga to go I only got 20 G's, and I owe 'em 84 It ain't my muthafuckin fault, I'm short bout 64 This nigga aint goin to fuck me no more [Trick talking] [Chorus]

Run Tha Streetz

2PAC "All Eyez On Me"
(feat. Storm, Mutah, Michel'le) [Michel'le -- Chorus x2] (You can run tha streetz with your Thugs) i'll be waiting for you until you get through i'll be waiting) [Tupac] Now peep it Here go tha secret on how to keep a playa some love makin' and homecookin' i'll see ya later It don't take alot to keep a nigga hard must be a lady in tha light but real freaky in tha dark plus I got some enemies, baby hold my pistol and wrap your arms around a nigga everytime I kiss you can you visualize the picture ? me and you in extasy don't be upset it's good sex when you next to me do you wanna test me ? put your tired head on my chest A Thug niggas in tha house now you can rest I betcha never screamed a niggas whole name out and felt tha pleasure and tha pain about to fuck tha very taste out your mouth If you call me when you need me 1-800-skypage when you wanna see me cause I can be your man and baby you can be my lady but you gotta give a nigga space or you'll drive me crazy Run tha Streetz.... [Chorus x2] (You can run tha streetz with your Thugs) i'll be waiting for you until you get through i'll be waiting) [Storm] Now me and you was cool but I ain't tha one to play tha fool can't make no money in bed so ain't no future fuckin' you I ain't tha bitch ta love ya can't do a damn thang for you if you ain't about money 9 times outta ten i'll ignore you It's a man's World but real women make tha shit go around disrespect and I clown tha type of bitch to throw down throw up tha block cause nothin' stops my chips I boss playa with this then twist you lame tricks Holla if ya understand my plan ladies fuck havin' babies by them shady ass niggas Swearin', he can save me My stratagies official checkin' ya pockets while I tounge kiss ya soft as tissue so my next issue is 'how to diss you ?' they call me Storm from tha day I was born I been known to break tha coldest muthafucker till' his hearts warm I ain't never been tha type to wait at home alone just cause we bone don't mean you own me nigga, i'm grown [Chorus x2] (You can run tha streetz with your Thugs) i'll be waiting for you until you get through i'll be waiting) [Mutah] I'd rather run tha streetz to make some mail and put tha game down tight for these gamin' bitches could get it right It might be a plan that i'm choosen don't get in confusion because i'm known for showin' examples how i do it Thinkin' i'm new to this because i'm younger where i'll only leave you suspecious and to wonder and at tha end I make a come up Nigga, was raiseed up off of M.O.B. fighting over something that's tellen me don't run tha streetz [Tupac] So tell me am I wrong ? for tryin' to communicate through a song I'm up early in tha morning by sunrise i'll be gone all my homies is waitin' for me plotin' on plans that we made and all tha fun that it's gonna be so meet me at 3' and don't be late nigga we hagin' out all night while drinkin' straight liquor I heard it's popin' at a club but they say I can't get in cause i'm dressed like a thug until I die i'll be game related got me strivin' for a million stayin' motivated now that we made it it's a battle just for tha big money I'm livin' wild no smiles cause ain't a thing funny I came up hungry just a little nigga tryin' to make it I only got one chance so I gotta take it ya never know when it's all gonna happen tha rappen or tha drugs but until then give me love and let me Run tha Streetz [Chorus x7] (You can run tha streetz with your Thugs) i'll be waiting for you until you get through i'll be waiting)

In The PJ's

Big Daddy Kane "Daddy's Home"
[Kane] Aiyyyyyyyyyyyyyyo! [Rick] For all of y'all.. [Kane] Check it out, check Aiyyo, we gonna send out to all the projects out there [Rick] For all of y'all.. [Kane] Yknahmsayin Like Roosevelt Projects, Marcy Projects We gon' send it to Fort Greene, L.G. [Rick] For all of y'all.. [Kane] Better yet, all the projects in Brook', no all the projects on the East Coast [Rick] For all of y'all.. [Kane] Now when we come to Church Street South Yknahmsayin Canal Street there in Durham, North Carolina [Rick] For all of y'all.. [Kane] Streets of Crooklyn, and all the great streets Everyone everywhere! Sounds like everywhere around the universe [Rick] For all of y'all.. [Kane] Yknahmsayin All the projects, yknahmsayin We sendin this out to everybody, this one here [Rick] For all of y'all.. [Kane] Now do you understand me We gonna set it off one time, dig the flavor y'all [Rick] For all of y'all.. [Kane] Ha hah hah! [Big Daddy Kane] Livin in the world of ghetto life Shot with the gun, get you cut with the knife That's the story yo, the way the peeps like to move No fakin the funk, it's all about how to show and prove Some get to make it through life livin legal The others gotta try to survive, doin the evil that men do, peace to every hood that I been through I even got love for my homies in South Central But to the East my brother, cause that's where I stay at Runnin through the streets like a stray cat Like that Good Times show it makes me go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, hmmmmmmmmmm, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Up in the projects, it gets no ILLER With true gue-RILLAS, and stone cold KILLERS It seems that every night, you get to hear the fireworks As much as I hate, to see my people die or hurt it's just a street mentality, a reality Neighborhood warfare, that brings home casualties And just because I moved out the residence It don't mean that I can't represent Chorus: Kane + Yeah! Yeah! - gt; chanted in back throughout So to my peeps in the PJ's, throw your hands in the air [Rick] For all of y'all.. Let me know you're out there To my peeps in the PJ's, throw your hands in the air [Rick] For all of y'all.. Let me know you're out there And to my peeps in the PJ's, throw your hands in the air [Rick] For all of y'all.. And let me know you're out there Ah to my peeps in the PJ's, throw your hands in the air [Rick] For all of y'all.. And let me know you're out there [Big Daddy Kane] I'm runnin mob deep around the way It's me and the crew, we're tryin to map out the day Yo what's the haps on how we gettin snaps Are we gonna shoot some cee-lo, or play a game of craps Matter fact, Shane, ring the intercom And see if you can get ten dollars from my moms Tell her to throw it out the window if she got it to spare Cause the elevator's broke, and I ain't checkin for the stairs And do me a solid, run to the store shorty And pick me up some Olde E, but not a 40 Just a two-two of brew will do, so I can knock it out fast to make the coldness last [Scoob] And while you at man see where'd your friend go (word) He shoulda been back a HOUR ago with the indo (yeah) [Big Daddy Kane] And meet us in the back park to get sparked So I can be toasted by time it gets dark Aiyyo Jay, I see that bulge in the back of your jeans Hope that's the God U Now, know what I mean Cause if somebody brings the noise, I'ma make it a silent movie So take the safety off the toolie Cause I don't want no beef, NAHHHHH BABY The only thing I wanna do is PARRRRRRLAY Peace and harmony is what I relate to But damn man, drama's just in the nature Chorus [Big Daddy Kane] I send this out to the homies in the hood That stood by my side, to help a brother do good Just like SWV you was Right Here Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah we in there From all thugs that flex with all the muscle down to the brothers, that got a swift hustle Like good golly Miss Three Card Molly, a neat trick where people get beat quick Wanna see a sweet vic [card shark] Jackety Jack, blackety black You get nuttin back, and that's a fact The sweetest game I ever seen All you gotta do is find the red queen Just point to it, can anybody point to it I play by the point of the finger of the hand The one in the middle! The one in the middle! That's black, you get no money back! (Kane: Aww man! See, I told you!)

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