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BEASTIE BOYS lyrics - To The 5 Boroughs

The Brouhaha

Original and similar lyrics
Now what the blood clot I rap a lot What you gonna do when the beat goes drop? Whatcha talkin' 'bout Willis? Who the illest? You know my name's Adam stop callin' me Phyllis Ya hear some fuss, you're like what's the clamor? It's just me naked on the cover of Glamour A phenomenon pandemonium The club is blowing up like plutonium What's all the fanfare what's the to do We're known to bring the hullabaloo On stage or at the spa Guaranteed we bring the brouhaha 'Cause it's a brouhaha 'Cause it's a brouhaha There's a commotion that's goin' down I talk more shit then drown the clown I'm like that freak from Cirque de Soleil With my leg behind my head and a rhyme to say Ten nine eight seven six five four Get upon the mic and I'm a even the score one two three, three to two one don't carry a knife and I don't carry a gun Yo we be making mountains out of Cool Whip Pass me the mint for the julep Tell me everybody where is the love Hey yo what's the motherfuckin' hubbub 'Cause it's a brouhaha 'Cause it's a brouhaha Communicator check one two one two This is Bones McCoy on a line to Sulu Set the bullshit to warp factor one Check your tri-corder set your phaser to stun Oh mai oui you can catch me At Jean Vie with a pastry C'est ci c'est la oh n'est pas Qu'est-ce-que c'est le brouhahaha Ha haha haha! Just back from Japan and ooh I'm laggin' Goin' rao rao with the dungeon dragon You can dance if you want to leave your friends behind But if they don't dance and then they won't dance they can kiss my fuckin' ass 'Cause it's a brouhaha 'Cause it's a brouhaha

Rappaz R. N. Dainja

Verse One: Blastmaster Kris I don't talk ish Expand your conciousness and dismiss foolishness No one is new to this or new to Kris In hip-hop's atomic structure, I am the nucleus That is the center of the group we/us they/them/you, every squad every massive every crew Dental floss is lost when a true rapper jumps off The cash is incidental but not mental distract you off course The style that I am kickin is like chicken It will be bitten, rewritten, then performed for a $25 admission Reviewed in The Source You will listen then find somethin missin of course... it's skills That's what you're fishin for, it's lost I'm gettin too explicit, the track jingles I won't do a wack album then remix it for my single Kickin rhymes til I wrinkle, and my brown eyes twinkle God called hip-hop for the nine-cinco Verse Two: Tasty like a souflee french croisant on Tuesday Rappers be boo-tay Goo-fy that's how they crew stay Bitin whatever you say to boost they ego We know the steelo, your whole character is foul Makes me want to shoot a free throw, BLAOWW From the git go, no, get go, my flow hits low Wherever all the dope shit go, there's where my shit go Bee-dee-bee-bo, skank, I think Self with ya groups everyone else and the bank Others like to bring the shottie to the party I bring knowledge of self, you cure the mind, you cure the body Some rappers like to come to the party, hopin to leave with somebody check, I come with skills and I leave with your motherfuckin respect Ahh yeah... so check, UH! Verse Three: New types of verbal hip-hop I bring When you know you can sing BOY you know you can sing I do not clutter up the airwaves, with stacks of useless facts MC's trying to be macks, but acts like ignorant blacks Freak that, I'll snap your back as it cracks you will experience, loss or lack of balance Stop the violence, fry from week to week like an allowance All of you are cowards hiding behind the mask of MC I remember, thinkin back to eighty-three No video, no you had to be a real live MC Now you younguns grow up buggin, any new jock you're huggin weak production, let me tell you somethin Any MC can battle for glory But to kick a dope rhyme to wake up your people's another story Act like you never saw me Cause when it comes to lyrics, I'm in a different category

We Got It

CAM'RON "Confessions Of Fire"
(feat. Mase) Uh, check it, check it Aiyo, it's very rare that you see me an Lanson In a club, with bub, partyin, we dancin If so, it's Chris, Bacardi, an some Branson All leathered out in a Harley or a Vanson Now I ain''t dissin chicks But I ain't trickin shit That's Un yo, wit me you get fish an chips That's right exotic and we live it But jus cause I got it Don't mean you can get it Now I take them black, nasty, redbone, beautiful Jus brush your teeth for me, that's suitable Don't care about your toes or your cuticles First we lie then work them thighs It's a one night stand, not to hurt your pride But ma, I'm a dog, it ain't worth the lies And tell your man chill He don't deserve to die Plus the nigga probably ain't circumcised [Chorus] [Mase] Oh every beat we make, we make hot And every watch we got, got rocks And every car we got, we got dropped And every glock we got, we keep cocked To all the charts you on, we on top And every house you own, we jus copped And all the bank you got, we got stock And every chick you wit, we jus hit Check it out Yo, I'm the same cat that you see in all places Got a mil in hundreds and it's all small faces Old school money, uh huh, we got access What you get a year, we spend that on taxes We don't talk to niggas, we jus wait for faxes End up wit the cash, you bent up in the trash Leave you wet, we set, in a net, in the dash Nigga like me been a vet since the past Who out here don't feel I'm lockin it yet Video time, no props on the set If you see a car that's my drop on the set If you see jewels thats the rocks on my neck And if a club scene really pop to be wet We jus bought a chopper, you coppin Bigets If you feel different, I'm stoppin the bet You rockin a vet while we hop on a jet [Chorus] Hey pretty mama come wit me If you think your a nasty girl Your man had you livin in a fantasy But it's really Cam'Ron's world Meet me at the door about a quarter to four And bring four more girls (bring em all) My mans outside in the parking lot With the six chromed out in pearl And yo, you know my style when we creepin too Yo, who dat boo, your man beepin you Well say your wit Lexis, with the Lexus God damn yo, I just missed the exit I''m kinda tipsy, I dont want to wreck shit And don't think ma, that I'm on some next shit Just wanna know if we can get breakfast Then go to the telly for some sex shit [Chorus 2X]

Pass Out

Tha Alkaholiks "Likwidation"
[J-Ro] Ahh! Y'all niggaz finally came back with the beers! [Tash] We're the Alkaholiks in the house! [J-Ro] Slow ass niggaz! [Tash] Hey let's pass out some of this brew James [J-Ro] Better have some 40's and tall cans and shit [Tash] James let's pass some of this brew out, check it out, yo [Tash] One for you [J-Ro] One for you [Tash] One for you [J-Ro] One for you [Tash] A few for your crew [J-Ro] And this one's for you [Tash] One for you [J-Ro] But this here is my brew [J-Ro] It's the beer drinkin, breath stinkin sniffin money I throw my hands up and say, It's good like Gene Tunny C'mere pull my finger, so I can let the funk flow E-Swift the funk bro, beats to make the trunk roll [Tash] Welcome to the house the one-times can't raid where I grab the mic trippin like my weed was sprayed So to try to take what's mine you better be the smoothest criminality cause I'm deadly to the point I had to warn the Surgeon General [J-Ro] So let the women know, they call Captain Slave-a-Hoe or J to the Ro, from Tha Likwit crew beer roll And speakin of crews, yo whose next to lose Instead of five mics, I'd rather have five brews [Tash] And if y'all niggaz peeped the news you saw the weatherman predictin the rain was on the way because you know who brings Tha Likwit The nigga risked it, rap exquisite down for housing cause I'm tryin to keep it pumpin til the year two thousand [J-Ro] and fourteen, we'll still be holdin down the scene Comin fresh everytime like peas from Jolly Green Everytime we rock a show we send the crowd to detoxes Tha Liks bring the flicks that kicks like six oxes [Tash] And I be rockin niggaz boxers like I'm DJ Run So men and women rush my music like it's CK One So of course I got it locked even my wackest two bitches look flyer than the heinas and the lowrider bitches [J-Ro] And we left you all in stitches now we back like early morn We comin back out on that shit like creamed corn with that Likwit funk, won't stop until you say uhh I save a brew for you, fool, Only When I'm Drunk [Tash] So what you sayin punk, even with a shipment of equipment you still couldn't rock it cause you don't be comin different So that bruisin you was cruisin for has just arrived with the Olde English crack just to make it live [Tash] One for you [J-Ro] One for you [Tash] One for you [J-Ro] One for you [Tash] A few for your crew [J-Ro] This one's for you [Tash] Damn we runnin out of brew [J-Ro] Now what we gonna do [both] Three drunk motherfuckers goin round the outside Round the outside, round the outside [both] Three drunk motherfuckers goin round the outside (So dosey do your partner!) [J-Ro] Can you feel it YEAH If you didn't have it would you steal it HELL YEAH Well it's yours! My rap skills are black like burnt hills on the reals, I make the coldest nigga catch the chills Like the Buffalo Bills, you had your chances (that's right) Pack your pots and pans, and fly your ass back to Kansas I should Diss You, wack rhymes are the issue I come up with hooks that'll pull out your tissue Like Tito, white kids think I'm neato I chop MC's up and throw em in my burrito WHAT Never interrupt me when I'm speakin Just sit your ass down and say, Weallll like a Deacon Fuck the trendy clothes I want the bankrolls Your style is funny like hoes with big butts and skinny ankles [Tash] And havin shoes or where their coats is, right under our noses Cause Tash brings the chronic, so fuck a dozen roses Talk they feet out sweep em from the second that I peep em cause the women look so good I wanna take em home and keep em Freak em, but only with my Jimmy well protected cause I know you want it raw but I can't give it to ya naked So chill for a second while I wreck it on the Audi Cause I kick that kinda shit that leaves y'all bitches brains cloudy Now we, come to the payoff because I'm way off I fuck parties up like Ferris Bueller on his Day Off So peep how I creep and how deep I dive with the Olde English crack just to make it live [Tash] One for you [J-Ro] One for you [Tash] One for you [J-Ro] One for you [Tash] One for you [J-Ro] And this one's for you [Tash] Damn we out of fuckin brew [J-Ro] Then fuck it, then we through [both] Three drunk motherfuckers goin round the outside Round the outside, round the outside [both] Three drunk motherfuckers goin round the outside ... once again [both] Three drunk motherfuckers goin round the outside Round the outside, round the outside [both] Three drunk motherfuckers goin round the outside ... and we gonna fuck it up; motherfuckers [Tash] Yeah that's right, go keep all your hoes motherfuckers It's 1996, Likwit crew, Alkaholiks, King Tee Xzibit, Phil Da Agony, Defari Uhh, a.k.a. the Forty Downers What y'all know about this West coast hip-hop at it's motherfuckin finest (uhh, Phil Da Ag in the house) Forty To Da Head in the house (X to the Z in the house) E-Swift on the beat (and Barber Shop in the house) Need I say more (West coast, East coast) Hell no! (All over the world, and we out)


[Redman] RZA came and got me, this what I came to do, come on Ring the bell so it's time to eat Brick Dog stash weed inta AMI-seats Bomb isdide the palm Doc rock a wifebeater with me beatin my wife ass iron dawn The font of my appartment built like the Klumps To carry it I take the spear out the trunk I stay hungry, I ain't worked for days That's why you see the pump when the curtains raise Blast! Don't panic Do I gotta explain how I tame and lock the rapgame single-handed Hell nah! I won't tell you son If I find a wack ID I sell you one Doc and Hot Nick, Inspectah My lecture's like Hannibal Lecture's Where's the ketchup Don't speak on it, shut ya trap I see ya whole crew yellow like mustardpacks Ah woo, Doc in my own zone You say you got the rapgames on, but it's all wrong I ride through ya hood in a Mr. Softy-truck Then pull a Mack out a box and smoke hoes Yeah, ya little fucks Gimme ya fucking money! [*Shout-outs from Raekwon and Ghostface*] [Method Man] Uhuh, check it I'm hotter than a hundred degrees with my coat on Playing with a dynamitestick, where did I go wrong Somebody pull the fire along when Jonny stomp If ya lukewarm leavin ya clothes and boots torn Pro's and con's, megabomb's and so-on's By arid actions try MC's to get their roll on First issue got issues What is hiphop to Hot Nickles It's like Funk Docter's snot tissues, word Look at my hand and get the third Finger out ya earhole like: Fuck what you hear Now that's what I call harcore, let's act fool Mr. Fix-It like Handyman I pack tool I been shitty, I'm from the veils of the city And just because my outfit match don't make me pretty Baggy Dun Gurees, dick need room to breathe In a room full of crackers I might cut the cheese Ain't no rules to the game, if it hit we ain't planned In your business like EPMD So What You Sayin' You codesignin that bullshit yo man tryin Chaka chaka cha-ta tatat!! Slugs flyin [*Shout-outs from Raekwon, Ghostface and Inspectah Deck*] [Inspectah Deck] Yo, ya Check, the code echos from magazines to the big screen Fo' wheel machines like ya wits scream Kids fiend from the urban to sub-urban Roll upon me thirstin like: Hey, hey, Mister Dream-Merchant We roll longer than dice in a casino Silo in the 4, 5 or 6 with double 0 Behind the tinted windows I lay low On some hydro tryin to slide from the 5-0 But now I get wild similar to Ol' Dirty On third time fellon just hit with over 30 No worries, style have em so thirsty First degree heats are quittin on me Cold turkey, no mercy I bring the pain of a hundred migraines But a thousand shoutin my name that's why I came But first bring the cashburst, then the outburst My surroundsound pound ya ear like ... curse I flex muslce outside I find a next hustle Trouble with ya here and face the TEC-muscle Even the best buckle win I take it to the exteme It gets ugly, but it's what a nigga do to get cream This life [*Shout-outs from Raekwon and Ghostface*]

Stone Age

DE LA SOUL "Buhloone Mindstate"
* BizMarkie starts out the song beatboxing while De La Soul chants the words I'll beatbox * [Dove] Ah mic test one two [BizM] Aww man, I check it better [DeLa] Ah whatcha mean BizMarkie? Whatcha mean BizMark? [BizM] I hit the rhyme with the mayonnaise, that's what I mean [DeLa] Ah whatcha mean BizMarkie? Whatcha mean BizMark? [BizM] Man I got beats up my sleeve like you wouldn't BELIEVE! [DeLa] Whatcha mean BizMarkie? Whatcha mean BizMark? [BizMarkie] Ah with my ah one two I substitute about a loop So let me serve with the slope, with the Plug of two scoops! [Dove] Mr. Miyag' never did dip for Dove Bootleggers my legs and, grit about a hug And who gets the Motts, I knots by the chance I rain-dance.. I rain-dance But steppin just a bit I don't need another shadow Makes makes, is gonna be the new man's motto Don't increase the bull, because my pulley is broken and my belly is full It's a second I reckon on the bone and the ball Makin London bridges fall, so check it I bring a point to the joints that we change and chop but we could bring it back to the beatbox! * BizMarkie beatboxes with style and soul * [Posdonus] I'm Posdonus Plug Wonder.. plotter Serenade her cause I gotta.. record When in the womb I was naked.. now I chill with latex cause of how I, enter the black wood without a splinter, provin I had the chills what helps in movin, asses Saw the light cause I got glasses, so we sip the cappucino slowly [BizMarkie] I'sah makes the big money! I drive big [Posdonus] cars, serve the bubble like a bar.. tender When in flight like a sender, lace Sticks of dynamite on bass, head [BizMarkie] Lace the shoe until he dead [Shorty No Mas] Run! Cause the cop is gonna come This my Plug style [Posdonus] so they can kiss my, grits Hold my balls without a mitt.. grab the mouthpiece to talk the dag.. nabit I keeps goin like that rabbit, rico- -chet a dame I need a Snicker, satis- -fy the Norman to the Gladys, Knight My glasses help me see the light, so we sip the capuccino slow [BizMarkie] In life, it's what you see is usually whatcha [Posdonus] get, won't take a Drag-without-a-Net, no [BizMarkie] To put the rhythm in the, bone [Posdonus] marrow, laid the pipe to please Cari-lou [BizMarkie] I don't know! [Posdonus] If it's true.. .. THAT'S A FUMBLE! WELL CATCH A FEVER FROM THE JUNGLE Chocolate, nubian girls flock to it, sweets And if I can't sample beats, get the beatbox equipped with the, dirt BizMark and Doug E. works, fine Mase work the wheel I tangle lines, HARK the light is thirsty in the dark so we.. * BizMarkie beatboxing while De La Soul chants the words I'll beatbox * [Dove] It's like I saw it in the river but my M wasn't fixed Super heavy like a Chevy pump a Maseo mix I had some screams in my pockets, and played it kinda hush and did the outs (got to check out, the avenue) I peeped the ?? Zoah ?? on the gimme gimme, plus we hit the plat' Then the amps was on samp's, the villains got fat The Natives weren't the neighbor then to, NIGGA PLEASE It's a hustle for a joint when your settlement G's But we still be on the wax because it acts like that We still be on the moves because it moves like that So there ain't no reason to don't stop Cause we can bring it back to the beatbox! * BizMark finishes it off * Yo who, I don't know who was on the mic man This thing smell awful here man..

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