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BEASTIE BOYS lyrics - Paul's Boutique


Original and similar lyrics
Riddle me this brother can you handle it Your style to my style you can't hold a candle to it Equinox symmetry and the balance is right Smokin' and drinkin' on a Tuesday night It's not how you play the game it's how you win it I cheat and steal and sin and I'm a cynic For those about to rock we salute you The dirty thoughts for dirty minds we contribute to I once was lost but now I'm found The music washes over and you're one with the sound Who shall inherit the earth the meek shall I think I'm starting to peak now Al And then the man upstairs well I hope that he cares If I had a penny for my thoughts I'd be a millionaire We're just 3 M.C.'s and we're on the go SHADRACH MESACH ABEDNAGO Only 24 hours in a day Only 12 notes a man can play Music for all and not just one people And now we're gonna bust with the Putney Swope sequel More Adidas sneakers that a plumber got pliers Got more suites that Jacoby & Meyers If not for my vices my bugged out desires My year would be good just like Goodyear's tires So I'm out pickin' pockets at the Atlantic Antic And nobody wants to hear you cause your rhymes are so frantic I mix business with pleasure way too much I mean wine and women and song and such I don't get blue I gotta mean red streak You don't pay the band your friends and that's weak Get even like Steven like pulling a Rambo SHADRACH MESACH ABEDNAGO Steal from the rich and I'm out robbing banks Give to the poor and I always give thanks Got more stories that J.D. got Salinger I hold the title and you are the challenger I've got money like Charles Dickens Got the girlies in the Coupe like the Colonel's got the chickens Always go out dapper like Harry S. Truman I'm madder than Mad's Alfred E. Newman Never gonna let them say that I don't love you My noggin is hoggin all kinds of thoughts Adam Yoggin is Yauch and he's rockin of course Smoke the holy chalice got my own religion Rally round the stage and check the funky dope musicians Jerry Lee Swaggert or Jerry Lee Falwell You love Mario Andretti cause he always drives his car well Vicious circle of reality since the day you were born And we love the hot butter on what the popcorn Sippin on wine and mackin Rockin on the stage with all the hands clappin Ride the wave of fate it don't ride me Being very proud to be an M.C. And the man upstairs I hope that he cares If I had a penny for my thoughts I'd be a millionaire Amps and crossovers under my rear hood The bass is bumpin from the back of my Fleetwood They tell us what to do hell no SHADRACH MESACH ABEDNAGO

You Bring The Freak Out Of Me

JERMAINE DUPRI (JD) "Instructions"
[Chorus - Kandi] you make me TALK nasty nasty to ya DREAM about how i wanna do ya THINK things to think about you bring it out you show me how to use my tongue you just some yum yum tasty tasy and when you take me and take me you bring the freak out in ME [Da Brat] i'm freaky freaky gimme head head i wanna see how you get down, go down, go down and get fed come 'n get some tasty tasy lick each 'n every individual part and make me, make me come come a chameleon see a different position to do something different to the yum yum jump jump on top of the kitchen cabinet so you can stick it 'n pump pump Miss Harris waiting for whatever i feel like having save you some embrassment i'm an Aries 'n i ain't scared of shit dare to flinch then 'n there i'll make your chest hairs lift [Chorus] [Jermaine Dupri] Only you do ah, ah think about this n try try to kiss all the places missed by the basic lovin' up your guy-ah ride in the park in the broad daylight real hard like we the only ones around back of the car, tearing u apart 'n this how shit be goin' down when i pump you say harder harder love it when i bring my camcorder whipped cream, take everything even when we first got started started from the bedroom to the dancefloor to a slow tune up against the door to the up 'n down, to the in 'n out to the way you sound [Chorus] [Kandi (Jermaine Dupri)] are you gonna fuck me? (you think i'm not?) come on baby (i'm comin) lets fuck (i love it when you talk like that) yeh whatever, go down there (show me how to use my tongue) i want you to put your tongue right here (talk to me!) right there on there yeh [Da Brat] i'm a superfreak i do what you need i'm a slave for you, stay craving you i'm available, i'm unfadable and i'm capable to disable you i break you down, blow out your pipe turn out your lights and leave your wife lie me down on my back but don't let my Timberlands clap hit it up like its Wimbeldon don't spare a racquet 'cause Brat freaky like that just once taste of the nipple and two kisses will leave you crippled you done fell in love with shantizzle and i'ma keep you fiending for mizzo the 6-0 six-fo bizzo got one of the freakiest hizzo's [Chorus x2]

Packard Goose

FRANK ZAPPA "Joe's Garage"
Frank Zappa (lead guitar, vocals) Warren Cucurullo (rhythm guitar, vocals) Denny Walley (slide guitar, vocals) Ike Willis (lead vocals) Peter Wolf (keyboards) Arthur Barrow (bass, vocals) Ed Mann (percussion) Vinnie Colaiuta (drums) Joe: (clutching the hood ornament of an ancient car) Maybe you thought I was the Packard Goose Or the Ronald MacDonald of the nouveau-abstruse Well fuck all them people, I don't need no excuse For being what I am Do you hear me, then? All them rock 'n roll writers is the worst kind of sleaze Selling punk like some new kind of English disease Is that the wave of the future? Aw, spare me please! Oh no, you gotta go Who do you write for? I wanna know I believe you is the government's whore And keeping peoples dumb is where you're coming from And keeping peoples dumb is where you're coming from Fuck all them writers with the pen in their hand I will be more specific so they might understand They can all kiss my ass But because it's so grand They'd best just stay away Hey, hey, hey Hey, Joe, who did you blow? Moe pushed the button boy And you went to the show Better suck a little harder or the shekels won't flow And I don't mean your thumb So on your knees you bum Just tell yourself it's yum And suck it 'till you're numb Journalism's kinda scary And of it we should be wary Wonder what became of Mary? And no sooner has he wondered, a vision of Mary appears to him, delivering a little lecture... Voice Of Mary's Vision: Hi! It's me... the girl from the bus... Remember? The last tour? Well... Information is not knowledge Knowledge is not wisdom Wisdom is not truth Truth is not beauty Beauty is not love Love is not music Music is THE BEST... Wisdom is the domain of the Wis (which is extinct). Beauty is a French phonetic corruption Of a short cloth neck ornament Currently in resurgence... And no sooner has she spoken (which is awkward and probably incorrect but what the fuck), enormous flabby short cloth neck ornaments obscure the horizon in a multitude, beating their ugly wings and working their hidden chrome snap attachments as they resurge in the direction of the White Zone seeking snack material near the Utensil Shrines of Greater America... Joe: If you're in the audience and like what we do Well, we want you to know that we like you all too But as for the sucker who will write the review If his mind is prehensile (His mind is prehensile) He'll put down his pencil (He'll put down his pencil) And have himself a squat On the Cosmic Utensil (Cosmic Utensil) Go give it all you got On the Cosmic Utensil (Cosmic Utensil) Sit 'n spin until you rot On the Cosmic Utensil (Cosmic Utensil) He really needs to squat On the Cosmic Utensil (Cosmic Utensil Cosmic Utensil) Now that I got that over with I'll just play my imaginary guitar again Hey... soundin' pretty good! Hey...get down, me... Boy, what an imagination! Love myself better than I love myself... I think... What tone! Sounds like an Elegant Gypsy! What is that? Musk? It's hip!

Given Flight By Demon's Wings

Shai Hulud "That Within Blood Ill-Tempered"
This is not my true nature. I was not born as what i have come to be. To be gentle again... An angel's heart given flight by demon's wings faces certian death. Do not let this exterior deceive you. I can easily crush your spirit. My wounds bleed truth, Their voices are caustic, And with the words... A nasty sting from aim and precision of fact. 'How can you be so cruel?' It is not who i am, As it is the hate i feel. I am a demon, A vicious fiend. Let me alone. I am a demon with a penchant For other's misery. I am a demon, A vicious fiend. Let me alone In peace To be the beast of a man The world has made me. I am prepared to fight humanity every day For the rest of my life, Albeit, my mind and body Yearn for tranquility. People that should earn my love Consistently warrant my hate. I truly resent this. Breathe easy, friend. Let not bitter fruit sour your breath. You were once a gentleman. When friends fail, And mother is gone; When god is silent, And mates fall out of love... I still wake to confrontation, Alone, and unflinching. I am not simply strong, I may very well be the strongest man That ever lived.

Me And My Girlfriend

2PAC "Makaveli - The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory"
[girl] Sheeit, ju motherfuckin right I'm the bitch that's keepin it live and keepin it hot when you punk ass niggaz don't Nigga Westside, WHAT! Bring it on [Tupac] Look for me Lost in the whirlwind, ninety-six, Bonnie and Clyde Me and my girlfriend, do one-eighty-five when we ride Trapped in this world of sin, born as a ghetto child Raised in this whirlwind (c'mon) Our childhood years recall the tears heart laced with venom Smokin sherm, drinkin malt liquor, father forgive her Me and my girlfriend, hustlin, fell in love with the struggle Hands on the steering wheel, blush, while she bail out bustin Fuck em all, watch em fall screamin, automatic gunfire exorcisin all demons Mafias on the side, my congregation high, ready to die We bail out to take the jail back, niggaz united Our first date, couldn't wait to see you naked Touch you in every secret place, I can hardly wait to bust freely, got you red hot, you so happy to see me Make the frontpage primetime live on TV Nigga my girlfriend, baby forty-five but she still live One shot make a nigga's heartbeat stop [girl] What!! I'm bustin on you punk ass niggaz *automatic gunfire* Run nigga run! *gunfire* I'm on yo' ass nigga! *gunfire continues* Run nigga, duck and hide! Nigga I'm bustin all you bitches! Run nigga, yeah! Westside! Uh uh uh! Die nigga die! [Tupac] My girlfriend, blacker than the darkest night When niggaz act bitch-made she got the heart to fight Nigga my girlfriend, though we seperated at times I knew deep inside, baby girl would always be mine Picked you up when you was nine, started out my life of crime wit you, bought you some shells when you turned twenty-two It's true, nothin compares to the satisfaction that I feel when we out mashin, me and my girlfriend [Chorus: Tupac] All I need in this life of sin, is me and my girlfriend Down to ride to the bloody end, just me and my girlfriend [repeat 2X] [Tupac] I was too immature to understand your ways, inexperienced back in the days Caused so many arguments and strays Now I realize how to treat ya, the secret to keep ya Bein faithful now cause now cheatin's lethal We closer than the hands of time, deeper than the drop of mankind I trust you dearly, I shoot blind In time I clock figures, droppin niggaz as we rise We all soldiers in God's eyes -- now it's time for war Never leave me baby, I'm paranoid, sleepin witcha loaded by my bedside crazy Jealous when you hang wit the fellas, I wait patiently alone anticipated for the moment you come home I'm waitin by the phone this is true love, I can feel it I've had a lot of women in my bed, but you the realeast So if you ever need me call, I'll be there through it all You're the reason I can stand tall, me and my girlfriend [Chorus] [Tupac] I love finger fuckin you, all of a sudden I'm hearin thunder When you bust a nut, niggaz be duckin or takin numbers Love to watch you at a block party, beggin for drama While unleashin on the old timers, that's on my mama I would trade my life for yours, behind closed doors the only girl that I adore, everything I'm askin for Talkin to me beggin me to just, take you around Seventeen like Brandy you just Wanna Be Down Talkin loud when I tell you be quiet you move the crowd Bustin rounds, activatin a riot, that's why I love you so No control, down to roll, unleash After a hit you break apart, then back to one piece Much love to my one and only girlfriend, the world is ours Just hold me down, baby witness the power Never leave a nigga alone, I love you black or chrome Turn this house into a happy home, me and my girlfriend [Chorus 3X] Lost in the whirlwind, ninety-six, Bonnie and Clyde Me and my girlfriend, do one-eighty-five when we ride Trapped in this world of sin, born as a ghetto child Raised in the whirlwind -- look for me [repeat 3X] Lost in the whirlwind, ninety-six, Bonnie and Clyde Me and my girlfriend [repeat 2X] ME AND MY GIRLFRIEND!

Sun Turns Though Ash

oh master completion i motion blackness unbroken for all cradled notions the body is fragile the pulse is daunted seeks loving seeks impulse finds nothing the movement of the spheres means nothing to you and time scaling breath only crumbling relics to you a heap of hack imagery stockpile of bones a lie to you a wrong turn leads to a silent valley no birds call from the trees it presses you deep toward your kingdom languish there procrastinate oh sister insoluble you motion silence irreversible failed notions the creature you summon you carry you cradle eat purpose kill substance metamorphose - you enemy from your thoughts notion slips away never prepared steel commotion felt inside your thoughts broil upward but never betray the lie to you excess leads to the silent valley i vowed never to return halcyon on fields exposed as burrs and nettles sun turns through ash, eradicate emerge passage spent in humming atmosphere the ether crystallised hangs in front of your eyes starlight over my sullen valley the planet lurches round on an ancient spine

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