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BEACH BOYS lyrics - Christmas Album

(I Saw Santa) Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree

Original and similar lyrics
Hey Adam, you'll never guess what I saw last night. What? I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus. That's right. Oh no. They were listening to music, and their voices were low, And he looks a lot like someone that you and I both know! Who? Well, I saw Santa rockin' round the Christmas tree And Mama was as close to Santa as you are to me They filled up the socks, But before he could go They started to kiss. Santa just couldn't go. Well, I saw Mama help Santa decorate the tree With little bitty presents and candy canes for you and me He started to leave... Mm! Then he turned around. I made a noise. *Clunk* I was sure to be found! Well, I saw Mama kissin' Santa 'neath the mistletoe Yeah, and he looked like someone I thought you oughta know

Get It Started

Yeah.. It's still Murder, I.N.C. [repeat 4X] [Ja] I got you mami [CO] I got you daddy [Chorus: Claudette Ortiz] Let's get this party started Throw your drink up and move your body But you can't get up on it 'til I see you work harder for it C'mon, let's get it started Don't you leave me all hot and bothered You want me? Come grab it Show me that you got me daddy [Ja Rule] I got you ma, workin in New York City It's Satuday Night Live, and I'm hot so bear with me Plus a little tired from the time zone switches But right on time to hit a club for a minute I get in and get a table, get bottles, some bitches come over, they claimin they models Until they want a drink they ain't even know who I was Until I took my hat off, and then they started backin that ass up Whoa! She did this dance with her hands up Then she touched her toes and made my thing stand up Type of chick that'll have a nigga in handcuffs Taste but don't swallow, look but don't touch Forbidden, not to be eaten, but she is feedin me rotten apples that fall from the tree Why don't we leave, just us three, and get acquainted Mama I'm just playin - but I'm sayin [Chorus] [Ja Rule] I got you ma, I'm in L.A., I'm the latest Caught the last flight in from JFK Baggage claim sign read R-U-L-E Takin me straight to the party so I can get started Rubbin on bitches like full body massages And takin dead aim on all open targets Soon as I walk in I see the one that I wanna be humpin, bouncin, and grindin on Her lowrider sit low, you can see her thong And she like to get low on her favorite songs I'm like don't stop, get it get it, let me get up on it Let me see how bad you really want it like, them cold nights when you're hot and lonely Give me your pager, pick up a phone and call me I was thinkin that maybe we could have an orgy Mama I'm just playin - but I'm sayin [Chorus] [Ja Rule] I got you ma, and Miami's the scene Filled with fast women when they stop intervene Tanned up and their walk is mean I don't wonder how she got in, I want her out of them jeans It seems, me and my team got a routine habit Of gettin rid of sweaters as soon as we snag 'em In the club, gettin high, relaxin I see a few asses that's pacin backwards my way The DJ spinnin it backwards Givin shouts to actors, athletes and rappers Now, let's get it crackin, you know how it happen After the party there's an afterparty happenin (Let's get this party started) Ain't that what you said, or am I hearin things? Is you drunk, cause you look like you swerve in both lanes Mama I'm just playin - but I'm sayin [Chorus] [Ja Rule] I got you ma, y'know Whenever, Murder INC Flex-in

Santa Baby

Verse 1: Run It was December 24 on Hollis after the dark My man Santa saw a rabbi and gave the strangest remark He said that giving was his living and I had to take part So I grabbed a bag of goodies and I hopped up on his cart I laced the pockets of the poor and gave the hoodie a play Dropped some dollars up on Hollis and I went on my way I hear your jingle Mr. Kringle peep the single, my man so Santa hit a brotha off and come as quick as you can! [chorus] Santa Baby Just slip a Benzo under the tree for me A '98 convertible, light blue I'm looking for a fly guy, like you So hurry down the chimney tonight... Verse 3: Ma$e Now all Mase know When its eight twenty-four He be looking at the door for the ho ho ho Cause I know When theres a christmas uptown Ain't no chimney for santa to come down Verse 4: Puffy Daddy Now to me, PD I had alot Appreciated everything that I got Though I used to take my pops Who aint caught me shaking the box Cause I knew I couldn't wait till it turned 12 o'clock Verse 5: Snoop Doggy Dogg Cookies and Milk Satin and Silk I'm chillin in the living room, wrapped in a quilt I'm waiting on this fat Red Suit wearing-comparing My gifts to my homeboy next door to me A gift here, none there, but who cares My little sister needs a comb just to braid her nappy hair Bbut here we go again waiting on the enemy To slide down the chimney Look here, that ain't reality [chorus] Santa Baby Just slip a Benzo under the tree for me A '98 convertible, light blue I'm looking for a fly guy, like you So hurry down the chimney tonight... Verse 6: Salt & Pepa Santa Baby, are you really real? Chris Kringle Let me see you make my pockets jingle (ching ching) We need some jobs in the ghetto Too much gangbanging where kids are playin I hear the church bells ringing On christmas eve I believe Jesus-calling me Forget the gifts and the shopping lists And the new kicks Your just falling for tricks (you better praise him) [chorus] Santa Baby Just slip a Benzo under the tree for me A '98 convertible, light blue I'm looking for a fly guy, like you So hurry down the chimney tonight... Verse 7: Fredro Starr It's the gritty-the grimy The low down, the shifty Yo Sticky, christmas time in the city Late night, stars are bright We gettin rocked! With the 50 St. Nicholas Start rippin this Verse 8: Sticky Fingaz Its the Grinch who stole christmas Climbin down ya chimney Kids open up they gifts They all gonna be empty Just like mine was I hate to say it But if I wasnt a boy I wouldnt have had nuthin to play wit! Verse 9: Keith Murray On December 25th I knew I wasn't getting jack when I saw Santa Claus on the corner buying crack I ran up on him with a gat and asked him 'yo whats up with that?' He said 'there aint no christmas kid' and I can't get him back Back in the days, Christmas was deep My moms put presents under the tree while I played sleep And peeped ha! Santa Claus never gave me nuthin Seen them mad faces, lying and frontin So do some good to the ghetto, Mr. Chris Kringle Come and stay awhile, kick it with God's Angel Take and acknowledge my wisdom and understand That Santa Claus is a black man word up [chorus 2 times] Santa Baby Just slip a Benzo under the tree for me A '98 convertible, light blue I'm looking for a fly guy, like you So hurry down the chimney tonight...

Pilgrim In The Temple Of Love (Santa Gets A Blowjob)

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN "The Wild, the Innocent and The E-street shuffle"
It was Christmas eve, I was standing in the parking lot of 'Fabulous Girls - Nude, Nude, Nude' In the car next to me there was a young lady givin' a blow job to a man in a Santa Claus suit His beard was crooked, his hat askew embarrassed, I turned to go When from the back seat of the mazda I heard somebody shout 'oh, baby, don't stop' And a merry 'ho ho ho' Well I walked inside, I ordered a beer and a double shot of whiskey and in three minutes I had fallen in love The DJ announced, 'Ladies and gentlemen, from Fort Worth, Texas - lady Godiva' and I sat and worshipped 'neath the angel above At the end of her set she brushed her hair came and sat on the stool to my right and said 'will you buy me a drink?' My heart beat fast, my trousers grew tight and wittily I replied 'uhh....' She showed me a picture of her kid, said during the day she's an art student She dances six nights a week for slobs and idiots like this, of course, present company excluded On Donner, on Dancer, on Comet, on Blitzen I'm lost in the valley of the Supervixens Worshippin' at the feet of the goddess above I'm a pilgrim in the temple of love, Ma just a pilgrim in the temple of love Well, then Santa came stumblin' in and somebody shouted 'hey Santa, where're your elves?' He sat down on the stool to my left and the bartender took a vodka bottle off the shelf He asked if mrs. Claus had called, to tell her he worked the late shift at the mall and he was sorry, but he just got through I turned and I asked him 'how's the kids this year, Santa?' Beneath his breath he whispered 'a merry fuck you' Well, then the owner came over and he was a short fat ugly guy with a funny kind of pushed-in face He shook my hand and said it was the first time they ever had a superstar in this place Lady Godiva bought me a few drinks and words came out of my mouth what they were I couldn't guess But it was something about showgirls, lapdancing, Motley Crew, you can guess the rest On Donner, on Dancer, on Comet, on Blitzen I'm lost in the valley of the Supervixens Worshippin' at the feet of the goddess above I'm a pilgrim in the temple of love, Ma just a pilgrim in the temple of love Well, I walked outside, snow was fallin', I had some toys to put together, it was Christmas time Santa followed me into the parking lot and threw up on the hood of the car next to mine I gave him my hankerchief, pulled out onto the highway and as I sat at the light I swear I saw a sleigh with a dozen reindeer pull out of the parking lot And cut across to the mall and a voice shouted, 'Merry Christmas to all, you assholes, and a good fuckin' night' On Donner, on Dancer, on Comet, on Blitzen I'm lost in the valley of the Supervixens Worshippin' at the feet of the goddess above I'm a pilgrim in the temple of love, Ma just a pilgrim in the temple of love

Arabian Nights

Shrieks of Sheiks as they run across the movie screen A thousand sand-dune soldiers led by an Arabian Queen And the harem girls move like fancy (Clancy's) dancers In my dirty dreams And I wake up on the floor clutching the bed-lamp And Mama comes in, she screams 'Hey you been out with that tramp again last night You know that silver-sequined Arab black bitch The one that Mama don't like ?' But Mama she sings me moontime melodies With this great Top 40 hook She shrugs her shoulders, she don't care Papa just stares and says 'Mary, look the girl's alright The girl's alright' And there's a tenseness in the air He turns and says Don't you know, can't you feel it 'Tell me son, what's the word ?' Because there's something hanging there 'Cos you know he can't hear it Pull back the mist and reveal it But don't go near it And even if you fear what you near It's criticized as too absurd Don't conceal it Even the animals fear it 'Cos if what Mama feels is too real Papa says 'Fetch me my flashlight, son' She just claims she don't feel it And she stumbles out the front door So come out from behind your bunkers 'Cos the lift-off's been a bust Oh Papa's Gone and Mama's dead And buried in my rocket dust You're alone now for the first time Don't worry, 'cos that's all right All fear will completely disappear Come the Arabian Night Well the soundman smiles and turns the dials To set the meter readin' rising He pulls the singer's voice from out of his pocket To see if the audience likes it Oh and in the very first row sits sweet Jenny Rue With a bell on her shoe and she wants him to make it He flicks a switch but Jenny moves too fast And the audience sways to the sound of her shotgun blast The manager comes running out from behind stage and says Check the band's arms for bullet holes Make that man roll up his sleeves' The drummer shoots himself with cyanide And then asks to be relieved And me, I say 'Well, it's too crazy in here Which is the stage door out, I gotta get up tomorrow morning for work' And the promoter says 'Man, once you're in they all lead out What's the matter man, ain't you heard ? There's a war going on on the outside And I'm paying you to sing like a bird So get in and get tough or get up and get out Because things aren't too tight' I said 'Don't worry, man, everything's gonna loosen up Come the Arabian Night' Come the Arabian Night So I get back in my bed But outside my window I hear another gang fight It's Duke and the boys against the Devil's best man And both sides have drawn their knives And Duke he's a well-known knife-fighter And with one quick jab he brings the Devil down He smiles 'cos he knows there's a high bounty on Devils In any God-fearin' town Well they say Duke sold the Devil to some priest in Pennsylvania To exhibit on his altar Christmas Night But the Devil's eyes they still burn red with fire As long as Duke walks upright And he swears there's a going to be a showdown Come sundown on the Arabia


JAMIE T "Panic Prevention"
Juveniles hide your porno mags the girls got problems at her yard So she's packing up her bags full of rags her man got done from Pa Na Na While the Madras still in the kitchen smokes a twenty deck of fags Body bags come back off planes from war torn Iraq It's the stark naked truth a dark aftermath With baby T, the juice, and the dog just barks Remember how the bully always had the last laugh It was a blast last night down the old 12 Bar White socks black shoes with the ballads in the car And a lump in your throat she won't understand Two's on a cigarette and a talk blah blah Bloody hell die o blah da glug down liquor While life goes on for all the day-trippers Starts off small but it's gonna get bigger By the end of this letter it may all be better Well she's always asking with the who, where and how The girls say ooh la la Well if I had another chance I'd do it differently now And the girls say ooh la la la la la la From Trafalgar Square where the crack pipe reeking To in your dark damp flat the ceiling's leaking You fell in love when you first started chatting But got so bored 'cause she never stopped speaking Consider this son one of the bad behaviour He's keeping all the freebies delivering the papers Ya haters shake down fakers Ah you'll never get nowhere 'cause we're the Pacemakers Pretty please me ah she's easy on the eye Some say that today only the good young die Yippy yo kay ay it's been a right good day I wanna ask questions but I don't mean to pry How did you get to where you're going to before you came Slowly moseying through this bar you started your race Johnny cock-a-roo wants his money Better give to the man he's a fruit and nut bar Gotta see the GP coughing up lungs And the doc said stop or you're gonna die young Well I haven't even started to do what I'd done You young don't listen you just carry on Well we heard it all before when you song got sung Get a grip son why 'cause you always drunken We're not captain's just skivvy sunken Hum drum drum live fast die young Blister skin stumbling the road rocky and trespassers on the private property Remember back then it was the rant the banter While young songs watch their young pars get cancer While vagabond sandy crying out for a nista Missed her so much that he went drank the brewery Well sing-a-long Sam this is a song about you We all went out and we got pistola I don't wanna fight he's a right big cunt But the fellas say go on my son my son Well it's all a bit of fun til someone gets done But the fellas say go on my son my son I'm more likely to pick up and run But the fellas say go on my son my son Ah fuck, well he's a right big cunt I'll knock him one fuck that run run.

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