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BARRY MANILOW lyrics - Because It's Christmas

Baby It's Cold Outside

Original and similar lyrics
(Talk) Well honeybunch it's been fun but gotta run oh sweetlips stay a little while longer won't you no it's very late baby I really got to go but look at the weather you'll catch cold out there and I would never forgive myself oh you come on just one more night cap no I shouldn't come on (Sing) No well I really can't stay but baby it's cold outside I got to go away but baby it's cold outside this evening has been and hoping that you drop in so very nice I'll hold your hands there just like ice my mother will start to worry Beautiful what's your hurry and father will be pacing the floor listen to the fireplace roar so really I better scurry beautiful please don't go well maybe just a half drink more put some records on while I pour the neighbors might think but baby it's bad out there say, what's in this drink no cabs to be had out there I wish I knew how your eyes are like stars tonight to break this spell I'll take your hat your hair looks swell I oughta say no no no sir mind if I move in closer at least I'm gonna say that I tried what's the sense of hurting my pride I really can't stay baby don't hold on ah but it's cold outside (Talk) well I must say this couch is very comfortable it's not a couch puddin' pop it's a love seat oh how you talk oh Barry I simply must go (Sing) but baby it's cold outside the answer is no but baby it's cold outside the welcome has been how lucky that you dropped in so nice and warm look out the window at that storm my sister will be suspicious gosh your lips look good my brother will be there at the door like waves upon a tropical storm My maiden aunt's mind is vicious gosh your lips are delicious well maybe just a cigarrette more never said your blues will be for I've got to get home but baby you'll freeze out there say darling can you lend me your comb it's up to your knees out there you really been grand I thrill when you touch my hand but don't you see how can you do this thing to me there's bound to be talk tomorrow think of my life long sorrow at least there will be plenty in life if you caught pneumonia and died I really can't stay get over that hold out ah but it's cold outside (Talk) Well I don't know I don't got to go home Hey look it's starting to snow oh you arranged that didn't you? see now you gotta stay well, I guess I won't be able to find a cab no cabs and the buses they never run they'll never run in snow like this let me take your coat well tomorrow is Sunday isn't it? and I don't have to go to work see isn't that better and who knows how long it will keep snowing it can snow for a long time, Kate what are you doing? well now yeah

Rite Now

Das EFX "Generation EFX"
From the floor keep it raw Yeah yo yo yo yo Verse 1: Dray Skoob I heard that one man's loss is the next man's gain I came to drop the shit like rain and bring the pain to your brain We leave a stain ain't prayin (why?) cos the game's for kids It's diggity Das no doubt back to shatter your wigs These pegs be all on my back cats be actin too brave I think they better just relax before we dig em a grave You blow the spot, baby face it, kids can't erase it or trace it, ya get'cha face lit, Books come lace it, what? Bringin it straight from the lands of the crooks where heat, Books to heat em Keepin em raw from these Brooklyn streets, where Books defeats em Flippin these lines like a polygraph, y'all niggas lolly dat Freakin a style from Brooklyn, the home of the bodybags And kids with no fear, bitches with no hair Low gear Benz's wit chrome wears, what we all here So don't stare, we there to interfere with the heads of ????? What you didn't know, this miggity might hurt Chorus: It's diggy Das, raw breed Make moves at top speed It's the niggas from the sewer Drink brew and puff weed Giggity get wit it Sewer rats stay twisted Many people tell me this style is terrific It's diggy Das, raw breed Make moves at top speed It's the niggas from the sewer Drink brew and puff weed Giggity get wit it Sewer rats stay twisted Aiyo, many people tell me this style is terrific Verse 2: Dray, Skoob Yo Well yo, in Glocks we trust, and at the cops we bust We just be hustlin for cash and makin lashes of muss They went from AZ to Jay-Z, Nas back to Krayzie To Drayzie, I fuck up your knot and then I'm swayze Word, yeah, yo, yo Well yo, figgity fuck a fear, wanna bust like a flare gun, beware, son, my sons keep guns in the air None of y'all bitches can sue me, all my niggas twenty one gun salute me Pick up the vine and rock the Kufi Well, all I heard was Versucci, coochie for the lucci The Gucci, but I just stay raw just like some sushi My crew be ill, time to move these mill's And all the drunken mawfuckers best to show they skills Yeah, yo, yo Well yo, the shit I talk, it be the shit I walk Some faggots try to get wild, they bit my style but got caught Like me and my man caught, slippin up at the crimescene Fuckin lime green, you fuckin wart, this is my team Chorus

Buffet Hotel

JIMMY BUFFETT "Buffet Hotel"
Well the train slipped into the station A worn out steel blue soul A relic from colonial days When the French were still in control Lorsque les Francais ont ete en controle It's an outpost in transition Where the faithful in the bar Know from the whistle and the squeaking wheels That the next stop is Dakar La prochaine etape etait Dakar Talk on the radio Talk on the street Talk of men with money loco from the heat Talk about the rail band Pickin up the beat We lit that great reunion With the headlights on the jeep And there's history on that jukebox Where the spies and scoundrels dwell It was the place to go in Bamako Direction Buffet Hotel Direction Buffet Hotel Now we're lost in the Sahara Four hours north of Tombouctou Lookin' for a nomad who knows Or maybe some wandering Jew Allons a Essakane, Syndou (Get us to Essakana, Syndou) Then we heard that Tuareg combo We had come so very far And we were welcomed out of history By the wind, the sand and the stars J'ai commence a le percevoir Sand in the couscous Sand in the wine There was sand in my guitar case Stories in my mind Machine guns on the hilltop Camels in my tent Buried in a sandstorm As the music came and went Well we crawled out of that desert And the storm erased our tracks The Sahara showed her heart to us And then she took it back Well we made it back to Bamako Before that last call bell We bought rounds for all our newfound friends We owned Buffet Hotel Nous avons eu Buffet Hotel I recall dipomats And hookers I saw strangers diggin' wells And for that one great night in Bamako We owned Buffet Hotel


CASE "Open Letter"
[Intro] You wanna come play my sex games baby You still want me to taste you don't you Baby, baby yes I will [Verse 1] You and I alone up in my Benzie Body got me going in a frenzy Let's be on our way to my hide away So many things I like to do Can't hide the fact our hearts are racing Yeah, I can smell anticipation This is all for you please enjoy the view I'll show you things you never knew [Chorus] I will be driving and you will be riding Riding all night long to a slow song To a slow song (Repeat) [Verse 2] Turn the music up that joint is soothin' Can't ignore how your body's movin' To kickin' snare girl we're almost there I can't believe my tinted eyes Look at me you got my body swervin' An evening on me girl you're deservin' to be pleased I think you know what I mean [Chorus] [Bridge] Girl can we please go Up and down and side to side I will provide all that you need We can speed or take it slow Head to toe You will be pleased [Repeat Chorus]

Broken Silence

SO SOLID CREW "Second Verse"
I grew up in the same place, where Squeeky got shot in the face, I saw Abrahams brains split on the pave, he'd jumped off the block, right where the kids play, we used to sit everyday, chattin' ####, we all strayed, I guess its deep-seeded urban decay, from my angle I can see the ghetto burning away, I wanna cry, I find myself turning away, This kids 16, burning the yay, mislearning the game, I send a prayer for the pain [Chorus] As I stand here, Ooooooh, Watching the world go round, How it always gets me down, Is it supposed to be like this? (Like this?) As we ride, (As we ride) Ooooooh, To gain an edge in life, Searching-one always seems to try, To come in the way, Is it supposed to be like this? I come from a place where, you can't tell what's round the corner, going to jail, or fail, getting ###### up, like them little black kids from Bronxtale, well, as long as we're living in hell, in the streets violence will always dwell, I can tell u a thousand tales, documented in detail, and most niggaz can relate round the world, my nigga Kirk got found, with bullet rounds in his chest, up in the ATL end, and the papers hate me well, I'm trying to revoke the violence, not promote the violence, this is my broken silence, and u can hear my screams louder than police sirens, I'm trynna fight back, like my nigga little Byron, just as long as I love and stay vibrant, I shall provail, (I shall provail) And I shall not betrayal, (I shall not betray you) I shall put my hands up at the end and say I done wrong, only time will tell for real [Chorus] [Last verse coming from the heart] I guess we need more stability, it's like we're imprisoned in the ghetto and it's getting to me, to the point where I'm feeling institutionalised, look in my eyes, you'll see pain in it, but who can decide? whether I stay entrapped in, packed in, or fly from the restraining of thoughts packed in-side my brain but, I proclaim that I will withstand the rain in order to get out this game, plus, the Media, Government, tried to blow us, but they can't out the flame, or doubt the name, #### and ur evolution's bout to change, trust me, sitting round tables with the ties and shirts, with the lust to discuss me, you disgust me, so I must be, as level headed as I can, to neva back pedal on the plan, so we can all hold hands together, unite so we can live as one [Chorus (x2)]

All Luv

featuring Fat Joe Lord Finesse Big L A.G. [Fat Joe] Welcome to the world of Joe flooded with thugs and hoes Real niggas drug dealers with villas in the show ??? parked in twenty car garages Living the largest with ??? garbage Shit I get down for mine Terror Squad run things in any town you can find New York New York big city of dreams Where there's nothing but for car bitches and ??? Say for cash fat pieces of hash Never giving a fuck, get your shit laced up The corrupt crutas wake me up to new crimes On news prime: gangster rapper goes nuts and won't sign Joey Crack's the rock, known for packing Macs and glocks Stay away from Little Pub cause his stacks is hot Shot, in the middle of the street Pretty boys don't sleep cause beauty is only skin deep [Lord Finesse] While you playing games, we claimin fame slaying dames The aim is to make Mo' Money like Damon Wayans You know our names, we don't play jokes You niggas ain't feeling us? You ain't supposed to, that's for gay folks You stay broke, we stay holding and stay rolling Rap a token, exploding, my game's golden Pockets swollen, we make the freaks stare Roll with some chocolate grimey niggas, but ain't nothing sweet here Keep clear, outta here so keep stepping Make hit records off of loops that's six seconds No question the cash tipper, the ass whipper Need a chick I can hang with, fuck you broads that wear glass slippers Bigger, city slicker, you cats follow me? Finesse is among the stars like astrology Greater knowledge, G, shit's wild, I flip styles On the mile, let me pass it off like Crystal [Fat Joe] Yo it's all love, thug niggas and all of the above Drug dealers, killer, niggas at the Player's Club Young ladies, sisters, rump shaking bitches Niggas on the Island rock 150 stitches (Repeat 2x) [Big L] Yo my cash flow don't get low, this jet increase And whoever tries to take mine will rest in peace Keep a stone look, peace to every known crook Not those who go to jail and can't hold they own and come home shook So hold on and prepare to get rolled on My crew robs every fag that walks through the Boneyard Cats who act rah rah will catch a jim star So those who fake the funk don't get far, pah Me and my clan parlay sipping Grand Marlet At a party at the bar is where we stand all day In '97 I'm bubbling, no more stuggling If I fall, it's back to selling drugs again and busting slugs in men No doubt, you know what I'm about The last slouch that walked through my block didn't make it out Because I stuck that nigga, then I bucked that nigga (I felt sorry for that nigga) I give a fuck, that nigga [A.G.] We be the bomb, baby, indeed I smoke weed Been ripping shit since the late 80's, so what you need? I was here before, that's why I rise and stand tall And send y'all back to the wall like I'm Darryl Straw The truth is, don't give a damn if you're ruthless Make it happen, I look at platinum niggas like Who's this? Word the the bloody city, Babylon will Die in inequities, project overkill Be in the future shining, gold with diamonds The nigga been used to climbing, my whole life Straight more, if it ain't rough, it ain't right We bring the heat, all you do is bark, we bite I'm authentic, and once I send it, it's unretrievalbe Like nuclear missles, I meant it, now it's time to lace this Off to the faceless Niggas get brushed up and ??? and face it

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