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Barbados lyrics

Vi Kan N Himlen

Original and similar lyrics
Chorus: Vi, vi kan nå himlen, när vi rör varann Ta inget för givet, men fånga dagen om du kan, För vi, vi kan nå himlen, redan här å nu Vem vet vad som händer, om vi, vi tar steget Jag står kvar i ett iskallt regn, å ser dig gå igen Som en scen ur en film vi sett, för flera veckor sen å de é den bild jag ser, när jag sluter ögonen, Men, jag undrar vad som sker? CHORUS: ........ Å när regnet har torkat upp, sen i gryningen Jag står kvar å jag väntar här, om du vill ha en vän? Å de é den bild jag har, när jag sluter ögonen, Du, jag stannar alltid kvar! CHORUS:........ twice

Lok St N Dom Andra Faller

vem är det som står kvar ni leker lekar som lok leker ordlekar, ordsteker er med vårt boskapsmärke det värker inom mig att ta mig in till den sfär, förbi alla er fattiga lingonbär, så inse att det är dags för en nattlig taktslakt, med inslag av inspark av intakt schaktmaskinsmusik vi har lager av kritik, för oss är det som guld men för er är det som skit flytta på er, ni är ivägen, om ni inte tar ett steg åt sidan måste vi ta sats och köra över er så inse att, det är dags för loks praktslakt, vårat sätt att ta hand om allt tjafs vi stegar störst, vi kommer mest, ingenting kan stoppa våran pest vem är det som står kvar, lok står när dom andra faller vem är det som står kvar, lok står när dom andra faller vem är det som står kvar, lok står när dom andra faller vem är det som står kvar, lok står när dom andra faller som en storm vem är det som står kvar, lok står när dom andra faller vem är det som står kvar, lok står när dom andra faller vem är det som står kvar, jo lok står när dom andra faller vem är det som står kvar, jo lok står när dom andra faller

Jinglin' Baby

LL COOL J "All World-Greatest Hits"
Chorus: (They're jinglin', baby) Go 'head, baby. {4x} Uncle. L. Future of the funk. Records I recorded minus all the junk. People spread gossip and believe what they must,  but I slam dunk punks and make 'me bite the dust. A minute is needed to make a phony roni bleed, and put 'em in a bucket like he's chicken feed. Check out the...pick of the litter, not a quitter, I'm nice (nice-nice); and I'm-a dust you off and dust you off twice. I heard it's all observant, hysterical fan- -natics of the Asiatic miracle man. Prominent, dominant, McCoy and I'm real. Another brother's fan? Forget how you feel. He's so-so, I got the instinct.  They call me Deputy Dog to put your booty in the clink. You're dancin' to a Marley Marl remix single, love: Let me see your earrings jingle, love... Chorus {4x} I chopped you, chewed you, baked you, and schooled you. That slop you pop, you need to stop, you're kind of rude you no good niggaboo tryin' to base, how we livin', homes? Get out my face! I'm complete, in effect, and I can't maul. Rise, suprise, and I advise you all. To stand back and peep, don't sleep or doubt. My skill'll get ill, I turn the mother out, huh. I'm top-notch, you're playin' hop-scotch. Now I'm-a do ya while the party people watch. You're real funny, you really try to go for yours. But I know why: you ain't had no dough before. So you tried and lied to drain my fame. This ain't a game, yo, you know my name. Innovating, devastating, and dope on a single, now, dance to my remix single... Chorus {4x} When you first walked in, I ain't know what to think, cuz you grabbed the microphone like your booty don't stink. And tried to run down that, I can't get over that garbage you were sayin': you call that a battle rap? How you gonna go against an army with a handgun? I'm L.L., and you don't understand, son. I'm a legend, on top of that I'm livin'. Now you look booty like that bum Miss Givins. Whoever geesed you up...nah, how should I say it? Whoever set you up, they knew just how to play it. Cuz man, YO, I feel for ya brother, I'm a baaaaaad... (Word to the mother!) Takin' out sucker while the ladies pucker, and rollin' over punks like a redneck trucker. Innovating, devastating, and dope on a single, now... lemme see your earrings jingle... Chorus {4x} ...break down! [organ instrumental] Chorus {4x} Can't believe you tried to get the same mic as me, your grip's too weak, you can't hold it, B. You can dream of makin' progress and gettin' this nice, but when I roll up, it's like Hip Hop Vice. Serve to curbs, I never swerve a superb. Every word you heard played tricks on your nerves. Played your hand, lost track of your plan, when I show up, I blow up, end of story, my man. Play you like a poker chip, that's what you get. I bet your fret, sweat, and regret you met the Titan of Fightin', excitin' when writin', you're trite from the toy, boy, I gotta enlight, so start bitin'. You know you can't create and get mean like this; when I'm on the court, G, it's strictly SWISSSSHHHH! When it's all over, said and done, my friend, they'll say, L.L. Cool J just scored again. So take a step back, give me some room to wreck shop. Here's your token back, you're gettin' off at the next stop. I'm-a deliver and give a speech with vigor. Pass the wine cooler you big black.... (laughter) Chorus {8x} [And you say New York City] {4x} [organ instrumental]


Dia Psalma
Långt borta i fjärran östern nånstans i ett annat land där sitter en man och funderar med ett fotografi i sin hand en bild av hans enda dotter ett vackert och oskyldigt barn Det var länge sen hon lämnade jorden men hans kärlek, den finns ännu kvar hans hud är sargad och ärrig hans kropp är gammal och klen men han minns ännu den dagen då deras ögon mötte dödens sken SOLEN FÖRSVANN BAKOM RADIOAKTIVT DAMM HIMLEN BLEV SVART ATOMVINTERNATT Marken rasade under deras fötter trycket blåste bort deras hus tiotusentals människor blev blinda när dom såg in i Dödens ljus sen dess är inget detsamma folk tänker inte längre som förut Man har insett att människans dumhet kan orsaka jordens slut så han sitter där och funderar med sin dotters bild i sin hand varje kväll ser han solen gå ner vid hans hemstad Hiroshimas strand SOLEN FÖRSVANN BAKOM RADIOAKTIVT DAMM HIMLEN BLEV SVART ATOMVINTERNATT I en obeskrivlig hetta simmade allt i ett hav utav blod ett inferno av rök och eld där vackra byggnader en gång stod Han försöker att glömma atombombens tillkomst i historien men han kan bara önska att det aldrig nånsin får hända igen

Tokyo Storm Warning

ELVIS COSTELLO "Blood Chocolate"
The sky fell over cheap Korean monster-movie scenery And spilled into the mezzanine of the crushed capsule hotel Between the Disney abattoir and the chemical refinery And I knew I was in trouble but I thought I was in hell So you look around the tiny room and you wonder where the hell you are While the K.K.K. convention are all stranded in the bar They wear hoods and carry shotguns in the main streets of Montgomery But they're helpless here as babies 'cause they're only here on holiday Chorus: What do we care if the world is a joke (Tokyo Storm Warning) We'll give it a big kiss We'll give it a poke (Tokyo Storm Warning) Death wears a big hat 'cause he's a big bloke (Tokyo Storm Warning) We're only living this instant The black sand stuck beneath her feet in a warm Sorrento sunrise A barefoot girl from Naples or was it a Barcelona hi-rise Whistles out the tuneless theme song on a hundred cheap suggestions And a million false seductions and all those eternal questions Chorus So they flew the Super-Constellation all the way from Rimini And feasted them on fish and chips from a newspaper facsimile Now dead Italian tourists bodies litter up the Broadway Some people can't be told you know they have to learn the hard way Holidays are dirt-cheap in the Costa del Malvinas In the Hotel Argentina they can hardly tell between us For Teresa is a waitress though she's now known as Juanita In a tango bar in Stanley or in Puerto Margarita She's the sweetest and the sauciest The loveliest and the naughtiest She's Miss Buenos Aires in a world of lacy lingerie Chorus Japanese got Jesus robots telling teenage fortunes For all we know and all we care they might as well be Martians They say gold paint on the palace gates comes from the teeth of pensioners They're so tired of shooting protest singers That they hardly mention us While fountains fill with second-hand perfume And sodden trading stamps They'll hang the bullies and the louts that dampen down the day Chorus We braved the cold November air and the undertaker's curses Saying Take me to the Folies Bergere and please don't spare the hearses For he always had a dream of that revolver in your purse How you loved him 'til you hated him and made him cry for mercy He said Don't ever mention my name there or talk of all the nights you cried We've always been like worlds apart now you're seeing two nightmares collide Chorus

Well Rant And Well Roar

WE'LL RANT AND WE'LL ROAR My name it is Robert, they call me Bob Pittman; I sail in the Ino with Skipper Tim Brown. l'm bound to have Dolly or Biddy or Molly As soon as l'm able to plank the cash down. chorus: We'll rant and we'll roar like true Newfoundlanders, We'Il rant and we'll roar on deck and below Until we see bottom inside the two sunkers, When straight through the Channel to Toslow we'll go. l'm a son of a sea-cook, and a cook in a trader; I can dance, I can sing, I can reef the main-boom; I can handle a jigger, and cuts a big figure Whenever I gets in a boat's standing room. chorus: If the voyage is good, then this fall I will do it; I wants two pound ten for a ring and the priest, A couple o' dollars for clean shirt and collars, And a handful o' coppers to make up a feast. chorus: There's plump little Polly, her name is Goldsworthy, There's John Coady's Kitty, and Mary Tibbo; There's Clara from Bruley, and young Martha Foley, But the nicest of all is my girl in Toslow. chorus: Farewell and adieu to ye fair ones of VaIen, Farewell and adieu to ye girls in the Cove; I'm bound to the westward, to the wall with the hole in, I'II take her from Toslow the wild world to rove. chorus: Farewell and adieu to ye girls of St. Kyran's, Of Paradise and Presque, Big and Little Bona, l'm bound unto Toslow to marry sweet Biddy, And if I don't do so, I'm afraid of her da. chorus: I've bought me a house from Katherine Davis, A twenty-pound bed from Jimmy MeGrath; I'll get me a settle, a pot and a kettle; Then I'll be ready for Biddy - hurrah! chorus: O, I brought in the Ino this spring from the city, Some rings and gold brooches for the girls in the Bay; I bought me a case-pipe - they call it a meerschaum - It melted like butter upon a hot day. chorus: I went to a dance one night at Fox Harbour, There were plenty of girls, so nice as you'd wish; There was one pretty maiden a-chawin' of frankgum Just like a young kitten a-gnawing fresh fish. chorus: Then here is a heaIth to the girls of Fox Harbour, Of Oderin and Presque, Crabbes Hole and Bruley. Now let ye be jolly, don't be melancholy, I can't marry all, or in chokey I'd be. Recorded by Alan Mills (Folkways), A. L. LLoyd (Leviathan) Note: (from Penguin Book of Canadian Folk Songs, Fowkes) This rollicking tale of a young fisherman's love affairs is a Newfoundland offshoot of the widely known English capstan shanty 'Spanish Ladies', which described the headlands sighted in a homeward voyage through the English Channel. Pacific whalermen later re-made it to tcll of the Talcahuano Girls, with a chorus: 'We'll rant and we'll roar like true Huasco whalermen,'and Australian drovers sang their farewell to the Brisbane Ladies. The Newfoundland version has borrowed veses 2, 8, 9 and 10 from the whalers' song; the remaining verses about Bob Pittman and his courtship were composed around 1875 by W. H. LeMessurier who was editor of the Evening Herald and later deputy minister of customs in St John's. James Murphy printed it in Old Songs of Newfoundland in 1912; it appeared in all the Doyle booklets; and Mrs. Greenleaf heard it from Mr LeMessurier himself, and also from Tom White of Sandy Cove, whose version had acquired some variations. Paradise, Oderin, Presque, Brule and St Kyran's are tiny fishing villages along the west coast of Placentia Bay. filename[ RANTROAR play.exe SPANLAD2 RG ===DOCUMENT BOUNDARY===

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