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Banton Buju lyrics - Inna Heights

Love Sponge

Original and similar lyrics
Intro: Got to let this woman know its real Exactly how the rudebwoy feel Oh baby, Oh lady (a big bad rhythm) Yeah Chorus: This one is called lovers choice Never know yuh woulda really feel so nice, (love sponge) I dont wanna let you go With you im in no hurry (oh no) Repeat Verse 1: Lord you are lovable, kissable Desire the inevitable Without your sweet caress im so damn miserable Touch your finesse, feel the fur of your coat Seen you walk away saying my eyes in smoke You are dressible, lookable All the man dem after yuh They claim you do something they just cant explain To the brain Your man shouldnt have no complain Oh no Chorus (x2) Verse 2: Hey slow motion is the way for us to enjoy the day Always taking time to listen what she got to say She thinks I be spending too much time on the beat I try to make her overstand thats how we eat Darling don't quarrel with me, It hurts too easily Dont be messed up by silly tendency No no way Chorus [x2] Verse 3: She mek a caan forget about the huging and squeezing Ah feel as if im upside down in the ceiling Confess, this girl is the ultimate thing What it means to be loved, no need asking Swing baby swing, while I continue sing Your favrite song Let's go dancing Hey, chuh Chorus Repeat from top

Time To Make It Good

Hello Kelly "Modern Day Nostalgia"
Oh dear I think I made you mad But I can't live with my mistake And I didn't mean to make your heart break The railway crossings are behind And I'm looking forward but I'm blind The the hill before me is too tall for me to climb It's my paradigm Chorus: Not even eating onions and I'm crying, dying I'm already scarred I think I can, I think it's good I never thought i could There comes a time in our lives When we have to make it good So come one ride this train Cause we're gonna make it after all I think i can, i think i can Oh dear i'm trying reall hard But i'm not getting very far Old habits run under my skin You can't teach this young dog your new trick And your downhill railways are my goal And this fad is getting really old And it's time to kick into high gear, That's it we're getting out of here It's my paradigm Chorus One, two, three, do the locomotion with me Wa-oh, wa-oh oh oh (2x) Chorus

Guns And Cigarettes

ATMOSPHERE "Lucy Ford: The Atmosphere EPs"
[Slug]: (What's your name fool?) Rappers steppin' to me They wanna get some But most of them should go and try to boost their monthly income Speaking over beats is the only time I feel complete I don't hear the weak and I don't fear defeat So what you got? Connect the dots, I'll raise the pot Remove the blood clot from the brain of hip hop The name remains in tip-top shape I'm still the back rapper scapegoat in the aim of their hate I came in late, took a chair in the rear But my classmates were unaware how long I'd really been there My peers have been held back for years, holding back the tears Everybody knows our name like we was the cast from Cheers So here's to the good times, tonight is mighty special So fasten your seatbelts, cause I'm gonna launch this vessel Ain't gonna land until I'm bigger than Espo And bigger than ecstasy and bigger than techno [Chorus]: I wanna bigger than Jesus and bigger than wrestling Bigger than the Beatles and bigger than breast implants I'm gonna be the biggest thing to hit these little kids Bigger than guns, bigger than cigarettes A few years ago an ex-girl of mine Asked me to keep her name out of my rhymes So I said this rhyme that I'm about to say It came from the heart and it went this way: Go to hell girl, you make me sick! I hope your new boyfriend gets cancer in his dick What the fuck makes you think I'd put your name on my record? there, now I feel a lot better You know what? I ain't drank a forty since I became old enough to drink Not caught up in what the fuck these people think Cause when I die they're gonna find the missing link But tonight I'm gonna vomit it in the kitchen sink I'm suprised more of y'all don't get hit by cars Missing your surroundings, staring at the stars I'm lonely without a woman that wants to spar That's why I spend so much time in these bars Drunk poolside, screaming, Do or die! Looking at the water asking, Who am I? Saw my reflection, Yes! I'm super fly! And as you can guess again, I'm too damn high [Chorus] (What'd they say to you?) But they said, Drop dead. I can't, I got a lot left More than just another arrogant, asshole pot-head In the top ten, who you love to hear on tracks Smiling for the camera while I surf upon your ear wax This beer's flat and she kisses like a stripper I'm coming to terms with my status as a drifter Girl, I'm only in this town for one night And these neon lights are keeping me distracted from my plight I feel like a legend on a leash Making an effort to break every piece that I can reach Yeah, I got something to say, and even more to teach But first let me scrape these feces from my cleats Standing on the roof, complaining to the moon The only time I tell the truth is when I'm naked in my bedroom Soon I'm gonna reap the harvest of my struggles But from now on, y'all can call me sluggles [Chorus] Bigger than Jesus Bigger than wrestling Bigger than the Beatles Bigger than breast implants (x2) Bigger than guns, bigger than cigarettes

I'm Tryin'

B.G. "It's All On U Vol. 2"
Verse One: B.G. I'm tryin' to do right But I'm surrounded by wrong Avoid the all night flight And still make it on my own I'm tryin' be cool Do what I gotta do But playa haters all over So I roll with my crew I'm tryin' stay over And just stay my ass in school Ain't many choices to choose And this rap game I can't refuse I wanna win don't want to be the one to loose My pistol my only friend Cause busters try to bring the blues Leavin brains with no clues Spin the ben in black clothes They tryin' ta' take my only life Leave my folks on the front row Bury me in providence Heavy weight that rose They wanna steal the B.G. Now tell me Alton Ain't that cold What can I do Now what can I do to get out the game What can I do Now what can I do to make change Every other day around my way niggas dyin' Hours flyin I want to go straight boy I'm tryin' -Chorus- (Juvenile) I'm tryin' to shake the monkey off of me Lord please let me go where I needs to be Ball 'till I fall it's a poor family Fo' sho' I know the future got a lot of stuff for me Verse Two: B.G. I'm tryin' to get my mail straight Sell cd's and tapes I don't want to be jail bait Niggas want to kill me And increase the hell rate They almost got me But I slip the spot it was too late I wanna be a role model for my lil' brother And buy a fifteen room manison for my mother Settle down wit' a silent hoe And drop a tight seed So I can raise another uptown B.G. Just like me I'ma give 'em but I wish had a dad He goin' be smart and bad nigga Throwin' up a solga rag This world is kurupted The police is crooked My boy was runnin with a ??? gun His young life they took it This ??? is rotten Everyday it get's colder They throwin' away the key Sendin' the soldiers to angoula My round slangin' that yola With they hand on that iron To keep my mind right Beleive nigga I'm tryin' -Chorus- Verse Three: Lil' Wayne I'm tryin' to be a man at fourteen Choppin iron at fourteen' Nigga that tells my only way (B.G.: Look where you stand at fourteen) A lil' bity something Whuckin, representin' partners Ain't to good in my neighborhood Uptowns my partner I ain't lie i'm tryin To go the right way But the night flight way Just ain't the right way I wan' be a gangsta but also wan' live So I choose to be a uptown HotBoy hard to kill Sittin' behind the cruiser wheel Can't even see me I'm so lil' And you expect me to give this Just to switch to positive As hard as I'm tryin' do it I just can't make a shape School I'm tryin' go through it but I just can't make a shape Gettin' in beef that resultin' into serious gun slangin Do good I want yeah but on half i just keep hangin' I'm lookin for a change but change ain't lookin for me Will I remain a B.G. Or a A student We'll see -Chorus- 2x

Got To Be Time

POINT OF GRACE "Point Of Grace"
So sad Depression deep inside has got your heart held down And you're afraid to feel Too bad Because life is here for living God desires to give you joy beyond imagination And so the saying goes You gotta stop and smell the roses (Chorus) Got to be time for dancing Got to be time for singing Take the time to celebrate The fire of the moment Got to be time for laughing Got to be time for shouting Thank the lord for what he's done There's got to be time You've got to hold on Don't let the smallest struggle steal the victory When you weep in the night Stay strong Because joy comes in the morning Jesus longs to help you make The most of your salvation And so the saying goes You gotta stop and smell the roses (Repeat Chorus) So turn it up Turn up the music, turn up the music Let the rhythm set you free to move again Hey, turn it up Turn up the music, turn up the music You owe it to yourself to hang on tight and lose control You can feel it in you soul Dancing, singing celebration There's got to be time Laughing, shouting, celebration There's got to be time (3X) (Repeat Chorus) 2X

Can't Have You

LFO (Lyte Funky Ones) "LFO"
Yo, it's a big world (for real) you probably think I'm out there being a playa, huh? (what?) but yo, but if I can't have you then I don't want anybody that's my word so check it out (chorus) If I can't have you I don't want nobody baby (nobody) if I can't have you no-o-o (nobody else, nobody else) If I can't have you I dont want nobody baby if I can't have you whoa-o-o, oh You've got the lastest fashion (uh) e-classin' body's just smashin time for some action (what?) when I hooked you up then I hooked up my last one all and all got a joint cash fund forget your last one he ain't much (nah) mad cuz it's me not him you touch (you touch) in the night time when the lights go out no doubt (no doubt) Rich Nice is the name you shout yes, yes, y'all until the break of dawn and yeah, yeah, that's it, don't stop (don't stop), don't quit Babygirl and Rich we're always into something (yeah) if it's not you then it's nothing (nah) (chorus) If I can't have you I don't want nobody baby (nobody) if I can't have you no-o-o (nobody else, nobody else) if I can't have you I don't want nobody baby if I can't have you whoa-o-o, oh 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 baby just keep it moving all night (all night) need ya by my side from dark to sunlight (sunlight) everything is side to side is alright (uh) listen, we can break fool baby act crazy make ways like a pool or maybe we can shake the dawn breaks girl face it (yeah, yeah) anything you want girl just take it shine bright like constellations girl you got my heart, congratulations no need to lie, you da meaning to this song when it's on then it's on and it's on, right (chorus) If I can't have you I don't want nobody baby (I don't want nobody baby) if I can't have you no-o-o (nobody else, nobody else) if I can't have you I don't want nobody baby (nobody else) if I can't have you (what) whoa-o-o, oh Dum-da-da, dum-do-do clap to this dum-da-da, dum-do-do come on dum-da-da, dum-do-do clap your hands yeah, yeah, yeah if I can't have you I don't want nobody baby (I don't want nobody) Dum-da-da-da-da-da-da (but you) (yeah, yeah, yeah) I think about you often (often) let's take a little walk out in Boston (Boston) hit boutiques, then freak on Lansdowne Street around ten lay low like Brasco (what) let's spend a few ends and I rhyme for you, do time for you (uh) calculate and carry out the perfect crime for you (whu-whu-whu-what) let me shine with you, true, you won't regret it but if it's not you then forget it (forget it) I don't want nobody else but you (nobody) nobody, nobody something 'bout those freaky things you do (nobody) the things you do ain't no one else but you (chorus) If I can't have you I don't want nobody (nobody) if I can't have you no-o-o (nobody else, nobody else) if I can't have you I dont want nobody baby (nobody) if I can't have you whoa-o-o, oh (nobody else, nobody else) If I can't have you then I don't want nobody (nobody) if I can't have you then I don't want no one (nobody else, nobody else) if I can't have you then I don't want nobody (nobody) if I can't have you then I don't want no one (repeat chorus)

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