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BANANARAMA lyrics - Pop Life

What Colour R The Skies Where U Live

Original and similar lyrics
It seems forever since you went away My life is empty and my world is grey I keep on hoping that the sun will shine And the pain I feel will fade away with time (bridge 1) I sit and wonder how do you sleep And if my heart you still keep I hope in time you can forgive Tell me, what colour r the skies where u live (chorus) If I had wings I'd fly to you I'd turn your grey skies back to crystal blue If I had wings, I'd fly to away Forget the hurt of yesterday, yesterday I shot the arrow straight through your heart But I didn't mean for us to part Thought it was greener on the other side I learnt my lesson, now its my turn to cry (bridge 2) I watch the sun set deepest red And still remember the things we said I hope in time, that you can forgive Tell me, what colour r the skies where u live (chorus) (bridge 1) (chorus ad lib) publishing : In A Bunch Music Ltd - Warner Chappell Music / EG Music / Big Life Music 1991

Forever Banging Screw

Ay, u know me i ride wit my trunk raise up Boy I'm riding dubs u better put them blades up Banging screw four fifteens kick hard Around da block one time come back and switch cars Sip barre cause it's a family tradition i'm the freestyle king it ain't no competition I'm a screw head i ride black, blue, red, niggas call me lil flip nigga i can do that (chorus) I thought you knewwwwww that we forever banging screwww I thought u knew that(2x) I done bought tha cat bought tha house Got about thirty karats inside my mouth I represent the dirty dirty the dirty south I even put it down with Swishahouse I got more syrup than waffle house nine nine graduater i walked across I run through all hoes like Marshall Faulk I fuck with Big Pokey and Big Hawk Underground mix tapes got us fame Fucking with real niggas got us game Screw up click bout to go worldwide and once ya cross 610 welcome to the southside (Chorus) Thanks to my nigga screw i got my shine on Now my nigga gone so i got to rhyme strong ima go platinum cause i'm a lyrical threat think about you every time i hear a casette chop up but them niggas cant chop like u them niggas cant even make the music stop like u so ima keep u alive every time i rap on da real DJ Screw put us all on the map So every time i bust a flow ima show my ass he taught me two things keep it real anf fold my cash bitch im rich still dropping undergroung shit fuck the radio i drop underground hits (im a screwhead) (Chorus)

Question Of Reality

APARTMENT 26 "Hallucinating"
Question Of Reality I called today to say my goodbyes Mistook your mood, I began to beg you Promises kept like yesterday's news Thanks for the memories and thanks for the time Thoughts come to me just like you take to me So why do you stop as I'm begging for more? When you look at me is there anything to see but you When you think about me is anything real at all? Chorus: Slowly draining away It's such a shame, you've missed the point again I can't let reality seep in I thank you I only do it to feel you watch me Confused intentions, you begin to beg me Thanks for the memories and thanks for the time Just like a voice that's heard by a child Hidden away too close to be seen Why do you call as I'm waiting at your door When you think about me, is anything real at all Chorus (2x) I thank you (2x) Chorus (2x) I thank you

Shattered Glass

Alexander Heather "Midsummer"
The swirling of dresses, the scuffing of shoes- Should my hair be in tresses? What tie do I choose? - As the hall fills with dancers, and the strings start to sound- We will take that first step, and we won?t touch the ground- (chorus) For there?s only the music, that plays on and on- Yes, there?s only the music, the heartaches are gone- We can stand close together, while the world dances by- Cause there?s only the music, between you and I- Yes, there?s only the music, between you and I A head on a shoulder, an arm ?round a waist, If the weather gets colder, we both will be braced- For what-ever the trouble, we still have a chance- If we hold hands together, and take time to dance- (chorus) The clock hours bending, the hands spinning ?round- From beginning to ending, as dancers we?re bound- With the memories like treasures, all safe in their vaults- When we hear the last measures, we?ll dance the grand waltz- (chorus) (chorus)

Nothing Else

ARCHIVE "Londinium"
My Angel! Clipped wings, I know. Wanders in darkness, on grimy ground. In a forest, unclean, unsound. Everything, everything's gone wild. Make land for the cows to graze, leaflets scatter around to advertise. Sellout.... A swamp, in it hands streched out to catch a passing dime. Donations to the rich, widened opavements for the poor, somewhere else to lie. But my friend the carriage door stands slightly ajar, and I know clipped wings make uneasy flight, but we've gotta reach! A place where the feast never ends, when the music celebrates. In a time when darkness belongs to night's skies and nothing else. Tomorrow my spirit's seen, fears today my mind, soul aches to deep, always craves my body to reach A place where the feast never ends a moment when the music celebrates and a time where darkness belongs to night's skies and nothing else!


Ali "Heavy Starch"
Yo, All the fans we love yall we gon make one fo the haters like fuck that (Ali) Old School 9-8 and you see the Camilion below in the celing wood with wheel on With a flyin bitch some old gangsta shit Flat screen dvds smoking stank and shit Aint dat shit Sunday bull tank and shit Top down air forces white tank and shit Aint nothing soft on boy stop thankin it I got a trophy at the playa ball banquet This bank I get Style we all that to the back we all that to the back Red or blue new wall cap Pause that bull shit you talking bout Before the people start walkin out If you please we succeed regardless Shine the hardest and I'll sign an artist Longevity like the BeeGee's Please be awarre we don't carre Do you like us? (Chorus) No, no, I know y'all ain't say no uh oh be back in a minute wit dat chrome 4-4 and when I get back everybody gone hit the flo flo cause I just asked him was the Tics tight and I think he just said No, no, I know y'all ain't say no uh oh be back in a minute wit dat chrome 4-4 and when I get back everybody gone hit the flo flo cause I just asked him was the Tics tight and I think he just said no (Murphy Lee) 1993 creation for steps of born leezys Wrote rhymes in class, bored by teachers Church only on easter, ignore the preacher Do the grown up at school right unda the bleachers A wild little bity doin lunatic rules To this day they be like Lunatic Rules I'm hangin wit the dudes that done it, don't even stunt it You cats stay in the back doin too much frontin See you hatas like to take risk sonofabitch I really disc jockeys at home jockin my disc I'm gon pretend yall aint heard that shit School boy 5'9 receive the hairlines and halfway rich I'm gon run niggas out of town Naw fuck yall hatas I'm gon chill til they run out of crown Royal, Blue Jack right at the door Ay yo I'm Murphy Lee can I park my car here? (Chorus) (Kyjuan) Swervin excursion limited fo 12's Fo amps don't know what my limit is Ive been packin 22's like Emmitt did I've been po before +No+ what a +Limit+ is New engine new paint aint them d's spinnin Love rims, love Lakers, who I love winnin, love women Spinnin grindin since the beggin no mo limits Drom tops cuttys on 4's No love fo hoes Change them like clothes Hit em like switches then I pass them on We all know dats how the game should go We all know most of us love the same hoes Like Carla the preachers daughter fucked wit the barber Over there on the utha side of College Encarta For starters I know both yall smash I didn't get no ass so I had to ask She said... (Chorus) (Nelly) I'm feelin frost bit oh shit is he in town? Check the paper weather say temperature goin down Yep that's him he come to make his rounds Tell him how it feel ten mill skin found Beta not continue I can show you how Frank Mill aww he done flood it wit rounds Don't know what to call me I can think of some nouns Mr. Hoe Hopper, Trick Knocker, Free City My g's getting depp like P. Diddy I'm feelin like B round looking for my Whitney Heel I'd take a Cidney if the stash is right Cocked fo legged and her pants is tight It aint got to be fo eva it can be fo tonight First class flight to Nellyville So how it feel doin sit ups on the virgin rug Drinkin criss out a mug, Part boughee, Part Thug, call me Bug Ok? (Chorus) Uh Oh North side one time let me herre ya.... Uh Oh South side one time let me herre ya.... Uh Oh East side on time let me herre ya.... Uh Oh West side on time let me herre ya.... Uh Oh That's why man yo breath smell like shit If yo momma breath smelled like that nigga she libel to kill some motherfucker Man if yo momma's eyebrows look the way yo's do it look like a caterpillar layin on her fo'head Nigga yo momma snort anthrax and she still mobbin

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