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Bamboozlers lyrics

Crucial Dream

Original and similar lyrics
words and music: Steven Rhodes I'm so blocked I can't write I try and think every night my tied up brain tries to free itself from mental captivity sit in my room stare at the light it burns my eyes 300 bright I'm so bored I'm good to start I never thought this'ed be my part Chorus: I stare and I wonder and I ponder and I blink Wave my hand before my eyes find a crucial dream If any of this has made sense so far Just raise your hand and I'll begin again I walk down the street Hot city night Here comes the sleet I have no beat In my head it comes to me Reflections of what I'll never be Chorus But that crucial dream, I need so bad Is what I always get, but what I never had

Take My Hand - Close My Eyes

GOLDEN EARRING "Paradise In Distress"
Why am I tonight, feelin' so low My poor head is spinnin' round and round and round Could it be that, by a total lack of love In fact I'm busy, dyin' Tell me where or when, tell me how I'll go Am I invited to your dreams, I'd like to know why I tremble and talk in my sleep Maybe only time will take away the pain Take my hand - close my eyes Lead me back into your paradise I ain't wakin' up, I'm too tired you know like a drifter by the side of a dusty road What if you found me in the middle of the night would it matter, I'm down and out alright I am brain-dead, I'm invisible I am drowning in a river called Vertigo and the moonlight, such a sad night now that love ain't coming 'round no more Take my hand - close my eyes Lead me back into your paradise

I Still Dream About You

(J. Jett/R. Byrd/G. Rottger) Sitting on the edge of the bed I recall how you can send me to heaven You never deny me in the middle of the night My desires from morn to eleven Whenever I ask there's never a task For someone as wild as you It's tough to believe I can hardly conceive Of the things you can get me to do (I hold your picture and your eyes they talk to me) (Saying I want you tonight) I still dream about you I still dream about you I still dream about you Are you lonely baby, are you lonely for me too Every night I get this feeling inside Anticipating what's gonna come It's all I can do to keep my hands off my pie When I think about the things we done I'm in a position to break some tradition Never mind the song and dance If you rock on the corner and start rocking this joint It's time that we are making an advance yes it is (I hold your picture and your eyes they talk to me) (Saying I want you tonight) I still dream about you I still dream about you I still dream about you

The Divorce

Cop Shoot Cop
She had just busted out of the whorehouse And was looking for a drink to celebrate the divorce She told 'em she was going out for smokes -- and never looked back The sky was bloodshot as she stumbled into the bar Sullen eyes lit up like cigarettes Cockroaches were gasping for breath She selects her poison, brings it to her lips A song like drunken sailors from a sunken ship She thinks, power comes to them that enjoy the thrill of fear A sign says: If you're looking for answers, you won't find them here Everyone is leaving, all the widows grieving Hear the siren laughing, and the truck brakes groaning While the subway's screaming, all the junkies dreaming Now the shadow's falling, is that your lover calling? She grinds out cigarette in a souvenir ashtray Reaches for the bottle but ther's nothing left Says: Buy me a drink and I'll tell you a story But the bitch at the bar wouldn't sell you a smile She closes her eyes and thinks of a wish she once had A dwindling spark of memory She wants to wipe it clean -- scrape away the debris Can I get you something? - it's a man in the periphery The car keys in his hand She searches her pockets for a match or a reason He slams the money on the bar They go out to his car When you put your hand in your pocket Looking for a match or something to say Life seems like a rerun Everything coming up cliches Suicide comes on like a friend Seems like the bad times never end Close your eyes and think of home Movements are slow and tragic Solar flares from a dying sun Science without the magic Children shouldn't play with guns Flashes of pain are fading fast Echoes from each subsonic blast close your eyes and think of home....

Night Life

DILATED PEOPLES "Expansion Team"
chorus: [Evidence] Night life.. Ready to spit Tags what? Evidence Cross the planet Step it up this year weather man The times right, sleep all day to wake up for night life Ready to spit When it drops, gonna hit We step it up, no doubt the times right Sleep all day to wake up for night life Start every verse with something to quote: The devil you know, is better than the devil you don't Last year.. a test, true colors where shown Kings remained in chess on the board and life in thrones Music catch the force of my mic Thats why at night I be out postin' up my own snipes For years I sat back, played the role, what for? This here disc, hear us raw Can't fake it anymore Check it out: You now witness the scenes 2nd release, Expansion Team Shit thumps, shine bright headlights seen on The like laser beams drive fast things and tee green (chorus) You know these nights ain't gettin' any longer Put your best out and bail You never know, you might get stronger I stood back a bit, take punchlines out raps been more legitimate Solidify our place in the game, pleasure with pain Tropical flow: see sun but feel rain Its easy to seclete yourself up in the mix That's why its good to get out at night and holler at chicks I take it back before studio racks, before I understood the concept of seperatin' tracks Before... Around the time my life when I swore That the mic was a device not to be taken light chorus Night life... Graffiti artists get armed Cans get shook, the walls get bombed This is the time when shadow rocks get thrown At your tinted car windows sound off the alarm This is the time you execute your plan While other people sleep, jewels get ran In get away vans exit off ramps Smaller operations are shops bigger one camps Rock knots in pocket pants Got the advance, and back for my back end in hands And things ain't always what they seem from a glance But up close shit'll change your whole prespective Shadows close in, you realize you ain't protected (chorus)

Dream Life

Adrian Belew "Here"
Can you see me as your heart sees not apart from you, but a part of you and remember me as the man I am not the things I do or faults I have and when you lie asleep at night I'm beside you in your dream life and when you open up your eyes if you think of me... Know I am compromised, fighting time and a busy life and nothing seems to come easily but I'll be there when you need me... and when you walk along the street and the wind blows like a memory if you should wake up suddenly and you think of me... History is full of hurt and tears but nothing worse than the fear, I'm forgotten Most of all I want to say I hope you find your own way and never quit but remember this life is quick; make the most of it and when you lie asleep at night I'm beside you in your dream life and when you open up your eyes if you think of me...

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