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Ball In The House lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
Verse 1: What in the world has come over me? The sounds of the lakefront move me no more I only feel the searing pain upon my face Where pale innocence played before, and If I'd only known I would have tried to circumvent it Or at least made my way to the shade I blame Garcia Vega and the songs that we sang For the pathetic mess of me that you made Chorus: When you burned me, you stole away my smile When you burned me, I used to like your style But you burned me, and now I have to go slow And you burned me, but I'll see you again tomorrow Verse 2: Next time we meet please stay behind a cloud And gaze down upon me though the mist I need you there to comfort me and guide my way But not for my skin to be kissed They told me you'd be hiding on vacation for the weekend And I thought that I might have to cry But having you above me was the only thing I needed That starts me on the itch now that I'm dry Chorus Bridge: You're the talk of the town whether you show or you don't I wish I believed that you will but you won't Come out now to dry away my tears I haven't been burned this badly in years (Why do I stay, when you burn?) Chorus When you burned me, burned me When you burned me, and now I've got to go slow And you burned me, but I'll see you again tomorrow

Get Started Start A Fire

Graham Parker "The Mona Lisa's Sister"
Thanx Kirk Andersonfor chords, he writes: For the basic intro, verse, chorus riff play Em at fret 7 then pull off fingers 2, 3, and 4: voila the other chord: 777777, though I don't strum the low E. (X77777 = Bm11) Slide it up from fret 6 when you feel moved to. Rinse. Repeat. Em Bm11 Em Bm11 The Mona Lisa's sister doesn't smile Em Bm11 Em Bm11 She tried to pose but only for a while Em Bm11 Em Bm11 Leonardo sent her home Since then she has lived alone D C D C With her few belongings and a copy Of a painting of herself unhappy G C D She is going to burn it when she's ready Chorus: Em Bm11 Em Bm11 Get started, start a fire (4 times) Marilyn was lying all alone With an empty bottle by the phone Kennedy was not around She was cold when she was found But she'd gone where goddesses are sleeping Where the molten tongues of flame are leaping Or where the angel's hearts are heating (Instrumental VERSE, INTRO RPT) Joan of Arc was burning at the stake Somebody had made a big mistake She had lit a cigarette In an aiport where you get Your fingers taken off for smoking. Meanwhile up the road a factory's choking The ones who killed her work there I'm not joking

Silent Violence

BEENIE MAN "Best Of Beenie Man"
Intro: Leadership, ehhehehehehehehe Woa deh deh, what they are picking up Di worl mash up Hea mi nuh, yow Chorus: Mi a nuh fag Mi a nuh bag Mi a nuh tzar Man a nuh hog Man a nuh tag Man a nuh star Mi naah nuh house Mi naah nuh land Mi naah nuh car Mi love mi God an mi naw Stay far Verse 1: Mi naw guh run, mi naw guh hide Mi naw guh flee Mi naw guh fraid a yuh caw yuh nuh fraid a me But mi wi tek on yuh whole fambily, bwoy Yuh think mi simple but nuh tek man fi stool Yuh want a ride guh get a donkey or a mule Yuh waan fi war when yuh nuh own yuh owna tool Man a dis an man a dat but yuh a fool A yah mi born, a yah mi live an mi a stay An from mi little bit a yasso mi dey play An mi nuh see nuh bwoi fi mek mi run away Caw mi nuh punk bo yah an man nuh gay Chorus Verse 2: If yuh think a so a yasso now it dey A yah wi born an wi naw run away Wi well aware so man nuh mek outa clay Machine dey yah an wi naw ley ley But if yuh ever mek wi rise di machine Yuh haffi run when yuh hear steel a clean Because di thought a wi heart get mean An wi wi wipe out a housing scheme Chorus Repeat Verse 1 Chorus Repeat Verse 2

Lifestyles Of The Rich And Shameless

LOST BOYZ "Legal Drug Money"
Freaky Tah verses Mr. Cheeks Intro: [Freaky Tah] Everybody's buckin, don't give it a damn everbody...everbody(echo) Verse 1 [Mr.Cheeks] Straight from cop killer Queens a juvenile named Jack Jack at the age of 17 uh huh yo this kid Jack started slingin crack started slingin crack he's on the road to riches riches baggin bitches bitches he's in clubs takin pitchers drink your finger always into sess his lifestyles buckwild honey child yeah got a shorty named Val Val she stays on the Isle ahhh he started slingin at the age of 17 uhh huh his hearts made of steel eh yo kid his minds full of green full of green he got his first ounce made a grand 400 hundred 3 bills to get fresh he other bills to get blunted to be blunted and wit the letter G G he bought the letter O O next thing you know man he's rakin in the dough rakin in the dough he put his people down cuz say thats only right aight for dem to get keys dem and dem is mad tight is mad tight set-up organation organize on the block organize...block nobody's slingin on the block eh yo we got this block on lock and it's the.... huh Chorus Lifestyles of the rich shameless shameless some die wit the name wit the name some die nameless some die nameless it's all the same game It's on it's all the same pain It's on it's all the same pain It's On it's all the same game It's On Verse 2 The verse 2's about this girl named Yvette Vette she lived out in Queens pushed the red Corvette Corvette she's pumpin weight uh huh in and outta state in and outta state outta state license plate eh yo see her lifestyle is straight weight hah she's into lickin shots yeah stickin blocks gotta shorty on the team uhh huh shortie's into pickin locks makin G's takin trips cross seas seas just enough to be flashin cash they be stashin hah she's wit the cats huh huh they love packin gats huh bulletproof vest bulletproof baseball hats her and the queens stay right gettin high too Lex, Coups and Jeeps ahh got beeps can lai brew brew it's all the same shame huh just a diffrent name huh shorty's sniffin cane huh just to maintain huh to a nice shorty rock O-D'd shorty what who O-D's bring me the chorus shoulda chilled pass me the weed I would pass the weed Chorus Verse 3 I used to hustle up on Linden in the van me and my man did that thing hand in hand 20 bills up huhhuh but verse itt time to rap but the fiends kept commin back Im tryin to put my lifestyle in order aight the games mad deep I keep my feet above the water above the water caught a bid got a wife and kid huh the name just burned in the flame huh so out the game I slid slid so now Im into makin hits wit my men huh I hustle wit my style huh cook up works wit my pen true Mr. Cheeks represent in the gutter gutter Freaky Tah gettin lai thats my brudda thats my brudda In the game huh and hit you in the brain huh and if I was cocaine huh believe it Im your main huh Tally up it's the Lost Boyz crew an Freaky Tah, Spigg Nice and Pretty Lou an.. Chorus/Outr

Red Clay

Slimm Calhoun "Skinny"
(Hook) Have you ever, been stuck in Red Clay Have you ever, been down south this way Cuz niggaz down here don't wanna play Southern Country boys from around the way (Verse 1) Straight to the forefront, never holding back Mr. DJ, on the tracks, so I can't slack In fact I consistently hold more raid than the Gen's army Never said you'll harm me and you protecting your buffoons when alarm me I got you stuck like superglue You had no clue no need for beefing in my stew, I gotta crew to do Dirt hurt you and your flunky Beat you down like junkies That's the high, now we got the munchies Instead of smacking fast mouths I doze, I close, I chose my foes I finger-fuck bitches like hoes So I suppose as many plenty that any little skinny B got enemies we down south drinking Hennessey (Hook 2x) (Verse 2) Hey, back up, break 'em down like a compound Nah, shake 'em up like an earth quake 'til they fall down Then smoke 'em out like a pig in a blanket Yeah, roast his ass like a turkey by banquet See I did more dirt than the old maid Get rougher and tougher than leather but smooth like suede Got the power to crush you like the abdominal snowman Then grind your ass, like glass back to sand As I map out and diagram my hit I'm a calculate the many ways the body can split As I look you in the face and spit I'm gonna watch you fall through this bottomless pit So who you laughing at Jack, cuz the joke's on you Claiming true coming down this way In the coupe like that nigger (what) (Straight out of that south side) (You know we putting it down, come on) (Chorus 2x) (Verse 3) Well, let me get loose and spit my verbal juice On tracks I raps the G stacks and packs we pack mack for those who slack And whack, act, and who you got your back I don't need my boys to bruise you Kick a verse and loose you Hey, booboo, who control your brain like lyrical voodoo That's how I screw you, so who do You want to see Now, Ni you got the most exciting Stevie, believe me So many want to be me From the south side of the A We blaze purple haze in many days And in many ways, crime pays My mind would drive through my way then start to hit you hard like pavement Me and my niggas yeah, we stay bad. Coming through the Y You'll find me locally down south Run your mouth in my house and get tossed out I heard you said we was slow Check the flow I got more in store down south this way we getting paid Where we stay (Chorus 2x) (fade)

Mad Crew

KRS-ONE "Return Of The Boom Bap"
Intro: So in the clubs I get (mad) On the mic I get (mad) On the beats I get (mad) Yo, Chorus: I got the (Mad, mad crew up in the house) I'm wit the I be chillin' wit the I'm rollin' wit the Verse One: See, this is what I'm sayin' and I know you don't see this Wack, underpriveledged MCs think they can see Kris They watchin' too much television and they rocka This ain't the TV show Taxi, and I ain't Lotka I break an MC off proper, yo don't check me Ask your Moms and Pops, yo they respect me But here you stand, tryin' to get yours, but gettin' NOTHIN' You probably can't spell Boogie Down or Productions I play for jeeps, I play for keeps, I play for streets, believe me Put down the microphone and consider a squeegie You're rated PG Again I win when I begin I'm slammin' again, no win, try to comprehend I don't bend I ravage and damage I'm wild like a savage, kickin' asses Hot flashes, your style's with trash's Stay out of my classes, PUNK Stay out of my classes - yo Chorus: Verse Two: Twinkle, twinkle to the little rap star I got all type of MC tongue in a pickle jar So here's a quick freestyle to my target: My core audience, *fuck* the rest of the market! 'Cause I spark it, styles I loanshark it Then break your legs if you try to chart it I got heart, it Doesn't take a lot to rock a record, get wit it Some MCs can't rock for five minutes Sorry, that's not the way to approach me Use caution I rip up lyrical crews and MCs often You probably don't know this: I give birth to MCs And I also give abortions I'll do a number to your body structure You look like supper And I'm that _hungry_ motherfucker! You don't wanna be on the menu! I'll end you, twist you up and bend you Like Gestapo Pick up the microphone and crush up MC like a taco No, we're never sad because we nah deal with sorrow That's why dem challenge me, jah man you know dem challenge trouble Me are number one of me there is no double! And you don't want no trouble 'Cause Blastmaster KRS is flashin' lyrics on the double Chorus Verse Three: Check Me comin' on quick, me cominadance, now me a sing KRS-One in a party, man me do me own ting Nuff MC test, but you don't hear vowel one All you hear is when the BDP crew slap them up We have the champion belt and lyrical cup Any DJ they want my title filled, no way now man step up But when you lose, now understand you get fucked up This ain't no game upon the mic Me bring the noise to you like Chuck Chorus: Kid Capri got the Gang Starr got the Ill Will got the Flavor Unit got the

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