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Ball In The House lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
Verse 1: So many times when I lost my faith You picked me up without falling a step behind And when you tested the way and it wasn't safe I held your hand all the way to the other side And know I'm standing right in front of you And I can see all the fear behind your eyes You have this moment to live as you wanted to To shrug off a world of saving lies Chorus: I know we don't know the road We're all we've got, story's told And I will always be there by your side I will give you my life It's only real when you're in it And everything that you want Just say the word and I'll begin it There's no reason to cry Now that we've come here at last And if you want everything I have All you have to do is ask Verse 2: You'll never know if you're lost or saved Until the miles have passed and the days have gone You'll never pull yourself up from the walls you've raised Unless you climb to the top and look out beyond And now I'm standing right in front of you And all the fear has fallen down We have these moments to live as we wanted to To step out from the shadows on the ground Chorus Bridge: Don't be afraid of what's behind you You don't have to wait ‘till every door is closed There's never a right way or a wrong one There's just a road less traveled You're not alone I will be with you I will give you my life (Chorus with added lines) I will give you my life And anything you want I will give you You're my world Don't Cry Oh, and if you want everything I have All you have to do is ask Just ask me now, come on now, come on now girl, come now, yeah

One Thousand Words

Verse Baby baby I just got to let you know How you make me feel inside, yeah Baby baby like a river we could flow How I wish that you were mine Prech Is it your eyes? Is it your kiss? Is it the affection that I miss? I never ever want to say goodbye Are you for real? I need to know Hopefully my heart will tell me so Before I lay my feelings on the line Chorus One thousand words are not enough I need to feel your tender touch It is the only thing to satisfy my need One thousand kisses on my lips Won't give me the relationship I want much more than that A love that I can keep Verse How much longer will I have to hold it in? I want to give you all of me I am waiting for the moment to arrive When my soul will be set free Prech Is it your touch? Is it your love? That sends me to the heavens up above? Baby only you can take me there All of my friends say I'm a fool 'cos all I ever think about is you My life won't be the same Until I know for sure you are Chorus Repeat Bridge Can't you feel it baby? Boy you drive me crazy All i want to do is share my life with you I know that you're thinking Is she what I'm missing? Let me lead you baby 'cos I can take you there

Live To Tell

MADONNA "True Blue"
Live To Tell Madonna written by Madonna and Pat Leonard Track 4, Time: 5:45 ------------------------- I have a tale to tell Sometimes it gets so hard to hide it well I was not ready for the fall Too blind to see the writing on the wall Chorus: A man can tell a thousand lies I've learned my lesson well Hope I live to tell The secret I have learned, 'till then It will burn inside of me I know where beauty lives I've seen it once, I know the warm she gives The light that you could never see It shines inside, you can't take that from me (chorus) 2nd Chorus: The truth is never far behind You kept it hidden well If I live to tell The secret I knew then Will I ever have the chance again If I ran away, I'd never have the strength To go very far How would they hear the beating of my heart Will it grow cold The secret that I hide, will I grow old How will they hear When will they learn How will they know (chorus) (2nd chorus) ---------------------------------------------

There Will Be A Way

BAD RELIGION "New America"
shut your eyes, see the future's distant shore march ahead more enlightened than before and there's sure to be bumps and distractions but I know we'll get through there will be me, there will be you there will be a way unresolved repercussions from your life fortified with the vitriol of strife and you can be gridlocked by predictions, but you're wise grab the prize then revise, realize there will be a way hey... ho and I don't know where we are going but we're here on this ride and we'll stand side by side all along the way follow me to the future's distant shore vagary needn't haunt us anymore and now it's time to set the agenda, learn the past, make it last share the wealth, hold your fire, conserve life, make it right kill the hate, negotiate there will be a way there will be a way there will be a way

Gretna Greene

(Rob Halford/Brian Tilse/Mark Chaussee) Verse : A purple bruise, A fractured limb, All covered up with lies. A swollen face, A bloody tongue, This violence denied. Empty now and meaningless, ridiculed in shame. Until death do us apart, Who should take the blame ? Chorus : To live a lie, Forgive or die. Verse : A stricken look, A lowered head, Reflections, turning back. A trembling hand, A quickened step, The dreaded, next attack. Turning from the holy ghost, Light and spirit fade. Waiting for deliverance, Every thing betrayed. Chorus : To live a lie, Forgive or die. Verse : A vacant stare, A beat-up faith, The book of truth reviled. A prayer to God, A plea for help, Held ramsom with the child. Wide awake and holding tears, Fear that never sleeps, Curled up in the bed at night, The virigin gently weeps. Chorus : To live a lie, Forgive or die.

The Way It Is

Lee Kernaghan
its a plume of dust down an old dirt road and hanging off the rails at the rodeo a back verandah with creaking boards and the dark range of a thunderstorm its the stockmans bar at an old bush pub and chasing mickey's though the scrub its planting seeds and praying for rain and the red dust runing through your veins CHORUS: its the way it is, its the way it goes when my wheels hit the gravel road it feels like home its the way of life, its the life i live and im right where i want to be thats the way it is its a corrugated iron shed and work boots on a backdoor step scones in the oven and preserves in jars talking prces at the saleyards its long straight roads and one horse towns and sheep dogs bringing the mob around its she'll be right and having a go its good on ya mate and what do ya know? REPEAT CHROUS its the eerie still in the grey of dawn feilds of wheat and rows of corn a rusty tank and flaking paint a weary digger on ANZAC day its the dreamtime land and uluru aborigine didgeridoo its batterd hats and calloused hands the spirit of a hard won land REPEAT CHORUS

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