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BAD RELIGION lyrics - Against The Grain

Atomic Garden

Original and similar lyrics
everybody wants to dance in a playpen but nobody wants to play in my garden I see the hippies on an angry line guess they don't get my meaning I'm enchanted by the birds in my blossoms I'm enamored by young lovers on the weekend I like the Fourth of July when bombs start flashing and I wish I had a shiny red top a bugle with a big brass bell would cheer me up or maybe something bigger that could really go pop! so I could make the gardening stop come out to play come out to play and we'll pretend it's Christmas Day in my atomic garden all my scientists are working on a deadline so my psychologist is working day and night time they say they know what's best for me but tehye don't know what they're doing and I'm glad I'm not Gorbachev 'cause I'd wiggle all night like jelly in a pot at leats he's got a garden with a fertile plot and a party that will never stop I hope there's nothing wrong out there I'm watching from my room inside my room

Children And All That Jazz

JOAN BAEZ "Diamonds & Rust"
(Words and Music by Joan Baez) Little Annie Fannie Morgan and Christian Katy and Nathan Tommy and Zem Zem Alex and J.J. Tai and Ezekial Amy and Josie Matthew and Mosie Sweet Pearl and Nicholas Come here and tickle us I don't like nicknames I like to play games One of them's Batman That's where it's at man Look at your t-shirt I see you're all wet now I'll give you a bath If you'll go to bed now Oh can't you see I'm tired I'm tired I'm tired Joey and Janet Jennifer, Joshua Justin and Jason Jacob and Jordan Heather and Shannon Marisa and Kirsten Kimmie and David Who shall we play with? Here comes my own son Light of my life is Younger than new leaves Brighter than you please Says that he loves me Big as the world and Gabriel Harris You go to bed now You go to bed now It's quarter to nine I'm tired I'm tired I'm tired You heard what I said now You go to bed now It was a hard day Never enough play Iggy was sick and couldn't come over One of your mice died That was when you cried Get in the tub And play with your boats now Sit here beside me I'll tell you a story One about snakes And anything gory Ask me no questions How far is the sky And I'm falling asleep And you're smarter than I am Light of my life Good night Good night Good night  1975 Chandos Music (ASCAP)

Honeymoon Suite

SUZANNE VEGA "Nine Objects Of Desire"
The ceiling had a painting on it In our room in France So we were living underneath Some angels in a dance My husband was not feeling well And so we went to bed He woke up complaining Of an aching in his head He said a hundred people Had come through our room that night That one by one the old and young Asked if he was all right One by one the old and young Lined up to touch his hand He spent the night explaining They had come to the wrong man The concierge was less than helpful When we asked her the next day With coffee and a magazine We went to the desk to pay 'What happened in that room?' he asked 'A death or something strange?' She smiled at him politely And returned to him his change Well, what I'd like to know And this will be a mystery, Is with all the people in that room Why none appeared to me? When we sleep so close together that Our hair becomes entwined I must have missed that moment In the gateway to his mind

Detroit 101

ESHAM "Tongues"
Detroit Yo, 313 Detroit 101 D-E-T Detroit, Detroit 101 [Esham] It's all about bitches, hoes, fat bank rolls The DTS Caddy with the fresh set of Vogues Spinnin' on blades, forever stayed paid, true Plus I'm dope like your hoe sniff a Quaalude And put the 'Smack Down' on any bitch out here like 'The Rock' Not like the wrestler, but the ki off the block Straight off the East Side where they murder cops My pistol's in the air goin' pop, pop, pop I'm killin' anything that's 'Shady' Bitin' my style? Pay me And even in stereo you still couldn't play me Crack baby, 313, D-E-T Bitches pop they pussy at night for they fee All type-a trickin' and freakin', ain't shit free 'Cuz fuckin' off ya skrill wit' these hoes can cost me up in (Chorus) Detroit, what? Detroit, what? Detroit (Detroit, Detroit) muthafucka! [2x] [Esham] In Detroit, never leave ya house without a gun I don't give a fuck if you're gettin' ya hair done Pickin' up ya daughter or droppin' off ya son 'Cuz criminals got bullets and dyin' to share some When ya ridin', gotta watch what street you turn down You might look around and everything is burnt down On fire, street lights broken The hustlas don't kill on guys the fiend's smokin' While the players play 24/7 parley Still gets fucked up like Bob Marley (Like Bob Marley) [4x] [Mastamind talking] Uh, blaze one for the wicket Learn about some shit [Mastamind] I'm just a D-E-T P-I-M-P While you at home 'sleep I'm out on them streets City slicker bitch, I'm the nigga with shit That'll rip through ya body, so quit Y'all suckas hold dicks Muthafucka, we hold grips and fold it Man, y'all dunno shit About my level, right? The block is hot like Devil's Night Boy you better fight wit' big toys, hold the metal tight It's like everything we do, we never right Muthafucka, we the shit, that's why you bumped us every night Like 'Clockwork' my jock hurt 'cuz I play so many hoes all It goes up like this, told y'all (Told you muthafuckas) (Chorus)


PULP "Separations"
As the sun shines down on the land so her heart is crying for love And there is no-one there, no-one to hear her voice and she will sleep alone again tonight Now the moon is high in the sky In her room she calls out his name But he is somewhere else somewhere she cannot see Oh and the night is dark between them now 'My god, my God, why did he go away' Now the sun shines on a new town With a smile he gets off the train He lights a cigarette leans back to see the sky Oh and he thinks how much better off he is without her hanging round Let's do it And the day is passing by him and he has nowhere to stay At a lonely bar-room table his mind goes back to yesterday to the girl who's dead and buried But her face lives in his eyes He must forget that face forever Make the future start tonight Forget her But the meal he eats is dead flesh There is cancer in his cigarettes and the drinks won't do a thing for him But revive some stupid memories Then a hairstyle that reminds him makes him run into the night Where the moon hangs high above him now The same moon that she's praying on tonight But the wind catches her words and the moon swallows them whole Now the moon is high in the sky In her room she calls out his name The night is cold and dark and she is all alone The bed is empty now Her body screams for love She wants to be with him Oh but he's so far away Oh and the night is dark between them now 'My God, my God, why did he go away'

More Beaver

Cledus T. Judd "Just Another Day in Parodies"
I've been known to lay here And watch TV all night Flippin through the channels But can't find the thing I like What happened to my favorite shows Where they went I'd like to know But right now what I need most in my life's More Beaver Wally, Ward, and June Them there Cleavers Nothin' else'll do Seinfeld's awful funny Home Improvement's kind of cool But what I'd really like to see On my TV's More Beaver Now Nick At Nite done brought them good ol' shows back from the past My Three Sons and Happy Days are here again at last Them Technicolor, black and whites I Dream Of Genie day and night The only thing that I like more than M*A*S*H is More Beaver See him and Wally fight Why hello Mrs. Cleaver... Eddie Haskell's so polite I've seen every episode A hundred times or more I know, One thing you can't get too much of in life's More Beaver That never hurt no one, I've been watchin' Ever since that I was young. Now each night when I go to bed I turn on the TV instead. My wife will tell you just how much I love More Beaver (spoken) Ladies and gentlemen Brad Paisley on lead guitar Bet you can't play the pianer That's why he's nominated for entertainer of the year TALENT I bet you $5 you can't play a fiddle Uh...would you take $ sorry Give me that guitar, I'll show you how to play it YEAH Thanks for showing me that lick there Fred... More beaver Y'all thought that I was done Gonna keep on singing I'm having too much fun This here is just a silly song And I hope that y'all don't take it wrong Do you think I'm ever gonna get me some??? Me neither.

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