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Bad A$$ lyrics

Ghetto Star

Original and similar lyrics
This is for all my Low Life thug niggas yeah, livin' they life as a ghetto star, you know (worldwide) Verse 1: You know those days when you hear the lord calling you But you don't respond 'cuz you ballin' and your all in two Your ghetto star lifestyles, big houses and cars Million dollar phone calls to bad bitches and all A nigga don't make five bucks to spend before he come up Sippin' out this half a pint bout to light up this blunt Just reminicin' bout past years, deaths and tears So many fallin' peers I'd never though I'd see these years Swallowin' my tank of beer hope the rain hide the tears Pray to God I aint scared, if they bust , hide and hit And if they come fightin' shit I won't believe it cuz I'm low I'm a child of God and keep mashin' for whats good to me You should recognize game when it's all in your face Would you choose to lie and die mamed so you fall on your face But I refuse to lose so I ball in my space Hook: Live my life straight ballin' I hear the penitentary callin' Live my life straight ballin' I hear lord Jesus callin' Ghetto Star, Ghetto Star Verse 2: I invented my own lifestyle from crumbs and dope Fuck shattered dreams there's fatter things that come from hope You heard 'em holla keep ya head up I ask God to help us out The world's caught a plague and everybody's weapons out Shoot first, and never get to the ask questions part When we blast testin' marks you aint fit to live a day here Best to keep your heat and hold your post you wanna stay here It sure aint worth askin' why I stay so high You don't irritate my mind And I aint got time if it aint about a dime The fat pace, crack chase, played out with ces It's gettin' rich with Low Lifes ands it's put on my chest And fuck a high speed chase, gettin' laced with slugs And stuck steppin' off a plane duct taped with drugs I'm tryin to live my life to the fullest extent You crossed my clique noe you know what them bullets just meant We keep it hittin' hard bangin' corners bouncin' up the boulevard Smokin' somethin', niggas dumpin' hollerin' bout life is hard Just cuz we ride to live, mean somethin' gotta give I don't care who you are, live like a ghetto star Life is only one time, that's why we hate one-time Tryin' to live my life, my life under the sunshine That's why I live, when they get deep I hold my breath And here's my only reply when he asks me 'bout death I said, I never could picture me dead, could only see my life is lavish and obviously I can get it so I gotta have it And you can live your life forever scarred But I'ma ball 'till I'm gone livin' life as a ghetto star Bently coups, mini mansions like Snoop And watch full of rocks, million dollar speed baots, yaughts All the time I got. is spent on some hood shit Pray when I see the break of day on some good shit Hit the liquor store to get some blunts for the dope Man if I aint hight, can't cope God help us You hope to hear us holler his name He know we stuck in all this sea and chasin dollars and fame When will it end The pain and the pressures of life come at once And the only remedy is some drinks mixed with blunts The lord knows what goes on behind closed doors And it's twntey five to life with those ho's with gold ?bows? Catch you at your momma's hose slippin' Gang bangers from the game we ride when it's time for dippin' Kill the cops, fuck they law, they aint arresting me Life is jail without bars and ghetto star is my destiny Hook: repeat 2x

Older Gods

WU-TANG CLAN "Wu-Tang Forever"
Verse One: Ghostface Killah Aiyyo I roll like a bat out of hell Evil acapell's fly spittin out of my grill Before I hit the sky with springtime colors Juicy as a Sunkist, certain broads double dutch this They carve it in they wrist, pales berry blazes Straighten the crumbs left on the stove, clothes in my lady hair Plus yours the look gold God, the old tainted bald technique Got these vestibules designer niggaz in they whips jumpin out they seats, eighteen, Bronzeman Part II We like Dorothy Hamill on ice We in your hood we might circle, hats down low in the Range Switch lanes, change my tire, peel out Real loud on the stage yo, I shitted on your hood kid I shitted on your hood, got to your burner too late I'm lookin real good, draped out Shinin like a fresh fifty cent piece, your girlfriend, c'mere Oh shit, you my man's niece, the gourmet pocket twenty bombs made of clay, Sexcapades take place We fucked in forty-eight shades might walk up in your studio time slap your engineer, it's lighter fluid to that style Hand me the matches now Verse Two: Raekwon the Chef Aiyyo rainbow Roley on the wrist, now what's this Niggaz bless this, eight and a half, Bally banana twist E shakes, puffin on lye, feedin the seed's plate Pullin out, old dirty eights to rob gates Major wake up, the kid telltales, make a nigga head wake up Beats break, the nigga would take off his time Honolulu status, gladdest the rich rock cabbage and dollar vans grands That nigga mad savage, stationary Hall of Justice Niggaz came clumped out Just came home, now they bunked out Money be longer than triple life til the sun burn out, that's my word Move it with the burner out Fidel way of thinkin, roll with the Mac bent Ac-10 Most of my team, Five Percent check what the live said Rollin with Guess vests pedestrians yo holdin my nuts, fuckin thousand dollar lesbians [Ghost] Yo, the Older God put me on and had to rock this [both] Maintain Three-Sixty Lord live prosperous [Ghost] It only takes a lesson a day, just to analyze life [both] one time in the respectable mind (repeat 2X) Verse Three: The Genius/GZA Let the shot spark, soon as his pit bull barks Tire scars from skid marks leaves from jams in school parks Witness, forget his, original statement Even in protection programs there's no escapement Gunned down, we in town, hit king from seven crowns Spent rounds catch him while he rhyme in the Zebra Lounge Wounded, back in the eighty-three summer heat Up in three-oh-nine park, rhymin off the drummer's beat I stalk the city streets demonstratin mic wrecks All lookin stank, I ain't playin wit a full deck And as they nervously stare, I know they scared They saw the coming of Wu, the neon in Times Square Household name, assassin, killa bee Mill to the grain, that posess the Wu, trilogy Quick to spot those that bite camoflouge and blend Those that got styles, they got identical twins Don't stretch the small thing, copycats are finnicky without skills, they master the art of mimicry But I go line for line on the whole page Your unspotted life on the mic is old age *rocket fired, whistles off and explodes, breaking glass*

Doin What I Want To

-Bizzy Bone-Intro- Yeah, yeah, yeah. Capo Regime, Lil' Capo Confuscious first and foremost. Yeah, yeah. Live in the ghetto, we're in the ghetto, War Drone, Rasuu, Gotti, Nina Ross, Skails; Seven, Seven, Seven. (Outta my mind, outta my mind, outta my mind and outta my brains, brains) the pain is, motherfuckers. Yeah. Hell yeah my niggas. Get that shit for us. -Bizzy Bone- Bitch, it's Mr. Business Man/ You can suck a dick or something/ Dippin' through abandoned buildings and tuckin' my motherfucking pump and runnin' a trench and I don't even think about no pension; Just get me out of this dimension (It's clear, niggas) Jesus was sanction/ Destination was Heaven or Orion/ My body was man, so was the brethren/ So here we are, 2000 years and plus later/ Plus labor, dippin' in my Oakland Raider/ Momma Mabel drank liquor till the last savor/ Bullets is following like Satan, holler at the Savior/ Notice the shit gets spiritual with the misfits/ Think its some street niggas like sellin' dope or sellin' Bisquick/ Stripped that woman down/ Hurry up 'fore somebody come take her/ Would you leave her if somebody raped her? And if she cheated on ya, would you take her ass back? And if he beated on ya, would you cut that nigga some slack? Some married nigga can come feel that/ How many can feel the gun clack? Then the one come and clackin' em back/ Rap for the fuck of it/ And, oh dog, my way through/ Buck it/ Bless my little brother, money is a motherfucker -Chorus-Lil Louis- Just doin' what I want to; I'm livin' my life/ My life, my life! Tell me what I gotta do/ Just to survive (Just to survive, yeah) Just doin' what I want to; I'm livin' my life/ My life, my life! Tell me what I gotta do/ Just to survive (Oh...) -Bizzy Bone- Niggas, we Kamikaze pilots/ We are the Vietnamese when it comes to violence/ Are we movin' in silence? The desert ease/ Ugly style, for the real O.G's inhiblious been trippin' on human bodies, the body's working with me/ Say the early bird get the word, huh? I'm feelin' the war drum, beatin' my chest; My ancestors, do my best/ My momma was European, Italian to be exact/ And, oh the German in her father, my father she'd a harrassed him/ And welcome to Revelation, we in the mist of Babylon/ We in the war now; Get your own plane or stay on the ground/ Capo, you my nigga forever/ Fuck what bitches say, yeah! That's my brother, he'd never play me on any day/ Pass me the green leaves as soon as I write that/ Heterosexual-type that, homosexuals bite that/ Black gloves and hands dirty/ And shit concurrin' in the aftermath and we will smoke/ My 7th Sign soldiers... -Chorus- -H.I.T.L.A.H Capo-Confuscious- Niggas talkin' bullshit/ Naw, dawg, ain't got time for that/ Pity the fool, I tell you/ Try to conquer by dividing proof, stupid/ Gambini named me the Capo simply cauze he knows I'm ready without a doubt/ My hammers cocked, barrel down your mouth/ Seperate fate from the profound great, and bury, we can't bury no more dead weight/ You dickin' much demand, midget/ Dealin' with gigantic game, flammable as propane, ready to blow/ So get the fuck out of my way, no chance for survival/ My rivalries, finish them, fatality/ Totally unstoppable, new steel-o/ Wannabe's try to copy this rap-ability/ Mentality, war/ No sleepin' rippin' as I spoke/ Read it and weep/ Regime lock it up and throw away the key/ Funky comedina/ Bartender, we need some more Hennessy/ Get drunk, then flip out/ It's another gangsta party/ Everybody scream loud! -Chorus-


ANDREW W.K. "The Japan Covers"
Laugh If You Want To And Tell Me I'm Bad All The Mistakes At The Time Had Seemed Right You Might Be Calling Me Wrong But I'm Not Feeling Blue No Sir I Have No Money And I Am Not Strong Nor Am I Brave Or Courageous Enough But I'll Continue To Use Every Power I Have And So I Curse This Broken Pride Forget What Came Before If I Throw It All Away Maybe Tomorrow I'll Finally See Don't Mind Don't Mind Don't Mind Don't Mind You Said You Wouldn't Cry Everytime I See Your Tears They Look Out Of Place So Now Don't Feel Guilty And Come Into My Arms Shu Chi Shin Shu Chi Shin That Is What We Are We Are Powerful And Strong And We Cannot Be Beat Life Ain't Always What It Seems So We Live And We Live And We Live We Always Live For Our Dreams It's Hard To Hide What Has Happened To Me My Words And My Thoughts Are Covered In Lies You Cannot Help Me The Paint Is All Peeling Away From Me Revealing Myself To The Fullest Extent No More Pretending This Is What I Am Even If You Think That I Lack Full Knowledge Of Life Think Of Your Life As A Show - A High-Flying Comedy And Then Laugh It All Away And Get That Sweet Smile Back On Your Face Don't Mind Don't Mind Don't Mind Don't Mind You Said You Wouldn't Cry Don't Ever Hesitate No Never You Wait And Now Don't Feel Guilty And Come Into My Arms Shu Chi Shin Shu Chi Shin That Is What We Are We Are Powerful And Strong And We Cannot Be Beat Life Ain't Always What It Seems So We Live And We Live And We Live We Always Live For Our Dreams If I Look Clumsy With The Way I Live My Life Laugh If You Want To But Don't Tell Me What To Do This Is My Pride And It Is What I Really Want And I Won't Let My Loved One Cry A Single Tear Shuchishin - The Shame Live With Shame - Our Shame Don't Mind Don't Mind Don't Mind Don't Mind You Said You Wouldn't Cry Everytime I See Your Tears They Look Out Of Place So Now Don't Feel Guilty And Come Into My Arms Shu Chi Shin Shu Chi Shin That Is What We Are We Are Powerful And Strong And We Cannot Be Beat Life Ain't Always What It Seems So We Live And We Live And We Live We Always Live For Our Dreams


NAS "It Was Written"
[45 seconds of talking/skit] [Nas] It was a murder Jake just hit the corner people swarming Three in the morning I jumped out my cab like 'Fuck, niggaz is buck,' mega bloodshed, the tapes red I heard some bird whisper, 'Yo he should have ducked' I puffed the lilla, just before I hit the scene for rilla I'm all high it's late I'm looking down at the fella Shit's pushed in, ambulance placed him on some cushion His mom's had a stare I wouldn't dare second look when I murk It hurt, kind of took it as a brief reminder that the street's designed to stop your life, plot The beast in time yeah, cell to cell suspect ass nigga you fell First time locked in crime stop my mind blocks the frail Bursting blasting at your forty cal shell, split your dry cell My niggas never snitch why tell We roll with no regrets, destiny's, fifty's and equities Queens'll be the death of me [Chorus:] To the suspect witness don't come outside You might get your shit pushed back tonight (Suspect witness don't come outside You might get your shit pushed back tonight) [Chorus] [Nas] Dear God, I want the riches, money hungry bitches infested Giving the jealous niggas sickness, the witness My crew dresses, in vest-es, feel the essence Try to test this, scientist, able and reckless Slaughter, Nautica'd down, frames look petite Ten millis, mix designed just for my physique I keep a low pro as if I owe, bless the flow lovely My pants hang low while I'm dancing, sipping the bubbly Hey, me no worry, hashish keep my eyes Chinese Rollin two Phillies together make blunts Siamese I meant it, I represent it, descendant made of early natives that were captured and taught to think backwards Trapped us in a cracker psychiatric, it's massive A Million Man March, alert the masses Ten glocks, Armani in small print, upon my glasses Don assassins, armageddon, the wettin' Never freakin the beast, seven heads, got the righteous threatened Life Was Written, the plot curves behind the settin' Comprehend the grammar, Manfrione -- are you the type of nigga to shoot a leg to get your name known I flip the brain tome Niggaz get hit and wrap the plastic The mic I strike in vain givin the pain of what a Mack is What you with Luchi or drama, no sleep means insomnia No need to check the clock, the streets are timin you [Chorus] [Nas] It justifies, Nas Escobar's leavin shit mesmerized Mega live, like the third world Decipher my deceiver make him a believer Spitting jim stars, words in my mic ttype receiver Bond is my life so I live by my word Never fraudulent Queensbridge don't make no herbs Spread my name to deacons, politicians while they speakin Rebel to America civilization caught you sleepin [talkin to fade]


THE AGONIST "Lullabies For The Dormant Mind"
I awoke to a complex chemistry. So, I went to a neuro-surgeon inquisitively to see what she could see. But she knows only what she's taught so I turned to a Tree to see what he thought. And he asked: “When does three equal plus one?” The answer is Birth -- Life's creation. Then suddenly flames rushed past. Green turned to black, and life turned to ash. Because I believe in everything, I'm convinced of nothing. United we ran -- divided we crawl. It just takes a common enemy to make a friend. Marry hope and fear, invent a colour. And so, it's gone as quickly as it came. Raging tides galloped forth to extinguish the flames, and , thus, was born in a cloud above. But all else was gone, and one plus one equaled one. In harmony with gravity always bringing everything down. Tear out your mother tongue chlorpromazine incursion -- the rights of the voiceless will be revealed. Flesh is food and bone is stone. A grey-matter cause for inner demons' microphones. Fields of shells that lurk in murky waters. A bed of nails for less traumatic slumber. Logic's tough but brains are sweet, we've served our sup for the demons to feed. Projected self loathsome apathy redefines reality. Paranoid self-victimization in a cage of skin; rage and intimidation lack of control bring a once bright life to stone and ice.

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