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Bad A$$ lyrics

A Hold On Hip Hop

Original and similar lyrics
[Featuring The Lady Of Rage, Legacy] (C-Style sample goes throughout the whole song: Now that's some gangsta ) Verse 1: [The Lady Of Rage] Now we gonna do what we do, uh Rage and that Lowlife crew, uh Break it on down for the mind, uh Break it on down for the rhyme, ha Ain't no shit for my fashion On how I bake MC's like Alaska King crap, it's to see Daz put it on the ring, uh They don't want to rock it They don't wanna fuck around, with Rage when I fuck up Come in, fuckin' is human Tell me what was you assuming That Rage couldn't come with the full I roll with the thunder Put you straight under Dodi, Diana, Princess This woman's makin' wonders They here to take hardest, regardless fools Like Tray Deee, I come down like bars to full I got nothing to lose I fill my war with booze Too hard to ball, so I could use to blues When I cut the glass to blast And break it down to up And I fuck on they asses Rage and Bad Azz Two motherfuckin' bad asses Is ready makin' in me Set yourself back while The Legacy continue Verse 2: [Legacy] It's quite hard to make 'em stay In mind while I rhyme Everyday, cause rhyme got no time to waste time Now I'm a prime (?) No need to blast this bitch Right in his ass for a time I came and this true game I maintain Lowlife up in no strain Got this arrow queen's brain Fuck I made a little money Got no cherish single buddy Weeded and honey Dope, we played it Just became it We take it almost ready cause my shit is lethal And all I see will be my people Livin' up deepful For all my younger people Do your thing and just cock Cause we ain't got home 'for the struggle Verse 3: [Bad Azz] I got no gun, high My life will end up I life everyday Got my life on ends but I still got a little bit of hope for tomorrow Finally have a little (?) And for mine I get around these punks now And by rappers ain't achievin' Like Francis' gun Life backwards Death's an unforbiddeble fact And it's the ignorant Nigga That'll run up on the strap I'm back I do some amazing thing And on the track like siesta Plurt your brains Fuck, battle make you strong Bangin' like this Like put your name real small, at the bottom of the list I go get And rhymin' like thinkin' bout death There's no escape No decisions to make Ain't nothing left The Legacy and Bad The same page is for Rage And little Lowlifes' smart Like the world is our thing Now that's that I'm caught in the wars for yards They keep it real through the struggle Cause we all wanna ball Bust mine I got back and smacked your words We never be soft That's why I came to get you a girl Since Rage's at the top The whole world stop We put a hold on hip hop, hip hop Since Legacy is the top The whole world stop We put a hold on hip hop, hip hop Since Bad Azz is the top The whole world stop We put a hold on hip hop, hip hop Since Dogg Pound's at the top The whole world stop We put a hold on hip hop, hip hop

A Crescendo Of Passion Bleeding

CRADLE OF FILTH "The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh"
Spells lay daggers before me passion speaks in grue vehement stabs Trance my eyes, fix my focus to pain the tumour grows until the enemy is slain (Gut The Church) Slightless storm knee-deep in hate I seeth my purpose here has woken to breath Total war on the brethren of Men millions regardless dying by my hand A Black Age Of Fire brief in its vicious eloquence removing the dross love will arise from the ashes of your loss Then and only then will the pleasure of Eden be mine and the sinews of life itself will be tied in the very veins of my bloodline And their tears taste like wine... I will rule as a king and the Goddess will sit as my guiding Queen in the glory of the earth our crowns are studded with the jewels of blasphemy The blood is the life! I seek to evoke a new order in Man a flood of compulsion to resurrect Khem the lion is vexed to uproot and descend Chaos my steed in the thick, clinging dust tempering weapons of criminal lust I hold sway from the East to fulfill prophecies thinning the cause as fresh cells to disease The blood is the life! Even the moon will not lend thee her light the darkness serves will to snuff out human life that I might reclaim the world as my right I kill without scruple or silent regret in haunts of the sinister lunar aspect for I am the pleasure that comes from your pain tiny red miracles falling like...rain The incessant pall of death surrounds me but this is not the part of me that wishes to breed there will be no dread thereafter the mysteries I reveal unto thee I stir the hearts of the wisest by the fools I will always be feared my Kingdom feeds off their slaughter... A crescendo of passion bleeding... on the pale reflection of dawn Devour The Sun 'The Great Man of his time is He who expresses the Will of his time; who tells his time what it wills; and who carries it out'


Beanbag "Free Signal"
07. Why? Falling back into an empty chair. Crawling out and seeing nothing there. Why waste my time when I'm happy? Slipping back into my honest world. Taking things just to feel the swirl. Why waste my time when I am here I can do what I dream when I fear. Selling out and getting what I want. Take a pick and I will get the lock. Why waste my time when I'm complete? Grab the walls in the toilet block I hit my head and I flush the lot. Why waste my time when I'm fine in the ways that I've set in my life? My arms are protesting a weakness in me. My hands are a tool to remind me. My eyes complicated enough don't see. My fingers they curl back and witness to my face. Drifting in and out reality. Your own reflection is bewailingly. But you still smile and keep things Up with the people on the concrete slab When you get in ttouble you catch a cab Waking up, drifting to the welfare door Spend all your money till you hit the floor You've been takien to another place You're lying down but you're in this race Don't ever think run away Turn around and look at all you have The gift of God is much greather than You cannot die when you have life.

You Looked A Lot Better Last Night

ATTILA "Soundtrack To A Party"
So this is where it starts just a couple of kids looking for a good time where can we go? what can we do? somebody call some bitches! throw down a couple of dollars who the fuck is 21!? lets not stress out now we always find a way you know we get what we want without delay! chill the fuck out dude party supplies on deck now im ready to fucking rage stocked up on cigarettes so everything should be okay this party is way bigger than i thought that it would ever be this will be sick time to fucking rage dont stop till the sun come up this is the party life smoke blunts all day, two-step all night everything is spinning lie, straight to my face just because it didnt mean a fucking thing doesn't mean you have the right to point fingers and blame when the fire rises from the depths of hell you'll be the first of many join us there! when the fire rises from the depths of hell say goodnight

If You Want This Money

P. DIDDY "The Saga Continues"
(feat. G. Dep, The Hoodfellaz) You are now entering a Bad Boy zone [3x] Yeah! [Morock] This is for the niggas who ain't got shit to love I cripple thugs, just because You not Jada but you could, kiss the slugs Until your place hit up Rap niggas in the studio, wasting bucks You're better off making sure papi know your name well Guess who ghostwrite for me, my brain sails/sells Now believe it, better place checks Bad Boy, big things nigga, HF [Classy Freddie Blassy] I put it down for mine, my crew live a life of crime Constantly non-stop, when they on the climb And BK, no such thing, it's dark The sun go down, the tool start to spark Outline in chalk, moms lift the part Cases handle in the street, motherfuck the court Shouldn't talk the talk, you can't walk the walk It's The Hoodfellaz, what the fuck y'all thought [G. Dep - Chorus] Now if you want this money baby Then I guess you in the right place And if your mind ain't right sugar Then you need to get up outta my face So what's the deal Cant' ya see how a nigga feel And let me know if you gon' ride tonight Cause this paper we makin' is real, all day [Verse] It's like that y'all (that y'all) Don't get it twisted with the rap y'all (rap y'all) Still walk around with the gat y'all (gat y'all) Don't make me have to point it at y'all (at y'all) And clap y'all (clap y'all) That's how I see things goin' Chains showin', rings glowin', Range Rovin' And my nigga push ki's like Beethoven It's gonna stay like that till the pearly gates open [P. Diddy] And here we go [overlaps Verse's last line] Aiyyo, let's get it where it needs to be Tuned in to the, P-the-D, please believe I told y'all it's on for life The only bars I ever be behind is the one's I co-write Hold it down, hold the crown What I gotta brag for Y'all should know by now Cats talk this and that, so we rip the track This a fact, it's a wrap, uh! [Chorus] [G. Dep] Yo, yo Niggas mad at the fact we bad Man I won't stop like a New York taxicab If your shit wack, we burn If you got beef, we come back like a tax return We get money, hold money, no quotas We gon' fuck around and do this murder, no motive Aiyyo, I burn more Wait till I drop it, then you can learn more (Why) Cause you a turn-off [Poppa Sims] Numb in my veins And bought enough to numbin' the brain Lovin' the brain, let a slob till it's come and arrange Strollin' the block, honey holdin' the glock 1-9, come on baby, it's crunch time In a truck blue, yellin' my fuck you's Doin' a buck-2, circle hoods like Doug Ghouls Huggin' the piece, ha ha, Sim is the word on the street Come on, I can make dessert outta beef [Chorus - till fade]

Tear Down The Walls

Brainstorm (Metal) "Ambiguity"
The truth hurts. By destroying the world we destroy ourselves. We have been silent far too long, hiding in anonymity. In a world, polluted inside, corruption and chaos around, the meaning of life, the principle right, nothing in the depth of the light You hear the screamings of the one who soars upon the wind He'll take you in his arms into a place of sin Tear down the walls forever, come down to break your chains, it's time to break the silence never run, you'll never run away Watch out for, a torturing lust, in mirrors you're facing the truth, the hunter is back, the soul of a life, wings of sadness blazing for you a speeding slab of concrete hits me in the eye no time to rest, no time to loose, it's time to die Tear down the walls forever, come down to break your chains, it's time to break the silence never run, you'll never run away Broken memories, salvation denied Burning ashed they choke, rip off the skin, from deep down inside, molten fire flies through the sky

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