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BABYFACE lyrics - The Day

Talk To Me

Original and similar lyrics
What must I say to you To get inside your head Why must you always think I Wanna get in your pants And why I always gotta be The closest thing to wrong Sometime the only thing a brother need He need a woman to be strong Well I ain't cryin', I ain't cryin' Done 'bout run out of tears But you're the closest thing to heaven I need you to be near Hear me darlin', hear me darlin' I can't make it more clear The only thing that's gonna get me through Is if I got you right here Ooo girl, talk to me You're the only one that comforts me My only reality is I want you for my woman ooo girl, speak to me Let me hear you sayin' that you're stayin' with me I know my reality is without you I ain't nothin' at all Why does everything I say to you Have to be suspect Feel like the only way I'll get with you Somethin' blows off my head Well I ain't tryin' to go out like that Wanna keep myself clean Sometime the only thing a brother need He need the strength from his queen I ain't lyin', I ain't lyin' Done 'bout run out of time The only time I wanna do it right now Is feel you by my side Hear me darlin', hear me darlin' I can't be more sincere The only thing that's gonna get me through Is if I got you right here HOOK Well I said everything's gonna be alright When you stand by my side Gonna work things out tonight We're gonna make out just fine For once I'd like you to be The one who has the faith in me And I promise I won't let you down this time HOOK

Inner Voice

ADAM SANDLER "Stan And Judy's Kid"
I'm happily married with a house and three mistresses Even with the beard I'm not as hairy as my sister is Got a new Hummer, two Ferraris, and some Lexuses And all the girls I know got the big big breasteses I got a ten story mansion on the beach With a swimmin' pool filled up with the drool of Robin Leach Richer than a Twinkie, I got so much cash That to me Paris Hilton is poor white trash I take forty-seven weeks of vacation a year If people piss me off I can make 'em disappear Every time I sneeze I get a feature on the news The reporter says "gesundheit" and hilarity ensues And how did I get to be the man that I am? A god among men, only without the tan It's simple, every time I have to make a choice I just listen to my little inner voice, and he says "Shave all the hair off your butt and glue it to your nostrils" OK "Steal all the milk from all the supermarkets and put it back in the cows" Alright "Find out which species of rodent is the most flammable" OK "Let's see what fun crafts we can make using only a chainsaw and Regis Philbin" Yeah! So how do I explain my little cranial expressions Intuition, premonition, or demonic possession? It could be God, an angel, or my dead uncle Paul Or that nasty purple fuzzy thing that lives in my wall Doesn't matter, and to be honest I don't wanna know 'Cause thanks to him I've never had to deal with an HMO And I can go show off my rocket powered solid gold Benz I tell ya life is no much nicer with invisible friends "Record an all-banjo Falco tribute album" Done, and done. "Put on a tutu, glue two live wiener dogs to your face, and prance around the subway terminal screaming 'Stop looking at me!'" OK "There's no reason not to have sex with a cheese grater." Hmm, no, I suppose not. "Set up a stand outside of K-Mart with a plate full of frozen peas and a sign reading 'Take one!' If anyone asks you what the hell your doing, give them a button that says 'I asked about the peas!'" He's become my best friend, sticks with me to the end Thanks to him I'll never live on Ramen noodles again And he's always by my side, every minute, every hour Though it does get kinda creepy when I'm trying to take a shower Still I can't complain 'cause he made me rich And figured out it was the opossum milk that made me itch If it seems weird remember the voice made me do it I don't question what he says I just get up and get to it "Itemize everything in your cat's litter box for the next seven years and mail a report to the President with a note saying 'Here!'" Good idea "It's time to find out what urinal cakes taste like" If you say so "Get a black and white horizontally striped suit, a mask, and a bowling ball with a small length of rope hanging from it, and tiptoe around the airport." Sounds like fun "How old does a baby need to be before it's too big to fit down the toilet?" I don't know. Let's find out. "Keep swallowing magnets until your farts can erase video tapes." Will do So to that guy in my head I just wanna say thanks For removin' my angst, so I'm no longer shootin' blanks And now I own several banks, plus an inflatable watch And paid Justin Timberlake to let me kick him in the crotch I followed his advice and now I'm makin' major duckets If it wasn't for him I'd still be processing McNuggets So when life makes you feel like you should've stayed in bed Just listen to the voice in your head, and he'll say "Fat people are full of toys. Go get some!" Yeah! "Build a 20 foot tall nude statue of Tony Goldmark licking warm margarine off a malnourished dolphin out of onions, pez, and lint." With pleasure! "If Yanni didn't want to be set on fire and shoved down a flight of stairs, surely he would have said so explicitly by now." Yeah, I guess so. "Go to a McDonald's Playland, tie that big Officier Big Mac thing to the back of your car, and drive away at 90 mph. When a cop pulls you over, roll down the window and indignantly ask 'WHAT?'" You got it! "Move to New Jersey and become a comedy rap artist." Oh... do I have to?


CYPRESS HILL "Stoned Raiders"
[Intro] ['Say what' scratched repeatedly] [Sen Dog] I be that, short-temper, hostile rhyme bringer Lifestyle gone wild, similar to rock singers Check me on the big screen, livin' out my dreams Cypress, Assassins, SX, latin thug thing Fools think they get bad, I ain't really with that Flavour of the month, bro, () try to dispatch Always got the good badge, take it to the head Got me wasted like Jerry from the Grateful Dead Don't trip, get a grip, be strong and don't fake it Or else you get beat down, an' stripped butt-naked I just kick the lyric, straight from the spirit You can tell I got soul first time as you hear it [Chorus - Sen Dog and B-Real (repeat 2x)] Welcome to the show, all come inside You can hear proper sound when it's Amplified You wanna party with the best and say 'fuck the rest' 'Cos we take away ya stress and never settle for less [B-Real] When you deal with the Hill, keep your mouth still If you rely on your skill then rely on your steel If you have no ideal, or any thoughts to feel What you sought was real, to give 'em slots to fill Busters stop to deal But I face them, quicker than takin' a box of pills Now you gots to chill Get cops and sheilds, steady, hark the () If they're lookin' for prey, ready to stalk and kill As I lock the wheel, don't you mock the drill 'Cos I'll cock my steel, make you drop and spill Got no mercy unless you talk to deal Quit talk and kneel, you won't top my will, bitch! [Chorus (repeat 2x)] ['Say what' scratched some more] [Sen Dog] Ain't no-body better, on that you can bet (CY-PRESS!) Wanna see a dope show Put your money on my set Real emcees and real DJs Real South-siders from the heart of LA Now, back in the day we had big sucess And it's like that now and we won't settle for less You can beat the LB from the new latin lingo Nowadays you nothin', without a hit single Time to get loco, and put bodies in motion Hit the stage in a rage, and start up a commotion No I ain't jokin, see my mic smokin' I slam it like the art and make sure it's broken [Chorus (repeat 2x)] [scratching to fade]

Don't Worry A Thing

If this life is driving you to drink Sitting round what's the use what to think Well I've got some consolation Give it to you if I might You know I don't worry about a thing because Nothing's gonna turn out right Well this world's just one big troubled spot Some have plenty, some have not I've used to be troubled but I finally saw the light Now I don't worry about a thing because I know Nothing's gonna be alright You spend your time trying to be the big winner The minute you'll get fat somebody else will get thinner There's always somebody messing with dynamite You know I don't worry about a thing because I know Nothing's gonna turn out right


ARANDA "Aranda"
I see right through you With your 'how've you been's and 'it's nice to see you again's Pretending everything is okay You stole my heart and now I got it back How could you leave me like that Wouldn't that be nice If I just let you back in my life [Chorus] You got it all worked out just a little too late, you took the long way down when you pushed me away, you're gonna say we all need a little gravity, give me just a little gravity, we all need a little gravity, give me just a little gravity One of these days you're gonna lose your game Gonna run out of blame When the jokes you've made turn on you Well you sold me out And you question my word And now you falling to earth and just in time Don't forget to enjoy the ride [Chorus] Situation critical Take it in and let go Game over this time Destination goodbye Your pedestal was too high And baby this well has run dry Your well has run dry [Chorus]

Drunk And Pompous

Gluecifer "Tender Is The Savage"
I got 'em horny feet You got the epic beat Wanna make' em cream You wanna make' em dream Coz I was born to shout and tell' em all what it's really about No time for liberation baby It's time to let the beasty out Ain't it sweet now to walk the shitty street now What a blast coz i love it fast Sweet liberation with a twist coz in a cool world I exist Gonna pull my shutters down gonna kick it all around coz I'm a black belt master fightin' with a velvet fist I'm a screamer you're a dreamer- so whatcha gonna do Gonna push that thing till they're beggin for a hefty screw I'll be a fire-breathin' boy with a thousand db ploy Gonna breathe some fire fire baby coz I'm pissed Yeah I was born to rule You's born to drool Ain't takin' no goddammn shit Got a suit with the snuggest fit And you might say I'm bad Nothin' but a fad But I'm on a quest Baby I'm posessed

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