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B-Legit lyrics - The Hemp Museum

Ghetto Smile

Original and similar lyrics
A young hog in the hood playin' chase Smile on his face Havin' fun 'cuz it ain't nothin' like this place And you don't wanna race Fool I got the new ones on And we can run from the corner to the Newman's home And after that we goin' go raid the plum tree And stick ball down where those bos be Mom's got the door open bumpin' Marvin Gaye Let's get it on all day everyday At night I pray Lord just let me make it And if I die before I wake then my soul you take it Never fake it My older brother taught me game And sometimes even let the young soldier hang As a loc My only duty was to soak And pass it on to my comrads and closest folks All friends I knew about it as a child I stood proud have you ever seen a ghetto smile? I'm at the junior high actin bad at the dance The slow jam got me with a woody in my pants And my baby with me Her Momma used to babysit me And back then she was just plain old pretty But nowadays it seems that she done grown Jeans fitting and her perm gotta hella long Would I be wrong if I whisper and take her down And maybe play housesitter with her like the Pound It's goin' down about now in the Northern Bay The OG's put it down and make they pay Flip a 6-8 'stang with the blew out braids The only homey in the hood ridin' on thangs And as I peep it thangs have got a little deeper And everybody and their Momma done bought a beeper And then they post on the lake gettin' loose and wild You know the scene it's the ghetto smile At 18 I graduated and now I'm grown About time for the dog to get his own bone I left home got a condo out on Quailridge And like a king is how this young playa live Swimmin' parties in the pool with my dope to roll Wasn't trippin' off nathin' we was all folks Hillside in the house and we gettin' perved Freestylin' gettin' on my neighbor's nerves I love the hood so everyday I'm back to visit And swoop the young so that they can come through and kick it And peep the game just as I did as a kid And watch the savage get his cabbage and place his bid And even though we fight we still remain game tight Handle business and always open for fogiveness It ain't nothin' like a homey you ain't seen in awhile So when you meet him greet him with that ghetto smile

Ho Down

NAPPY ROOTS "Watermelon Chicken & Gritz"
(feat. The Barkays) It was a ho-down... Another ho-down... It was a ho-down... Another ho-down... [Skinny DeVille] Walked into the club and farted Damn! Look at shawty - off in the cut actin naughty Eye contact, made sure that she saw me Said y'all, don't get it twisted like I'm ballin Down south stripper from New Orleans, thick as mud Baby show me love, with a little tittie rub Said, 'hit me later on baby, maybe we can what' Said, 'sound like a plan' wit my hand on her butt But shit hit the fan sho' nuff, nigga hold up Baby doll had a man, matta fact was a soldier Ain't that a beyotch! He was sittin on the sofa Smokin on some doja, tryna see some exposure Had the whole spot sold up - legs tired Bar done closed up, all of a sudden her man showed up Automobiles, planes, and locomotives Train with the () see both ran through () Tag-teamed that beyotch, then I called my niggaz over They smashed in the 'Lac, popped that twat like a soda Vodka with the white stuff, you know when I act sober And niggaz in the back, seen with the freak in the 'nova It was a ho-down [Chorus: The Barkays + (Skinny)] I can't believe that she's real... (it was a ho-down) The way she makes me feel... (another ho-down) If you knew what I knew... (it was a ho-down) You would be down in there too... (another ho-down) [Scales] Uh, now peep game of a star, stepped out the car Walked through the door, checked the bitch at the bar Eyeing her down, while I split my cigar Can I offer you a drink or some dick in the park (haha) You know I'm just sayin that to get you mad But you knowin damn well I wanna hit yo' ass Yo I ain't the type of nigga that be jumpin the gun But you lookin like a dime piece and I'm huntin for one What's ya name Nah, better yet, what's ya game Wanna ride in the Navigator, switchin four lanes Or chill up in the bathroom, sniffin cocaine Said she's the type of girl to get down with no shame And everything I said before was no thang We ran outside, and jumped in the ride Next thing I know I'm gettin head while I drive Eyes open wide, down 65 (it's a ho-down) [Chorus - 2X] [B. Stille] (It was a ho-down) I knew it was all great When the hoe caught me late in room 508 Oh she got live on tape, the price was low-rate Plus she had a nice showcase, you thought she was ya soulmate Just because she got some shove in her can Doesn't mean your 'sposed to go and fall in love with her man Kissin and huggin and actin, in love with her man Takin her out to restaurants and, rubbin her hands If you knew what I knew, you wouldn't do what you do But it's true that you, had no clue what she do Cuz you trust her through, thick and thin You missed it when, she was gettin live offa fifth of Gin Get rammed in by me, while she lick my friends When she finally came home you probably kissed her then (lame-o) The more you tried to claim the hoe was an angel The quicker I realized the freak was a stank-hoe (it was a ho-down) [Chorus - 3X]

Recognize And Realize

Big Noyd "Episodes Of A Hustla"
[Featuring Prodigy Of Mobb Deep] Intro: We gonna dim the lights. Hook: The Infamous Mobb Big Noyd on his job Yo son you know what the deal is yeah, spark the lye. Do my thing kid. Yo Big Noyd in the house for the motherfuckin' 380. Havoc: Rappin' Noyd takin' the world over Universal the Mobb soldiers we explode like super nova And implode your whole sculpture We make quota and cook up some big boulder We gettin' older time flies we gettin' older You play the sofa while we excel over the sky rocket You flee we gonna drop it Now reminise over that time you felt some hot shit We cash profit or for cracks we rock chop it and shot pop it Desperate attempts to try to stop it And you be callin' it quits or rappin' Noyd kick that locked up shit Big Noyd: I peep wild bucks comin' to jail switch they sex up It's fucked up niggas get banked up others hang up The thugs in population be reppin' steppin' for the phone piece You ass you get splashed in the dome piece Can't hold your own either Pack up or get jacked up that's why I strap up with my back up Against the wall when it's time to brawl I'm throwin' blows at devils like Prodigy Livin' underneath the roof with 50 thieves And the ? is bound to get cha Latin Kings wearin' greens runnin' teef from the island of the Sing Sing Representin' Queens to the fullest I hold my own watchin' my dome While I jones for they home they call me a klepto Cause I be leavin' niggas wet though Dead and stinkin' constantly fully blown leakin' I'm black half Puerto Rican hypothetically speakin' Monocones gettin' blown sleepin' I stay strappin' never yappin' that it can't happen But when you bring it come prepared never scarred captain Don't never sain knuckle down spit our bangers do our thing Till one of us be bleedin' then be headed to the bing I'm not bionic I'm just a convict puffin' chronic Protectin' my way nigga dig it's irronic Enought to make you bust make you wanna cuss Nigga what the fuck you ain't tough shit ain't sweet shit is serious You must be delerious you kidding me talking bout you gettin' me and rippin' me Rather grab a mo and rip it slow like a penetentary Nigga please I been in and out the joint since '93 what So what the fuck you think you tellin' me nigga what what what Hook


Gravediggaz "The Pick, The Sickle The Shovel"
This is the story of three little pigs N' the projected damage that they did Pig number one was white Thought everything he did was right The pigology itself Pink skin terror N' wealth, just hoggin' shit up for self Rolled up on a pig named Swine A brown-skinned pig convinced him they was one of a kind The swine fell for the short tail But no way in hell was Earth that stale Stone chicken eggs, hid 'em in the mud that they laid When it hatched, it was chicks of another shade The stone age, the origin o' AIDS in the bone age There was a pig, skin was black He cleaned up the swine N' they filthy acts If not they was be forced to set back But trouble come first, stale shit got worse Consumers of swine are now cursed The exile meant from 'Bylon, after three on The shores of North America's hoof When they celebrated Thanksgiving with the wolf Chorus: When I was young (When I was young) They was feedin' me fairytalez (They was feedin' me fairytalez) N' this goes on (N' this goes on) Until I'm old N' gray (Until I'm old N' gray) When I was young (When I was young) They was feedin' me fairytalez (They was feedin' me fairytalez) N' this goes on (N' this goes on N' on N' on) Until I'm old N' gray (Till I'm old N' I'm gray) There was a rich man, a poor man, a beggar, n' a thief Now each had a different hustle to get food to eat The rich man was paid, cuz the poor man was workin' like a slave He only gave him minimum wage The poor man endured this, torture for his four sons His daughter N' his wife, cuz he sought a better life His boss laid him off on the fourth of December He sold sweatshirts N' boxer shorts to keep his fort Now deep in the winter, he got Pneumonia from a cold This ended all of the little hustles that he controlled He was troubled in his soul, he couldn't sleep, he wouldn't eat But by his side was a strong woman, not takin' defeat She pleaded N' begged the rich man for the hubby Who gave fifteen years of his life for the company Conversation was brief, with no relief in sight Then she unleashed her four sons into the night They robbed that rich man blind Then fled over the borderline, escapin' with all the cream But still could not restore the mind, see Life is a dangerous game N' it seems Cash Rule Eventually Authored M...(?) The rich man's soul turned to dust due to lust To control as much fluff, his cold heart touched The old fart grew up, with goals to be the fly kid With the golden Midas, touch Smokin' Dutches that he ignited at will Usin' hundred dollar bills, the Big Will, up until He collided with fate Had a stroke while chokin' on some stake This was fatal as hell, was not bein' able to take his pace Back to the cradle Jack N' Jill ran up the hill Jack said I never ran, never will, cuz I'm from Brownsville But still, the Living Provider, the outsider Had beef with Peter Piper cuz his girl Goldilox put stocks in his Viper On the Yellow Brick Road he lost control Got charged for runnin' down the Scarecrow, on the loose Runnin' from hot pursuit, lead by Dr. Seuss Riding hard on his jock, when Pete got blasted by the Keystone Cops Chorus (X4)

I Wish

I wish, I wish, I wish To every city I wish, I wish, I wish Every hood I wish, I wish, I wish And every block I wish, I wish, I wish Good Ol' America! Rollin' through the hood Just stopped by to say what's up Came to let you know That your baby boy ain't doing so tough And even though you passed Going on four long years Still waking up late at night crying tears Just thinking about those days You used to talk to me Smilin' while I'm sippin' on this Hennesy And remember we bragged on how rich we would be To get up out this hood was like a fantasy 1 - And now you hear my songs the radio is bangin' Oh I can't believe my ears And what everybody's sayin' And boy I'll tell you Folks don't know the half I would give it all up Just to take one ride (With you) How I used to kick it on the front porch (With you) And how I used to lay back and smoke weed (With you) And all the little days and party joints we'd do Now I'm just missing you How I wish 2 - I wish that I could hold you now I wish that I could touch you now I wish that I could talk to you Be with you somehow I know you're in a better place And you know I can see your face I know you're smiling down on me Saying everything's okay And if I never leave this thug life I'll see you again someday I wish, I wish, I wish I wish, I wish, I wish Now ever since this money come Been nothing but stress Sometimes I wish I could trade in my success Y'all look at me and say boy you've been blessed But y'all don't see the inside of my unhappiness Man I swear this shit gets heavy like a ton That's why you hear me shootin' This real shit off like a gun Hmm I wonder how my friends would treat me now If I wasn't iced up with a Bentley and a house That's why fake ass niggas get fake ass digits And fake ass playas get a real playa hatin' 'em Honey Love goes platinum and y'all ass come around But y'all don't wanna raise the roof Until my shit is going down Repeat 1 (With you) How I used to hoop off in them tournaments (With you) And how I used to club hop on weekends (With you) Your family called the morning of the tragic end Damn, my condolensces Repeat 2 Voices in my head be telling me to come to church Saying the Lord is the only way for you to stop the hurt Dreaming of windows black tinted like a hurst When waking up to life sometimes seems worst And all I ever wanted is to be a better man And I try to keep it real with my homies now For me to save the world I don't understand How did I become the leader of a billion men? Repeat 1 (With you) How I used to street perform on Friday (With you) And how I used to go to church on Easter Sunday (With you) Standing here throwing them songs at me Somebody pray for me Repeat 2 till end

Hoop Dreams (He Got Game)

SNOOP DOGG "Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Boss"
Man I had a crazy crazy dream dogg. I had a dream I was in the NBA straight playin basketball. NBA straight getting my ball on dogg. Can you imagine Snoop Dogg in the NBA Imagine that, Hoop Doggy Dogg. Yea straight ballin. You know I'm a ball anyway so why not. Let me get my ball on. If I could play in the NBA I would be that six-four all day shootin that trey I dribbled to the outside and passed it to Shaq they double teamed on him so he passed it back Look at the 3 but I don't take the shot cause I think I'm cold and I aint trying to get hot I'm feelin bionic, we playing the Sonics And I'm sticking Gary Payton so you know I'm ball hatin Bang on Vin Baker cause real Lakers really don't care yea yea Next stop in the court on Damon toast Stouda and my homeboy J.R. Rider Minnesota Timberwolves, we cut 'em down Hakeem Olajuwon and Scottie Pippen, we shut 'em down The Twin Towers, Dave and Duncan 20 in the paint fool you get's nothing On a four game roll sweep, beep beep We beat the Bulls and we rocked the Heat And we traded for a few players, some Pacers Miller and Mullin and now they Lakers We cant be beat now, we on a 27 game win streak now, bow wow When it all started from a dream I'm playin point guard on my favorite team (Lakers) I got the big perm, doing interviews with Chick Herm At Stu Lance, we do a dance When it rains poppin shampane Basketball yes yall thats the game Two years ago a friend of mine Ask me to glide from the free throw line So I took the ball, and as I made the hoop Everybody jumped up and they said 'Go Snoop' And my career jumped off into the fast lane My rookie season I made my first all star game Double G like George Gervin, thats what the call me cause I'm so ice Ballin cause that's my life, I balls all day, and I balls all night They call me Snoop Dogg and everybody know I love to hustle and ball The season gettin tragic we lost to the Magic and the word is that Rodman done had it So I guess it on a young homie, the great number 8, Mr. Koby Give him the ball dogg he ready We got to play Charlotte tonight, I'm stickin Eddie Remember all the good times that we had Cuz dont trip to long cause tommorow we play the Jazz Then it on to play the Denver Nuggets The homeboy Nick they traded, but damn I still love 'em Keep a picture of 'em on the wall next to Dr. J Meach, I love basketball Allen Iverson on the fly boy he hard to stick C Webb comin through with a quick pick The NBA Saturday mornings hey or maybe on a Sunday We in the playoffs so stay off the court This aint no game, this a sport And we in it to win it, we ballin, No Limit Remember this When I grow up on wanted to be a point guard playing on NBC With Herb and Suge or Pistol Pete or World B. Free givin dap to me Givin up my dues with converse shoes And tellin all the kids to stay in school This is true and your dreams can come true if it happen to me, it can happen to you That's for all the NBA players that dream of being a rapper. I'm a rapper that dreams of being a NBA player and I'm a baller. Let's bounce up out of here man.

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