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Azn Pride lyrics

Got Rice Bitch

Original and similar lyrics
It's the azn nigga fuck the rest Dallas to New York jigga, we the best Vietnam to Japan to Mongolia Philippines to Taiwan to Cambodia Korea, ah ah, hometown China who you got, huh? you got shit nigga, feel the size it's the A-Z-N better recognize got rice, bitch? got rice? got food, got soup, got spice? got brains like us? got skills like us? got cars? got clothes? got girls like us? wassup we the shit and we kill ya'll fools we got money in the bank from our family jewels can we help it if we raid and corrupt the schools? it don't matter fuck the law shit we break the rules we jack cars, pop games, yo we got the tools flip it up, break it down then we shoot some pool, you fuck with me, you fuck with all bitch, don't think it's cool one on one fuck that it's three on one no duels got rice bitch? got rice? anything you can show that is nice? got cash,got moves, got thoughts like us? Fuck no, Hell you white you'll never be like us Take off your shoes when you enter please or Crawl around on the floor with your fucking knees don't mind the smell you'll get used to it moth balls, fried squid, and that buddha shit what the hell is that you think i don't see no forks in the house chops sticks only have a taste don't be scared try the lemon tea you don't want thats alright try the fuck on me Got rice bitch, got rice? Got luck anytime you roll the dice? your luck is bad unless you run and hide, coz we're thugs for life baby, Asian Pride... YEAH AZN RULE

24 Hrs

Freddie Foxxx "Industry Shakedown"
Intro: It is no longer 1999... And I live in a world of one track minds... Where the industry feeds us fashion design... That creates MCs that cannot rhyme... For ten years I waited to make my move... Now we'll see who'll win, and who'll lose... And if I had to state my word... Say this'll probably be the realest shit you ever heard... I been watching, from afar... I know where you live, I know who you are... Redemption is my only scar... And so my heart bleeds dark, like tar... So I treat my friends today like they'll be enemies tomorrow... So when they die, I'll have no sorrow... Just remember those you decide to cross... Cuz if your door gets knocked on you get knocked off Verse: Who's that six foot bald nigga from New York With the gangsta walk, the gangsta talk Thrillin to find 'em and kill 'em I'm wildin', I'm illin I don't give a fuck about you, and that's my feelin I'm in a brand new house nigga chillin With shoeboxes of hundred dollar bills nigga spillin Trainin the baddest bitch, givin her the drillin While you hangin in The Tunnel know you pussy ice grillin Man bein a bitch must really be fufillin Cuz alotta niggas happy bein soft just chillin Scenario, gun in your mouth run the platinum watch with the cuban link Bracelet and the matching necklace And I'm too shiny V Vs glowin in your ear New gun, new jewels, new album new year Niggas think they bigger than the game I got news for you *Willy*, let's take it back to Philly So you can find your roots, fuck braggin on your loot Nigga you aint that hard And a nigga can't spend no money layin in the graveyard Omigod, it really shocks you This can't be the same motherfucker Freddie Foxxx who I really feel his lyrics, I love all his rhymes I thought that we was cool, you think he's hard to find I rip in dark posin alleys As a kid got knowledge from the gods at the rally I slip on the game like Ballies And show ten hoes how to stack it up, get money, New York to Cali Where a nigga tried to play me like a sally So I shot him in his new DeNali and drove him to the valley I pushed him out the car and let him scally Fuck that nigga, tryin to play me like he bigger In Japan I'm worth ten figures American, open the door and let Derek in I break my silence, after ten years of supressing my violence You was my man I gave you benjamins Every time I pulled up and get you in the Benz again We can never be friends again You brought me tears when you took my right hand off for seven long years Now he's back and corrupt Driving new GS 400s, new Jags, and new trucks You should see the bad bitches that he fuck While your girl look skinny like a smoked out Daffy Duck Niggas are real this aint N B HIGH You niggas aint got no balls and won't die I'm a certified killer, with *Stock in the Game* Burn marks on my hands from the glocks with the flame Bumpy is my rap name, when I write rhymes I hydroplane And think about my nigga Kane Alotta label motherfuckers'll be dead You fuckin with my money is like fuckin with my head Tryin to take my buttered bread Niggas aint shit, so I'm down with you Kane Any time realness, you ready feel this I don't forget nothing, nothing at all So Mr. Steve Rifkind, expect my call Niggas owe me for my rhymes, I come to collect Over fifteen dollars, I'll snap your fuckin neck And don't pay me in no fuckin check If you don't want me to teach the meaning of disrespect When I'm finished in this game, I'll be swimming in my yard Not at the radio station, looking for a job Too many niggas feel me spittin on a record To be broke and homeless, and outside naked I represent the real grimy masses Of thugged out gun slinging criminal asses That shoot up your party and chill at mine Cuz they know I got love for real niggas, nine to nine there's the mind Just remember why you frontin like you more that 24 Hrs ahead In 24 Hrs you'll be DEAD You'll be DEAD

Hit Em Wit Da Heat

Flipmode Squad "The Imperial"
[Featuring Busta Rhymes Rampage Lord Have Mercy Spliff Star Rah Dig] Yeah Luitenent what! Yeah muthafucka it´s Flipmode yeah yeah spliff check it out Rampage Verse Grab my big ill shit back in the days Rockin' shows tow they leaders with rags for my waves Flipmode be the union now i´m playin' for the Braves I´m hardcore nigga that´s straight from the gutter (gutter) I used to play celli plus i piece and butta Now im the nigga that´s runnin' in your baby motha Buggin' me out, you can call me grand lova! And now im rubbin toppin' ????? with my Luisville straga -Baby Sham Verse- My Squad is sick (uh) niggas who pop shit get pistoled whipped (what) Get your wig pushedback (what), I react and snap like Kodak, these cats get the picture (what) Put on level black suade tens and come and get ya (yeah) My target is to beat ya, we all spore hoods like grim reapers these shine in the dark blink of an eye the last spark Get closed up first thug nigga hold up 21st side see me rounding it up Chorus See when we come through we got nuf shit to floss Got u feelin' it and your cousin even your aunt violate, we coming like ghost we gonna haunt Hit you with the heat is that what you really want? What you really want is that what you really want? We hit you with the heat is that what you really want? What you really want is that what you really want? we hit you with the heat is that what you really want? -Spliff Star Verse- Y'all niggas wanna test my squad I doubt it doubt it All that dirty talk gun talk you talkin' 'bout it 'bout it (what) Nigga feel my vibe niggas see my vision (say what) (Be y p?) nigga play your position I fuck up this game and make the ref' blow the whistle (phwiih) My squad be the official, cliq in this rap shit This be on the record and watch you get your ass kicked Get´s me on turn (chab?) flickin blood ashes (Rah Digga) ?????? thinkin I can´t rock butters (yeah) Wont take shit without no type floders (huh) Hectic, Rah on a ill dilection The memorys harder then girls in our section Ready to stay la smoother then ????? Checkin' out niggas then all (awey?) son (yeah) Mahfuckas, black Al Seasers Hope the shit reasomay stady increases Chorus -Lord Have Mercy Verse- Sing high, sing high new sheriff in town rock americas crown and hang 'em high Thinkin a fist full (brenershing pistol?), pearl handels whit the family initials A uh!, 24 carat gold varios slow A uh!, planet gets cold get damage for dow A uh!, ???????? and blow traveling slow A uh!, Flipmode, y'all niggas want it -Busta Rhymes Verse- Sayonara, see my rivals (ha) let my god be (damafied?) (ho) had to tell one, tell a lie (ha) get paralyzed (ha) Stay pay rock shit made in ultra suade (ha) Switch blade yo wack act back to (ho!) first grade (ha) Even if y´all never seen us y´all now y´all need us (ha) Suck my penis from here to muthafucking venus Think back (ha) when you was amazed and had to sit back (ha) Imagening me ending your world (ho) like Deep Impact Blood clot (ha), watch me come trough and bust a gunshot (ha) Yeah people inside of your den and done that Chorus


JARREN BENTON "Freebasing With Kevin Bacon"
[Intro] [Hook] Wait a minute wait a minute Ya’ll don't know me like that nigga wait a minute Wait a minute wait a minute I’ll crack your fucking skull bitch wait a minute [Jarren Benton] Yeah hit a nigga with an ice stick Stab his heart with an ice pick Soon as I get my royalty cheque Ima buy my bitch a pair of nice tits Smoking dope and sippin ice slitch (cough) I’m sick Your ho was choking up on my dick So I hit the bitch with the Heimlich Lurk the block for a trick of rock Kick the door we don't twist the knob Covering this bitch with a ninja mask start stabbing niggas with a shiskabob Calamity the industry couldn’t handle me Am I the only guy who wanted to fuck Casey Anthony I don't give a shit if she just killed the kid And stuffed her in the trunk I’d still let that bitch suck my dick Mad scientist rule with an iron fist Fuck swag show up looking bummy I ain't on to shit Jarren Benton pull your bitches hair extensions Freebasing with Kevin Bacon Popping pills with Paris Hilton Twelve o’ clock bitch where’s your children Stuff them in the stove and kill them Take them out and throw them on your porch bitch now go and get them [Hook] Wait a minute wait a minute Ya’ll don't know me like that wait a minute I’ll crack your fucking skull bitch wait a minute Problem problem bitch I am a problem I spent half my life just trynna make it out the bottom Bottom bottom sickest from the bottom I can’t stop until I hit the top bitch got em [Playboy Tre] I got the Caddilac dippin Brown liquor sippin I’m a giant bitch my nest Hanging from the fucking ceiling Give a shit I don't give a fuck Go ahead pull that up Roll that up Blow that pussy up C-4 in her gut Drop the top throw a couple racks show these niggas up Now they so agitated with my money maturations I got Polo on my stitching bitches dripping while I’m ripping Touch my family or my living I’ll put bullets in your kidney Kat-kat-kat just like that-that-that flat up on your back Tell your folk to relax Or ya’ll gonna lose some partners back to back Georgia’s a rebel and you just a pussy honey buy my shovel Cause our favorite rapper word till that diamonds in my bezel Here we go Lincoln MKS Panoramic view Stomp the teeth up out mouth I got some Nike’s you can chew Tre boy Play with my nigga Jarren Benton Where we from? East Atlanta that's the day Bitch now where’s my shot of rum [Jarren Benton] B-b-b-b-bitch I just joined the Illuminati So drink some Jarren Benton fuckin’ A dude its a party Kicking with my kids we watching iCarly And they always trash the fucking house with action figures and barbies Yo momma said if I fuck her right then she’ll buy me a Harley I’m on that Breaking Bad shit doing meth in the back of an RV Adidas on my feet I don’t fuck with Ed Hardy But I do endorse Bacardi Bitch we do more coke then Charly Sheen bling the telephone ring It’s TV-G bitch they cannot fuck with this regime I’ll break your fucking legs and then I’ll wrap it in a sling And bash it with a 2x4 and break them shits again I’m crazy and deranged Hey where the fuck is my brain? They say these words that kill you so I spit like an M-16 They come equipped with an infrared beam Got dust inside of my weed And I was put here just to murder the game now bleed bitch bleed Bleed bleed now bleed bitch bleed We Freebasing bitch! [Hook]


ABK (ANYBODY KILLA) "Dirty History"
[Anybody Killa] Retalition is a must Watch your back Stay on que Shoulda never fucked with us Now you got me after you Devious and beady eyes Quick to jump and take your life What the hell you think this is? Ain't no way you walkin' by If you see them Let them know Just how far you lettin' shit go You fuckin with some OG Detroit weirdos We bombin' on who ever dirty situation chasin' and makin' you fuckin' bleed Put you on a permanent vacation Hammertime on your face with my right boot For loose river dance Do the jit into a spongy spit My homies Twiztid got you listed Have you all hemmed up like "What the fuck is this?" We bigger than you thought The whole crew be representin' Pistol whippin all haters Have em twitchin' and flippin' Retalition Beat em down Call up all the fellas We been known in the hood As some eye ball swellers [Chorus 4x] Retaliate Hunt em down Get em where it hurts [Monoxide Child] I'm in the back with the windows cracked I heard shots Somebody on the side of me Bitch I ain't Pac Give me a second to shoot back and I just happened to be smokin' a blunt and got the hops on my lap Now I'm pullin' up behind you Steady trying to hide out in traffic But you know that I'mma find you Blindside you Scared to death Keep shootin' till the burned and fallin' skin on his chest God bless the dead Go against me and you'll rest up in a bed With a hole in the head Don't fuck with me It ain't worth your life It ain't worth watchin' your moms die tonight If you start it I'mma finish it Diminish it to nothin' but rubble and you just opened a trunk of some trouble It's Monoxide, a killer Roll it up and relax Retaliatin' on you bitches Watch your back [Chorus 4x] Retaliate Hunt em down Get em where it hurts [Jamie Madrox] Ain't nobody playin' bitch This ain't no motherfuckin' game You fuck with ours You ain't never gonna be the same again Leave you chillin' in a wheel chair K chopped your legs from knee down Now who you gon' see now? You touch ours Get touched back with force Anywhere you at it's on, of course We don't sleep at all Give all my homies a call Everybody in your crew is sure to fall Sho 'Nuff! Retalition in effect Fuck with ABK and my brother You get a rusty shovel all up in your neck Use the same weapon to bury that ass in the ground So don't play hard Put your piece down or get peaced out Don't be staring like you gonna do shit Without your weapon and your mouth Bitch you're useless My crew gets pissed the fuck off At all these mediocre thugs Claimin' they hard When they be soft [Chorus 4x] Retaliate Hunt em down Get em where it hurts You ever think about Death? You ever look Death in his eyes?


[Intro: Sy Ari Da Kid & Jarren Benton] I'm like whatever We like whatever (K-K-Kato on the track, bitch) She like whatever I say whatever, however, whatever [Hook: Sy Ari Da Kid] I'm like whatever, however, whatever We like whatever, however, whatever She like whatever, however, whatever I say whatever, however, whatever Pull up on that nigga for that money like whatever Pull up on your bitch only for the night, however We can shoot it out, we can fight this, whatever Whatever, however, whatever [Verse 1: Jarren Benton] Okay, I'm back like fat bitch at a buffet My God, Mister Benton, you're the shit I must say Kill them all and then I peel off in the Mustang Niggas ain't shit, but a towel bowl stain Death to the label, disappointing y'all lames Fuck an AK, I'll probably stick a fork in yo brains Excuse me, bitch, while I powder my nose While I'm gone to the bar tell them bring more drinks Bullshit walks, the money talks After I hit the pussy, ho, you have a funny walk I ain't your average nigga with a gun and malt liquor Hit a motherfucker, like a thunderbolt I'm not a human being, I'm a poltergeist Shoot a nigga, pop a wheelie on a motorbike That bitch said you couldn't poke her right So she lay the poker face, like it's poker night I came turnt down Loud, got my head spinning like a turn style Let the booth on fire, let the bitch burn down Get it ho niggas, while the bitch perm out [Bridge: Jarren Benton] My niggas on weed, liquor, syrup, and dust Remember? Motherfuckers never loved us It's the 9536, niggas get bucked Throw a chair at a motherfucker, tear the club up [Hook: Sy Ari Da Kid] [Verse 2: Jarren Benton] Okay, it's whatever, nigga, it can get ugly Pull up in yo hood in a fucking dune buggie Knock the horse off yo polo bugby Couple screws loose, bitch, I'm so nutty Ya, ditch digga for a bitch nigga Fuck around and get disfigured Get witter if I mix liquor Throwing deuces at a whore, if she's not a dick licker Sipping 1800 Silver Bitch nigga better get familiar, Imma kill for my la familia Put them in a trunk, [?] blood in my interior Bullets ring out, like I'm out in Syria East side, 'til I'm floating in the deep sea [?] Throw a rapper off of high flights, watch his body fly His body parts flip apart down of Fleet Street Let a mark try me, like Dej Loaf Turn his motherfucking brains in the egg yolk Yeah, ho, you the type to let the feds know Surrounded by a bunch of snake niggas like deathstroke [Bridge: Jarren Benton] [Hook: Sy Ari Da Kid]

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