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AZEALIA BANKS lyrics - Broke With Expensive Taste


Original and similar lyrics
Hey, I can be the answer I'm ready to dance when the vamp up And when I hit that dip get your camera You can see I been that bitch since the pamper And that I am that young sis the beacon The bitch who wants to compete and I can freak a fit that pump with the peep and You know what your bitch become when her weave in I just wanna sip that punch with your peeps and Sit in that lunch if you're treatin' Kick it with the bitch who comes from Parisian She know where I get mine from and the season Now she wanna lick my plum in the evenin' And fit that tongue tongue d-deep in I guess that cunt gettin' eaten I guess that cunt gettin' eaten I guess that cunt gettin' eaten I guess that cunt gettin' eaten I guess that cunt gettin'... I was in the 212 On the uptown A Nigga you know what's up Or don't you? Word to who made ya I'm a rude bitch nigga What are you made up of? I'm a eat your food up boo I could bust your 8 I'm a do one too Fuck you gone do? I want you to make bucks I'm a look right nigga Bet you do want to fuck Fuck em like you do want to cum Your gay to get discovered in my 2 1 deuce Cock-a-lickin' in the water by the blue bayou Caught the warm goo In your doo-rag too son? Nigga you're a kool-aid dude Plus your bitch might lick it Wonder who let you come to 1 2 With your doo-doo crew son Fuck, are you into, huh? Niggas better ohh run-run You could get shot homie If you do want to put your guns up Tell your crew don't front I'm a hoodlum nigga You know you were too once Bitch I'm 'bout to blew up too I'm the one today I'm the new shit boo Young Rapunzel Who are you bitch, new lunch? I'm a ruin you cunt I'm a ruin you cunt I'm a ruin you cunt I'm a ruin you cunt A-yo, A-yo, I heard you ridin' with the same tall, tall tale Tellin' em you made some Sayin' you runnin' but you ain't goin' no where Why you procrastinate girl? You got a lot but you just waste all yourself They'll forget your name soon And won't nobody be to blame but yourself, yeah What you gone do when I appear? W-when I premier? Bitch the end of your life are near This shit been mine, mine What you gone do when I appear? W-when I premier? Bitch the end of your life are near This shit been mine, mine Bitch I'm in the 212 With the 5th cocked nigga It's the 2 1 zoo Fuck you gone do When your goons sprayed up Bet his bitch won't get em Betcha you won't do much See even if you do want to bust Your bitch'll get you cut and touch your crew up too Pop you playin' with your butter Like your boo won't chew Cock the gun too Where you do eat poon hun I'm fuckin' with your cutie q What's your dick like homie? What are you into? What's the run dude? Where do you wake up? Tell your bitch keep hatin' I'm a new one too, huh? See I remember you when you were The young new face but you do like to Slumber don't you? Now your boo up too hun I'm a ruin you cunt What you gone do when I appear? W-when I premier? Bitch the end of your lives are near This shit been mine, mine What you gone do when I appear? W-when I premier? Bitch the end of your lives are near This shit been mine, mine This shit been mine, mine This shit been mine, mine

Leflah Leflour Eshkoshka

Heltah Skeltah "Nocturnal"
* originally appeared as the extended version of Leflah on Fab 5's Blah 12 Intro: Yes The name of this shit here is Leflour Leflah Eshkoshka The Fab 5 Chorus: Rock Yes yes y'all (yes y'all) O.G.C., Heltah Skeltah be the best y'all (best y'all) Fab 5 slam from East to West y'all (West y'all) Sound pound straight through your bubble vest y'all (vest y'all) and check yo chest y'all (chest y'all) Verse One: Strang, Rock, Louisville Ay curumba Strang gun clappa number one on tha set man I cut ya like lumber still play the back in my thundergear down to my underwear make all you motherfuckers wonder where I come from, cuz motherfuck Dapper Dan I'm a gun clappa fan plus I run rappers stand Fab 5, mad live blow up the spot Dru Ha gets the paper Black Moon still gets the props Eh yo next to snap a neck be big R-O-C-K send MC's to me in squads of three say Rockness Monsta, is he for real? It can't be See him in action as he transform that man's me Enemies ain't Kotter, ain't no Welcome Back in my home or knots get blown like cordless slots and payphones Phone home or Return like Jedi I bet I can without lai give yo' stupid ass a red eye Me nah like niggaz who cant see pass a likkle bit of light you come tess the champion ya gwan die tonight And 6 feet deep is where you sleep eternally restin in peace you felt relief Now big up to all my true headz in the East Stalkin the block not leavin the house without they gat You best ta believe that Fab 5 got my back (got my back) It's like dat Verse Two: Ruck, Louisville I control the masses, wit metaphors thats massive Don't ask if the nigga Ruckest bash shit like Cassius I'm drastic, when it comes to verbs I be flippin Cuz herbs jus be shittin off the words I be kickin I scold you, double headed swords for the petty but I told you, bitch niggaz that Headz Aint Ready Now I mold you, back to the bitch that you are fuckin wit the Ruckest get bruised, battered and scarred Guess who, punk chump, your brain jus blew It's the Originoo Gun Clappa two Rushin through, three on three you can't see we Cuz we stay tight and not many niggas wanna fight So sneak in where a nigga in the cipher of the camp Jus got amped so I took em out for a dance Bigga triggas fallin down Like the bridges of London, but ain't too many niggaz runnin Chorus Verse Three: Rock -- Louisville in ()'s Aiyyo why oh why did I need cappucino Scar on my face but I'm not Al Pacino (We 3 amigos) Sparsky and Dutch we bring mo' drama than what? (A primetime NBC TV show) (Headz don't know and damn sure ain't ready) (Niggas walk the street wit more Boop than Betty) Shit'll get heavy (back of the tree now surrender) (My pon hits yo mind mix thoughts like a blender) Then I dish off from a shooting guard to a center Like Rockafella you hit rock bottom when you enter (O.G.C. rush the scene, the mission from backup) Yeah (Baseball bats attack like Jersey fools that act up) Act up (Folks is passed now, petrol, go get dough) (Pepto-Bismol before this nigga let go) He said go what you do grew screwed I blew through two crews who claim they got funk maybe true cuz they doo-doo Verse Four: Ruck, Strang -- Top Dawg in ()'s Everybody framed, ain't nobody yappin no more I've evidence on your click so y'all niggaz hit the floor With that mouth murderin you got that ass in hot water Now I just oughta send a piece to your headquarters to take away your stripe, you fucked up tonight You don't do right you're gwan get dead to spite Our click foundation stays thick through the war I'm keepin my eye out for infiltrators at the door It's a shame how these MC's are wannabees front on these and get hung up like dungarees (please) ease off selecta Strangle wrecks ya plus bust asses on whoever passes through my sector (So what you gonna do when you stuck at thirty-two) (degrees please, get off yo knees and follow these) (now swallow these, buckshots from the rifle) (then I will make niggaz Beat It and Scream just like Michael) So how many corny MC's gwan try when Strang sets shit off like the 4th of July (Nobody) Why? (Cuz everybody gets bodies my brother) (I smother a nigga then Ruck bounce like rubber) Step to tha stage set the microphone on fire Yo desires, they call me siah cuz I'm flyer Live like wires, beast from the East who is he When I roar like a grizzly they say damn he gets busy Chorus 2X

5 Deadly Venomz

2PAC "Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z."
(feat. Live Squad, Treach, Apache) (Yeah hehehahaha, we goin platinum nigga! Plaahahatinum.) Yeah, you got the Live Squad in this motherfucker We got my nigga Treach from Naughty by Nature in this motherfucker My nigga Apache up in this motherfucker [Verse One: Tupac] My Mossberg goes boom, gimme room, can I catch it Talkin quick and then I vic just tryin to keep from gettin blasted I had enough I put a hit upon them bastards Boo-yaa! Turned a snitch into a casket Now they after me, prowling for a niggaz bucks Time to see, who's the G, with the bigger nuts Buck buck, big up and livin reckless Niggaz with a death wish step in with a Tec and I'll wet this Yeah this shit is hyper Two to one I'm writing representing and I'm striking like a viper Huh, I got my mind made up, I got my nine Ring the alarm, and strong arm must run Some niggaz need to feel me with a passion I'm old fashioned, run up on me nigga and get blasted With five deadly venomz (Yeah 'Pac, fuck that, still hittin em up with that old deadly shit. Aiyyo Treach where you at Step up and hit they ass up with the wickedness.) [Verse Two: Treach] We come to hit you with a sock full of Brooklyn to the Onyx of your nose, punk is funky like skunk blunts Stunk like funk cunt I come to take you on a war rough and rugged route And if another doubts I blow your fuckin mother out And that's the street scarred style I shout I'm-de-MC-wit-de-nasty-mouf, and kick the bitch out Sue me I pay the lawyer for ya oh boy yeah Plus my style's ten to twenty fuckin pounds more I take you quicker than a picture of a punk ya pickin shit pickin pockets with a razor stoppin Russian rockets Not shoplift, I'm liftin shop Once you sound hot, cause if you ain't a perfect ten my sign is stop! It's twenty mother-crooked-fuckin styles in em Like women I did em I'm in for deadly ready venom [Verse Three: Live Squad] Yeah, as I take a puff I get rough, Big Mad To put it on, can't none come tougher see I'm down with the sound of the Squad hard, boom! Breakin em down, I make em see their doom Coming straight from the dome where I roam it's a job to rob and steal and runnin from the coppers Who hold a, boulder, turn the gun controller Started from a punk now to be a high roller Youngest, reckless, crazy, disaster Mac-11 blaster, and I run faster Than a lot of cops I can't be stopped till my head gets popped A lot of fuckin bodies will drop It's a disaster, I'm coming for the blood splatter I make you scatter, leavin trails of brains and bladders Blowin em out the frame with no shame Game tight, drop a body then get out of sight Count my loot after I shoot, leave my kicks up and it's something I don't wanna do, somethin that I never did I try to get him, I think I hit em, I lit him He's out! A poison, a deadly venom (Yeah Mad, fuck that! You know how we do. KnowhatI'msayin Squad in effect, YG'z in effect. Now you know a nigga like me gotta represent) [Verse Four: Live Squad] Once again, back to rip shit, quick on the flip tip The psycho, represent the real to take the mic flow Deadly, rock a head G, check the melody Niggaz can't touch me when I wreckin G you better flee Cause I'm gifted with a jab and a forty-four Mag So nigga flip or take a trip in a body bag Uhh, boom you slipped up, now you're zipped up Yeah one more statistic, fronted and got ripped up No joke, you be yolk, no matter how it sound We're taking over eight niggaz back to the stomping grounds Line em up single file, dome runnin in em A nigga hit em with the venom, the fourth deadly venom (Nigga, yaknowhatI'msayin Fuck that! I told you, we takin over, yo 'Pac.) [Verse Five: 2Pac] Five deadly venomz verse five be the livest Strugglin and strive, keep a nine in my waistline Take mine, you better bury me, G Punk ass niggaz don't even worry me, see I got a glock that say 'Pac run the block Fuck the cops cause my gauge gets me... PAID As I sit and reminesce about the old days Hugging on my AK, fuck getting played, hey I say niggaz need to get they mind right Until they do I pop a clip and grip my nine tight Now it's on everday could be my last day That's why I blast on they ass as I past let the glass spray First you had a mouth full of fronts Now you're mouth's full of chunks, Pac's out puffin blunts Deadly venomz (Hahaha, yeah pass that shit over here. Apache bout to clean shit up.) [Verse Six: Apache] Throw up your middle finger! Start the track for the maniac Only thing I'm givin out is black donuts and dirty backs Let me tell how you rough I get I pop shit behind your back get in your face and pop the same shit You can't get in because my gate's bigger I'ma snake nigga My act guards me so hard I pull the fuckin trigger I'm a section to clinch your porch is like a pinch Test a rhyme I'll knock your hairline back an inch Fuckin up pooh-butts, cut em like cold cuts Choke em with my boot lace, then leave em hangin like old nuts Clip up and move out, time to get em That's the results of fuckin with the fifth venom in denim (Yeah, yaknowhatI'msayin Five motherfuckin deadly venomz, in effect for ninety-three ninety-four ninety-five all that other shit. We takin this motherfucker over this larger hit. YaknowhatI'msayin Follow us, come along. YaknowhatI'msayin We takin this motherfucker over. TRUST. We out.)

Stay 'n' Line Hoe

B.G. "It's All On U Vol. 2"
[Spoken: B.G.] Stay in line hoe Off top get ya mind right bitch (2x) [B.G.] Hoes gotta be tamed, bitches have to be bent They dont understand English, hoes gotta be smacked Nigga beat 'em and stomp 'em Barely feed 'em and fuck 'em Don't get jammed, if ya got 'em Better leave 'em don't love 'em I be fuckin and duckin Straight thug'n and plugg'n I like pussy but I get turned on more if ya suckin I ain't trustin no doubt I goes all the way out I'm bout hustlin, disrespectin, bustin you in yo mouth Cause I'm bout real as they come, totally choppers and nines Uptown's where I'm from keepin hoes in line Believe I'm bout mine Never wine and dine Give me the grease and I'ma shove nine in ya behind I ain't likes a kind, and I ain't tryin Don't mind dyin And when I do I'm dyin slangin that iron I like 'em sexy and fine, I toss 'em, that's how it go I ain't flossin but you gon' listenin, better stay in line hoe [Chorus] Pimpin ain't easy, better stay in line hoe Off top, you gon' respect a nigga mind hoe [Baby] Nigga I stay shy, keep my hoes in check Keep a pocket full of money, bank roll on fat These hoes stay in line or get they grill straight knocked out Stay in line or get put out your own house I be hard on these hoes cause a bitch ain't shit Every hoe I done fucked done sucked my dick Me and my B.G. we toss bitches You don't believe me, ask Danielle and T.C., we ain't savin bitches I got the game He got the fame Plus I got the change Disrespect and puttin change on ya brain Three of the finest bitches in the city on my team Big body Expedition wit the gangsta lean I wanna see all my homies get on they feet for L.T., a G, throwin a gangsta a key So I can see all my homies ball in the U.P.T. [B.G.] Bat a bitch quick, that's the modo I follow Toss a bitch through the click, that's the modo i follow If you real, hold a hoe life in the palm of ya hand If you can't control a hoe to me ya ain't no man Bitch, stay in line like the vice grip in the middle of the street Any little thing I make ya taste, any little thing ya get beat You gon' respect the B.G., or I'll punch ya in your nose You gon' respect the B.G., or I'll whip ya out your clothes C-M-R-ah gon' ride No other thing gon' fly Expedition and Mercedes cause a nigga like to shine We in front and not behind, not on bottom, on top Not on the side of nothin, hoes get flipped and flopped My nigga ??? pimp a bitch, he a soldier for real My nigga ??? whip a bitch, yeah he hard to kill Uptown bout theirs', nigga I'm bout mine Dogg hoes I share and I make 'em stay in line [Chorus] [Mannie Fresh] Never let these hoes take you away from yo ends Drive high, ride fly, buy the big body Benz And pass by they house, blow yo horn and laugh When she come to the door say you hoe and stare To the next muthafucka that hated on you Your baby mama full of drama, tell that bitch it's through Cause when ya ain't got nothin these hoes don't want you around And when you work to get paid, these hoes act like clowns So what could you do to satisfy ungrate Buy a car, treat her like a star, yet the hoe still hate Cause it's yo skills to pay the bills, nigga ride Respect or eject, cause these hoes are tired I'm on a mission to make a million plus Have platinum on the wall and ride the toll bus Money over bitches, believin that for sho Cash Money and the power, stay in line hoe [Chorus] [Spoken: B.G.] Beat these bitches, stomp these hoes Ram they shit

The Ruff Ryders

DJ Clue "The Professional"
[Featuring Mobb Deep] [DJ Clue] *echoing* New shit Mobb Deep featuring Noyd (like this dunn) The Professional used from my nigga Vic Haha [Prodigy] Yo you catch chills P stimulates your eardrum Tastebuds more higher than drugs my song take all I blastoff on the track law My shit is pure satisfaction what more could you ask for Wit facts like an ?ansaw? I pour fire on earth I been to hot raw Do Queens tires get burnt, let's peel through the real Slide through my terrain, take a ride wit me Check out my lifestyle, it's a off-road course I stay challenged, but that's a good thing Cuz it creates balance, Infamous wild life federation My congress, sit down and conversate ya fate Derate barracks, don't get yourself embarrassed My click savage, y'all niggaz is average I'm handling your Most V.P., put em in P.C. Nigga, it's the I-M-D nigga (CLUE) Chorus 2x Chorus [Havoc] Cuz we plottin, leave the cats wit one option Start hoppin, cuz when it's on we ain't stoppin The click'll get the message when shit start droppin Don't got a gat stashed, you better start coppin [Havoc] Now you can talk about a nigga, criticize my faults But in New York, got it locked wit bolts, blow the vote Overdose, while you cop block and cut throats Me and my click's champagning, and campaigning While you rhyme about your jewels, and sniff that shit up in your nostrils I'll be plottin on your life, to put one up in your fossil Niggaz think they gully, on the inside sweet like honey Niggaz want the bitches, we just want the money Federal notes, flipped blue, keys of coke store frontin watchin his dough Tourin the coast, pardon wife due, gettin babies drunk Call me foul, deep down, you gotta admit, you like my style Put holes in your Polo, I know your M-O, you half homo Joinin my team, that's a no-no Say what you want, don't let it talk for you And that's my word, I'll have this hollow tip stored for you Chorus 2x [Noyd] One time nigga, two times nigga yo I dig the way Clueminatti got the beats rollin through the body The type of tracks, got me killin these cats Twenty-one and black, mental inner city minds be exact When niggas in the hood ain't no good, carry gats And leave you on your back in a hurry Especially, dealin wit the money Rockin Pelle fuckin wit the Spanish mami cheffin up by dellis Now we got the guns pumpin jums out the back of a deli Really, these chumps gettin slummed on the daily Forty days, forty weeks, either these raps are back in the streets Stackin cracks up in the fleece, so Hav blaze the bees And pass that to me, and I'll bless piece So this way the whole fam eat Be the Infamous of this shit, pioneers of this Survival of the Fittest, nobody's fuckin wit this So fuck around wit Hav, you fuck around wit me You fuck around wit me, then you fuck around wit P You fuck around wit us, then you fuck around wit three Mothafuckers from the NYC, what nigga uh, what nigga Clueminatti Chorus 2x

85 Bucks An Hour

TWIZTID "Mostasteless"
(feat. Insane Clown Posse) Chillen at the studio Chillen at the studio 85 bucks an hour So hurry up and loop a beat come on Mike I'm Violent J but my homies call me shit head But that's my homies to you I'm Violent J bitch I put my boys on a track even though they suck 'Yo dawg I'm Dave and I don't five a fuck' I did a record deal I signed a contract Technically, for Island I can only rap But fuck that, with Twiztid I'm a still spit Even though I got a cold, and I sound like shit What the fuck was that Fuck it, leave it in, the shit is phat You heard this beat 80 times and it's still freakin And if you notice my shit don't even rhyme Look at that I ain't even got a rap and it's still phat My shit went gold, I got phat knots And you're still flyering parkin lots You might say my vocals are up too loud So I'm a turn 'em up louder just to piss you off! Psychopathic records are geniuses Get off our penises Here comes the chorus, but I ain't got a no hook Instead I'll just fuck with the phone book Hello Yeah, ugh Hairy Sacks please Who's this Hairy, hey this is Slim Anus down at the canery Ugh, take shoot at the bulletin Somethin about ugh, you fillin in his slot tonight down at the ugh, Garage we got a casement of fudge We need as many packers as we can get Duh, ugh, Sacks Hello My name is Jamie Madrox and I got fat balls I'm always urinating in the Motel Halls I got a big head that never fits a hat So you aint ever seein me wear a damn thing green bitch I'm far from rich, I got a hooptie With a smash in the fender and in the back to I got a broken tail light and I'll smash you Bitch get outta my way we got Clown Love Phat props to the lyrical town dove It's the m-o, n-o, and I can't even spell the rest It takes to long and I need a fucken cigarette I can't hear my right ears mad whack So shut the fuck up and listen or get and ass kicked I slap hoes, and call them bitches to there faces And scream out FUCK OFF BITCH, Twiztid in their place So back off recognize and check this Simply my dear I don't give a FUCK Psychopathic Yo there's more chiles in this peace what's up son Hello Yeah what's up son I'm Lookin for this deal know what I'm sayin I got raps to bust for ya'll Ya'll ready for Mo Chile's I'm bout to kick this flow, you ready to kick it or what Who's this We're light son, I'm Mo Chiles straight from the hood I got all my peoplez on 1-800 and Chris Shaw We commin home My names 2 Dope and sometimes Shaggy Sometimes Shaggs and sometimes Gweedy I gets mad stupid, I gets mad ill I done it all five, fuck it I do it still Stretch my nuts back like a slingshot and plant 'em in your mouth Shake my hips like Elvis Wigglin my pelvis I skipped that step Apply the camera clutches stretch it back like a mutha fucken bungy jump WHAT I'm Violent J back to make you smile more I let my nutsack drag on the tile floor I kick free styles for miles My gold comes in piles I worked on Bell Isle I picked up dear shit And now I spit raps I snap your neck Cuz my freestyles are fresh

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