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AZEALIA BANKS lyrics - 1991


Original and similar lyrics
Oh, la la la Flirting with a cool French dude named Antoine Wanna taste the pastry chocolate croissant Ce soir with your bitch, cafe au lait Voulez-vous nigga mad Francois Who are you nigga, hahaha Miss one, miss young, miss cutie pie Young noobie, young coochy tight Young juicy, young Uzi-mic Rata-tat-tat-tat Nick-nack pitty-pat-pat-pat Silly cat, you know how that scratch How you do that, do that, do do that that that 1991 my time has come Oh nah nah Ma Your time is done Primadonna Mama, like a virgin Private jets, my flights, no fly Virgin I sell you, you buy, that's my version Mommy tie these rhymes it's my verses Oh me, oh my Illuminati princess Pyramid, one eye, on my assets Here it is, off top, peep my progress Here it is, off top, peep my progress Peep my progress, here it is off top He took her to the Louvre in Paris You want a chance with a youngin You wanna ruin the weave He wanna... wanna Juniper Breeze I get the grams and the hundreds And the shoe with the bleed And fit the grams and the hundreds Send the Lou to the V High class, no school, the tuition is free Lil Bam (bi) no fool And tuition is G Gimme the gem or the jewels I'll commission a fee I make hits motherfucker Never do it for free, ha Young tender from the NYC No contender None in my league Young kill-em-in-the-denims Young venom on the M-I-C Young villain and Developing the heat that's sick Elite rap bitch I gotta send that beat back quick Tip-tipping on these niggaz, suck a d-dick Cause you gonna be a bitch nigga I'm be that bitch, what Just believe that shit You gonna be a bitch nigga I'm be that bitch Believe that shit Believe that shit Nigga I'm a be that bitch Come around, come around Let the litte Bambi run it down, run it down With a sip of Bailey's Sip of champy on the alls Nineteen number naughty baby Press it on your dial Sex kitten honeys No cougars in the house I'm hush the rumors and the doubt Came in the game with a beat and a bounce Never for the fame, my feet on the ground Cloud number nine, headed to the stars Baby I ride with my mic in my bra Baby I recite in the raw the appetite for life and the hunger for the more The island of Manhattan I was Born in New York, city never slumbers I would always dream it never sleep to the hundreds Coco with the cream in abundance Million dollar baby you can get it if you want it, what [Outro: x2] NY rose me, most high chose me Let me know what I can can can can do for you If you don't speak, boy you know you won't see none Let me know what a man man man man want NY rose me, most high chose me Let me know what I can can can can do for you If you don't speak, boy you know you won't see none Let me know what a man man man man want

Come See Me

JILL SCOTT "The Real Thing: Words And Sounds Vol. 3"
It's a midsummer night hour and I'm thinkin about cha babe,wanting you I wish you could catch a jet plane,I know you would,if only you could The finances ain't what we'd like,and sometimes we have to sacrifice Cuz I know,it's hard over there where you are Cuz it's raining over here on the inside of my womb... [Chorus:] ... passion and desire baby... ... innumerable fires honey?... ... I got for you,you know that it's true... Come see me... I feel like I've been waiting eternity for you to touch me I can see it in my mind's eye,how right and true,this love we'll make And ooooh,if you ever believed in anything, believe this is true I am your woman baby and you are my man,too [Chorus] [Breakdown] I ain't got no questions in my mind,no feelings of doubt I believe I've just been waiting all this time to find out what loves about And I'm so excited,and a little scared,thinkin' I'm gonna get overwhelmed every breath?/ Ooh baby I wanna be overwhelmed,I wanna be overwhelmed,I wanna be... I wanna feel... [Chorus] I wanna feel... [Chorus] ...right nowwwwwww I can hardly stay in my skin It's hard to breath out and in All this passion,all this desire... C'mon,c'mon,come see me right now

We Some Dogs

METHOD MAN "Tical 0: The Prequel"
[Redman] [Chorus repeats 2x] If I'm a dog, then we some dogs We all gunna chase cats, tell them dog Girl don't waste that swallow it all We just some dogs, we just some dogs [Method Man] By any means necessary, it's on Bitch, your fucking with a dog, all I wanna do is bury some bones Take a piss on a tree and I'm gone, girlfriend don't get it wrong I hate to be the one to shit on your lawn, but I ain't got my dog license I ain't nothing nice, and I ain't never met a piece of pussy I ain't liking Sugar and spicing, kicked up with ice and, you can do anything with these hoes Except housewife them, like snoop said 'it ain't nothing but a G thing' Got a bitch in my bed, in nothing but a g-string, so peep game Who the lucky female to taste these, snips and snails and puppy dog tails huh? You're messing with me, I'm messing with you, I'm a dog trick I chase cats like Peppy La Pu, dead on shit My life's like a Holiday Inn, if my girl act up I'm gunna fuck her friend, if I'm a what... [Chorus 2x] [Redman] I'm a dog motherfucker, I walk on all fours Find where you live at, shit on your porch, Redman is hungry Don't leave the food out, I'm pumped like a Pamela Anderson boob job Straight up bulldog, mixed with a Shinshuu cause I bullshit, party a little bit Swim with the shark, you're bound to drown my weed is like green, and yours Brown, the doctor the dog, from Cali to Georgia when cats meow with noting on top they halter I don't have Yemen that laugh when I laugh we some dogs, we can kiss our own ass Like a golden retriever, retrieving the chronic the dose nose bitch, and no need to hide it Redman a flirt, always get my nuts stuck to the porch like the dog on Joe Dirt [Chorus 2x] [Snoop Dogg] Fish don't fry in the kitchen, bitch don't climb, keep bitching Beans don't burn on the grill, 3, 4, 5 with the pimping, hoes get your pimps permission Now pay attention, the big D-O double to the G-O to the liquor store to crack a hoe and get some VO (VO) And mix it with some pena colidino then slip it on the bitch then I dip with all her c-notes Scandalous, yep bitch cause we know every pretty hoe always down to pull a d-low On me? No, so there wont be no shaking me down breaking me down, here we go You know I'm just oh so slick the way you chew that bubble gum, the way you sucking a dick And I can tell, that you a freak I wanna stick some dick up in you can I skeet, skeet Don't you know why? [Chorus] [Repeating till fade]

Die Die Die

BONE THUGS-N-HARMONY "E. 1999 Eternal"
[Murmuring of courtroom.] Thug 1: Playa hatin' ass muthafuckas, man. Fuck that. Man, put that shit out, man. Ain't 'posed to be smokin' no muthafuckin' weed in court. Man, what the fuck you doing? Elder Thug: Man, fuck that. Man, they got my nigga. Thug 1: Man, that shit ain't even cool. Elder Thug: Support his ass. Judge: Okay, order in the court. Court Attendant: People versus Bone-thugs-n-harmony. Case #C601999. Bailiff: Will the defendant please stand? Is there anything you wish to say on this matter before sentencing, Bizzy Bone? Bizzy: Naw, man. Spectator: You know the muthafucka did it. Bailiff: Well the court sentences you to death by electric chair. [Laughs, turns maniacal.] Bizzy: We had to get 'em up with two thugs, runnin' side by side with #1, bet I won't drop my gauge on when the po-po chase. If they catch me barehanded, I'm done. Rip's gripping the six-shot pump, so spill it. Copper lettin' the lead off. Copper thought that he had me cuffed. Little Layzie blew his head off. [Gunshot.] Get 'em up, and get up. The bullets--they start to get lit up. #1 best start duckin' with a gun already buckin'. We split up. Bust a left on the double-glock and, where the fiends roll up for rocks, and this perfect getaway from the pigs when I peel, and I hit the fences. Rippin' up the trenches. I'm bailin' while they trailin'. Better in hell than in a cell, and ain't no tellin' where them coppers be dwellin'. One had spotted me, picked up a piece and shot at me, but I practice what I preach, so see the two slugs up in his body. Got him! Run with smoke comin' from the barrel of me gun. Hit the bend. Oh, what a dumb-dumb, I got yum-yummed on a dead end. They set in then they lead in. They wanted me off in a coffin. Cops from everywhere was yellin' and wailin'. I went unconscious from the stompin'. Takin' a loss, and wakin' up in that coffin. And without no stallin', cell I was tossed in to be arraigned at dawn. Me lookin' in the eyes of a judge. He knew right where to put that thug--straight to the cell with no parole in the hole, where I won't budge. Sent me to death row, watchin' the time by fly past, but Rip'll be sittin' mindless, never spineless, in silence, hopin' I die fast, but chill. No doubt. Sleep on. Gotta get away, put that on all me reefer. Somehow must beat ya, so peep out the creep or the reaper will meet ya. Layzie: Bailin' on a mission, flippin' the script, better check what the wind just blew in. Better think again. It's a preacher with a grin on a mission for revenge with that MAC-10. Little nigga Rip [We'll...] had to empty the clip, [...kill] had to pump them slugs up in to them cops, and he made them drop, glock went pop-pop, going out with my thug on the double-glock, back from Hell and ready to bail, time to hit the trail, 'cause they wanted my nigga fried. Holdin' the Bible, when I got a grenade [Explosion.] inside. The squad gettin' ready for the rumble, when I heard them mumbles, pullin' me gauge and laughter. Keep buckin' them faster--all I was thinkin' when I seen them bustas scatter. Better watch out for them buckshots 'cause them can't fade me gauge. Gotta bust some souls in their graves, so I'm buckin' him straight to the pave. Can't be safe. I'm buckin'. Little Ripsta reinforcements comin' in fast and blast; gave my nigga, Double Zs, the MAC-10, lettin' that gun-gun blast on they ass. Gotta rip in them chests through vests, MAC-10s, sawed-off eruptions. Got plenty ammunition, them missin', listen, destruction. I'm bustin'. 'Cause I'm makin' that getaway, 'bout to getaway, niggas got to escape, and it's never too late, when you dash and try to break, nigga, just can't test the Bone fate. We steadily runnin', duckin', comin' up to the front door--barracaded, and I pulled a grenade. Tossed it to the door, let it explode, and we made it. Creepin' through the courtyard, saw Krayzie--feelin' safety comin', hittin' the fence and jumpin' it quick, from Krayzie's TEC-9 bullets on me. Elder thug 2 (Bizzy): Well, it seems as if them boys, Bizzy and Little Layzie, done got theyselves into another jimmy. Elder thug 3 (Layzie): Well, I love to see them boys get theyselves outta this one. Krayzie: Sit as I wait in the smug, rollin' real fast like a dog, and began with a rage, and the gauge can't let go. They done labeled my nigga psychotic; bitches has got him sittin' on death row. Scopin' off the tower, peepin' the scene so when my niggas trail, screamin' out, one-eighty-seven, and bail. Gotta get my nigga, Rip, out the cell. It's all organized, how my nigga, #1, disguised as the preacher won't be pullin' a bible mission for survival, nigga, so I creep the TEC-millimeter. Somebody done pulled the alarm. Now, it's on. Slaughterin', Bone sprayed off the TEC, gotta let him know which way was on. We got gone, but them holice was pullin' up quick. Nigga, what's up? Quick, bust in first. When you hit that fence, niggas get cut the fuck up. We're steady buckin', steady duckin', buckin', while I was jumpin'. All we was thinkin' is, Don't get caught. Nigga, like me, get the gun, run and gunnin', frontin' with thugs. Gotta get to the smug, turn around and we pump slugs, put 'em in the mud, and all across my face was, I'd rather lay in blood. Dodgin', now who made (the gun blew with the swoop), bailin' back home with my troops. I'm runnin' with four crazy niggas, that's down with they niggas, they ain't scared to shoot. Now we're rollin', no more than a half a mile we get stopped. Cops surround Bone. We load glocks and squeeze, say, fuck all these roadblocks. Busted a 'U,' then put that bitch in reverse, and I get the switch, and I push the button. That boy came out the trunk, and put it in drive. See that Souljah Boy buckin', back in the other direction. Po-po came quick, them heat up. Niggas glanced at each other, opened up they doors, and they kicked they feet up. I jumped outta the car, had to jump over the hood, 'cause I'm headed straight for the woods. My niggas--they followed behind me. We getaway smooth, a nigga made good. Came up quick to the hideout, waited 'til midnight 'til we ride out. Hid a car so we could drive out. While we waited, we all got fried out, fool. If you's a thuggish-ruggish thug, nigga, [St. Clair . . .] scream, Mo! Took one of my niggas off death row, now we got one mo' to go. [Commotion.]

Put It In Your Mouth (Remix)

Say it... (In my mouth, in my mouth, in my mouth, daddy) [Verse 1: Action Bronson] Well you could, lick it, flip it, taste it if you wanna I ain't gonna chase you 'round and sweat the pussy like a sauna Her skin tone a touch of cinnamon and chocolate cookie Fuck it eight times raw, I call it Octopussy White shorts, a little moist right by the pussy line Now it's push, push, push, right in the tushy time School Blanding, that mean she got a baldy She sucking pee pee, makin' bread just like Grimaldi But I'm the hero, servin' sausage like it's San Gennaro Forget your past and come with me because your man is zero I'm the whole shit, vintage from the cellar The floor is made of glass and not the slipper, Cinderella Yeah, test my libido, known to pass it twice with flying colors Talking crazy on the text but now your shine covers That don't fly bitch, I thought you was a fly bitch Turn that ass around and let me hit you with the Heimlich [Verse 2: Hologram] Now you can fuck me for free, or suck for a fee Trust and you'll see, it's nothin' to me I need me a cutie, with a petutie I'm on duty, hittin' the booty, 'cause My nigga Magic Bronson came through with a hummer Jay-fucking-Steels left a rim shot like a drummer And she was from Cali so she said it's a bummer I gave a rim job to a nimrod, I've been hard With a dumb bitch, in that 65 Impala she had one switch She had one wish, she said she wanna have my dick like a baby No maybe, she like dark meat, white gravy And we was uptown so I told her I'm wavy And now I got a little message for a young lady Wash your leather Cheerio after you take a dumpington 'Cause when we start to humpington I'm goin' in your rumpington One thing I won't have twice is shit dick, say it... In my mouth, in my mouth, in my mouth, daddy In my mouth, in my mouth, in my mouth, daddy

Step Into Da Cipher

Brand Nubian "Everything is Everything"
[Lord Jamar] First up it's the nuts up, what's up to the niggas from the projects Prospect Park in Brooklyn, I'm lookin at another crime scene Committed by the brothers on this rhyme team Just freestylin in a cipher, I take the life of MCs If you're wack we got the right to seize He's black like Ultra, know your culture Motherfuckers don't know so they won't grow Lord Jamar show and prove the rules I kick Makin niggas move, no matter how smooth it get or how rigid, niggas still get it I kill wicked motherfuckers with the rhymes that I structures In my third eye, know you heard I study math like a mathmatician See half of y'all wishin you could sound like the GODs from the town of the Rule, you ain't got the urge, bust it down Serge [Serge] You know I smoke it like the flame to the tip of that bud, we just twistin from another dimension, did I mention that funky, that's the only way we know how to get niggas Rhymes belimminent like a partial scholarship But my style's so heavy it make you lean when I drop Leave you spinnin like the washin machine before it stop Goin all out, have to seal these motherfuckers fate On a mission from Cleveland, ridin it from outta state So ready yourself because it's on full scale I heard some put Jamar to bail down to New Rochelle Now Rule, that's where we scheme and we plot On the late night, blunted in the basement with Sadat And we discussin your demise, know it's gonna come sure as the sun's gonna rise, send me the drum And Serge is buckin off a shot from the mental insight Air tight, throw a worker from cradle to gravesite [Maestro Manny] I feel lick a shot pum pum, push up on the one *I'll bad bad and I'll run* Original Flatbush style, and solo jam like BEEP Han Solo man Yes-a, Mr.Intellect-And-Sex in the flesh I'm rougher than the hair on your girl's chest Maestro Manny one verse, time come in My scab when they go flurry You don't concern me, your style can't burn me You's about as hardcore as Big Bird, Bert and Ernie My steelo fat like your girlfriend, pregnant with twins After Thanksgiving then they're eatin pork skin I don't give a fuck about your section, just watch your murder flexin Step correct to the brother with the dark complexion 6' 1 , two weaves and cocked diesel You can see that hair is curly, ain't no fuckin up like SEE!!!! *Interlude* [Snagglepuss] When the corrupt stuff in my mind starts to erupt Even the hard niggas will be yellin That's enough But what about my style, ooh child, I switch em up Rearrange em up, in other words I change em up Snagglepuss, I make a nigga fall like the season So exit stage left cos you ain't on my level, leaf You wanna battle Here's what happened to the last kid His wife became a widow and his kids became bastards In the rap profession, I'm not the one for testin I'm the first to let'cha know I'm way dirty like mudwrestlin So bring all the flunkies you roll with So when I set it on your ache, you all be like Oh shit! You want more so here we go, peep how my rap flow I'll have your ass sneakin out the backdoor This is some trouble you don't wanna get your ass in So watch your step and don't come out'cha mouth in the wrong fashion [Sadat X] Feel the wind blow thru your hair My aim is square on your backbone You're home alone and your mom work the double shift Just enough time for me to hit that off Bounce on a nigga said my man Wop Peace to the squad, One-Eighth, Fo' and Teepee, check it I'm the type of nigga that'll walk down the street on some casual shit, even my kid could flip Hear me on the wop tape BAM!! HIT EM Hear me with the rhythm, yo you better go get em, check it Anticipation, you're waitin and waitin Peace to Courtland Ave., Teepee wheelnose in Satan, the early bird, aiyo that's my word My man Joon with the 'erb to the moon Eh Shawn Black, nigga, where ya at No type of daydreamer or a nigga with enphysema This is X and I'm straight from the Rule

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