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AZ lyrics

Bodies Gotta Get Caught

Original and similar lyrics
Play time's over lime green rover Even after Remi still seems i'm sober My cream got lower them things got colder Ever since the last thing I caught in October June's now here move around where Parts of D.C what ya'll doin down there Dough gotta get flipped who gotta get hit Got a lot of work can't let shit sit I know down there it's slow down there Everything's double I can blow down there Next flight out i'ma jet right out Got the white floating on the 95 south See y'all soon it'll be around noon And y'all know a nigga style i'ma leave y'all room Dressed in old clothes step on no toes Money over bitches sexxin no hoes It's shit like that'll make you slip like that Crossed all up and get you hit like that The game ain't fair names ain't clear Everybody wanna hustle it's a shame I swear [Chorus:] Bodies Gotta get caught (Niggas gotta die) Everybody wanna shit talk (Why niggas gotta lie?) Somebody gotta get scorched (Niggas gone fry) It's time niggas get taught (Stop gettin high) [repeat] Ain't no rules no more nobody's cool no more But I ain't never give a fuck so screw y'all all Love to ball since school got moves and all Sweet J's three play I abuse the floor And there's certain niggas now I refuse to call Swtiching up on the cards only confused them all You got blocks go head move that wall Like to break shit down I give em two for four I'ma get my run few trips i'm done Wanna fuck but the work can't mix wit fun See the shit don't stop till i'm sittin on top And ain't nuttin like floating through picking up knots Y'all know that vibe a nigga's soul done died Play the board till the lord above close my eyes It's real like that why I feel like that Couldn't understand til I had to conceal a ghat But SOS don't play it goes both ways And we love hittin corners just like roach spray [Chorus] So if you love yourself you won't cross my path I gasoline niggas up and torch they ass 40 yards from the field goal caught the pass While you fumble shit knocked off half ya stash Had to be your work I see your hurt But any fool on the street gotta eat first I earnt that right i've turnt out nights Just now taking time out to learn about life It's more wise to it like why did I do it Why if I do it y'all would die if I use it [Chorus x2]

I'm A Soldier

SILKK THE SHOCKER "Charge It 2 Da Game"
(feat. No Limit All-Stars) [Silkk The Shocker] You can tell I'm A Soldier You, you, you, you can tell I'm a soldier [4X] All I wanted to be was a soldier, bitch!! And If you ain't a soldier, then what's yo' purpose bitch!! [1st Verse: Silkk The Shocker & Master P] [Silkk The Shocker] See, I'm a N-O, nigga L-I M-I- to the T yeah, I'm Silkk the SHOCKER!!!! And yeah, that's me Tank dog all I wanna be, nigga I told ya tat on my back, is that of a no limit soldier About face for a TRU salute, to my tank dogs y'all scared to bust, niggas duck, cuz we ain't sure So don't flip me, cuz you'll end up empty and then I'll reload and reload, and reload, and reload, and load whole barrel explode!!!! Nigga I'm T-R-U, that means I'm TRU 2 Da Game mention me to my enemies, they takin' the pain Now you can do what you wanna but y'all don't wanna start fuck, these No Limit soldiers cuz y'all don't wanna go to war!!! [Master P] No Limit mercenary killas, nigga wit army fatigues tattoos and gats, niggas gone off hennessy and weed Colonel, nigga becoming the ghetto E.F. Hutton holler ungh!!!!!!! And every fuckin' soldier start stuntin' Nigga just robbin' and niggas they ridin' dressed and robbin' on the side, niggas just Bout It, Rowdy niggas better show me that them muthafuckas still gettin' rowdy I cut wit G's nigga march playas, step wit me killas come wit me, real soldiers keep yo' eyes on yo' enemies!!! [Chorus: Silkk The Shocker] I'm a N-O- nigga L-I M-I-T soldier [2X] [2nd Verse: Fiend & Lil' Gotti Gambino] [Fiend] All my rivals remember me, Fiend the one that call the shottie blastin' the mafi, there them niggas that wanna rob me Givin' you hobbies Gettin' slugs at your own body for my piece, or Sugar Hill, I'm New Orleans like Lolli I'm fearin' no man, as long as I'm stompin' in these Broganes there's no playin', soon as this army stop, ya' got no hands Damn!!! Ready for war, and keep the weed lighted if they ain't indicted still, blast it, Fiend the insighted prophet [C-Murder] I'm a No Limit soldier, nigga, it's in my blood I started rappin', so I wouldn't have to sell drugs We Bout It!!! Muthafuckas representin' them killas TRU tatted on my back cuz I make moves wit thug niggas You don't wanna go to war, cuz I'ma bring the brigade ask the colonel, we rowdy nigga tryin' to get paid Affiliated with game, totin' thangs that pain on the corners we hang, and we slangin' the pain!! [Chorus] [3rd Verse: Mystikal, Mac] [Mystikal] A helluva, helluva nigga right chea you can take that and fear it!! I'm a cold blooded killa comrade and a highly decorated lieutenant I'm up on the front line, you all the way to the rear but ya still gettin' injured NIGGA DON'T YOU KNOW BY NOW THE TANK CAN'T BE DENTED!! And when we reach a hundred million cartridges we ain't finished Bitch shoot yoself in the head, if you can't take it cuz we gonna represent it!! If I said it, I meant it!! If I told ya', I showed ya'!! I'll break y'all, outrank y'all, I'LL MAKE YA' BORN TO BE A SOLDIER!! [Mac] Whoa, murder, murder, kill, kill it's real Shell-Shock turn your neighborhood block into the battle field Nigga, soldier rag still on my eye, no lie I'm camoflauged, I never die, I live longer than them white guys We tattooed, I done gone cashews, ain't no turnin' back nigga won't be burnin' Mac, uh, I got the thirty gat And it get trifer, but I'm a lifer a camoflauge sniper, from the rooftop I might ignite ya [Chorus] [4th Verse: Lil' Gotti Gambino, Skull Dugrey] [Lil' Gotti Gambino] Gotti I told ya', I'm a muthafuckin' soldier forty calibers and doja, what keep makin holes Nationwide exposure, for me and my brethren for Fiend to bust'em, leavin' my enemies bleedin' Being a soldier many fourteens, I be needin' a No Limit soldier, till the day of my leave [Skull Dugrey] I been a No Limit soldier since 1994 them niggas know one thing, that Skull broked in the door They watched me in Waco, as I bring the flow what you sayin', hanh you nigga You bitch Yeah, you hoe!!! You know one thing you can't be fuckin' round wit these niggas niggas out the tank, straight spittin' on you niggas You nigga!!! You think, you gonna get away slammin' jive bitches like you, dead in the pavement!!! [Chorus] [5th Verse: Big Ed, Mia X] [Big Ed] Nigga make some room!!! Nigga, Back up, back up Forget that thing out the trunk, and act up, act up Got my tank dogs steppin' camoflauge fatigues I represent like a loaded weapon, paper bought wit P When I get that thing, everybody look down and round and round Got the M-1 spittin' fire, bring yo' set to the ground Got the C-4 explosives in the black backpack Big Ed be puttin' down like that!!!!! [Mia X] We come strapped in we roll thick we represent that TRU click Playa Haters, yeah we know who you are make infrared shine on your head like the North Star Bomb shit, boss bitch, mama set it off let it be known cowards you don't wanna go to war The hard hitta still be the biggest mama nigga swallow yo' shit like a fuckin' Anaconda nigga So, bring it, bring it on, how you wanna do it, what Cuz next to other's knees, I cover fuckin' dust Anten-Hut nah, take it to the battle field shoppers gon run, while we kick our enemies doors I ask the lord, they don't want no more Mama, drama, told ya' No Limit done took over [Chorus] [Silkk] I thought I told ya Pass the doja GAME OVER!!!!!

People's Choice

Defari "Focused Daily"
Intro: It's going down around town what? Likwit Likwit. Uh. No doubt Knock 'em out the box -Slick Rick 'Children's Story' Verse 1: Don't underestimate the reach Here comes that city brother who lives by the beach Defari, work for Likwit organize Dodger hats and snowboard shades Camouflage my eyes Hustle to survive The Less mican man stands grand And work with two twenty five This here's the second smash The album, the third The trilogy will be heard from Toronto to Pittsburgh Yo Ev do we got retail in Afghanistan (Man I don't know but I know we got Japan) Uh ha, word up we all over the states man Doin' this For the MCs and the DJs The vertebrae Without the B-boys Hip hop wouldn't be here to this very day And that's my word we tryin' to blow like the Hiddenburg Swerve legalize dope in the form of vinyl This ain't the final or the last blast kid I'm throwin' heat on the map (what?) for the underground massive Hook: No doubt predicting far and ahead what will set the party off -KRS-One 'The MC' (x3) Verse 2: See lyrically shit is gettin' drastic A lot of niggas flock tryin' to be new instead of classic Like an Aztec Praise the jaguar Like the fact that the sun shines at the biggest star Bigger than Mike Jackson or Michael Jordan So many Candyland MCs are boring See we be touring ? and ? (what?) Creepin' up in the shower on bitches like Anthony Perkins (ha) Defari Lurkin' in the ranks I'm tryin' to be like that brother Ant and stack mad Banks Plus give thanks and praise For each day I'm able to raise And see that foggy haze Comin' off the coast of the Pacific We stretch to the Atlantic my crew is Likwit Hook Verse 3: Yo fuck the pennies give me the silver dollars The smooth scholar working hard straight blue collar Appreciate wealth so I do for myself First collaborate with live niggas and divide the purse The well rehearsed MC Defari Heru I crack the glass blackboard MCs so I can see through I do my Dew Do my thang Hip hop is my Love Supreme That's word to John Coletrane This cat Dwayne Rollin' down the diamond lane Travel by train, bus, boat, car or airplane To different venues with our names on the fliers Likwit niggas known to get ship poppin' and get it on fire I'm Extra Swift like my man Eric Brooks I keep an eye out for crooks Who contemplate rapin' my notebooks Some cut fast but they don't' cut faster Then the Kutmaster Kurt When I work I'm climbin' ladders Hook

Red Rum

PROJECT PAT "Murderers & Robbers"
Red Rum Red Rum Red Rum Red Rum [Project Pat] A 44 bullet shell took my niggas life Triggas pulled by some young niggas on that white He used to fuck with them boys on the weed tip They found my nigga dead face down in a ditch I saw the shit on the news just the other day I ain't for singing no blues, I'ma make 'em pay I know them bitches they be hangin' at the Shake Junt I catch 'em slippin comin' out and commence to pump Been led leave 'em dead on the fuckin scene Ballin out and the steam'll make the getaway clean I made a block then I switched to the other ride I'm still in shock cuz I just did a homicide I executed me some punks that deserved it They had a warrant for they death so I served it I gave them tricks a little dose of they medicine I bet them hoes man'll never try that shit again [Chorus:] (Red Rum) Most of yall Wanna see some blood spillin anyway (Red Rum) Bodies fall Niggas dyin' young on this everyday (Red Rum) Nigga race When it been yo' time for you to clock out (Red Rum) Had a face But you should not had your fuckin guard down [repeat] [Project Pat] In the street niggas die They got fired cuz they tried Test the game of the man Who's committing homocides Suicide Would be better for you fools But I'll be damned if I don't Help you out Like the I can and I'm willing To proceed with a killing Stick a gauge up ya anus Do a crime make it haneous Amos anger to my chamber Let a slug through that toe Cuz I'm on a body stalk Puttin suckers in the chalk Walk the walk Get ya game Guns click it's whatever nigga I ain't brought shit So you know whatever's clever nigga Trigga happy nappy headed peels off Motherfuckers caps when I roll with the shotgun Project pop one Of you niggas tryin to steal my shit Fuck with me and mine And I swear it's a murder bitch Yeah I see you niggas mean muggin' on them porches Unload that thang watch 'em scatter like roaches [Chorus]

When The Chips Are Down

LLOYD BANKS "The Hunger For More"
[Lloyd Banks] Yee! [laughs] [Chorus: Lloyd Banks] These niggas wanna see me Cuz of the way I shine But it aint that easy To get mine You get ya ass laid down [Voice in beat] Down... The paint is peelin' Now... When the chips are down Down... You gotta lose all feelin Now... Your head goes round n' round [Verse 1: Lloyd Banks] Funny how the world revolves around my click Cuz just a year ago a nigga ain't have shit (damn) Me and my right hand share the same outfit Which fueled the fire that I air the game out with (whoo) It's amazing the way that boy came out quick For that platinum niggas'll blows ya brains out, shit (bap) I'm the new nigga the others can't stand The rubberband man be god damned if I can (oh) Let another nigga fill my spot If a niggas steal from me it's the steel I pop I'm on my grind so if you thought I chill, I'm not gon' stop lettin that steering peel on the block, why not? [Chorus x2] [Verse 2: The Game] Banks they think I'm yayos replacement, nah I borrowed his gunits to walk through the matrix I'm signed to the Doctor I ain't got no patience So he put me with 50 Cent now I got a face lift Magazines wanna know where they fuck L.A. been It almost died in the same car Suge got grazed in 2001 I was playin my playstation I heard 9 shots , I'm face down with my heart pacing All I could think about as hidin' my gun and my drugs in the basement It was either that or the state pen I woke up out of that coma Police waitin' for a statement... (heart monitor beeps to flatline) [Chorus] [Verse 3: Lloyd Banks] Pass the weed and let a nigga get into a zone Papa left me all alone in the world to roam But now I'm grown, millionaires on my cell phone A year past now, caw dead and L gone And I'm sick, bought chopper with a long click So think about that before you make your songs dick (dick) Or lose a limb, please don't get me confused with him (uh uh) Cause I'm down to go a whole round, lose or win If I should die, ride a G through the hood with pride (ride) Every strip, block, and projects is on my side I'm ghetto calm by the 100 grand on my arms (arms) Sick watching of a 100 grand on my charm (whoo)... broke nigga [Chorus x2]

It's Murda

JA RULE "Venni Vetti Vecci"
[DMX:] URRRRRRR Uh huh Y'all motherfuckers ready or what Is y'all motherfuckers ready or what I don't think you are I don't think so! They got my back against the building I'm the villian that's creeping around corners Like shorty you see them niggas creeping around, warn us We might be coming through, gunning through, running through So be careful what you do Or the slugs might come to you As long as I can remeber, the streets have kept me safe And ever since that time in December, the heat's been in my waist I need an extra set of eyes so I keep my dogs with me Doctor says let them die said his fucking dog bit me I don't know whats wrong with me But it seems like since you heard of us Y'all niggas turning into murderers Couldn't fuck with a third of us Still against me And wanting to see me in the box Grilling me all crazy when you see me and the L.O.X. Leave you Red like Foxx Ain't nothing funny about that I see you in a coma, ain't coming up out that You hold on for too long and they ain't pulling the plug for you I'll run up in the joint myself and bust another slug on you It's murda It's murda motherfuckers [Jay-Z:] I take a squat then post up with the toast up I bring beef to a closure Know somethin >From cats stackin four-somes I'm loathesome I scream out fuck the world then I throw something Niggas scheming hard but fuck it, it's the god I leave bullets lodged leave you leaning on your broad And our punks leave you gagged up in your car Slumping Kennedy-style with your memory out What the fuck y'all want Daddio with the calico Let the gaty blow leave you bleeding on your patio I leave rivals on their backs looking up at the sky blue Not only do I leave you I hide you I before you X and Ja-Rule Death before dishonor now and prior to Boss man spy on you Conspire you Me die before you You liar, you Niggas is dead off the hits I approve Fuck it, I got the feds wearin wired suits Y'all niggas don't listen Whether in streets or in prison When we find them we twist them They fucking up missing Y'all don't understand we want y'all all to hate it It's murda Murder incorporated It's murda In crime we all related It's murda See if y'all can take it [Ja-Rule:] I'ma murderer and murdering anything that moves Through ya nine niggas Straight do or die niggas Caught up and fall victim to the worst shit X, Jigga, and Ja as expected Shot on the world and reflect it Niggas don't respect it So get it the worst way Fuck with the wolves you get hunted like prey Shot up in broad day Now everybody want you I'm feeling like: stupid didn't the inc. warn you the first time It's murda Whenever you see blood It's murda Lay you down for the love That's us Leave the lights on Knife through your windpipe Cause most of your niggas ain't cut right You thinking it's alright But it ain't I'm paralyzing clowns up and down from the waist Giving niggas facelifts and taking it While making you bleed And if I got a taste of the shit I'm taking more than you need It's nothing but love between me, you, and these slugs Hit him up wrap his body up in a area rug Who holding the heat Who leaving niggas cold in the street Y'all know me, ya Co-D, Ja-Rule the O.G. Niggas better watch me closely Get a grip, it's hennessy that fuels all that murderin' shit When I look in the mirror my reflection is killer Jigga, X, Ja niggas It's murda

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