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Wishing About You

Original and similar lyrics
CHORUS: I never can sleep at night baby, I was wishing you were here with me, If only you were wishing like me.. Then baby, It was only a short time, I didn't think you'd notice about me, Cos' I'm crazy... Wishing about you boy, And maybe.... If there was a way I could get to you, You now know I'll take it, Boy I'm crazy (crazy) over you I'm thinking about last night, And maybe boy, Maybe you were right, So now that I have that clear to you, I think about you all the time, But it this really a crime? I mean I'm making this clear to you, But baby don't you love me too, CHORUS: Maybe you were right what if can't make it on my own, I'm still wishing 'bout you, I think you love me too, And if we just take one more night I promise to you,no more limit to the fights, I'm gonna get my soul to you boy, And when I do, I'll be wishin my heart out, That I never made that decision, Come on boy,are you gonna take some chances, Or live your normal life,with no more dances, I've thinkin bout this thing out, Maybe it's not the best for me, But how will I know when the time comes, That you fall in love with me again, How will I know you at our good times, At our bad times, Here it goes boy but you just wont listen to me, I'm gonna take my chances,for my dances, So are you hearing me out yet? I want you to posotivly hear me now, CHORUS: I'm still wishin you were here with me, No more fights I promise baby, Just listen and hear me out, Will you just please.. Be wishin about us, I know you love me, So why you trying to aviod me, Yeah,yeah,yeah, I'm wishin you would do me like this, But baby is this really bliss? TALKING: Boy,I'm lost but now you found me, But how,how could you know, You read me like an open book, But remember that I owe you.

Cubic Space Division

Jones Keziah
(Spoken intro) Class programme for the African Anarchist 14 carats he pleaded Yeah, just let me take the grain like a criminal should Burdens? As in work-horse? God works in mysterious ways but never as a coolie Never as a coolie in the sweat shop of a deranged mind Her chocolate stain is The envy of caucasia. On these empty pages Lies an ejaculatory speech Will his letter survive? Will the words ever reach? Tell me will his letter survive? Will the words ever reach their destination? Well I can hear the call of the Mosque And the ringing of the bells Yeah, everlasting peace on earth And the casting of spells I can see thin white strips of cotton And an ol' wide broom I can see their feelings all wrapped up and muffled In an emotional room Now, it's the 10th of January And a Taxi awaits to bring me to thee But I'm a son of April And, the only African container of religious sound. Hey! Yeah, the only African container of religious sound So they make love on the 11th, fuck on the 12th And on the 13th they depart Back to the world of school uniforms, Perfects with guns and jackboots with heart Would a true story of cultural splinters Ever shred you as a tear? They were making love on a bed of emotional Rizla To burn away the fear They were making love on a bed of emotional Rizla To burn away the fear

Come On Back Home

CECE WINANS "Everlasting Love"
Since the beginning you knew He's been with you You were raised in the church so you know I'm tellin the truth Livin like you don't know right from wrong tellin yourself you're okay God's word is always right Just admit you've left the way So I'm here to tell ya it doesn't matter what you've done or where you been Just fall on your knees, confess and he will forgive your sins (chorus) Come on back home, you've been away too long God has been good to you He's brought you through and through Why can't you see the signs We're living at the end Jesus is coming soon Don't wait too late my friend Just surrender and stop the fight Go head and throw in the towel Why run from love any longer When you're almost out of time Let him restore you And break up that fallow ground All power is in his hands To turn your whole life around Let him in your heart The choice is yours you don't have to be ashamed (chorus) Please don't ignore the knocking at your door Let him in your heart, he'll forget the past and give a fresh new start And this time hold on, don't let him, don't let him, don't let him go He wants to wash you and fill you and heal you and love you like... (chorus)


I believe The one and only love I need Is right in front of me I can't seem to find another lover I think I found my enigma. Say again You always throw me what I mean is that I'm a sucker for a question I like the guess work understand bring to me, my enigma Chorus: Me thinks summer time When me looks at you In your summer dress and your rockin' do How very enigmatic you are. If I could be The me you wanted me to be you'd see I'm only scratching at the surface I'm so much deeper understand like you an enigma (Chorus) You will be my lifeline baby, You will be my better half, You will be my soldering iron, You will be my golden calf, You will be my tryptophan, You will be my coffee can, You will be the recipient of all my love, Oh, mysteriousa onea, ask of me, the questiona of the ages, let us turn some pages, give to me purity, of enigma Chrous 2: Life me baby up to the second tier maybe you're my friend, if you sit right here Don't make a sound if you believe in love then you believe in fate How 'bout a second date? How very enigmatic you are.

Applied Science

311 "Grassroots"
Nod your head to this as a lot of apprentice Some of this were standing on the shoulder of giants Some tryants some benevolent To the followers it's relevant The rest get bent on lending opinions I'm sending to a brand new level I revel in completion delition of suckers Getting served like Smuckers Jam Fool know rules but the rest keep bouncing back With the lack of further adieu see As one can deduce we Slam the shit out hard and long Cuz we got more song Something you might like now All-star bound Yeah your so sound Cool as the blue water all around From a force field flashing Aliens are sending Black evolutions of love you are hearing The dark supernatural is the world we call Our own home lightning in the mind comes out in song But we're wild they say never trust us we're shady In lieu of the crew your into we are baby Cuz music will be coming out the words we speak We erect breakbeats shatter wax still on the platter Our shit is badder we come fly then we scatter Cuz we deep and we solid yeah we hear ya holler Electricity running through the soul it feels good Some time the only thing that really ever could Feed that hunger I crave it I love it I gave it I shove it in a battery and save it for later A waiter in the Dorothy Pavilion in '89 I met some wierdos and had myself a real good time Downtown L.A. is a soul graveyard Where you got to be hard or get jacked It lacked a certain sense of something Something basic no karm int he least I broke east You know I had to face it I guess I flaked but it was no mistake because 311's got the boom My mic check is giving me Electric company I can't see the high wide sky Or stars above me Are you a flower Or more like a high rise tower If so the soul of sweet delight On you will shower There's a place for us they say is somewhere Not a dream but a place and you will be there Your slippin' but content because your spirit And hills are alive with the sound of music


JOEY BADA$$ "Summer Knights"
Yeah, yeah, yeah Back in bright light! Hey yo, I don't really cry, Ask why? Cause inside no one ever really dies Your presence is still alive Your voice I still hear it I still feel your spirit in a room Feel heavenly with the scent of you. It wasn't only issues, But couldn't help but notice your views So many aspects of truth! In fact you let the past get to you So thoughts on a better future, It couldn't suit you alone! We was stoned by the snakes of this life of sin But you taught me a lifeless end to fight within Use the power of our minds, I was confused at some hour in time. My eyes were dark, probably blind But, now I see even the sunshines through blinds, And now I moving light in the sightings that I find Enticing in my prime, like, look at me now You used to tell me, "read books!" Niggas booking me now! But how, could I have done it without you though? You was the big bro I never ever had, you know? Why you had to go and hurt me inside? I feel guilty walking down outside with false pride. If only we could vibe like, one more time Hear one more line or share one more rhyme Even show me one more sign of destiny yourself would be fine But there's no turning back the hands of time, Or delaying the plans of your mastermind So I hope you came across of what you had to find And watch over the ones you once loved! You was my nigga, we pushed... One love, yeah, yeah, yeah One love! One love! One love! The sky's the limit, That's what they told the fucking fool! I disguised the limit Now I'm aiming for the sun and moon. The sky's the limit, That's what they told the fucking fool! I disguised the limit Now I'm aiming for the sun and moon. Long Live Steelo! Yo, yo, yo, yo 93 till infinity Yo, yo, yo, yo King Capital

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