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AVATAR lyrics - Thoughts Of No Tomorrow

War Song

Original and similar lyrics
The horn call and we fall Into a hell hand made for us Bloodletting - forgetting Your heart in a killing with no cause Don't think! obey! Leave your body! mind's astray Bombs falling bullets flying Ignore the wounded crying Just kill! no innocence Forget your dreams of justice Holy and brave! Lost heroes of long lost fame Unholy flood Smile through the storm of blood. Collective disorder - far by madness' border Chaos of human hatred - kneel for the open gate Your brother have become your enemy Charging the systems massive battery Yeah! I'm ordered to the first line I'll die now - good bye now They'll say I'm lost in action I'm gone now - farewell now Collective disorder - far by madness' border Chaos of human hatred - kneel for the open gate Die in a war of empty lies By the hands of your reflection Lost your mind in hellish cries Shot but killed from suffocation Your bunker is your grave You were gone before it ended The price to be the brave Turned into war's descendant The horn call and we fall Into a hell hand made for us Bloodletting - forgetting Your heart in a killing with no cause

Bastardised Ink

ARCHIVE "Controlling Crowds"
All hailstorms in to die for my sins, why am I accursed and not believing, death to damnation both forced arrest, enforced interrogation duress fire question, pressure point temple brainwashed disciple, shooting at me with a holy water pistol, I am not a heathen I'll give you the reason, ten commandments and ten counts of treason, they can pass judgements while I plead, ignorance self defense dollars pounds and pence, because we live inside the age feelings hard to gauge, I just open up the book and keep turning the page, while the all powerful throwback to miracle, whips up the storms and pestilent swarms, sacrifice to appease the deity, whilst heavens open up just to seize the enemy, wiped out civilisations, desolate barren landscapes genocides, creation, but mad scientists wildly experiment, drawing the conclusion down into the sediment, to the dark hour seed is sown, now on there will be light via fire and brimstone, walls fall down but emerge from the ground as if to start over, rebuild the structure, true to life adventure, even while your breathing lung puncture, nothing out there to protect you, so they look into the skies the cries can be heard, the word is obscene unwashed and unclean, wreaking havoc for the hell of it, whilst digging deep and developing a taste for it, bloodthirsty craves screams for mercy, highly unlikely, feel the almighty crash, alas hope all evaporates incinerate burns out and obliterates, keep the faith in more ways than one, or believe me and mark my words thy will be done. Praying not for the cynical quick stepping left right, pick up as they march upon the pinnacle, clocking up the watch stop digital, trying to make peace while they'd rather make base and erase the place they found, lies written all over the face wonder why, feeling immortality fearing they’re afraid to die, sly snakes sidewind and enter your mind, finding temptation insecurity and frustration, hating anger lusts after fear as half the man dies whilst shedding the tear, a clear sign that it's way past the time, to rebuild the bleeding heart that lies broken, well I must be mistaken but I more than feel that a chance is not taking consideration for the non believer plagued by diseased why? Nothing but an open mind is what I try and maintain, hand on heart keep alive in dying art, pick it up dust it down make a start and bring it round. Pray to God blaspheme one can only dream, crucify and ask why either do or die.

Choking On A Wishbone

[Slug] This one goes out to all of those that want success Wait, not just the ones that want it This goes to those that feel they deserve it And this one goes to all of those that make the moves and those that have paid the dues To all of those that walk the fine line on the edge To all the heads about to break it loose And you don't want to come close to feeling it Initial reaction like "Yo, I don't give a shh..." After a minute within it, they start to think "Why the hell they didn't get it, did they not hear what he speaks?" They don't know me, it's best that way Let 'em look for tomorrow in yesterday And let me strain my lungs for the love of popping amps Let me spike the ball because I don't like to dance Let me paint a picture on the surface of your mind I got a job at the circus and I quit writing rhymes Now I travel from city to city, life of a gypsy Gravel, grass, concrete, folk law and mystery Yo, looking at my Gucci, it's about that time for me to pawn this piece of junk and try to take some of these finds Fly angel fly, don't ever look back You better scoop that dead rat off the track, go home and cook that Maybe you should trade that Mustang for a Jeep So when you get too drunk to drive, you'll have a dry place to sleep Don't forget what chocolate milk does to the hangover Come on, who you think cut the tires on your Land Rover? Twist the nobs and chew the fat off the shish kebab Ditch the lard that cut my hair and made me quit my job And if I pass before they get a chance to hear me Tell 'em "Kiss my ass" and teach 'em all about my theory [Chorus: 4x] Choking on a wishbone, position blown out the frame Pissed on the remains to mark the spot and spark the flame [Slug] It never settles, the constant grinding of metal against complicated timing, developing my threshold Touching the gestalt with a little reverb and some echo to add extra flavor like pesto Yo, the cards are dealt and now I'm staring at my hand Looking for something to toss, tryna find a spot to stand The anger felt as I look across the land It doesn't equal to the eagerness and hunger to expand Move past, the berry is set, the previous sets carry me through the meaninglessness Here I am with the word extracting nerves Running toward the stage (here we go) to watch the crash occur [Chorus: 2X] [Slug] Put your head on the pillow and shut your eyes Take your mind out the ghetto and touch the sky Then come ease down that much feared trail of blood, sweat and love Instead of flame, crying tears in the rain The blunder game, and it drowned out the hunger pains Numbed the brain and played life like a numbers game Poppa needs a new pair of nuts, cause he lost touch with the last ones fastened to the bottom of his guts Yo, they don't know me, it's best that way Let 'em look for tomorrow in yesterday This child is your fate so let 'em play I bet I know your age and I can guess your weight Wait, wait, how can it be so simple and straight? And why the hell ain't you tripping to make some ripples in the lake? I can't figure it out, for God's sake arguing a lost case as it irritates my prostate, and when I sit home alone I kick over the telephone and catch my zone inside the dial tone [Chorus] [Multiple recordings of Slug talking play together for 38 seconds]

The Key

EMILIE AUTUMN "Fight Like A Girl"
I hear her footsteps running towards me down the hall And by the lantern light I see her body fall She reaches out to me, the Ward Key in her hand She speaks to me in noises I don't understand The key that taunted me, the key that drove me mad The key that murdered any freedom I once had Is offered to me now, can this be but a dream? My trance is broken by this woman's dying scream The key now in my hand from Quarantine I race And when I reach the landing every ghostly face Is waiting for me there commanding me to RUN The walls are lifting, lockdown's already begun The staircase shatters as my fate I fly to meet The wood is splintering beneath my stocking feet At last I'm past the gate, at last I'm at the cell That's kept me from the sun and hidden me in Hell The key that locked us in is now what sets us free The inmates have emerged and now they look to me To lead them to the light, to lead them to the door But as we flee I trip and fall down to the floor Now, as I hit the ground, as painfully I land The key for which I've waited years shoots from my hand Then, quick as lightning strikes, the Doctor's heavy shoe Comes down upon the key concealing it from view His eyes are burning red with madness, this is when He picks it up and turns to lock us in again I leap upon him for I've nothing left to lose He overpowers me and asks the girls to choose He runs his blade across my throat as if to say That he will take my life if they don't walk away Retreat they do at once, without a second thought They only know that we were free and now we're not And then I feel my darling Annie's Master Key From all those years ago, still tied above my knee It glows against my skin but doesn't cause me pain What happens next I cannot possibly explain It pulls me from the floor, it pulls me towards the gate It fits into the lock and every last inmate Is breathless as the bars swing open with a creak And no one's seen to move, and no one's heard to speak Then, all at once, the clock from fifty floors below Is loudly striking four, and suddenly I know What must be done – there can be no one left alive The doctors all must die if we are to survive It's Time to show our strength It's Time that we unite It's Time to change the game It's Time we learn to fight It's Time this house is ours It's Time we take it back It's Time for bloody war IT'S TIME FOR THE ATTACK!


JON B "Comfortable Swagg"
lets make a bran new bed, on a bran new night, when the dry sand is wet by the ocean tide, be the center of my distraction, my mind can't resist, blinded by this attraction my hearts only interest, whatever was before now seems to fade away. when we make love like ocean reef's meet crashing waves, have to guess that's why, they say love is blind. could've been in a hurricane. could've been in the middle of the eye. your love gives me amnesia, from all our memories secret's forgot myself with you when i lost my self into this your love gives me amnesia dream'n and we're not asleep cause we're one, no longer two when we lose ourselves into this. i wanna see my life the way it looks in your mind. how i've always dreamed, now there's no need to fantasize like a shipwreck on a beach, when i'm lost in your eye's like an s.o.s. sign i don't want anyone but u to find. if the past comes look'n for us like a rescue plane in sight. spotlight on all our secret's there's nothing for us to hide. no survival kit for us, just plain 'ol u and me nothing but this fire to burn away memory i keep forgetting what people have told me, that's why i hang on every word u say, i keep forgetting i must have been so lonely, whatever was distracting no longer's in the way no matter what direction the wind is blowing some how it all just fits right into place no matter where i had planned on going, i've alwavs known that i've been search'n for your face...

Hell Of A Way To Go

KASEY CHAMBERS "Bittersweet"
If I die from this broken heart Will you bury me Under the soil way down by the apple tree Don't make a fuss You just gotta carry me Hey Ho Hey Ho Send out a loan collateral to borrow Find me a tomb stone by tomorrow Sell everything I own for a dollar Hey Ho Hey Ho Cos I like it just so you know I don't mine Cos it's a hell of a way to go I like it just so you know I don't mind Cos it's a hell of a way to go If I die from this broken heart when the moon is high I'll make a point to laugh so you don't have to cry Send out a message in a bottle if you want to try Hey Ho Hey Ho Give both my eyes to the blind for nothin Give both my ears to the deaf no fussin Don't so a thing with my heart it's worth nothing Oh Hey Ho Hey Ho I like it just so you know I don't mine Cos it's a hell of a way to go I like it just so you know I don't mind Cos it's a hell of a way to go It's a hell of a way to go

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