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AVATAR lyrics

Mists Of Evil

Original and similar lyrics
Calling upon the Ancient Ones Lords of a Time before memory Calling upon Ninnghizhidda, serpent of the deep The time of the entering of the Gods has begun! The time of breaking through the gates has begun! The Sign of the elder Gods has failed Let the earth turn black, Oh mighty queen of Death Ereshkigal With the glance of the death, they will Kill and Reward Iak Sakkak, Ishmiggarah, Kutulu No spell will keep them out Ia Ia Ia Io Io Io They are the Lords of Darkness, masters of Magicians They are before creation, they are the Ancient Ones Chaos, dreams of Tiamat will become reality Dog-faced demons will live between the fog of eternity The time of the entering of the Gods has begun! The time of breaking through the gates has begun! Ia Ia Ia Io Io Io The are the Lords of Darkness masters of Magician They are before Creation, they are the Ancient Ones

No Control

311 "Transistor"
Do you want me to cry Cry for you How can you say that you're blue A rich rock star you are Yet you still complain, that's insane Imagine if you had a child of two You're a single mom, son named Tom You work a long hard day just to bill pay With no time to play then what would you say Still in this world what it means to me Losin' my grip as I trip on anomalies My thired eye is the prize of unifyin' Horus The Pleadies will smash out of Taurus Energy pure decompose in the porous Soil of life moving on it's courses Crystals 'neath the surface radiate the cycle Combing minerales they will flex and let go Toxically were built to never last Cuz the waste we make all day Steady growin' fast I get up intake my blue-green algae Let it penetrate Strengthen my grasp Holistic healers dealin' our galactic growth Reversin' fx of shit wrecked Chernobyl Wanna take it further [2x] Let's take that funk further We've all got pain that's real And we should say how we feel And I've felt so alone But I know I've always got a home The question I'm up serving Is am I really deserving Gamma waves bacterial plagues Cow mutilations all the time Not to mention visitations More than 2000 years Of fuckin' with our fears The only thing true We gotta love each other Try to leep a positive vibe They make it tough for ya You're cut off and lonely While you hustle for dough We can overcome the wrongs While we're reachin' the point Stick together all forever Now continue to flow Wanna take it further [2x] Let's take that funk further

One Day At A Time

2PAC "Resurrection"
One Day At A Time Lyrics [Tupac] Sometimes its hard, to wake up in the morning Mind full of demons I don't wanna hear them anymore Got me heartbroken, find so many babies screamin' Cuz they seein destruction before they see a human bein So they start smoking, we, will never get our day Until we learn to pray, keep our families in shape Cuz they all broken, why do ghetto birds die Before we learn to fly, somebody elses child caught in gun smoke And we, can all make a change So I'm told but I haven't seen a change unfold I'll keep hopin please, if you prefer to breathe Communities in need, of people that will lead Keep your eyes open, I can only say I'll try Until the day I die, I promise to be wise With my heart open, greed brings only misery Away the tragedy, so I stay sucker free Only a few chosen rise, my ghetto queens rise Don't be afraid to try, too many of us die Before they daughter open wise, my brother's speak wise Stay focused on the prize, though everybody dies [Eminem] We can only learn to take, our anger and our hate Control our mental state, settle down and set it straight Maybe we can learn to take a second to pump the brakes Before we set it, regret it later and let it escalate Cuz by then its just too late, there's so much we can take And there's only so much someone can swallow and tolerate To the point that he just breaks, snaps, and its all it takes You think that we was learnin from other rappers mistakes But we ain't, its plain to go against, With every artist comes the image he portrays and the picture that he paints But in the mist of all this anger and this angst Never once did you heard me say I'm a gangster and I aint hear any complaints But I know, that I will always continue to grow As long as I lead, and never follow no one else's shadow There will never be another me, and that I can guarantee That's why the fuck I remain sucker free To this day, the game, will never be the same No matter how much fame and success they attain There will never be another me And no matter what they do, there will never be another you You can search but you'll never find You can try to rewind time, but in your hearts and your minds We will never die, we are forever alive And we continue growin, [2Pac]- one day at a time [Outlawz] Don't get caught in the publicity and caught in the hype Rappers are regular people minus money and life Seachin for fortune and fame and superstardom All the jewlery, all the cars, whos crews the hardest Now the hip-hop police, the villains is watchin And the kids think beef, is they only option Outlawz born filthy, guilty as charged My memories live to die, my Makaveli lives on You think the industry is fun, they no pity with guns And when your money is up, that's when your enemies come So if he died, and came back, would he try to save rap We needing a change, the drama remains I spend my whole life, (yeah) fightin myself That I cant win, so I'm invitin some help And hey now then, I take rights and some lefts I'm still, just like a kid, lookin for stripes on my belt Yeah, that there is a fight in itself So I just pray and hope God, take a like to myself No matter how much I try, stay alive, I'm a die a man Still standin there in love my pride My heart fell for this bitch, we passed that I'm tryin to keep some income comin and collect all my ass cap The rappers in the game ain't changed And I finally realize that we not in the same game The hatin' will never end, so I guess I'll deal with it Them .45's will pop killa's, yes I'm still with it The streets is military, you gotta be a soldier Gotta stay leery, and keep your eyes on the rollers They do what they gotta do to shackle and hold us So we gotta do what we gotta do to keep rollin One way at a time, keep the faith in your mind [Eminem and Outlawz] when we continue growin', [Tupac] One day at a time Damn

The Frequency

Jets To Brazil
The terror of the view The emptiness of this room Always writing against this truth in the way that a painter must have a surface to hit The pain is flying now, breaking the silence at the speed of sound Hitting the frequency She's reaching back at me, warm and loud Beautiful demons fly out And we're fighting for our lives to fill the corners up with light Black spell casting against them now in the way that a bullet will go until it is stopped And all the medicine went to my head again late last night My bed of saccharine, my bad amphetamine I was lit from within, burning with means and ends And the city life is like a sugar high, knocking me out, keeping me wired It's incredible Unsteady chemicals Come and go the ebb and flow When the measure of your work is the masure of your worth, then you better make it work There's some people I could name, but it's not the time or place to split hairs with the guys downstairs They'll get their fare share I'm sure The frequency is gonna take us there And the city kids, the angry with-it kids, hate everything the first time It's incredible The kind of chemicals knocking around in my mind In the winter of my night I found a desperate kind of light, and nothing comes without a fight You want to know where the good thoughts grow But you ought to know where all the good thoughts go You can't afford to miss a day, call in sick You better stay that way, stay that way And the city life is just some other guy knocking me out, wasting my time Upper middle class, infomaniac You will get yours, I will get mine, so get in line The frequency is fine

Savior In The Clockwork

AVANTASIA "The Mystery Of Time"
I envision how you lie awake and agonise Over ways to bear your day just every night Re-alignment you're in need of so imploringly It's the pace that we'll maintain for you Oh every moment everybody's gonna think alike Every second will be seized While every in between we'll erase To take the tangle from their memory Maximising one and all for you Now into line bring them peace of mind Mind by mind Se the pace for all mankind Let us take away the spaces In between their given time Time to run! Savior in the clockwork tell me For how long will I wait on the grind Time flies on (Time will fly on) Savior in the clockwork take me back inside In between the time Now am I half asleep or half unconscious, Half 'adream'? I can't move as I am stuck in bright lucidity I can feel and hear and see But I won't comprehend I see fire that I won't decipher I see giant evil tower to a blackened sky I feel blessed with evidence of what I can't define Swinging blade of the lowering perpendicular I see clarity I won't remember Do I dream Is it only fantasy and matter just a thought I see And time is all they need to seal away eternity Time to run! Savior in the clockwork tell me For how long will I wait on the grind Time flies on (Time will fly on) Savior in the clockwork take me back inside In between the time You pry into a world too far above Your head up in the haze Journey to the birth of the first sun Into the black womb of space Father primal space oh yeah Who's drawn the light… Standing at the door to epiphanic realisation A journey to the centre of forever To the mystery of creation Don't you hear the voice: I'm with you I'm everywhere and real You can see me, you can hear me without credence I'm what your hands can feel God, I feel I've been away too long I feel like I've been dreaming If you'd open up your door to explanation You would hear the voice of reason screaming I've seen the ocean swallow the ancient harmony And I've seen belief and craving swallow sanity I feel my hand is led to ink between the lines Tall stories legendising: figments of the lie At crack of dawn hazy remains above my mind Raise your mind I scribble down those icons that I can't define Will they demand account as I'd demand myself Raise your mind I'll never testify what no man comprehends And they will tear to pieces what they can't define Raise your mind If you don't follow your self- preservation drive They'll crucify the one who won't affiliate Raise your mind But decorate the children of their own ego's way Time to run savior in the clockwork Tell me for how long will I wait on the grind Time flies on (time will fly on) Savior in the clockwork Take me back inside In between the time Time to run! Savior in the clockwork tell me For how long will I wait on the grind Time flies on (Time will fly on) Savior in the clockwork take me back inside In between the time

Future Years

DEADSY "Commencement"
A morbid beauty Glows in resonation Mercurial signs they read Make real our minds True fascinations For now we're rolling And kinda golden As time keeps folding We're old when our poor souls depart Whereas cold cruel jokes now make you cry One day you'll take them in your stride All of the time we've resided here You'll see our chalices rise With ever endless tears And illusions they fly But someday soon will clear Just sit back and recline I'll guide you through the years Through the future years As they'll soon appear Someday all too near Now the distance clears Bad ways which rule all the ways we go Through black and the gloom Consecutive days and plain afternoons The things in life They pass the time While those all around are bored Though we come down in real demise Trek through all of the feelings with no tears in eyes Kept fear veiled so it hides Life's never forced or dry So theres nothing inside me I just seem alive To the future years As they'll soon appear Dressed in slacks as we will So its stars they steer Just tie a silk sheet round your neck And twist it till your face turns cherry red All of the time we've resided here You'll see our chalices rise With ever endless tears And illusions they fly But someday soon will clear Just sit back and recline I'll guide you through the years

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