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AVATAR lyrics

A Most Excellent Charm In Solemn Endurance

Original and similar lyrics
Through dark dungeons I wander hearing this beautiful voice calling me athward Green mosses lead my pathways eery shrieks fulfill my joy calming fear enveils my body suddenly standing before the gate innaya... lost city Of the twelve sleepers in Sadness breaking open the doorway I feel the tears in my heart A grief hold for ages now set free Broken houses death decay rotting stenches of things unknown to us Gods that were once here now left left in the Mausoleum of Pain strolling through streets, cracks Gaping at me with soothing darkness I feel the wind caressing my body the first sense of resignation... I will never leave this city of Broken dreams, never Spirits of unbearable calmness lie fall... falling... down Caress me... tear my black soul apart With the grief and sorrow of Eras The weeping of millions impaling my heart falling... so sweet... falling down...


Aztec Camera "Dreamland"
Words and music by Roddy Frame Hey baby, baby bring your love to me Repeats the radio relentlessly All day I dream a dream where feelings flee In free formation. The sweetest sound reflects in saddened eyes Defies description and identifies The heart that hungers for the sudden skies The souls migration. Chorus: How sweet to fly To touch the sky To feel in the flow Like the one who glides there. I feel we flew We never knew But to know is to go When your heart resides there. I take a winter coat and walk the square The people gather and the birds they scare Concrete and clay conspire to cage me there Among the lost boys. Down in the streets I see the trees grow bare Broken and battered in the thinning air The birds are scattered and my footsteps there I long for lost joy. Chorus


ANGIE STONE "Mahogany Soul"
A few kisses ago, you loved me Took your pocket knife, carved our names on a tree My heart skips a beat to whatever you say What have I done to make you push me away You are my focus, you're the air that I breathe Can't imagine you with someone else other than me You don't kiss me no more, and I need your energy Tell me where will I fly to if you set me free 1 - Stars fell like snowflakes on my head Now there's emptiness in my bed I still believe all the things you said Though I can see the flowers are dead But terrible lies and emptiness fills my soul You were so warm, now you feel so cold The last time we kissed, your eyes were open Is this just a phase, I'm praying and hoping (You) Failed me, I gave you the key To the entry in my heart, you became part of me Told you everything, I shared all my secrets with you And the words you fed my soul, I pray to God that you [Repeat 1] Trampled on my heart, threw away the key Since you went away, all I see I can't even eat, I don't wanna sleep But I see you in my dreams I pray that you come back cuz I need you here You can kiss away all my tears Hold me in your arms, whisper in my ear That will take away my fears [Repeat 1] Sleeping I called you to fill your song Make you feel like it's snowing in the summertime, oh

Alone Again (Naturally)

Gilbert O'Sullivan "Best Of Gilbert O'sullivan"
In a little while from now, If I'm not feeling any less sour, I promised myself, to treat myself, And visit a nearby tower .......... And climbing to the top, will throw myself off, In an effort to, make clear to whoever, What it's like when you're shattered ....... Left standing in the lurch, At a church where people saying ..... My God, that's tough, she stood him up, No point in us remaining ....... May as well go home, As I did on my own, Alone again, naturally. To think that only yesterday, I was cheerful, bright and gay. Looking forward to- Who wouldn't do- the role I was about to play. but, as if to knock me down, Reality came around, And without so much as a mere touch, Cut me into little pieces. Leaving me to doubt, Talk about God in His mercy, Who, if He really does exist, Why did He desert me? And in my hour of need, I truely am, indeed, Alone again, naturally. It seems to me that there are more hearts, Broken in the world that can't be mended, Left unattended, what do we do? What do we do? Alone again, Naturally. Looking back over the years, And whatever else that appears. I remember I cried when my father died, Never wishing to hide the tears. And at sixty-five years old, My mother, God rest her soul, Couldn't understand why the only man, She had ever loved had been taken. Leaving her to start, with a heart so badly broken, Despite encouragement from me, No words were ever spoken. And when she passed away, I cried and cried all day, Alone again, naturally Alone again, naturally.


BOB DYLAN "Time Out Of Mind"
Well, my heart's in the highlands, gentle and fair Honey suckle bloomin' in the wildwood air Bluebells blazin' where the Aberdeen waters flow Well, my heart's in the highlands, I'm gonna go there when I feel good enough to go. Windows were shakin' all night in my dreams Everything was exactly the way that it seems Woke up this mornin' and I looked at the same old page Same old rat race, life in the same old cage. I don't want nothin' from anyone, ain't that much to take Wouldn't know the difference between a real blonde and a fake Feel like a prisoner in a world of mystery I wish someone would come and push back the clock for me. Well, my heart's in the highlands, wherever I roam That's where I'll be when I get called home The wind it whispers to the buck-eyed trees of rhyme Well, my heart's in the highlands, I can only get there one step at a time. I'm listening to Neil Young, I gotta turn up the sound Someone's always yellin', 'Turn him down' Feel like I'm driftin', driftin' from scene to scene I'm wondering what in the devil could it all possibly mean. Insanity is smashin' up against my soul You could say I was on anything but a roll If I had a conscience, well I just might blow my top What would I do with it anyway, maybe take it to the pawn shop. My heart's in the highlands at the break of dawn By the beautiful lake of the black swan Big white clouds like chariots that swing down low Well, my heart's in the highlands, only place left to go. I'm in Boston town, in some restaurant I got no idea what I want Or maybe I do but, I'm just really not sure Waitress comes over, nobody in the place but me and her. Well, it must be a holiday, there's nobody around She studies me closely as I sit down She got a pretty face, with long white shiny legs I said, 'Tell me what I want,' she say, 'You probably want hard boiled eggs.' I say, 'That's right, bring me some.' She says, 'We ain't got any, you picked the wrong time to come.' Then she says, 'I know you're an artist, draw a picture of me.' I said, 'I would if I could but I don't do sketches from memory.' Well, she then, she says, 'I'm right here in front of you, or haven't you looked' I say, 'All right, I know but I don't have my drawing book.' She gives me a napkin, she say, 'You can do it on that.' I say, 'Yes I could but I don't know where my pencil is at.' She pulls one out from behind her ear She says, 'All right now go ahead, draw me, I'm stayin' right here.' I make a few lines and I show it for her to see Well, she takes her napkin and throws it back and says, 'That don't look a thing like me.' I said, 'Oh, kind Miss, it most certainly does.' She say, 'You must be jokin',' I say, 'I wish I was.' Then she says, 'You don't read women authors do ya' at least that's what I think I hear her say Well, I said, 'How would you know and what would it matter anyway' Well she says, 'You just don't seem like you do.' I said, 'You're way wrong.' She says 'Which ones have you read then' I say, 'I've read Erica Jong.' She goes away for a minute and I slide out, out of my chair I step outside back to the busy street but nobody is goin' anywhere. Well, my heart's in the highlands with the horses and hounds Way up in the border country far from the towns With the twang of the arrow and the snap of the bow My heart's in the highlands, I can't see any other way to go. Every day is the same thing, out the door Feel further away than ever before Some things in life it just gets too late to learn Well, I'm lost somewhere, I must have made a few bad turns. I see people in the park forgettin' their troubles and woes They're drinkin' and dancin', wearin' bright colored clothes All the young men, with the young women lookin' so good Well, I'd trade places with any of 'em in a minute, if I could. I'm crossing the street to get away from a mangy dog Talkin' to myself in a monologue I think what I need might be a full length leather coat Somebody just asked me if I've registered to vote. The sun is beginnin' to shine on me But it's not like the sun that used to be The party's over and there's less and less to say I got new eyes, everything looks far away. Well, my heart's in the highlands at the break of day Over the hills and far away There's a way to get there and I'll figure it out somehow Well, I'm already there in my mind, and that's good enough for now.

If You See Her Say Hello

BOB DYLAN "Blood On The Tracks"
If you see her say hello she might be in Tangier She left here last early spring is living there I hear Say for me that I'm all right though things get kind of slow She might think that I've forgotten her don't tell her it isn't so. We had a falling-out like lovers often will And to think of how she left that night it still brings me a chill And though our separation it pierced me to the heart She still lives inside of me we've never been apart. If you get close to her kiss her once for me I always have respected her for doing what she did and getting free Oh whatever makes her happy I won't stay in the way Though the bitter taste still lingers on from the night I tried to make her stay I see a lot of people as I make the rounds And I hear her name here and there as I go from town to town And I've never gotten used to it I've just learned to turn it off Either I'm too sensitive or else I'm getting soft. Sundown yellow moon I replay the past I know every scene by heart they all went by so fast If she's passing back this way I'm not that hard to find Tell her she can look me up if she's got the time.

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