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AVALON lyrics - Avalon

The Greatest Story

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Some days your own resolve is strong And other days you bend it's two steps forward, one step back and a stumble now and then You wonder if you'll ever really make the difference you've prayed that you will Well, I know that prayer will be fulfilled 'cause (Chorus) Your life woven day by day is a new design of the glory God displays on the canvas of creation Through the poem of history in the pattern of redemption running through the tapestry Your life in christ can be the greatest story ever told You cannot see the hands of God or feel the grace that flows from Him through you to those you touch In ways you'll never know you cannot measure worth by human standards That's always a lie oh, you have to see through heaven's eyes how... (Chorus) In the light of eternity Standing face to face you will finally see for the very first time you'll understand your perfect place in the master plan and how... (Chorus)

Devil With The King's Card

MACHINE HEAD "Burning Red"
We turn desire to fire electric spark to the wire highered the stakes when we brought this monster life prevail by daring to fail others content just to sail hail the future we bring we bring chaos to blocks like riots to watts blow up spots, taking the crown off the top notch create the pace that you all will follow sporadic flow buckles up like a calico We D-O smoke sensmilla vodka and C-O-K-E is the real deal you flubber, never had to suffer life's gettin harder and it's only gettin tougher save some for me cant stop what were going to be walk with me and take this seed a fire for you so dare to fail will you when my pen hits pad it results in catastrophe words and verbs come to form your disaster if you want it, you got it never hit I spot it now come and watch me rise on the tools, I blew more money than Latrell think I know you too well you fell and stumbled laughin as you tumbled I guess you forgot about the power we rock come ALL HAIL THE Machine Head battery the good, the bad, the ugly savage in capacity yeah you been fucked stuck in a rut your life has been sucked your tail has been tucked save some for me can't stop what were going to be just watch as as I demonstrate the reason we dominate If we stand alone and believe in whole and you tell me it's all I believe in yes we stand alone and believe in whole if you tell me it's all we believe in because we we'll chew and spit you out and pray upon the weaker take what we want

It's Not A Fashion Statement, It's A Fucking Death

MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE "Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge"
Do you remember that day when we met? you told me it gets harder well it did been holding on forever promise me that when i'm gone you'll kill my enemies, the damage you inflicted temporary wound I'm coming back from the dead and I'll take you home with me I'm taking back the life you stole we never got that far, this helps me to think all through the night bright lights that, won't kill me now, or tell me how just you and I your stareless eyes remain hip hip hooray for me you talk to me but would you kill me in my sleep? lay still like the dead from the razor the rosary we could lose ourselves and pain these walls in pitchfork red I will avenge my ghost with every breath i take I'm coming back from the dead and i'll take you home with me I'm taking back the life you stole this hole you put me in.. wasnt deep enough and i'm climbing out right now. youre running out of places to hide from me when you go just know that i'll remember you if living was the hardest part we'll then one day be together and in the end we'll fall apart just as the leaves change in color and then I will be with you I will be there one last time now when you go just know that I've lost my fear of falling I will be with you


i wish that i could say i am a perfect man i wish sometimes that i would not be who i am one day i decided i would think on this, not knowing if faith and pain could co-exist: could i ever on my own conceive of someone i did not know, but i need? i must be made to be at peace and communion 'cause there must be some place somehow from where I have fallen Chorus i find through every ounce of pain i feel that my mind cannot deny that God is real the inconsistency of what i say i should be compared to what i am in actuallity leaves me in conclusion that i know the way though i am unable to always obey nothing in this world has satisfied my soul's hunger for a deeper life the weight of my misdeeds were crushing, blinding me i still live with pain inside but now i see - Chorus - - Solo - the peices of my life are scattered on the floor i stared at them till i could take no more i do not deserve to be set free forgiveness is what i despereately need if it wasn't for the perfect blood was shed would i not be dead inside but i live instead - Chorus (2x) - i know my faith's still here believe through all my tears

Angel Of Mine

Relax your mind, just close your eyes You know I'm with you, whatever you do Just take your time, we've got all night Just let yourself go and trust in me Cause I'm gonna make you see That I'm the one who's there for you I'll go all the way with you, it's true, cause I feel for you And who would ever come with me I'll never walk away Oh no, this I promise you, cause you're the… Chorus: …Angel of mine, the light of my life through all the good and bad times you're the one that always shines angel, angel.. angel of mine Take care of me, and make me see That I can trust you, cause you're faithfully It's plain to see, what you mean to me Thank you for everything That you've done for me Cause I'm gonna make you see That I'm the one who's there for you I'll go all the way with you, it's true Cause I feel for you And who would ever come with me I'll never walk away Oh no, this I promise you, cause you're the… Chorus and I will always be there, Yes I will always share the good things in life, till the time is passing by you're the angel, angel, angel of mine Chorus And I will always be there Yes I will always share The good things in life Till the time is passing by You're the angel, angel, angel of mine


SAY --- (Jon Secada and Bill Duncan) Ain't much for promises But I'm a fool for your sweet caress Don't mean to be obsessed But all that I can do is guess And when I miss you I try to keep my head But when I kiss you My heart speaks out instead And if it's someone else I'd rather be just by myself Your honesty would help Right now it seems so hard to tell Don't wanna worry, but is our love alive I'm in a hurry, my feelings I can't hide Chorus ------ Say do you say, won't you say you loveme Say do you say, that you need me still Say won't you say that we'll stay together Say we always will Faithfully yours my love is real babe If that is what you want Then I'll be there 'Cause I feel so sure this is the real thing My heart with you will stay Chorus ------

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