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AUSTRALIAN CRAWL lyrics - Between A Rock And A Hard Place

Land Of Hope And Glory

Original and similar lyrics
From the clatter of Honky tonk To the quiet of the range Been thinkin bout silence golden Golden silence change Burning nights gets damper And only one moon was cool As the steam of danger rose From a ripple-less darkened pool Came to America stopped out in the west Ain't no shotgun rider alligator on my chest Hotbed of indifference seedbed of so-so It's push and shove - lord above what a way to go Don't say that you love me Just say you might You keep holding me To things you think are right Yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh Land of hope and glory Seen foreign soldiers Beachhead, army ducks Seen local farmers In their big red pick up trucks Seen drugstore cowboys Who could not find the range Seen fools in the city Who could do with a change Dined with bog business And I stood for the toast Shunned those screenplay writers In their big home on the coast Stood in catherdrals And breathed hard at the sight Heard rhetoric Do I need that stuff tonight

Nag Champa (Afrodisiac For The World)

COMMON "Like Water For Chocolate"
[Common] Yeah baby boy In the place (for you and yours) to be Da uh da uh, we got the uh ya'll We bout to rock ya'll, we got the uh baby... Yo yo yo check it Excite-ting, enlight-ning, invite-ting I'm writin shit that I feel Raps are Black Steel In the Hour of commotion, the motion of Com Is like that of a ocean, devotion cuz I'm The Earth, Wind, and Fire of hip hop By Rakim and Short I been inspired My shit knocks environ---ments of cats wit seventeen's tint, time is money The mind is funny, how it's spent on gettin it It's sittin wit descendants of Abraham Who say the jam is Money, Cash, Hoes I went from bashful to asshole to international Lover-self, word to the mother on my last record cover it's felt Now deal wit it Chorus: Bilal I wanna get into it Let's do this I wanna see you move it So move it So let's just get into it Let's do this Can you feel the music The music oh ah, can you feel the music, the music [Common] Yo check it yo In this never-ending battle to please Niggas, magazine writers, MC's Who request hot shit, I freeze And tell em where I was rose, we always said cold Hold your Horses and ya Carriages, this never-went-gold nigga Rocks shows care-less You not gon' respect self, at least respect the heritage Affect the lives, the spread of wealth and the merit is I realize what I portray day to day, I gotta carry this And beats, rhymes and life is where the marriage is Had Dreams of Fuckin R amp;B broads, it came true Journalist I wreck, shared the same view Picked up a fallen angel on the path that I MC Familiar voice, come to find out the angel was me Some say You changin, Rashid Times are, we still close I rhyme far, away away away From what you accustomed to hearin everyday, uh-ah You know the dope-choppin, gun-poppin, homies dyin I'm amongst it, save the war stories for Private Ryan, INI Chorus [Common] Yo check it yo Women cry, children laugh, men dance I refuse to lose self and try to win fans over Weight on my shoulder fluctuates like Oprah's My refrigerator poetry's magnetic like ultra You couldn't hang if you was a poster Posin like a bitch for exposure It's rumors of gay MC's, just don't come around me wit it You still rockin hickies, don't let me find out he did it Got My Eyes on the Tiger, Eyes on the Prize Eyes on the thighs of Mary J. Blige, imagin on how good the cat must be Stop eatin meat, lost weight, but I still rap husky My verse depth is that of a baby's first step Or the old lady who died and the nurse wept I flow like cursive writing, invitin you and yours to my openess Shows allow me to cop Range/range like a vocalist But man does not live on bread alone What good is a Range/range when it's time to head home Chorus 2x [Common] *during chorus on the second time* We be that, we be that Afrodisiac, disiac We be that, we be that Afrodisiac, disiac We be that, we be that Afrodisiac, disiac We be that, we be that Afrodisiac, disiac We be that, we be that Afrodisiac, disiac We be that, we be that Afrodisiac, disiac yeah

Worthless Thing

ELVIS COSTELLO "Goodbye Cruel World"
How many times can you jump out of the cupboard Before someone gets suspicious or someone gets discovered You can live forever in a split second of fame Come on down the price is right what's your name While a crocodile makes good shoes and a dog may change his coat I can't change what's written on your face tonight and I quote Chorus Oh I wish you could see Quite how much you could mean to me You worthless thing If you were ten feet taller and almost handsome I might pay this king's ransom You worthless thing They commit blue murder along Union Avenue Then they sell you souvenir matches Nightclubs full of grave robbers from Memphis, Tennessee And Las Vegas body snatchers And he's carrying a warning can't you see how his eyes glint Keep your bloody hands off my life your affectionate fingerprint Chorus All the cars and pills and girls who tore his shirt to tatters Do you know how tall he was 'cos that is all that really matters? Do you know his mother's last name do you think that he's divine? You've seen the film you've read the book you're drinking vintage Elvis Presley wine Bored out of your tiny mind while life is twice as large They'll cut her down to size on television She's available and beautiful, but with more time to devote They're going to take this cable now and stick it down your throat So this is an obituary which should be right and fitting For every clockwork cat and conceivable kitten Chorus

Big Shots (G-unit Diss)

JOE BUDDEN "Mixtape Kings"
its that on-top music!.. (Chorus)(Big Shot) ..Yea Yea its cha boy boy listen to'em I think finally the steroids is gettin to'em or maybe if people believe in all his hard raps, or maybe its the tangtops with the bra straps maybe he's really believen he's a heathen like the dude he stole his name from, dude ain't the same none nothin's hard body about'em, he's like pudding, so here we are beat the floor it's dwight goodman so i can sit and wait while ya team gets soft, or i can go get u picked, no screens involved I can get you offed for a clip no fiens involved, or we can take it one further and get Queens involved Where they no he went to jail, never over a banger He went to boot camp, not to pop wit the gangsters sorta like Yayo who staid in D.C. and you can ask anybody up in J.D.C. so i guess he's a tough guy now that he's free, but doin that kind of jail time is easy but it's not beneath me, really i gives a fuck I can put the whole unit on the next flip and tuck, BUT! If he keep his dudes in check, I keep it real wit'em punch Banks in the face if he still wit'em i don't worry bout puttin the clips in the 40 (why?) pistol whip Lloyd when Fifty'll do it for me (chorus) Far as the kid Game, he's lame lets say the least Mad he's from the west so he converted to the East Always talkin about him n' his mans that'll blast pounds but when you see him, he's just dancin in the background I tore Game apart, i thought by now the asshole would have a change of heart Especially since i got the tape, but it's gangster on 'change of heart' Teary eyed cause his shorti had a change of heart, But i smell somethin fishy theirs a con in the air slacks, his tongue peirced, streaks blonde in his hair Who's he playin wit? Keep sayin shit and ya body'll take the same tour Regan's did Still tryin to get a buzz, embarrased, the kids hurtin Reachin, he's losin his head, he's Nick Birdman And as far as Banks and Buck i'm done discussin'em I only beef wit niggas who own publishin Curtis your a bum and your almost done Same artist that you were dissin, is exactly what you've become Saw'em at Summer Jam and all he did was stare Walk off stage and all you heard was 'Geah!' (They through the chairs at'em!) Dont be seen no more, he's a Queen no more and he can't even step foot in Queens no more Sellin his soul, Banks I hope your proud of your father Now we all see the 'Power of a Dollar' (Chorus) ..fade out with quarter drop..

Carry Me Home

ATMOSPHERE "Sad Clown Bad Spring #12"
[Hook] "Got to change my way of living Got to change my style" [Verse 1] He remembers little bit of his childhood Sometimes bad, sometimes good But he never was one to blame today's grey sky on last week's rain So he see's everything face value Looks grim, it tastes bad too There's nothing to do except dupe, push down the wall and get through it I swear to god it's too stretched Too easy to slip or lose steps And the taller you are, the harder you fall that's why a lot of us crawl Mumma, please don't look now I've gotta walk over people I've took down It ain't as pretty as you probably think It's gonna take more than soap and a sink Tomorrow he'll drink to the guilt of every cheap wooden bridge that he's built Bury those skeletons in his head til you pick him up and carry him to bed [Hook] [Verse 2] Swimming through alcohol and woman Gets some gold spray paint for that lemon Everything he's got is not a given rock bottom on the flipside of top billin Not a victim, fuck the sympathy Figure it out, and kill the bitch in me Poor a little liquor out and call it a victory They said the sky was limit free No, don't trust none of these people Won't give him enough to love me for me so even when they welcome me into their kingdom Can't bring self to believe them It goes, folk hard tryna act like no flaw Turn it up til it burns that stove top Mr know it all, bad boy showoffs Red lights, no stops Mumma, this can't be the boy you raised me to be The drama, depression Afraid that it must be the Daley in me that's crazy Carry me home - take care of your baby [Hook] Don't wanna live like that, no Don't wanna live like that, no

Nice To Be Out

STEREOPHONICS "Just Enough Education To Perform"
You asked me so where have you been Let me think now let me see I stood once where Hitlers feet had stood when he made his speech In Nuremburg in thirty eight When he tried to build the perfect race He said black man ain't gonna run Alongside our perfect sons There was Dallas too, the library The place they ended Kennedy We stood where Oswald took his shot In my opinion there's a bigger plot Costners back and to the left The picket fence the better bet Paris came and summer went The tunnel's now a flower bed The famous turf that made Jeff Hurst The vodka stops to quench my thirst The Golden Gate stroke Alcatraz And the fat man failed to get us passes Jimmys corner in Raging Bull De Niros jokes and bottled pills Elvis tales from Mr Woodward Any Richard Burton if you could Tourists stare at tourist stops One more picture one more God Another top up for a change It makes you think, it makes you sane Talking more about yourself There's a mirror too, have a check Cheques are always passing through Some depart but a lot come too Restaurant talk or pick your teeth You bite your tongue or chew your meat Sleep or drink or drink to sleep And one more week and we will meet We'll talk of what we haven't done Since we departed back a month We argue why we have to shout All in all it's nice to be out.

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