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Aus-Rotten lyrics - The System Works For Them


Original and similar lyrics
I fear that I'm losing what little was mine I gave you control and you're robbing me blind I showed you my soul and you took all I had Blind, mained, disfigured you left me for dead I look out my window down on the street/ See all the people crushed out by defeat See all the suffering it shines in their eyes Pushed to the limits humanity dies We go on slaving day after day Just to survive collecting our pay And to the rich go all the spoils And to the poor degradation and toil You stole all my time corrupted my mind Made all your profits and left me behind Treated me like nothing,a line on a chart It's your mindless Tedium that tore me apart

Defeated Intellect

I left cocaine - going insane My first time - I want to try I lock the door - I'm really sure Now I'm alone - the needle in me skin Defeated intellect - I lost my mind I know all dangers - but I need more I inject - now it's too late Fantastic feelings - coming to ecstasy Lying in the room - she closes her eyes Fast faving blood - in her veins Falling apart - total Point of no return - shall overcome There is no serious reason To give ut my decision I live my life today I give a shit on any corollary Your body is shaking, freezing, perspiring Opening your eyes, having reveries Walls look like ice, cold and glinting The shining sun, reflected lights You cannot act, you have no will Controlled my poison, sudenly you scream Father returns: Get on your knees! Breathing heavily - oppressive atmosphere Whispering voices - in your ears Having red eyeballs - and a dry tongue Attack of giddiness - head is going round People on the street - walk, rush and speak Eat, drink, consume - money takes control They don't care - about you No time to think - to help for you

Vision Divine

I know all, mind set in stone, as I gaze in awe beyond the sky. Vision divine came to me, who we are, one true answer is mine. Around us all revolves, all that came to be. At his mercy all dies, enforced by the deity. Blind leads blind, prophets revealed, declares answers that he can = never know. Faith completes eyes are now sealed, all explained man's existence = controlled. From man's mind born a god, figurehead bestowed. Now he no longer sees, beyond the shell of his earthly throne. Divine right lost and retrieved, one more fool to explain eternity. The laws of what was, is, and will be, reclaimed refabricated = belief. A god dies one more born, from the mind of man. Once again truth denied, blind fools. Strain to see beyond their grasp. song: Hate I hate you and your kind, burned in me through time. Every facing thing about you I learned to despise. A vision etched in me, you I do not see. Just another random face, one of the enemy. Conditioned to despise, aggressive sense of pride. Replace the murdered unity, a quest to end your life. And as I see you fall, your life crumbles away. I am only glad that it's you instead of me. From an early age taught the way it's meant to be. Molding of my mind into a blur of hating fear. A world of black and white, clean divisions of the human race. Now I go to fight for my land the only thing I've ever known. It burns, inside, these thoughts of vengeance smoldered in my mind. The blows, repressing me to keep me under hold. Your hand, contorting, my emotions for so long. Enough, my hatred for your oppression explodes. Now rise, to fight, our vision blurred, our anger to unite. No fear, intimidation pushes down deep inside. As one, we ripped to shreds the Czar that held us down. In awe, the proud new owners of the tyrant's throne. Conscious of the adrenaline that overrides my fear. Aware of my developed power, my calculating mind. But blurred are my perceptions as I complete the final kill. Animal inside me wins, my origin in time. Drenched in sweat I wake, another vision of my morbid past. Knuckles white, a grip of fear recedes but still reside. Forever changed, the hatred twists my mind into a fractured state. Servant to my god, my country, slave to dark emotions. Thought. Unknown. Diseased minds, brainwashed through the passage of extended time. Born into intimidation, watched in every move. Turbulent, the hate inside me tapped I will explode. Used, enraged, I now become a valued tool, my inner self controlled.


Mad Caddies
you did me over played me to the end you took everything i had no feelings left to spend you're not a friend you're just a fiend it's time I opened my eyes to set you my darling don't deserve my sympathy you broke my heart spit on grandma's grave tore my life apart never left the same before you waste more of my time let me give you little piece of my mind... i'm sending you down the road i'll be fine... ruhibonol you gave it to me i woke up in a tub of ice a note no kidney you soiled my sheets you skinned my cat you stole my teeth you pawned my gat

Sky's The Limit

Dres "The Sureshot Redemption"
looking sleek I went to check the little one all's well. Put up the tools and clips ; did a few pulls and dips; needin a shower smack my baby girl on the hip. I'm on the move kid I'll catch you bout seven; shit showered and strapped and now I got my engine revin'. Supereior handling still got money left from gambling with these kids that I met through these southern joints be scramblin'. Turbo-boost, driving at exorbitant speeds; I proceed to roll a phil cause I can drive with my knees. The way I lay it down, please, bring new meaning to squeeze - Let my mind coast from ki's to dungarees to Gee's Loose ones and tons of fiends on the Hip-Hop scene, but what was once a guillotines', semi-auto sub machine - I dream elaborate - though it's gettin badder it doesn't matter yet......livin life as we imagined it HEY, WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE WORLD TODAY / BROTHERS BE BUSTIN BROTHERS FOR LESS THAN TIME OF DAY FOR PAY / I'D LIKE TO CHANGE THE WAY THE CHILDREN PLAY AND TEACH THE WORLD A BETTER WAY Said I was coolin, puffin La; I heard a knock at the door, and when I opened, yo, you couldn't guess what I saw - It was the body of this kid in my life I never seen, on the ground, shorty didn't even look 16. Must've took it to go cause I ain't even hear the sound - Pulled him in from the hall with wifey holdin me down - He looked dead at a glance, then his eyes did a dance, and he spoke to me while my lady called the ambulance - Told me Listen to the words when a wise man speaks, many men search the world and never find what they seek - On the verge of tears, looking at what's left of his chest....My girl came, wiped his head while I had a towel pressed on his torso - moreso than not he's gonna die, but I'm tellin him he'll be okay, I gotta lie - It's this thing called life so many times we take for granted - I hit the La, search deep, and try my best to understand it HOOK The final minutes, seconds penetrate my days like a knife....To us all the promise death, I bring the promise of life - In my mind I see the time as my eyes see the truth - I see the setting of the sun inside the eyes of the youth.....As I travel God's creation hoping still to see the sight that give meaning to the splendor of a sunrises light - I disappear in the night to be absorbed in the black - to stack up all of the facts, so when I countereact - a full pack - fully auto, razor like a laser bear - silent but deadly the theme - you might envy the team, for the wealth, loving God is only good for your health - as for mine - hope to say in time the same for yourself - you're nice - I be just as....too live to debate - I rock the rugged rhymes that bust ass.....keep food on my plate Just a quarter of the calliber a brother contains and I'm not playing a game One Love, and one aim HOOK

Let Me Know That You Know What You Want Now

ATMOSPHERE "SouthSiders"
Do you want respect, or do you want truth? [Verse 1:] Life's too short to be afraid of the dark And we don't stop after making the mark Separate your chest from your heart To help everybody wag your tail with a lot less bark Put the costume angst away I was born on the year of the razorblade I'm in the back corner of a one way train This storm ain't nothing but Sunday rain Let's go [Hook:] (Do you want respect, or do you want truth?) Get a taste of your soul when you hold breath (Do you want respect, or do you want truth?) We act like we got a whole lot of road left (Do you want respect, or do you want truth?) So don't mind if I drive with the top down (Do you want respect, or do you want truth?) Let me know that you know what you want now [Verse 2:] Earthbound, aim for the soft spot So much purpose I walk like a molotov Shot glass, rock hard, penetrate nonstop Cops on the way with the bomb squad Now let it be known We're trying to get ahead before we get a headstone But a rich man still face death alone That's why we turn up the touch and connect the tone Get shown [Hook] [Verse 3:] Dashboard ain't clean as it was Back before I first took the last seat on this bus But the children dance when we beat the drums And they still understand why we speak in tongues All city, American built A pocket full of cash take care of the guilt The crabs all crash in a barrell of milk But when they clear the snow I'mma steer the Seville It goes, look for the sign, wait for the right time A lifetime to outlive the night time And when the paint chips fall Gonna find my name on the wall with the crown in the skyline I keep bad on the back of my mind I'm an average guy, I just happen to fly Supernatural high and I'm laughing inside One nation with a capital I Come on [Hook] [Verse 4:] Everybody wanna be the next to blow So let it flow, so fresh it grow Just to let you know I could let you go, ho ho Millenium Do-Re-Mi-So-Fa-La-Ti-Do-Do Everybody's difficult, everybody's simple We all on death row, we all gon' tip toe I run with kleptos, I still wear big clothes Hold my dick the way you hold your crystals Pissing in the middle of nowhere Fishing in a lake full of frozen tears I'm like a polar bear from the Southside of over there I disappear into the open air, Atmosphere Get a taste of your soul when you hold breath We act like we got a whole lot of road left

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