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AUDIO PUSH lyrics - Come As You Are

Come As You Are

Original and similar lyrics
I go to sleep wide awake and I wake up tired You niggas go to sleep as rappers and wake up fired If this is the first thing you hearing then dammit you already late This is perfect, I start with all things I hate, like this I hate people that follow trends and wear the same fashion I don't like people that hear whack music and say it's classic I hate when people bring up, teach me how to jerk 'Cause now my lyrics merk and they just salty I'm amazing at it Bring it back, it's time for me to address stress over these niggas I'm having a hard time getting impressed over these niggas I think that you're gonna hear this and think that it's a negative song When you should just change and prove my negative's wrong Moving on, I hate people that don't rep their home town in fear of being lame Y'all said it, I hate people that don't rep their home town in fear of being lame The game don't change 'cause it's like so many people try to be whole in fear of being dame As these new boys wings get clipped by the new young guns of the game So don't crisscross my words, nigga, you don't hear this from California So I just we're just outcasts, now can you smell the stink on you? What the fuck is up? These niggas fucking nuts off of that endo, not even a little Nigga, this is the intro and your problems are stronger than your legs And you can't run very far so grab your sins and your friends and come as you are Heavenly Father, please keep Satan far from my path And keep these fake frauds and trifling broads away from my stash They say when you give, don't give to receive and give what you feel So if I'm gonna give y'all anything, I'm gonna give y'all everything Now close your eyes and picture this crib with no grass in the front With a Ford Taurus in the driveway with no gas so it putts All the way to school, momma asking if I'm a pass or gonna flunk 'Cause I sit in class writing raps all day 'cause I got the passion to stunt But I didn't need no class to pass 'cause I know the math Used to rock my Pro Clubs inside out just to show the tag Southern California where them light skin bitches know they bad From the era where niggas love their mommas but don't know they dads But momma raised me well, all by herself Even though we used to bump heads, I be pissed off on that bunk bed Slamming doors, talking slick, acting like I'm running shit Party jumping on the weekend but I'm stuck on punishment Get fed up and I move out, her pride high, she let me go So work with HT, my big homie, he help me grow Told me get to the music, be careful who you trust Two things you better not ever give that's up or a fuck, nigga, what So I teamed up with Oktane, seen the top we made, the plot to take the spot Like fucking not, we kicking doors and breaking locks Deep lockdown, Pete got so many styles, kissing bitches that look like Jada Pinkett She Gucci wow, wow, now Since we made it, jerk it, it's on the world, we repped in like white boy sign They can't rap, it's all these discussions, hoe you mean to tell me Since we dance our music ain't bumpy? 'Cause please, let's not forget, 2Pac was on stage humpty humping Back up dancing like like he was cooking, when in fact he was good at rapping that Just to say your judgment ain't best, just shooting gap I pray to Christ and wish my haters confusion, I eat nine on nine, forever lost in the music Come as you are

Get It

J. COLE "The Come Up"
Gotta get my groove back, you know? It's been a little minute, Yea Yeah Uh, Label me greedy, but see me finish what Petey started, From Carolina where niggas spray like graffiti artists, The south nigga, niggas used to think we retarded, And slow as hell, but well well, now we regarded as the niggas. (yea) I fuck with non rapping niggas, non clapping niggas, Niggas is real, y'all is action figures. (ha) Ain't into acting bigger than I really am, Ain't no two ways around it, motherfucker I'm the man. Where the beef at? Back in the days I ain't even go out for recess, A nigga don't play, man, I been living okay. Been up in Queens where they 'rid of those foes, And niggas GATs got bodies like video hoes. It's J.Cole, you not fucking with just any old flow. I'm like the '95 Penny, you like Penny '04, No disrespect to my favorite player, Niggas praying a nigga never see the day a nigga rich, So I'm slaying niggas, yea. [Chorus:] This is for my niggas tryna make it, Watch out for them evil ass niggas tryna take it, uh, They love to see a nigga dead up, in jail, Living in a world where we set up to fail, But I'm a get it, nigga I'm finna to get it. I'm a get it, nigga I'm finna to get it. Yeah I'm a get it, nigga I'm finna to get it. (yea) I'm a get it, nigga I gotta get it. Niggas in the streets, no, Niggas blessed beats, I got that priest flow, heavenly. You gonna cross over if he reach for the rock, Just a figure a speech for the glock, From the Ville, where police know the heat flow a lot. (yea) Like our beats yo, it's hot, Niggas laid out, Caught a fake nigga centerfield it's cause they played out, Watch our boys fade out, niggas tryna hate, If he only knew my dick's in his dame's mouth, Just made out, came out the woodworks, Now they tryna peep a nigga footwork. I'm getting real green, y'all niggas playing on some good turf, Fake money, scared money, never make money, And a nigga never fear nothing but God, Fuck a facade, I'm just focused on stuffing my pockets up with them wads and shit, Hundred thousand dollar deposit shit, Been dreaming 'bout millions since a nigga was five or six, And so I strive, I'm the God, this some bible shit, Nigga I, Yea, [Chorus:] This is for my niggas tryna make it, Watch out for them evil ass niggas tryna take it, uh, They love to see a nigga dead up, in jail, Living in a world where we set up to fail, But I'm a get it, nigga I'm finna to get it. I'm a get it, nigga I'm finna to get it. Yeah I'm a get it, nigga I'm finna to get it. (yea) I'm a get it, nigga I gotta get it. Tell em Geppettos my niggas is ghettos with scarface dreams, On the block with the hard hate, that's all they seen, Niggas killing niggas in broad day on all they screams, Watching cops loving car chase scenes, Niggas arrested, Treat us like roaches, the prison's nigga infested. They hate to see the day we ain't slain, niggas invested. All created equal looks like equal to a less than, Depending on your race, or depending on your address, man. I've been blessed, was given less and but still progress, man, I hate to see the position my niggas left in, Slay dope or nigga you slave for minimum wage, Ashamed, But we living in the cage, so nigga get paid, shit, How could I tell a nigga not to hustle? Yea it's a better life my nigga, but it's not for us though, Instead they wanted us to break, They never wanted us to make it, yea, To my niggas smart enough to be smart enough to take it, nigga!

Raining In My Heart

LEO SAYER "Leo Sayer"
imagine the space as it used to bethere were fields of cornthere were big oak treesbut a woman in a suit bulldozed it clearbuilt a concrete world full of crocodile tears and we don't understandthat we all have a part in a government planit's a hard shotto be the people in the place that the world forgotin a paperback town but I know I know I know we can be freethough no guardian angel up abovehas kept an eye on meand at night I listen to the sirens moanfor a broken heart from a broken homeso many people are so alonein a paperback town and one day soon I'm gonna write it all downI live my life in a paperback town oooh--in a paperback townoooh--in a paperback town I'm gonna take my troublesgonna pack my bagsgonna fly my kite for a different flagI'll sing my songFrom the top of the hillwhen the night is coldand the wind is chill 'cos I don't understandwhy I should be part of another man's planit's a hard shotfor the people in the placethat the world forgotin a paperback town live and die herein a paperback townwonder why herein a paperback town but I know I know I know we can be free ¦ though no guardian angel up abovehas kept an eye on meand at night I listen to the rain fall downand I shake with the fear that we all will drownbut my words don't even make a soundin a paperback town and one day soon I'm gonna write it all downI live my life in a paperback town

Thug In The Street

EVE "Scorpion"
(feat. Drag-On, The LOX) [Drag-On] I be the D-R-A-G dash ya niggas foot slim cuz bullets make your feet fast we throw babies in the trash Drag don't play with little gats crib like McDonalds nuttin but Big Macs and quarter pounds bitch place your order now stay in line I only fuck with broke niggas that stright depend on crime you straight pussy so fuck your ass cap cuz in jail they'll put your cap where your ass at you ass black projects thats where Drag at yea ya got heart but if I don't got my gun thats where ya gonna get stabbed at boy as a young I never grabbed that toy Drag was taught to grab that and ask 'where the cash at' [Sheek] you think we shoot his pocket sides deuce decuce and 25's you ain't takin' em' nigga you threatenin' lives I ain't frontin motherfucker I don't shoot no legs I'm tryna see if your brains really look like eggs or is it just that commercial your brain on drugs now it's a total different look from these shotgun slugs to get rich it could take less than two days I'm like them little beepers halfs and bullets two-ways fuck vests my shit go throught toupèès I'ma thug in New York and when I'm on your set we the apartment where they filmed good times at bitch what the fuck I'ma thug nigga [Chrous:(2X)] I'ma thug in da streetz and I know what to do if you fuckin with me I'ma fuck with you I don't give a fuck now I'm doing my thing like a motherfucking dog I'm doing my thang [Styles] weight on my back hate in my heart blood in my eye foot on the gas blunt in my mouth lovin the ride hand on the gun ear to the street back to the wall mind on my money while I'm clappin at ya'll [Jadakiss] I got niggas in jail crack in the hood hustle in south fiends and customers that run in your house I got family ties I'm handy with knives I live my life in the ghetto nose candy and nines I'm deeper than most sleep wit it close wake wit a demon have visions of the whole world shaking and screaming [Styles] I was born to be a leader but if the game was dirty I was born to be a cheater you talking to me greasy I was going to get the heater [Jadakiss] you tell me what you know about blow gettin dough and straight warrin' with a meaner frontin in a Benz or I was soarin' in a Bima [Styles] lyin in the cut the gun is straight running like a tire on the trucks if he is real or a liar put the plyer to his nuts or the fire to his guts [Jadakiss] cuz niggas is too soft that heat make niggas cool off fuck ice I'm tryna cop the crew lofts [Styles] So we can be back in effect I throw the barrel to the back of your neck and hop back in the vette (corvette) [Jadakiss] cuz everybody is a felon with loot cuz they say rap is like dust [Styles and Jadakiss] and we the only ones sellin' the juice [Chrous:(2X)] I'ma thug in da streetz and I know what to do if you fuckin with me I'ma fuck with you I don't give a fuck now I'm doing my thing like a motherfucking dog I'm doing my thang [Eve] bitches is so sick they throw up so scared they don't even come around in places that I show up go ahead nigga put your dough up me against who nigga grow up bitches choke can't even get their flow up I ain't got no fear bout you bitches in da industry actin all confused don't know who you supposed to be chickens lost steady worryin' bout who's dick is tossed stop stallin betta get this thing before it's gone but I ain't mad cuz I ain't gon' pass it on callin' askin can you get on my shit cuz your cash is gone you won't get no sales off of me bitch please pitbull run with dogs I don't like fleas [Chrous:(2X)] I'ma thug in da streetz and I know what to do if you fuckin with me I'ma fuck with you I don't give a fuck now I'm doing my thing like a motherfucking dog I'm doing my thang

Freestyle - Mack 10

Funkmaster Flex "The Mix Tape, Vol. 3: 60 Minutes of Funk, The Final Chapter"
[Ice Cube] Aiyyo, this is Ice Cube the Don Mega. Don't worry about your time zone, get your grind on. 60 Minutes of Funk, Volume 3. Final Chapter, yeah, ya-ay! [Funkmaster Flex] Aight, my man Mack 10 gettin ready to lace all this. [Mack 10] Yo, check it, let the games begin It's all to the good, bust out to the NYC from Inglewood We can all get down, have loot, and get licked So fuck the bi-coastal beef and bullshit It's the nigga that you know is gun-ho Mack one-O, I bust bad bitches in pairs, never one hoe With ?tips? for the real niggas to make it thorough Much love to the East Coast ghettos and the boroughs Like E.F. Hutton, they listen when I'm speakin Poor white trash, black niggas, to Puerto Ricans Mack wanna blast when the index itches Plus I use it to finger bitches and hit switches Check the menu, you need it, I got it Everything, hit records to narcotics Its all about the dough, rain, sleet or snow And the first fool to cross me catch the four-four Then the phats on ?bun?, surprise you with that one And whoever don't like it, fuck em and eat a fat one The to homies in the pen, I'll send you a kite Cause its time for the real niggas to unite Like Funkmaster Flex, you know its all about figures We showed each other love so now Flex is my nigga I remember the day, if it was good you never fought it No matter where you were from if it was bumpin you bought it From East to West Coast, its all the same Its either run the dope game, or do the rap thang Mack 10 keep it gangsta, all the way tight Two heats on my hip, left and right for the fight So with that hoo-bangin life [Funkmaster Flex] Y'knaw mean, cause that's the way we keep it moving, baby. [Ice Cube] Yeah, Ice Cube, my man Funkmaster Flex, my man Mack 10. It don't stop, The Final Chapter. You know how we do it. [Funkmaster Flex] I still ain't havin it, motherfucker. Aight, look out for that! Aight? Drop that, don't miss it. I'm tired of nigas frontin on me, a lot of nigga frontin on me. Be-atch! Aight.

The Life

SHYNE "Shyne"
The Life It's a new day in the rap game! Nobody sells records but Shyne Po! [Verse 1] My life had it's ups and downs, but I don't regret nothin' I had the whole tri-state high, nigga I ain't frontin' at Fifteen I sold my first bag of dope used to stick Dominicans, burner under the coat gettin' like 15 grams, a half a Ki at Fifteen man, a nigga just glad to be gettin' some shorts, me and my Man from a Hundred and Fifth he knew some Dominican niggas that wanted a clique to hold 'em down, shoot niggas in the head throw 'em out windows if they were late with the bread basically I'm enforcin' around heavy coke, when nobody's lookin' I'd be dippin' in the portion they wasn't missin' it so I got my hustle on the side, flippin' it sellin' like 500 bottles and Nicks, started minor but I always knew I'd turn a big apple into cider. Niggas...niggas just ain't built like me... stand up niggas...since 15 I been servin' fiends and loadin' magazines... takin' shots..burnin' blocks.. this ain't no fuckin' rap. [Verse 2] Everything was everything 'till my Man got pinched he had a shoot-out with the cops in front of the precinct other than that, I went from enforcer to movin' product, straight white powder now, gettin' it the hardest nigga in the street my first car was a 190 Benz with Louie Vaton seats buyin' out the bar at the rooftop I had a few spots one called the jukebox where I was gettin' like 50 a brick 2 or 3 bricks a day, makin' mothafuckas sick my Cousin Ron a crook from the Brook was torchin' any niggas whisperin' or talkin' 'bout extortion shit was goin' right and only one better when I got my Italian connect, hittin' me with pure Heroin moved to 116th, started seein' real dinero then empire buildin', the shit was takin' flight had my bitches cuttin' up like 10 Ki's a night mixin' lactose, Bonita, and Quenii I was the first Black nigga with mafia ties leased my soul to the Devil with the option to buy. Yo..bangin' for real.. niggas is thinkin' rap, I'm thinkin' laundromat.. we washin' this money... you think this shit is about rhymes... you'll find yourself under the fuckin' know?.. we get low when the Feds is in town.. this is justice.. we playin' the pop charts and still lettin' them things pop off... [Verse 3] At 21 I was a legend, had the game transformed controllin' manufacturin' and distribution of Heron throughout the tri-state, high stakes I spent Hundreds of Thou's out of paper bags you couldn't name a car I ain't have every minute new tags Seven series to the Five-Sixty drop nigga I was givin' away blocks nigga fast cars, fast money, slow deaths this things of ours had me doin' a hundred miles an hour through the City evadin' the Feds started this shit called the counsel and we all made a pledge not to fuck each others bitches or touch each others riches on top or broke never break this oath every nigga in the counsel was a boss we used to put coke on our dick and make bitches suck it off it was alright 'till I got caught charged with an Eight-Forty-Eight behind Marion steel gates niggas started shittin', actin' bizarre drivin' my cars, fuckin' my broads, breakin' the laws same niggas I took care of and got money wit' was on some funny shit if I was different I'd snitch what would you do if you got Millions with niggas and they had no love for ya? couldn't pay for ya lawyer I figured shit, why sit in a cell to rot? I'll be out in Ten, start over again throw those boys in the pot, but I couldn't do it you couldn't understand it of you ain't been through it there's rules to this shit and I couldn't break 'em death before dishonor 'till I meet Satan...I know he's waitin'. God forgive've never seen a nigga like me in your life... I'm what these lil' niggas rap about... thats me they talkin' 'bout in they rhymes... I did that time...I flipped that dime... shoot-outs, jet planes, cocaine and automobiles... The it.

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